Zodiac Nausikaa is a 2015 spin-off in the Partial Macrocosm, dealing with the timeline split. Taking place in the immediate aftermath of Bar Codes story mode, the game is a 2.5d platform fighter umbrella created for the Lapis Challenge, developed by Unversed Entertainment rather than Blackout Software.

The game is named after the asteroid 192 Nausikaa, in turn named after a character from Homer's Odyssey. 192 is 128+64, continuing the naming style of it's two predeseccors. In addition to this, various elements of the game are based off of the number 192.


The year is 20XX.

Polygon Man has taken over the remains of an alien colony and is using them as Cyborg Soldiers. The fighters of the world have united, and the final battle has begun.

In such a battle, three outcomes take the universe by storm and derail the universe into three seperate timelines. And our fighters will have to deal with them. Whatever that may bring...


Broken and begging for help, Polygon Man layed on his planet. Kool-Aid Man feels pity for the creature and moves forward to assist, when a shovel hits the villain, cracking his bottle. Lemmings is revealed and he takes out Polygon Man, taking control of the Cyborg Soldiers. With the advantage of surprise, the tired heroes face their toughest battle yet...


Polygon Man prevailed over the fighters of Earth, with an army of cyborg aliens at his side. However, they are visited by the mysterious Dakota, who offers them a second chance for assistance in discovering the Zodiac Aces. With one last chance, the newly invigorated heroes face a great challenge...


True to the name on the timeline, Comeuppance, the heroes of Earth won the battle against Polygon Man. The Cyborg Soldiers fell except for one, the commander, Harshad. He offers those remaining his treasure in exchange for a game. Most refuse, but are taken hold of by the beautiful Obsidian sample. Entering the underground caverns, they discover conspiracy and danger, as well as a great treasure...




The game consists of recurring veterans from all three timelines as well as 15 newcomers. In total, the roster is 45. There are 18 starter characters, and 27 unlockable. 128 class represents the Raavan Timeline, 192 represents the Zodiax Timeline, and 256 represents the Comeuppance Timeline.


Character Moveset

Checkmate character - Quarterback


Tecmo Super Bowl-1991; NES



The star player of one of the first Football games, the Quarterback is easily recognizable, with his helmet and grim expression. He's a melee brawler with slow speed and heavy power.

Standard Special
*Go Long: Quarterback throws a football forward. If charged, it can hurl a foe away, but it can also be used as a quick spammable projectile.
Side Special
*Tackle: The Quarterback charges forward, tossing anyone in his way upward.
Down Special
*Flag: Quarterback plants a flag and whistles. Any nearby foes will be repelled.
Up Special
*Gatorade Away: Quarterback shakes a giant bottle of Gatorade and then is propelled upward.
*Field Goal: Quarterback grabs the foe and drop kicks them through the Goal Post, resulting in an instant KO.









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