Zie again 2
Current Age 14
Date of Birth February 24th
Gender Male
Species Circular Inhaler
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Long range shooter
Main Weapon(s) Multipurpose Camera
Vulnerable To Water
Height 0'08"
Weight 19 lbs
First Appearance Unknown

Zie is a minor character emerging from the Zaxinian Lifts, being one of the universe's few "circular inhaler" species members.  He is simultaneously a minor teenager and a robot, being deformed from birth, resulting in numerous surgeries having to have been done on him to fix him, resulting in half his body becoming mechanical. Unlike what his species name suggests, he cannot inhale anything due to his innards being messed up, and they have not been fixed surgically.



Zie is a small, grey circular being with amazingly long blonde hair and white bandages over his right eye. He has red/orange, flat feet as well. He has a giant grey hat and two mechanical horns that spin around when he's around metallic objects. Extending from the right side of his body is a multi purpose camera, functioning as several things, including replacing his right eye.


Zie is a psychic user of energy who is capable of picking up enemies without even touching them and tossing them away. This energy is somewhat limited as he has to charge it up from sunlight. Other than that, his camera functions as a weapon of its own - it's able to fire laser beams, function as a dual turret, or even fire small bombs, all at the cost of temporarily disabling the right eye's view. The camera can also scan people, objects, and the like so Zie can easily tell what they are without having to focus his left eye. Also despite conditions, Zie has a powerful defense, able to absorb weak hits and survive strong ones, thanks to his partially metallic insides.


Zie is a friendly, happy go lucky person for the most part, despite his conditions. He always is out and social, looking for new friends to meet, new things to do. However, this happy outside layer actually covers up his inside feelings, which are full of isolation and depression, as well as loneliness thanks to the fact that his parents are deceased, leaving him to be an orphan. When he meets someone he really likes, he can't let go of them, even if they despise him.

Relationships with Other Characters




  • Zie straight up came from the AoWiki with hardly any changes to him. This is said to be an experiment of how simple, one dimensional AoW characters could come in play in a more serious place like Lapis.
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