Yosh Village is an area in Super Mario Sunshine 2: Islands of Darkness. This level allows players to saddle up on Yoshi for the first time, and when completed, unlocks the Yoshi in the HUB. Yosh Village is accessed from the giant Hatched Yoshi Egg on the first island on the boat's route.


  • Eggnapped!: Three Bandits have stolen the Yoshi Eggs from the Nursery. Mario must track them all down, defeat them, and return the Eggs.
  • M. Key's Yoshi Race: M. Key challenges the player once more, and this time they must ride Yoshis to the tallest tree branch.
  • Underside Exterminator: In this level, the player must go underneath the village and grab onto the gates. There, they must knock away all 5 Electro-Koopas.

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