Yesterday vs. Tomorrow: Tales From Yonder
The logo of the game.
Developer(s) Dylan
Publisher(s) Hanabi Games
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Traditional Fighter
Release Date(s)
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Story Mode, Battle Mode, Puzzle Mode
E 10+
Media Included Optical Disc

Yesterday vs. Tomorrow: Tales From Yonder  (previously Tales Of Yonder) is a fighting game created for the second weekly Lapis challenge. The theme of the game is focused on the discovery of the past, as well as the thoughts of the future; these topics are blended together in many ways from the fighters to the arenas, as well as telling a tale on exactly how similar they are. 

Story Mode

The Story Mode, going by the name of Era Coalesce is, other than the fighting, the main part of the game. It features a ragtag duo of explorers as they trek on a mission to discover lost artifacts for their studies. Little do they know, a mad scientist from the future utilizes a time travel machine to inspect the artifacts for himself. Being a prototype machine, however, it causes a shift in the periods of time, blending different eras together as one.

Getting through the story mode requires players to cross through all the stages. There are 26 stages in story mode (equivalent to the number of stages you can actually fight on) to go through. 22 of them are all levels based on the fighting stages, 3 are unique and act mostly as plot devices, and the final level, Beyond Temporal Tower, while based on an existing stage, is still original. Asides from the first level and the last 2 levels, players can choose which level they want to at any time.

The player controls two characters at once, those being Raymond and Francesca. Players are able to swap who leads in the press of a button, and both characters have special skills that can only be utilized if they are in the front. This technique is used to solve puzzles, such as Raymond being able to hit far off switches with his hat or Francesca busting through walls. While fighting, an AI will temporarily take control over the character in the back and fight alongside you.

A rarity for platforming games, there are no enemies whatsoever. The only way you can get hurt is via obstacles, such as spikes, lava, drowning, and being crushed. In addition, each of the stages has at least 1 boss. The final level, Beyond Temporal Tower, is similar to a Mega Man game which features 8 different bosses with their own little sections before fighting the final boss.

Clearing Era Coalesce once awards the player with silver trophies of Raymond and Francesca, as well as unlocking a second part of the story that pits you against every boss with little recovery, using one of the regular fighters. If a fighter beats it, they get a gold trophy of themselves, and if cleared with every character, they will recieve platinum trophys of Francesca and Raymond, as well as the third and final part of the story, which is a game creator using the engine of the story.

How To Fight

Characters each have two sets of attacks; light attacks are more for racking damage and setting up comboes, whereas strong attacks are more along finisher moves. Each character also has three different specials that they can use to differentiate themselves, and these specials can range from very powerful attacks to less powerful tactics that have a wide range, and even increasing the status of yourself.

Characters knock others out with the use of a health bar. Each character has a attack stat in the form of a number, this number is added to the base number of an attack to deal damage, but one must also be wary of a foe's defense stat as well. Successful hits build up a POWER Bar, and once it's full, characters will launch a move known as a Devastation. Each character has 3 different Devastations that can be triggered. When a Devastation is used the POWER Bar drops.

When a fighter's health begins to get low, they will enter Conservative Mode. This mode heavily weakens characters but if they can protect themselves long enough they will begin to recover. If a character's health bar goes out, they enter a state of Crisis. Being in Crisis heavily powers you up, but you will lose a life if you get hit again. If you can stay alive in Crisis long enough, you'll exit out of it.


There are two groups of characters, the Past Faction and the Future Faction. They are only seperated by factions, and there is no major differences between the 2. Each group has 11 playable characters, with 1 unlockable from each faction unlocked after clearing the Story.

Past Faction

Members of the Past Faction live a long and grueling life of hunt or be hunted. While they may be big brutes who do not look very intelligent, they remind others not to judge others by their looks. They have built many weapons of their own, established their own techniques, and created their own armies. With an icy cold soul, they have established the founding of the world and claim to be the building blocks for what lies ahead.

Information Devastations

Lord Fredrik

Lord Fredrik

The leader of a nomadic tribe called the Snowmads. In desperate hopes of a new home after unknown events, they managed to take over Donkey Kong Island and cover it in a thick blanket of snow. Ever since their failure, they have roamed around for shelter, until chaotic events bring them to a new world.

Ice Dragon

An icy dragon sweeps across the stage, freezing ground and causing damage.

Glacial Barrage

A storm of ice-encased spheres fall down across the stage.

Winter's Coat

A coat of ice covers Fredrik, greatly boosting his defenses.

Zeus render


The Greek god of long ago, he was deemed as the king of all gods, ruling with a fist that rattled like thunder atop the great Mount Olympus. As time passed, Zeus and the other gods had faded from reality and into mythology...or so we thought.

Electric Terrain

The field is covered in electricity that continously damages.

Thunder Claymore

Zeus tries to knock down an opponent with a sword before jabbing them with electricity.

Call Of Aphrodite

Zeus calls Aphrodite, who heals Zeus and speeds him up.



The chief of Berk and the Dragon Master. Hiccup is best friends with a Nightfury Dragon named Toothless, crowned the King of Dragons. With the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon, Hiccup will never give up in a fight.

Plasma Cannon

Hiccup rides on Toothless as he fires a giant plasma blast.

Fire Blade

Hiccup opens his gliding suit as he drags the fire blade across the ground.

Alpha Ice

The Bewilderbeast appears from the background and roars, causing ice to erupt.

Sigilyph BW


An Avianoid Pokemon with a type of Psychic and Flying. Being the guardians of cities from long ago, they now reside in the deserts and ruins constantly on the lookout for those it protected; and this is its chance to meet those people once more.


A giant hole appears where Sigilyph is, drawing people in and damaging them.

Air Slash

A bunch of quick lines start traveling around through the stage to slice people.

Stored Power

Sigilyph starts charging energy. The more attacks it lands successfully, the more energy it gets. When it finishes charging it lets loose an attack and boosts its stats.



The Goddess of Nature. Viridi is tasked with maintaining balance between nature, including plants and animals, though her hatred towards humans has caused her to take a turn to the technological side and create Reset Bombs. Her hatred reignites when she is transported into a new world.

Nutski Shield

Summons a shield of Nutskis that absorb damage and retaliate.

Cragalanche Crush

Surrounded in rocks, Viridi is able to roll around invincibly.

Reset Bomb

A Reset Bomb explodes and changes the environment, striking others.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight

Long ago, the lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers! Of all heroes, none shone brighter than Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. When the Enchantress had risen, Shovel Knight was able to defeat her and her Order of No Quarter. But with a greater evil rising, just how will our Knight fare?

Black Knight

Shovel Knight and Black Knight try to capture an opponent and attack ferociously.

Shield Knight

Shield Knight will appear and grant Shovel Knight temporary strength and superarmor.

Fishing Rod

Shovel Knight will begin to fish as he pulls up a storm of Troupples that flop around.



The undisputed king of the dinosaurs. Long ago there was little that did not fear the vicious T-Rex, with such savage teeth and powerful legs. And now, because of the story's events, this predator is out for only one type of blood - the blood of who disturbed him.

...Seriously. He grew super saiyan hair and changed colors for some reason.

Head Smash

T-Rex bashes his head forward causing meteors to fall.

Death Grip

T-Rex grabs a fighter in its mouth and shakes it wildly.


Boosts attack and defense power.

Nobunaga Oda

Nobunaga Oda

A powerful samurai and one of the three unifiers of the Warring States period in Japan, Nobunaga had most of Japan in his strong control. Despite seeming like a heartless dictator, Nobunaga is really a hero of his own, and he shows that when the eras go out of control.

Weapon Charge

Charges his dark energy. Dark energy attacks are more powerful and can slow down those that are hit.

Gale Riser

Ferocious winds erupt from the ground.

Shadow Barrier

Absorbs damage with a dark shield and then unleashes it twice as powerful against the field.

Ryu Hayabusa DOA5

Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa is a ninja leader of the Hayabusa clan, stated to have many ties in spirituality to ancient dragons; Ryu's name is literally translated to "dragon falcon". Ryu carries a small sword that's better for picking off foes than finishing them. When Ryu is brought into the new mixed world, he must fight valiantly to save himself.

Smoke Bomb

Uses a smoke bomb to disappear. Attacks are more powerful but you can't see where you are.

Quick Draw

Ryu approaches a target and attacks with many quick swipes of the sword.

Dragon Attack

A giant silhouette of a dragon appears in the background and breathes explosive fire across the stage.



Even though she looks like a wolf, Amaterasu is actually a god. 100 years ago she sealed the evil Orochi away, but she had to rest away in a statue. Many years later, Amaterasu was ressurected following the events of the story.


Amaterasu paints a galestorm that blows people away and sends waves that cause damage.

Cherry Bomb

Amaterasu paints a cherry that explodes in a radius covering Amaterasu.


Amaterasu paints a vine that explodes into sprouts, damaging people upwards.

Fi (Hyrule Warriors)


The unlockable representative of the Past Faction. Fi is the spirit of the Goddess Sword, the ultimate sword crafted by Goddess Hylia. She rests within the sword waiting for the chosen hero to bring the sword out, in order for her to fulfill her duties of assisting them.

In the story mode, the team of explorers are dropped inside the Statue Of The Goddess once their era clashes back into the era before Skyward Sword. There, the Goddess Sword is drawn and Fi declares the two explorers as the only heroes who can stop evil from flooding the world.

Skyward Strike

Fi launches a crescent shaped projectile forwards.

Aura Radiation

Fi will draw in anyone near her as they become doused in a damaging aura.

Swords Dance

Fi transforms herself into a sword, which makes her more powerful but slightly more sluggish.

Future Faction

Members of the future, armed with technology beyond belief, are much more reliant on others than those of the past. With extreme knowledge that is easily accessible, they may grow lax, and their greed may rise, but they still show that there is strength in teams; they work hard and experiment new things every day, and their curiousity is a force to be reckoned with. With a fiery hot heart, they have the passion to look into the past, and build upon it: everyone has an influence in the nearby future.

Information Devastations


Mega Man

A robot built in the year of 20XX, built by mastermind Dr. Thomas Light. This super fighting robot has the unique ability of copying the powers of the villains he fought, but he faces a new evil when the times are brought together.

Super Adapter

Fuses with Rush into a new form that can fly around and shoot firepower.

Black Hole Bomb

A giant explosion that opens a black hole. Anyone that is caught inside is barraged with attacks.

Time Stopper

Pauses time if successful, allowing Mega Man to freely attack.

Mickey Fantasia

Mickey Mouse

While Mickey Mouse is the face of a wide range of theme parks, this incarnation takes up the role of a sorcerer in training under the great Yen Sid. While his scarce usage of magic puts a heavy toll on him, he is able to improvise and use many different spells.

Dragon's Flames

Shoots a stream of exotic fires that form the shape of an evil dragon.


Grabs onto his broom, and summons a tornado, picking up others and flinging them elsewhere.

Sorcerer Hat

Takes off his hat as two copies of him appear and head out to fight for themselves.

Mechon M63

Mechon M63

One of the main Mechon units that fight against the Bionis. Despite the fact that the Mechon were defeated long ago, this unit in particular appears to work for a different villain, alongside a new army.


The spear is replaced with a heavy claw that deals more damage.

Metal Face

Metal Face appears on the stage and chases after foes.


Mechonis appears in the background and attacks.



An anthromorphic hedgehog who traveled from far into the future to save his world after it was destroyed, thanks to Solaris. With help from Sonic, they were able to work together to fix the problem. Now, when times clash together, Silver must work without his blue friend.

Chaos Emeralds

Silver charges straight forward with the Chaos Emeralds powering him up.

Psycho Break

Silver puts his psychokinesis to the limit, increasing reach and attack.

Kinesis Max

Summons a storm of raining metal using his psychokinesis.



A computer program in the game of Tron, Tron is a warrior with a brave heart who protects his game, armed with a trusty lightcycle. While normally such a game wouldn't be affected by these events, Tron is oddly pulled out of the game for reasons unknown.

Light Wheelie

Tron jumps on top of the nearest fighter and grinds his motorcycle on them.

Code Flash

Tron unleashes a flurry of binary code that hits and stuns opponents.

Light Wall

Tron dashes around, knocking people away and changing the battlefield with light walls.

Ratchet Clank

Ratchet and Clank

A mysterious duo who fight mainly with futuristic weapons. Ratchet is a mechanic of the species known as the Lombax, while Clank is a sentient robot. Teamwork is a vital part of their fighting skill, and they'll need to work together if they ever want to return home.


Clank throws a bunch of Chronobombs that explode.


Aphelion flys around the stage dealing damage.

Ryno V

Ratchet and Clank fire a long range attack using the Ryno V.

Morgan (FE13 Artwork)


The child of the avatar from the future. While they have no memory of where they came from, they are enigmatic and cheerful nonetheless. When the eras collide, the one son of the avatar meets up with a female version of himself. The two are interchangeable looks.


Fires a streak of thunder across the screen.


Causes an eruption from the ground with spewing lava.


Fires many small tornados that chase after foes.


Meta Ridley

Following the defeat of Ridley at Zebes, the Space Pirates were in a rush to reconstruct his dying body at Frigate Orpheon. The result was a metallic and more powerful version of Ridley. While the Space Pirates are torn away after the different areas colliding, a change of plans causes Ridley to become a hero.

Sorry, Locky. No Chozo this time.

Multi Missile

Fires a barrage of homing missile.

Armor Defense

Greatly increases defense.

Kinetic Breath

A more powerful version of Ridley's fire breath that covers most of the screen.


Darth Vader

Also known as Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader was once someone who was thought to be able to balance the Force, before he fell down to the Dark Side. When he is seperated from the Galactic Empire after the story events, he develops amnesia, and the others convince him that being a good guy isn't all that bad.

Force Choke

Darth Vader uses the Force to grasp an opponent and choke them.

Force Eruption

Darth Vader uses the Force to fire a beam upwards.

Four Lightsaver

Darth Vader uses the Force to command four lightsabers at once.

Twitter Bird


One of the most well known mascots of the Internet, Ollie the blue bird is a common sight around Twitter. He essentially acts as one of the embodiments of the world wide web itself, brought to life in the story.

Fail Whale

A pack of birds carry the Fail Whale and drop it down on opponents.


Ollie chirps for family as a storm of birds fly from one side of the screen to another.

Send Message

Covers Ollie in an aura that increases speed and lets him crashbomb into others.



The unlockable representative of the Future Faction. This Grovyle was actually a time traveler from the future, investigating the mysteries of the Time Gears, before his partner went lost. From there, he became a thief to find the missing Time Gears.

In the story, Grovyle senses that one of the Time Gears is being messed with, as it is the same relic that the antagonist stole. Grovyle teams up with the group to recover the gears.


Grovyle charges sunlight and unleashes it in the form of a giant beam.


Grovyle recovers health and strengthens attack.


Grovyle forms an X with his arms and sends a wave backwards. If he catches an opponent with his arms he will perform multiple slashes before sending them flying.


The story mode, Era Coalesce, does not feature any of the above characters as playable. Rather, they are bosses at the end of their respective stages. Instead, these 2 original characters are the playable people instead.




Raymond is the nonchalant and humorous member of the group (even though his humor is so bad that it sometimes hurts) who has a huge sense of exploration. His admiration of finding new areas and discovering new things is astounding, even though he's a tad too daring. He can use his scarf as a way to float down slowly after a jump, and his hat as a projectile, like a boomerang. He mostly fights with melee attacks.



Francesca is a spunky and athletic girl that aids Raymond with her smarts and amazing skills. A courageous young lady, she will do whatever it takes to help those in need, as well as whatever she can to get what she wants. Her athletics let her use a double jump and run quicker, as well as using a javelin to smash through walls. She mainly fights through the use of mysterious elemental spells.


Alongside the playable characters are the many different bosses. While most of the bosses are the playable characters themselves as seen in Era Coalesce, these bosses cannot be found anywhere else.



Doc Chapman

The main antagonist of the game, Doc Chapman is a man who lived in grief. His parents were loving and caring, but they died in a war. Struggling after living so comfortably, he grows insane and uses the Time Gears to travel back in time to save them and take over the world and get rid of those that oppose him. In the final level, he uses his machinery and the Time Gears to transform into a merciless beast who is bent solely on killing Raymond and Francesca.


Young Doc Chapman

The younger version of Doc Chapman, garbed in dark robes mourning the loss of his parents. After a fateful meeting with his older self, he is tricked into guarding a Time Gear and trying to oppose those who don't like him, arguably causing Doc Chapman to go more insane. Even at a young age he was a genius, having built his own robot suit for fighting.


The Eternal

A sentient monster created by Doc Chapman, it is made out of the timelessness itself. Simply touching this beast will suck you into a state of timelessness. With no heart or mind whatsoever, it causes destruction without even realizing or even knowing what is happening. One could compare it to the emptiness of Doc Chapman's soul itself.

Primal Dialga

Primal Dialga

What was once a benevolent guardian of time who kept it stable got corrupted by Doc Chapman through unknown means, and now it obeys his command. He is a tough time-controlling opponent with no limits, but Primal Dialga's most powerful opponent is the darkness struck in his heart. When Dialga returns to normal, he uses his power to bring down Doc Chapman's fortress.

ShiaTransparentShadow PeachEggmanMotherbrainTiki TongHadesTangerineFightersEnchantressGrima

The Villainry

The Villainry is a group of 8 nefarious villains fought in the final stage before fighting Doc Chapman. The Villainry consists of Cia, Shadow Peach, Eggman, Mother Brain, Tiki Tong, Hades, The Enchantress, and Grima. Though tough, Raymond and Francesca can bring them down one by one, after which they team up with the heroes to help bring them back to their own realms.


There is 22 stages, each dedicated to a certain fighter.

Past Faction


Homecoming Hijinx

Donkey Kong Island

Starts off on a Snowmad boat ride in the water, before reaching a frozen Donkey Kong Island. Snow ground is especially slippery.

Mount Olympus Utah

Mount Olympus

The mountain where gods were thought to reside. Higher up on the edges than in the center, and you can view gods from the background.



A small island community that has befriended dragons. Players fight on a raised walkway, and dragons may sometimes appear to attack.

Desert Resort

Desert Resort

Starts off in the ruins as the background moves, with Sandile watching from the back. When you get out of the ruins, Darmanitan awake and cause havoc.

Reset bomb forest

Wish Seed War

As a war between the people over the broken Wish Seed ignites, players take their own war above the scene.



A basic plains level with some enemies. Blocks will sometimes appear on the stage and can be broken with different attacks.



Take a stroll through the beautiful Jurassic era. This level is unique in the fact that it scrolls. Dinosaurs may impede progress.



In the middle of Japan, players fight on top of buildings. Watch as a giant conquest begins and the buildings begin to fall.

Ninja House

Ninja House

A battlefield that takes place on the top of a ninja house. Panels on the top of the roof will flip around and knock others.



A relaxing area with the wind blowing softly and cherry blossom leaves flying away. There are no hazards whatsoever.



Players are able to fight on top of the Goddess Statue of Skyloft! Watch out for Loftwings flying around.

Future Faction


MM2Flash 01

Flash Man Stage

Take a cruise through Flash Man's stage. Enemies will sometimes appear from the edges and attack you, and maybe even Flash Man himself!

Sorcerer's Hat

Sorcerer's Hat

This battlefield is under the Sorcerer's Hat of Disney's Hollywood Studios. Don't get swallowed by the tourists!

Prison Island

Prison Island

A floating island located under Bionis's head. There are 6 teleporters on stage that can be used to warp to different locations.

Tropical Resort

Tropical Resort

One of many amusement parks built by space. Egg Pawns are the main obstacle in this course.

Tron Field

Tron Field

By far the largest stage of them all, Tron Field is so big that even when zoomed out you can't see it all! The Lightcycles are always moving and making new platforms.



An urban metropolis that is the home of Ratchet and Clank. Players actually fight inside a giant elevator that rises to the top.



The standard arena that is used to fight in most Fire Emblem games. The platforms may change their height in the middle of a match.



A mysterious planet that is the habitat of the evil Space Pirates. Lava will sometimes rise from the bottom, pressuring others not to fall off.

Death Star

Death Star

The giant Death Star is the ship of Darth Vader. Due to it's shape, there is curved gravity. Spaceships may fire lasers at it, so watch out!



One of the most popular social media sites by far. Stuff is often reposted, so what was once a ground platform may hang in the air.

Temporal Tower

Temporal Tower

Home of Dialga and the center of time. Players will start on the floating rocks before rising up to the top.


The last mode of the game is the Puzzle Mode. Puzzle Mode features a group of minigames that can be played with friends. Getting a top score on all of the puzzles will create a new background for the main menu.

Line It Up

The field consists of 8 columns and 10 rows. Players can drag a row or column to move where these blocks are. Players must try to drag 4 blocks of the same color together to clear it, and try to empty the screen before time runs out. The top score is 10,000 points.

Drop Down And Destroy

Mostly acts like Tetris where you have to line up an entire row to clear blocks, with the addition of clearing a row gives you a random color block, which clears all the blocks of the shown color when hit. The top score is 50,000 points.

Path Twister

Players must guide a little star to its home by twisting apart pieces of the level, placing down new pieces, and building a safe path for the star to cross. This process is timed as well, so it requires quick thinking and reflexes. The top score is level 40.

Block Frenzy

Players start off with a couple of small blocks and must use them to try and build the biggest block they can. They take control of one block with a star on it to begin with as they drag it and make shapes with a block that has a similar color to it, and they will combine. Rotating other pieces and placing them in certains spots helps to fit your block better. The top score is 100 blocks.

Bombs Away

The players are trying to build up a tower using blocks to be stacked up to the top. In addition, a bomb will appear at certain points. Bombs can be taken out or passed to another player by surrounding it with blocks that have a star mark on them. Rows that have at least one star block cannot be taken down. The top score is 50 rows.


  • Many of the original characters are based on or have design references to other games.
    • This is most easily seen in Raymond, who is based on Indiana Jones, and Doc Chapman's beast form which is based on Ganon. Less obvious references include Francesca having a similar look to Cordelia and Doc Chapman's normal form slightly resembling Gerald Robotnik.
  • Despite the fact that ingame, Flash Man's Stage's description says Flash Man may appear, he has no appearance in the game whatsoever.
  • The Hanabi Logo is a hidden easter egg seen three times in the game.
    • The first instance is in Story Mode after the final boss, where fireworks are erupting due to a celebration, the Hanabi logo can briefly be seen.
    • The second instance is in the Bombs Away minigame. Very rarely, if you make an entire tower collapse with a bomb, the Hanabi logo will display briefly.
    • The third appearance is online when sharing custom levels. If the player waits fifteen minutes without doing anything while online, the game will automatically disconnect due to being unresponsive, and the Hanabi logo appears as a loading screen rather than the wi-fi waves seen everywhere else.