There's something strange about her "incredibly normal" behavior...I advise keeping a strong eye on her...who knows what she could be thinking?
Shredder, totally doubting her innocence
Edgy xochitl
Current Age 27
Date of Birth August 7th
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Species Human / Demon
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Archer
Main Weapon(s) Quick Bow
Vulnerable To Almost anything
Height 5'11"
Weight 133 lbs

Xochitl is an average character with few actual abilities to speak of, yet serves as an important character in the Zaxinian Lifts, using her high intelligence as a demon to help out heroes (and without intending, villains). She is noted for her "adorableness" and "charm" by many, even the heartless, and is pretty heartwarming to most people she meets, and would do just about anything to keep them happy (or make them happy).


Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare


Xochitl, while not having many abilities at her disposal, is notable for being able to turn her claws into actual hands, and fire quick arrows from them. She never really uses the arrows for combat as she really does for emergencies and to knock things off shelves for sport. She can also use her tail to slice things.

Xochitl is incredibly durable and can take a lot of hits, being perhaps one of the most durable people in the Zaxinian Lifts. No one knows why, she just can. Xochitl is also very fast and well more than capable at multi tasking, making for a very efficient cleaner and house worker.


Xochitl is incredibly kind and completely oblivious to bad things, always being optimistic and looking towards the best things, even if something completely horrible has happened. If something makes her sad, she will cry for a few hours and get over it eventually, meaning that she is highly sensitive. Xochitl is willing to do what it takes to please her house guests and make them happy or keep them happy, and will never pass down the opportunity to make friends.

Xochitl is incredibly against violence and refuses to harm or attack anything unless her life depended on it, and doesn't even use her unique arms for her attacks often.  However, if a friend is being hurt, she will completely go beyond this and straight up attack mercilessly until their predator is dead, very wounded, or sent away.

Another thing to note is that Xochitl is very flirty with others once she gets to know them well, and her mood becomes a bit less normal from there on - she becomes happy with whatever her friend does, she attacks if her friend is attacked, and will do what they ask her to do as long as it isn't straight on murder.  Thanks to that, she has had a lot of people who have attempted to be her date, but they all failed for reasons of their own.



  • Xochitl was made off of a test art that was meant to try and replicate Exotoro (Talk)'s style to give .snickedge (Talk) a hand in making their art look a lot better.
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