Xanadu Rose
Current Age 27
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Afterburner Nunchucks
First Appearance None

Xanadu Rose is a freestyle motorcyclist of semi-aquatic origins that was born from Hell, Michigan. She didn't really star in any games or projects. In actuality she is one of snicks (Talk)' few roleplay-specific characters. Xanadu Rose is a biker who goes around the world on her advanced motorcycle, her goal being to win the Zaxinian Lifts Grand Prix, although she has always fallen shy of at least third place.


Horizon Zero

Despite not truly being canon to the Lifts, she makes a surprise appearance in Horizon Zero as the game's tutorial guide, explaining the basics of the game and how to fight your opponents.


Xanadu is a towering lady of white color, standing at the height of 6'07", boasting water blue hair and azure eyes, as well as seashell earings. Her arms and legs have red fish like scales, save for her hands and feet, and has a dorsel fin on her back, like a shark. She wears a red and white stripped sports jacket with a pink bikini made of two large seashells visible under it. She has size D breasts.


Xanadu is notably an amazing biker - not the best, but still really good at controlling her motorcycle, its speed, and doing tricks with it. Her turning ability is absolutely superb and is the best of anyone out there, too. While riding, she is capable of doing other things, like drinking carbonated soda or adjusting her bra, boasting her multitasking ability.

Something Xanadu is less known for is her swimming ability. She is very, very good at this and is capable of breathing underwater like she can in air thanks to her fish like traits that allow her to intake oxygen from the water. Notably, she can do all of the strokes and swim at high speeds in the water, outspeeding a lot of creatures in the speed. She often travels closer to the water's surface to have a better view of where to go.


Xanadu is often regarded as somewhat bipolar thanks to her wild surges of energy in speech (usually in insanity) and her depressive episodes. A lot of Xanadu remains unknown because she often does not come out to others to speak to them, and often hides her dark feelings deep within herself, although it means nothing. To hide her negative thoughts, she has an outside layer that has completely faked emotions. She often shows herself as egotistic, emo, and very overall flirty, and a happy person, but her appearance as a partial fish and her high number of secrets definitely say otherwise, but one would need to break through her outside shell to see how she feels on those topics.

While Xanadu isn't really flirty, it is implied that she does like hanging around others, be it just sitting around, going bowling, etc. Her time around really close friends has gotten her to points where she has revealed a bit of her smaller secrets, but even her best friends are completely unaware of her darkest feelings.

Relationships with Other Characters



  • Xanadu's name really has no meaning to it; it was a name suggested by snicks' Nintendo 3DS. That's why it stuck.
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