World Wide Warriors is an umbrella fighting game, and the first in the WWW series. Led by Hanabi Games, it is the spiritual successor to both Yesterday vs. Tomorrow: Tales From Yonder as well as an older umbrella on Fantendo known as Kaleido Conscripts, as well as a game meant to expand on the backstory of Hanabi Games mascots Raymond, Francesca, and Doc Chapman. It was first announced on August 12th, 2014, and development went quiet until August 29th, 2016, where it was announced that development was still continuing.


In World Wide Warriors, duels are fought between up to 4 different players, who select different characters to fight on a variety of stages and win matches. All characters can attack, shield, dodge, and repulse. Attacks consist of standard and directional moves, as well as unique Special Abilities. Shielding acts as a way to completely negate or shrug off some damage from attacks, and perfectly timing a shield initiates a counterattack known as a repulse. In the air, different attacks are utilized compared to ground moves and shielding is turned into a temporary dodge manuever.

Landing successful hits, using special abilities, and countering attacks are all actions that fill up a meter known as the Power Gauge. The Power Gauge has 3 levels of charge, and pressing the Gauge command will use up the selected level of charge for a unique UltiMove. UltiMoves can have different effects from character to character, such as boosting stats or unleashing a powerful and unavoidable attack.

In most scenarios, the goal of a duel is to deplete your opponent's energy by attacking them repeatedly. The less health a character is, the harder they get hit by attacks, sending them flying further and out of safe stage boundaries. When a player's energy is completely depleted, they enter Glory Mode, a last-effort attempt that amplifies stats at the cost of being susceptible to loss if one more attack lands. Continuing to fill up the Power Gauge while in Glory Mode eventually restores a little bit of energy to the player.

In team battles where both opponents need to be eliminated in order for a match to win,  fallen teammates can enter a Spirit State once they are knocked out. Spirit States are much weaker than regular fighters, being unable to deal knockback to their opponents and usually dealing very small amounts of damage, if any at all. However, their Power Gauge can still be filled, and completely filling it will revive the character with a little bit of health, like Glory Mode.



There are currently fifteen revealed characters in World Wide Warriors so far.

Character Biography Special Abilities


Raymond is an experienced adventurer who has traveled across time with his partner Francesca. Although he would rather spend his time goofing off, Raymond has plenty of experience in hand-to-hand combat.

Raymond mostly utilizes powerful melee attacks in his moveset, with his hat being his decent projectile. His scarf also gives him good aerial mobility, allowing the adventurer to hover in the air.

Combo Combat
Unleash a set of uppercuts that can be angled.
Hats Off
Throw a hat that returns to you like a boomerang.

Scarf Ascension
Twirl and spin upwards before slowly descending.

Lasso Scarf
Throw out a scarf to grab and toss opponents.


Although she's the companion of Raymond, Francesca is a stark contrast from the silly and overdramatic hero of time. She's very much her own attitude and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty to help herself or others.

Francesca is a master of many different elemental spells, allowing her to safely fight foes from a distance. As her only tool for up-close combat is a javelin, Francesca's playstyle involves overwhelming opponents with mobility and striking from a distance.

Psycho Spell
Send a wave of trapping psychic energy forward.
Javelin Lift
Jab a javelin into the ground to propel yourself.

Aero Spell
Control a spiraling pillar of wind that can lift you up.

Umbra Spell
Jump up and dive while covered in dark energy.

Doc Chapman

Between his history of war that led to the loss of his parents and the timelessness that seeps throughout the universe, it's no wonder that poor Andreas Chapman seems to have lost it over the years. He frequently attempts to mess with the balance of time in order to bring back his parents and fix his problems.

Doc Chapman uses a giant broadsword known as Arthelia to perform powerful melee attacks with its large swings. The Time Gears also make an appearance, giving him the ability to slow down enemy movement.

Time Gear
Slow down time around your enemies.
Warp Portal
Warp across the ground through twin portals.

Break Slash
Rise before following up with an angled slice.

Wave Force
Create a damaging area of effect on the ground.


This mysterious individual goes by the alias of "Raven", after his interesting ability to transform into a bird at will. His Gift has brought him into an interdimensional world where he hopes to help improve the status quo of villains and bad guys across multiple universes.

Raven's ability to transform parts of his body into bird appendages makes him a serious fighter in the air. His aerial mobility and power is taken up to eleven with his hovering capabilities and current manipulation.

Feather Rain
Shoot darts of feathers across the screen.
Current Call
Summon a windstream that increases speed.

Use a wing attack that lets you hover in the air.

Heal on the ground or dive down in the air.

Luigi LMDM

Poor Luigi has always followed in the footsteps of his popular brother. Even with him celebrating his 30th anniversary through the Year of Luigi, the green to Mario's red is still as clumsy and awkward as ever.

Armed with Professor E. Gadd's latest weapon, the Poltergust 5000, Luigi can attract or repel his foes with the vaccum or use its addons to stun the competition. Of course, nothing defines Luigi quite like his timid personality.

Vacuum Suction
Suck up or blow away foes for accumulative damage.
Dark-Light Device
Unleash Spirit Balls as flaming projectiles.

Mode 4000
Ride and drive a convertible Poltergust.

Pull out your flashlight and stun foes in a radius.

ShyGuyCTTT artwork
Shy Guy

Naturally timid and cowardly, the Shy Guys are afraid of showing off the true identity of their face. What they lack in confidence is made up for through their sheer variety, being a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to utility items.

Shy Guys are known for their mastery over many different items, such as cannons, hammers, and slingshots. They generally excel at projectile play, but aren't afraid to pull out the banhammer and cancel the actions of brawlers.

Boom Cannon
Charge up a Bullet Bill Blaster shot.
Hook Pin
Jab with a hook that can catch projectiles.

Rocket Missile
Launch or ride a powerful rocket.

Hammer Cancel
Swing a hammer to cancel a foe's special ability.

Poochy amiibo

Don't be fooled by his cute look - Poochy is one tough dog. Being able to run through hazards with ease, Poochy is a valuable asset to Yoshi's team, often appearing in various adventures ready to give a ride.

Although his actions may appear friendly, Poochy has surprisingly great speed and power. He fights foes with tackles, egg throws, and different items from the Yoshi's Island series.

Lick opponents to slow them down.
Egg Toss
Throw eggs at foes and chase projectiles.

Leaping Tackle
Jump up to pounce on or grab opponents.

Watermelon Spit
Spit rapid-fire watermelon seeds for quick damage.


This pink puffball is the hero of Dream Land, using his gigantic appetite as a weapon by inhaling his foes. Kirby can either spit them out or swallow them, copying their abilities.

By swallowing other fighters, Kirby can copy the moves of other characters and use them against the originals. When he doesn't have any abilities, Kirby uses a few moves from his older Copy Abilities.

Inhale foes and copy their powers.
Throw bladed cutters that act as boomerangs.

Charge up and jump upwards, or crash down.

Create a barrier of ice that freezes opponents.

KTD King Dedede
King Dedede

The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, King Dedede isn't necessarily evil as much as he is selfish or gluttonous. He often does things for his own benefit, failing to take into account the other residents of his kingdom, but sometimes shows a secret good side.

King Dedede's hammer is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, with tremendous strength, good reach, and mechanical upgrades. The monarch can also use his enemy subjects in combat.

Hammer Flip
Charge up a fiery hammer swing.
Servant Spin
Spin your hammer to hit a Waddle Dee or Gordo.

Super Dedede Jump
Jump in an arc and land to make star projectiles.

Dedede Hammer
Tap to launch a missile or hold to spew fire.

250px-Waddle Dee
Bandana Dee

A loyal minion of King Dedede that also occasionally shows up to help Kirby on his adventures. He's the strongest and most courageous of the Waddle Dees, and has mastered a ton of different abilities to prove that point.

Bandana Dee's main weapon is a spear, which is sharper at the tip and does more damage at that point. Bandana Dee is also good at using other weapons commonly seen on Waddle Dees, such as parasols.

Spear Throw
Throw a spear, or charge to throw three.
Parasol Twirl
Dash forward with a parasol, or float in the air.

Spear Copter
Charge up for a multihitting spin attack.

Megaton Punch
Drop to the ground for an earth-shattering punch.


Although he resembles little more than a small square, Qbby is the savior of a planet that was nearly destroyed by a raging meteor. He travels alongside his friends Qccy and Qddy, and wields the power of manipulating boxes.

Qbby's main ability is to create up to 2 different formations of boxes, with up to 4 boxes each. Different box formations can be used as weapons or platforms, and there are even boxes with special abilities.

Box Drop
Construct up to 2 formations of boxes.
Hook Box
Create a line of boxes and launch forward.

Rocket Box
Build a platform that rockets upwards.

Bomb Box
Throw a time bomb that explodes after a while.


One of the last angels alive in Skyworld, Pit is the captain of Lady Palutena's army. He's selfless and heroic, if not a bit childish, and will do whatever it takes to defend Skyworld from otherworldly invaders.

Pit is a master of many different weapons classes, using items such as bows, blades, orbitars, and claws. His versatility in moves, combined with his good movement options, make him a balanced character that is easy for beginners to use.

Palutena Blade
Fire rapid shots, followed by a melee slash.
Viridi Claws
Freeze enemies with paralyzing claw combos.

Power of Flight
Glide freely for a few seconds.

Centurion Orbitars
Summon Centurions that fire piercing arrows.


The Emperor Pokémon wields trident-shaped horns and a white coat that compliments its regal appearance. Extremely prideful of its strength and defenses, it will take on anybody that threatens its status.

As a Water / Steel dual type, Empoleon is both a powerful attacker and a great defensive tank. Powerful projectile attacks to keep opponents away are its strength, but Empoleon is also capable of shrugging off physical attacks and retaliating with its iron fins.

Flash Cannon
Fire a metallic blast that ignores and reflects attacks.
Hydro Cannon
Unleash a powerful multi-hit water projectile.

Aqua Jet
Spin forward in a whirling torrent.

Icy Wind
Create a swirling blizzard to slow opponents.


This Bone Keeper Pokémon is normally known as a Ground type, but things have changed in the Alola Region. Due to the harsh environment, these Pokémon now show a dual Fire / Ghost typing, protected by the spirits of its lost mother.

Marowak's signature weapon is a flaming bone club, which can cause dangerous burns that lower an opponent's power. These burns protect Marowak's subpar defenses and help it rack up damage quickly, using ghostly moves that do more damage against burned foes.

Shadow Bone
Attack with a flaming bone club to burn foes.
Throw a fiery boomerang to raze grounds with fire.

Flame Wheel
Launch forward while covered in a flaming coat.

Use an attack with more damage on burned foes.


Although the Firefox browser get its name from the red panda, this kitsune-like creature has become the mascot of the "popular" web browser. Those that encounter it should be wary of its glamorous looks, for they hide a deceptive personality.

The nimble Firefox can further enhance its speedy capabilities by "lagging" opponents, slowing down their movement and actions. By capitalizing on the lessened options of these players, Firefox can quickly rack up damage.

Counter attacks to inflict lag on opponents.
Global Roll
Roll on top of a globe projectile.

Program Cursor
Hold directions to zip around in a 3-stage move.

Surround yourself in a blazing glory.



Team Options

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