The kids lived on Windmill Island, a floating island held up by mystery. Four windmills stood at the edges of the island; east, west, north, south. In the center of the center of the island was a lighthouse. The island floated above the ever present clouds; there was no glimpse of anything below, and they weren’t about to find out if there was anything down there.

Kate took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. Her purple hair swayed as the wind blew against the east windmill. Her eyes strained as the smoke blew into them, but she began to realize something was flying near the Windmill Island. Fighter jets. Kate quickly tossed the cigarette and began to run as bullets rained from the sky. Bullets hit the stone brick of the windmills, the scarlet stripes of the lighthouse, and the prickly emerald grass. Kate made her way into the lighthouse and grabbed a walkie-talkie.

“Eric, do you hear that?” she gasped into the walkie-talkie. She often consulted with Eric as they were the two oldest kids of the island. Both were 15, but Kate was older by three months.

“Yeah, I hear it,” responded the walkie-talkie. “The others are just waking up, but I’m leading them into the basement.”

“Okay! Great,” replied Kate. She looked at the giant bulb of the lighthouse tower. “You don’t suppose…”

“What are you going to do?” asked Eric. Kate grabbed the walkie-talkie and headed up the metal steps. The lighthouse was on, it’s yellow beam shining bright.

Kate grappled the controls of the bulb, changing the direction of the ray. As the beam reached one of the fighter jets flying in the sky, the pilot inside was blinded and lost his grip to cover his eyes. The jet began to make a sharp turn downwards into the world below.

Kate braced herself as she turned the light began moving towards the second pilot jet. She knew it’s rotation was slow and that there was a slim chance it would match up with the fighter jet, which was obviously much faster.

The fighter jet, however, decided to take a route that made Kate’s job a lot easier; heading straight towards the lighthouse. It began to spin out of control as the pilot was stupefied by the bright light. Spinning onto the blades of grass, the plane hit the ground with a fair amount of damage done to the cockpit and propeller. It wouldn’t be flying again.

Kate turned the light off, because it was likely that those weren’t the only two fighter jets that were out there. Eric had come over with his blonde hair and a dumbfounded expression.

“You took them out?” asked Eric. Kate just crossed her arms as she began to smoke another cigarette. The jet and the two kids stood there as the island entered sun rise.