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This is scrapped ideas and concepts for Fighters of Lapis.

Fighters of Lapis

  • Fighters of Lapis was going to be the first baby waffle by Sorastitch/Exotoro, however fearing that the idea of a Smash Bros clone baby waffle had already been done too many times, the idea went straight to the RPG Lapis Life. While working on the sequel, Sorastitch decided to go ahead and make Fighters of Lapis since it was a dream project.
  • Fennel, Deadpool, and Super Sonic were all going to be characters at some point.
  • All characters were getting super moves at some point, but only Ned Flander's was listed. In the sequel, most of their super moves were listed.
  • The Imperium were going to be working with the Subspace Army and the connections between Fighters of Lapis and Lapis Life would have been more apparent. This was apparently scrapped at some point.

Fighters of Lapis 2

  • The game's story was meant to be more focused on the Organization and Ashura, but this was sidelined.
  • Steve might have been meant to be playable, but it took him until the fifth game to actually get in.
  • The game's story would have also focused on the story line of "To Boldy Flee" as well, but it went nowhere after it's introduction.

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