First appearance: The Mysterious Nine Project

Watinga (also called Fly Assault Game's Boss in Super Mario-Kun) is a large, robotic boss of the minigame Gnat Attack, which is a part of Mario Paint. It is Mario's final challenge and only appears after going through three stages; destroying 100 insects during each stage.

Watinga is capable of shooting out stinger missiles and poison gas; it is also capable of flight. After being hit multiple times, Watinga will begin going into convulsions and will subsequently explode.

Watinga's only other game appearance was in a remake called Fly Swatter, which was one of 9-Volt retro games in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!.

Watinga also made a small appearance in Volume five of the Super Mario-Kun Japanese manga, in which he was brought out of the Mario Paint game by Lemmy Koopa. After colliding with Yoshi, Watinga was fused with him. In the end, he was destroyed, and Mario was able to redraw Yoshi. He wasn't given a name in this comic and was simply called "Fly Assault Game's Boss".


  • Standard Special: Stinger Missile - Spews out a set of missiles that go downwards.
  • Side Special: Insect Spawn - A insect hops off him and starts walking randomly on the stage. Contact is deadly.
  • Down Special: Convulsion - Spews out a ton of bullets.
  • Up Special: Upwards - Goes up real fast before slowly going down.
  • Super Move: Fly Swatter - Summons the fly swatter, which can be aimed at enemies similar to Snake and Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash.


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