"Wanzutaimu O Shuryo Suru Ni Wa" is a team of the most dangerous fugitives from the Medsulin Prison, in the Woheraouy Dimension. All come from seperate universes, with the leader being hidden in a max facility prison in the middle of the Multiverse Bridge, which is impossible to escape. They fight to end the universes they came from, and destroy the Multiverse Bridge, so they can save their leader.


Primary Members

There are seven primary members of the team.

Image Bio Fact
Trollbrain com br-ultron-iron-man-5
  • Name: Ultron
  • Status: Alive
  • Species: Robot
  • Team Rank: Leader
  • Powers: Molecule Rearranging, Durability, Energy Absorption, Flight, Superhuman Speed
Ultron has never shown himself to any of the team's members, so they refer to him as "The Emporer." The reason is because he knows they all fear him for who he is. However, on their communicators, he always shows one arm, while the rest of him is in the shadows.
Herobrine by soarinskies-d5ctaen
  • Name: Herobrine
  • Status: Alive(?)
  • Species: Minecrafter
  • Team Rank: Second-In Command
  • Powers: Griefing, Crafting, Teleportation, Poisoning
Herobrine has actually griefed his own server once. He poured lava on the ground in specific shapes. If you go on his server and climb to the tallest mountain, you can see the lava spells out "GONE HUNTING. FOREVER."

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