NOTE: The game is closed as of now. guess some shit i guess.

ha. i said guess.



  • For every character you guess you'll recieve a point.
  • In the event of multiple people with points at the end, each person will get to say a character, no matter how dumb it is, and I will add them in. If there are 2 people, each person will suggest two(in the case of there being 3, the two with the most points get to suggest) if there are 4 people, each person will suggest one. If there are more, the 4 people with the most points get to suggest a character.
  • In the event of one person getting every point(highly un-likely) they get to choose 4 characters by themselves.

Point Count

  • Cryo (7)
  • RTA Fan (1)
  • GamerTendo (1)
  • Pyrostar (1)


  1. The multiverse's biggest traitor.
  2. He jumps, sprays, and spins.
  3. Some of his games are good. Some, not so much.
  4. The girl next door. She turns people into spoons.
  5. Egotistical, womanizing billionaire. A comics character.
  6. Born in 1809.
  7. Big headed. Very smart.
  8. He's fought a dinosaur, a monster, and a little boy. He is purple.
  9. Bowser Jr's mother.
  10. I'm ready, i'm ready.

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