Waffle Warfare is a 3D Umbrella/Baby Waffle fighting game developed by Inora, and released in 2015 for every game console. Even GameCube. Especially GameCube. Inspired by the Baby Waffles of old(ala Diamonds of Ether) and more recent concepts(such as Radioactive), as well as some unique features, it is Inora's first and hopefully not last attempt at it, as well as their first Lapis Wiki game.

Reception has been (TBA).


The game is a 3D fighting game with an arcade style similar to Super Smash Bros, but much different from that as well. Players explore a stage and must attack their enemies to deplete their health. Along the way, they'll have to avoid stage hazards and can collect items to use against their foes. Each character has basic light, medium, and heavy attacks in addition to 4 special moves and a Waffle Weapon move(the Final Smashes of the game). Waffle Weapon moves are earned by doing combos that fill up a bar. A unique feature is the Waffle Medic move ; when players don't get hurt, they'll earn points that fill up a bar. When full, it can be used to become invincible temporarily.


  • Warfare: The primary gameplay mode. You can adjust settings for life bars, items, and the like to customize your match. When bought, there are options that alter the match, such as Big Warfare and Poisoned Warfare. It can be done solo, or up to 4 players(couch) or 8 players(online).
  • Story Mode: Quantum of Waffles: The story mode of the game. It's a 3D action-adventure beat em' up platformer. Talk about a mouthful. It can be played alone or with a buddy, online or couch.
  • The Tower of Terrible Threats and Tons of Treasure: This solo mode features the player scaling a 100 floor tower, randomly generated. Along the way, they'll gain treasure, solve puzzles, and battle. At the end, they'll face Bonetail.
  • Boss Rush: Once all bosses are fought, this mode is unlocked. At the end of this, the player will face a new boss: Galactus. It can be played solo or with a buddy(online or couch).
  • Marketplace: Use the coins you've earned from other modes to buy a whole bunch of things.
  • Castle Izzon: A large castle where the brothers Bizzon and Rizzon live. Bizzon will share information, while Rizzon will chat with you.
  • Bonus Games: Assorted mini-games.

Story Mode: Quantum of Waffles


The story mode of the game. In an alternate continuity, various forms of media co-exist on separate planets, but find themselves assembled by Nick Fury when attacked by various shadowy creatures. Read the whole story here.


The roster consists of 12 starter characters and 12 unlockable characters to strike a balance between too small and too bloated. $ indicates a costume that must be bought.


Character Description Moveset Costumes
UntenSportsAlt2SSB Prodigy

The mascot of Fantendo. This guy is like Mario at this point, he barely requires any explanation. Originally a bland mascot, now a complex bearman who loves a human woman. Fantendoverse lore is complicated.

Unten is a balanced fighter, so don't expect anything mind-blowing from his playstyle, but he's reliable when you need him.

Thunder Blast
Unten blasts a single thunder bolt across the screen. It's easy to avoid, but has great range and will stun the enemy if it lands, as well as do some damage.
Fanti Sling
Unten slings Fanti ahead, grabbing items and opponents unlike. Unten can fling these, or keep them. When an enemy is caught, they can also be slammed into the ground.
Blump Chomp
Unten eats a Blump, which will enhance his next attack and triple the power of his Thunder Blast. However, if hit while Unten is eating, he'll have to start over.
Catalyst Jump
Unten creates a new timeline, which he hops through in a portal. He'll then come out another portal in a random part of the stage.
Zeon Falling
A cutscene shows the end of Zeon, with Unten and other escaped Beorns crashing to Earth in firey escape pods, raining down destruction on the enemy. Although each pod doesn't do much damage, they can do tons combined.
  • Xerra ($)
  • Victory
  • Classic
  • Netnu
Mario 8Bit 120px-MarioSymbol.svg

It's Mario! He's in every umbrella. But he wants to shake things up, so he's in his first appearance here.

8-Bit Mario is unique in that he only has 2 health, no matter the strength of the attack. Despite this, he's powerful, fast, athletic and hard to hit.

Mario jumps into the air and slams down onto the opponent, doing large damage to them, twice if the players presses the jump button at the right time. It's easy to dodge though, and pretty slow.
Fire Mario
Mario becomes Fire Mario and fires three fireballs. These are small and weak, but very fast and bounce around. If they hit, the enemy may be set on fire.
Star Mario
Mario becomes invincible for 3 seconds, allowing him to absorb attacks if timed correctly.
Poison Mushroom
Mario hits a ? Block, releasing a Poison Mushroom that will float around for a few seconds. If the enemy touches it, they'll be poisoned.
Mario hits a ? Block, releasing a 1-Up that he grabs. This will resurrect Mario once if killed.
  • Luigi
  • Waluigi
  • Wario
  • Construction Mario ($)

SonicClassic Sonicseries

It's the super-cool  hedgehog with radical attitude! Before the dark times(we don't speak of them...), Sonic was an adorable silent protagonist always facing off against Dr. Robotnik.

Classic Sonic is definitely a glass cannon, being super fast and decently strong but not having much defense.

Spin Dash
Sonic rolls into a ball and spins away at high speeds, doing high damage to enemies. It's hard to control though, and will stop if Sonic hits a wall.
Sonic puts up a random shield for a moment to absorb a single attack. Regular does nothing, thunder attracts nearby items, water can absorb two fire attacks, and fire can absorb two water/ice attacks.
Power Sneakers
Sonic quickly runs to the other side of the screen. If something is in his way, he'll be stopped.
Rolling Jump
Sonic jumps and curls into a ball mid-jump, hopping onto the enemy. If the player can keep it up, they can infinitely stomp on the opponent. When dismounting, he can double jump.
Super Sonic
Sonic gets the seven Chaos Emeralds and turns into Super Sonic for a small period of time. In this form, he can fly, go twice as fast, and is invincible.
  • Shadow
  • Mighty
  • Ashura ($)
  • Metal Sonic
SSB4 Wario Overalls SSB Wario Series

Waa. Wario is Mario's enemy and opposite in many ways: greedy, obnoxious, and loud. If the price is right, he'll help out though.

Wario is an oddball, being a character with lots of weight and power but also fairly athletic. Despite this, he's fairly slow and an up-close fighter.

Wario Waft
Wario blasts off with an explosive Wario Waft, shooting him into the air and doing damage to those in his way and those in the blast-off range. It can be charged for extra power.
Wario uses his magnet to draw in items and the opponent near him.
Shoulder Barge
Wario charges towards the opponent, knocking them away and doing heavy damage. It's pretty slow and easy to avoid though.
Shake It!
Wario picks up the nearby opponent and shakes them up, causing them to lose money, items, and deplete their Waffle Weapon bar.
Wario Bike
Wario hops into the Wario Bike. For a limited time, those who contact it will take damage, Wario will drive around twice as fast, and he can fire Boxing Glove projectiles.
  • WarioWare
  • Mario
  • Metal Wario
  • Classic Wario ($)
Quake Shield

Call her Quake or Skye or whatever, Daisy Johnson has seen some shit in her life. Daisy is a young woman with the power of Vibrokinesis.

Daisy is a fast acrobatic character who is skilled in ranged combat, but doesn't have the greatest skills fisticuffs wise and isn't the best at defense.

Vibration Push
Daisy uses vibrokinesis to push the opponent away from her. If the opponent is pushed into the corner, they'll be dazed temporarily, but this move does no damage.
Vibration Boost
Daisy knocks the opponent into the air with her vibrokinesis, doing no damage but leaving them vulnerable for attack. With good timing, this can be used to juggle opponents and do massive damage.
Daisy gets on her laptop and hacks the opponent's weapons, disabling their attack if timed correctly, and disarming them of their items. If the opponent has a shield up, it'll be disabled.
Daisy unearths three rocks from the ground and blasts them at the opponents. They're fast and rapid, but not very tough.
Vibration Avalanche
Daisy focuses her vibrokinesis at the nearby snowy mountain, causing heavy rocks to fall down and attack opponents as well as snow that freezes opponents.
  • Earth-616
  • Skye
  • Black Widow ($)
  • Mockingbird

The bride Kill bill logo

Beatrix Kiddo is a skilled assasin who goes by Black Mamba and The Bride. But whatever her name is, she'll always be trying to Kill Bill. Ha. Title drop.

The Bride is very skilled in close range combat and can do heavy damage, but has less defense and has no long-range attacks.

Jump Slash
The Bride slashes upward and then down, knocking the opponent into the air and doing heavy damage. If maintained, it can juggle opponents.
Spin Slash
The Bride spins around, slashing anyone nearby and stunning them for a moment. If executed correctly, The Bride can keep up a large combo.
Body Shield
The Bride pulls out a dead member of the Crazy 88. While holding him, half the attack's damage will be absorbed, but she cannot attack.
Black Mamba
The Bride opens a suitcase, releasing an angry Black Mamba that leaps at the nearby opponent and bites them, poisoning them.
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
A five button sequence comes up on the screen, and if done correctly and quickly, The Bride will use the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on the opponent, causing them to take five steps and then die.
  • Biker Gear
  • Wedding Gown
  • Elle Driver
  • O-Ren Ishii ($)
Dannyphantom Dplogo

Danny Fenton was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine(designed to view the world un-seen). Okay, I'll stop.

Danny Phantom is a balanced character who is skilled in ranged attacks and defense, but not so great in doing heavy damage and a bit floaty.

Danny Phantom becomes intangible for 30 seconds. He's invincible in that form, but can't attack.
Ghost Ray
Danny blasts a Ghost Ray at the opponent, doing decent damage to them and having fantastic range and speed.
Danny creates a clone of himself. It takes a while and the clone can be destroyed in one hit, but will give the next attack double damage.
Ice Ray
Danny blasts a ray of ice at the opponent, freezing them solid for 5 seconds, leaving them open for attack. It works similarly to the Ghost Ray, but does no damage.
Ghostly Wail
Danny lets out a sonic scream that causes sound waves to go across the screen, doing massive damage to the opponent and leaving them stunned for 10 seconds.
  • Danny Fenton
  • Dani Phantom
  • Mech Suit
  • Vlad Plasmius ($)
Crash Crashseries

The mascot of a long-gone era. Crash Bandicoot is a crazy islander who frequently battles against the villainous Dr. Cortex. Ahh, the 90s.

Crash is very fast, great at fighting in the air, and decently strong. Despite this, he's a bit slippery and hard to control and he can't take too many hits. If only he had Aku Aku on.

Cyclone Spin
Crash spins around, doing small damage and stunning the opponent for 3 seconds. If done in mid-air, it'll slow Crash's descent and if done when touching a projectile, it'll reflect it.
Body Slam
Crash jumps up and body slams downward with all his force. It's pretty slow, but if it lands it does a lot of damage and stuns the opponent.
Fruit Bazooka
Crash gets out his Fruit Bazooka and blasts an explosive Wumpa Fruit. Crash will have to aim, and if it lands, the enemy will be blasted away and severely hurt, but if it misses, Crash will be open for attack.
Ratcicle Jack
Crash mounts a Ratcicle. In this form, Crash can't jump and is very slow but can slash enemies and use ice breath to freeze them.
Crash whistles and the Mecha-Bandicoot crashes in, with Crash hopping in it temporarily. In this form, Crash is giant and slow, but takes half the damage and can slash enemies with his chainsaw and blast rockets and shoot plasma blasts.
  • Modern Crash
  • Fake Crash ($)
  • Crunch Bandicoot
  • Coco Bandicoot
ReggieEnjoyingDat3DS NintendoSymbol

Reggie Fils-Aime is president of Nintendo of America and a Meme Fountain. He feels like a Purple Pikmin and his body is always ready.

Reggie is a heavy and slow character with lots of power but little speed and air game.

Balance Board
Reggie kicks a Wii Fit Balance Board, sliding it across the stage. If it hits the opponent, it'll trip them and stun them for a few seconds.
Purple Pikmin
Reggie plucks a Purple Pikmin who walks over to the opponent and hurls them into the air. This is a great move to stop attacks and juggle opponents, but is slow and easy to avoid.
Wii Hook
Reggie gets out a Wiimote and Nunchuck and swings three times at the opponent, doing lots of damage, and being fast, but having little range.
Mii Fighter
Reggie either punches, slashes, or blasts the opponent. Each of these are equally likely to happen.
Reggie says "My name is Reggie. I'm about kickin' ass, I'm about takin' names, and we're about makin' games." and then summons Mii Fighters of Miyamoto, Iwata, and Sakurai who rampage across the screen, slashing, shooting, and punching the opponents.
  • Young Reggie
  • Puppet Reggie
  • The Reggienator ($)
  • Purple Pikmin Reggie
EmmaSwanFOL5 SSB OnceUponATime

Once Upon a Time's equivalent of the Ugly Duckling. Uh, yeah, not joking. A better description would be the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming as well as The Savior.

Emma Swan is an excellent character all around, but has to deal with the rule of using magic: it has a price. As such, every magical move does damage to her as well.

Gun Blast
Emma gets out her gun and blasts it three times. It's easy to avoid, but does decent damage and is very fast.
Light Blast
Emma creates a ball of light and blasts it at the opponent. This does no damage, but knocks the opponent back.
Light Healing
A white aura surrounds Emma as she begins to heal. To counter-act this, while using this move, she's immobile and it can be interrupted by damage.
Fire Blast
Emma creates a fireball and blasts it at the opponent. It has no knockback, but will do decent damage and has a chance of setting the opponent on fire.
Dark Swan
Darkness envelopes Emma, and she becomes Dark Swan. In this form, her attacks do double damage and she can teleport across the stage at will.
  • Regina Mills
  • Elsa ($)
  • Snow White
  • Ruby
Amyjackson2 SSB TayshaunandAmy

A cyborg from Mars who comes from the year 3014, yet looks pretty similar to your average person. Amy Jackson hops around from her universe, to the Fantendoverse, and now to the Waffleverse.

Amy Jackson is a heavy character who is pretty slow but other than that has great stats.

Laser Cannon
Amy gets out her laser cannon and blasts it at the opponent in a small burst of energy. It does little damage but is very fast and easy to hit people with.
Techno Sword
Amy charges power to her cybernetic sword and slashes downward with it. This is pretty slow, but has great knockback and damage.
Mind Control
Amy sends out a wave of telekinetic energy. If it hits the opponent, they'll use one of their special moves on themselves.
Techno Overload
Amy controls five pieces of technology that slam into the opponent. It's fast and homing, but pretty weak.
Beat the Beast
Amy uses a remote controller to summon Beat the Beast and hops off screen. It'll take the brunt of all attacks done to it, and can fly around and run over opponents.
  • Krystal Perez
  • Etinésa Rodriguez
  • Pearl Emerson ($)
  • Laura Palmer
GeneralGrevious SSB StarWarsNew

A Kaleesh cyborg who lead the droid army and had lightsabers but no force powers. Obi-Wan Kenobi fired a blaster at his gut sack. Star Wars is weird.

Grievous is a slow and powerful character who doesn't have great maneuverability. Although most of his body has excellent defense, his gut sack takes double the damage a normal attack would deal, avoid getting hit in the gut sack.

Lightsaber Leap
Grievous gets out all four of his arms, and with lightsabers ignited, jumps forward, slamming his sabers downward. This is pretty slow and easy to avoid but does massive damage.
Blaster Rifle
Grievous gets out his blaster rifle and blasts three beams at the opponent. It's fast and does a lot of damage, but can be stolen from Grievous and used against him.
Dual-Sided Saber
Grievous gets out a dual-sided lightsaber and swings it around in a circle. This is fast and does decent damage but has little range.
Grievous gets out an Electrostaff and jabs forward with it. If it hits the opponent, they'll be shocked and dizzy for a few seconds.
Wheel Bike
Grievous hops in his wheel bike. From here, he can drive around over opponents as well as fire at them with a powerful laser cannon.
  • Cartoon Grievous
  • Pre-Cyborg
  • Darth Vader
  • Kylo Ren ($)


Besides the criteria listed, every character can also be unlocked by playing as them in Story Mode.

Character Description Moveset Costumes Unlocking Criteria
Leahvictory Ssbleah

The multiverse's biggest traitor. Leah is a psychotic doctor who has gone from Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral over time. I doubt she'll ever be good pals with Unten though.

Leah is a glass cannon, being pretty great all around except for defense. She has a wide range of moves.

Poison Needle
Leah thrusts forward with her needle finger. If she hits the opponent they'll be poisoned. This move is quick, but does no damage and has little range.
Low Blow
Leak kicks the opponent in their nether regions. This move has little range, but does lots of damage, stuns the opponent, and knocks them down on to the ground.
Leah gets a Defibrillator out and pushes it against the opponent's chest, saying "Clear!". This move is slow and has little range but will freeze the opponent for several seconds.
Scalpel Slash
X-Ray hands Leah a scalpel, and she'll slash the opponent with it. The scalpel chosen is random, but it can range from slow and powerful to fast and weak.
Crazed Maniac
Leah whistles and her ambulance drives up, picking her up and driving away. While off-screen, skulls rain downward that will poison on contact and do heavy damage.
  • Racing Suit
  • Warzones
  • Labyrinth ($)
  • Sports Resort
Play as Unten 50 times.
440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World 120px-MarioSymbol.svg

But Mario was already in this game, you say. Well we gotta fill that roster. So have modern Mario or some shit. I'm lazy.

Mario, unsurprisingly, is pretty balanced. Nothing is special about him but he does have great control and is reliable.

Exactly like 8-Bit Mario's move. Yay for copy pasting.
Wing Cap
Mario puts on the Wing Cap and soars into the air. If he hits anything, he'll fall to the ground, stunned, but besides that this move is fast and gets Mario air quickly.
Mario gets out FLUDD and sprays the opponent. It does no damage, but it'll push back the opponent and extinguishes flaming attacks and does damage to fire characters.
Star Spin
Mario summons the power of Lumas, and does a star spin. It'll allow him to stay in the air longer, and if done near the opponent it'll trip them, leaving them open for attack.
Shell Storm
A Shell Stack appears in front of Mario, and he can fire them across the screen to do heavy damage at the opponent. The shell types are green(normal), red(homing), and rarely gold(double damage).
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Shadow Mario ($)
Play as 8-Bit Mario 50 times.
Sonic Generations Sonic Sonicseries

Rehasing characters again? Damn, I should be ashamed of myself. This Sonic is Cool and Radical and usually obnoxious. Are his games as good as Classic Sonic's? Who fucking knows. This isn't a forum, it's a fighting game.

Sonic isn't that different than Classic Sonic. He has a bit better defense, but at the cost of being harder to control.

Homing Attack
Sonic jumps into the air, becomes a ball, and smashes into the opponent. This move is quick and homing, but not that strong and it can't be done repeatedly in a row.
Sonic boosts ahead. It's hard to control, and may backfire, but it's a good way to get somewhere fast and does a bit of damage to the foe.
Bounce Attack
Sonic, using the Bounce Bracelet, morphs into a ball and bounces onto the ground. It is pretty slow, but can be used to gain height and crush your enemies.
Yellow Drill
Sonic frees a Yellow Wisp from a capsule, turning him into a yellow drill that goes under ground and pops out on the other side of the stage. It's easy to avoid, but pretty fast and does decent damage.
Sonic Heroes
The classic titular cheesy song starts playing and Tails and Knuckles hop out of the Tornado. For a small amount of time, they'll assist Sonic by attacking the opponent with various moves like punching and thunder shoot. They can use Team Formations as well.
  • Shadow
  • Silver
  • Shard ($)
  • Amy Rose
Play as Classic Sonic 50 times.
Ashley SSB Wario Series

The girl next door living in the haunted mansion. She's only a kid, but her magic can kick some ass. She's usually accompanied by a cute demon named Red.

Ashley isn't very tough and has little defense, but is hard to hit, fast, good in the air, and skilled at magic.

Pantalones Giganticus
Ashley casts a spell at the opponent. If it hits, their pants will inflate and the opponent will fly up into the air before popping and falling down stunned.
Spoon Spell
Ashley casts a spell at the opponent. If it hits, they'll turn into a spoon for 30 seconds, where they can't jump or attack and are half as fast.
Hex Cloud
Ashley creates a cloud of smoke near her. If the opponent walks into it, they'll be twice as light and half as slow for a few seconds.
Growth Spell
Ashley gets out a plant and grows it into a giant Venus Fly Trap. The Trap has little range and slows down Ashley, but it'll automatically eat the enemy and spit them out, being fast, doing good damage and launching them away.
Ashley & Red
Red transforms into a broom, which Ashley hops on. Ashley then flies around, using a target to rain down random spells that have various negative affects.
  • Kat
  • Ana
  • Rosalina ($)
  • Mona
Play as Wario 50 times.
IronManMark4 IronManLogo

Tony Stark is an egotistical, womanizing engineer who has a near-death experience and decides to stop making weapons of destruction and decides to make weapons of defense, fighting alongside the Avengers as the Incredible Iron Man!

Iron Man is a pretty excellent character, but has the unique gimmick that all of his attacks and moves have a chance of failing, leaving him stunned for a few seconds.

Repulsor Ray
Iron Man blasts pure energy from his hand gauntlet. These short bursts of energy are fast and powerful, but pretty easy to avoid due to their small size.
Machine Gun
A machine gun pops out from Iron Man's side and focuses on a target, then blasting tons of bullets at it. It takes a while to load and has small range, but is very powerful and incredibly fast.
Jet Punch
Iron Man uses the jets on his feet to charge forward, fist heading outward. It's pretty easy to avoid and is slow, but does massive damage and launches the opponent into the air.
Armor Repair
An Iron Legion suit flies next to Iron Man and begins operating on his suit. If this is not interrupted for 30 seconds, Iron Man will be fully repaired, but if it's interrupted it'll stop and have no affect.
A giant blue beam fires across the screen from Iron Man's chest. It's unavoidable, does tons of damage, and begins almost automatically. It has a small chance of failing though, which makes it not perfect.
  • War Machine
  • Mark I
  • Iron Patriot ($)
  • Silver Centurion
Buy from the shop.
Lincoln Reality icon

The sixteenth president of America, often considered to be one of the best. He was a key part in ending slavery and lead the country as a brave leader. God bless America, motherfucker.

Lincoln is a heavy character who does lots of damage but isn't athletic or fast.

Bald Eagle
Lincoln whistles, summoning a Bald Eagle that will assist Lincoln in various ways. If Lincoln is falling, the Bald Eagle will return him to land. If the opponent is attacking, the Bald Eagle will fly in front of the attack. If the opponent has an item, the Bald Eagle steals it and brings it to Lincoln.
Firework Blast
Lincoln sets off a firework that flies into the air and explodes into a majestic blast. Opponents in the air when it goes off will take lots of damage and be flung away.
Mt. Crushmore
Lincoln's stone head drops from the sky next to Lincoln. It doesn't have much range and is easy to evade, but is fast, does lots of damage, and flattens the opponent for a few seconds.
Dahlgrun Gun
Lincoln gets out a Dahlgrun Gun and fires it. It takes a while to fire, but will launch the enemy and do great damage.
Presidential Party
Every other President appears and charges forward as the national anthem plays. If the opponent is on the ground, they'll take tons of damage and be flattened.
  • Green
  • Colored
  • Stone
  • Red, White and Blue
Play 500 matches.
Jimmyneutron Neutron

A kid with a knack for invention. He usually rescues the day from sure destruction using his massive IQ, Brain Blast-ing, and help from his friends.

Jimmy is a slow character who packs a lot of power. He's not the best in melee combat, but has excellent special moves.

Shrink Ray
Jimmy Neutron pulls out his Shrink Ray and blasts it across the screen. It does no damage, but temporarily shrinks the opponent, making them faster but much weaker and much more defenseless.
Jimmy summons Goddard, who runs ahead and either picks up an item for Jimmy or bites the opponent, doing decent damage to them.
Rocket Blast
A mini-rocket flies upward with Jimmy attached, flying him into the air at high speeds and then dropping him downward slowly.
Hover Car
Jimmy hops into the Hover Car and dashes forward. Anyone in his way will be knocked into the air.
Shirley appears and assists Jimmy, being able to copy any move the opponent does and use it back at them, as well as being able to fly and blast lasers.
  • 2D
  • Timmy Turner
  • Evil Jimmy
  • Nanobot
Play 50 matches with Danny Phantom.

Spyro the Dragon


One of the old-timey 90s mascots. He's been Edgy, a backseat to some fucking fish, and a regular old hero. This Spyro is the regular old hero.

Spyro is a decent, if a little weak character who has good range and can glide.

Spyro charges forward, horns jutting out. It's hard to control, but is pretty fast and will launch the opponent away.
Spyro spits a fireball. It's fast, but does little damage and has a small chance of setting the opponent on fire. He can also charge it and let out a long stream that's slower but does more damage and has a higher chance of setting them on fire. He can also multi-spit to do less damage with no chance of burning.
Spyro breathes a steam of water. It does no damage, but will push the opponent away. Spyro can also charge it to breathe ice that will freeze the opponent.
Spyro spits electric breath that will zap the enemy. It does little damage, but will stun them for a few seconds, leaving them dazed.
Spyro charges up fire breath and turns red, then spitting out a flurry of fireballs that will do lots of damage, travel fast, and set them on fire with no chance of avoiding it.
  • Skylanders
  • Legend
  • Ember
  • Flame
Play 50 matches as Crash Bandicoot.











Bonus Games


Bizzon and Rizzon






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