Wacked Out Tuxedo Party II: The Werewolf Prom is a game by Exotoro meant to mimic the style of .vectorDestiny's games. It was created for the fourth Lapis Weekly challenge.


It's tuxedo party time part 2! All of the veterans have come to stay at Hulk Hogan's winter lodge for the prom, but strange stuff's happening with the blue moon turning the girls into werewolves. Why? Fuck, why not?!


Wacked Out Tuxedo Party II: The Werewolf Prom is a Dynasty Warriors-like game, in which the player as a solo-man army must defeat hundreds and hundreds of enemies. There is differences though, as the player being able to play as 4 characters and switch between them over time. Every character has two special moves to balance things out and each character plays differently, such as Sorcerer Mickey being more a long-ranged fighter and Hulk Hogan being more a close ranged fighter.


Character Powers
INFINITY Mickey render
Sorcerer Mickey
Element Water (Hyrule Warriors)
Sorcerer Mickey can waterbend for his own will. He can bend the water to look like several fighting objects, such as fists, swords and also shields.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Living Objects
Sorcerer Mickey can bring lifeless objects into lifearound him and turn them into his own minions. Any object that is on the stage can be used as his minion, such as barrels, rocks and pretty much everything that is lifeless. Even trees.
Hulk Hogan 05
Hulk Hogan
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Triple H Punch
A close ranged punch combo that can be used to destroy a small amount of opponents. At the end of the third punch, Hulk throws the opponent on the ground creating a earthquake.
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Running Elbow Strike
Hulk supercharges his speed and goes running at the speed of light while striking everybody with his elbow. It is a very useful move.
Honey cat
Honey the Cat
Element Lightning (Hyrule Warriors)
Thunder Punch
A shocking punch that paralyzes enemies and can create a current that can be used to electrify water puddles.
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Golden Gun
Fires a golden bullet that mortally wounds werewolves.
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Werecat Roar
Roars a mighty roar in her werecat form that mortally wounds anyone with the sonic waves.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Sunglass Blade
Takes off his shades and they expand in size, allowing him to use it as a weapon.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Summons a powerful woman robot that fights alongside him although she needs to recharge after 30 seconds, in which it takes a full minute to reuse her.
Biker Kermit
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Midnight Ride
Summons a motorcycle of darkness to run through enemies. His stunts have him summon heartless that attack enemies.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Into the Sunset
Rides into the sunset and then comes back at a super sonic speed, taking out any enemies in the way.
Jesus Christ
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Cross Swing
Summons a giant cross to whack people with. If he manages a combo with it, he can nail a enemy to the cross and double the damage.

Holy Cut
Spins his arms around fast enough to create a halo effect around him that manages to toss enemies to afar.
Cro torizogray sm
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Torizo Charge
Begins running at enemies, with his arms going everywhere.
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Sets down a bomb that explodes after five seconds. He can use it to get another jump.
Senator Armstrong
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Nanomachines, Son
Skin begins to blacken and his strength becomes near superhuman, allowing him to pummel enemies with no fear of getting hurt whatsoever.
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Aura of Fire
Generates fire around him that will burn enemies and objects around him.
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Surrounds herself with mist. The color of the mist is random, but you can tell what property and what attack you're using by following this guide:
  • If the mist is red, she is using Heat attack and will be weak to water.
  • If the mist is white, she is using water attacks and will be weak to lightning.
  • If the mist is blue, she is using lightning attacks and will be weak to dark.
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Turns an enemy into stone and then swings them like a jackhammer.
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Mistwolf Fade
In her Mistwolf form she can turn invisible and attack enemies with her claws.



Nagi the Spurious
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Flaming Kick
Does a flaming kick to the opponent, making them fall to the ground.
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Legs to Face
Auto targets enemies to do a chain attack where she kicks all of them in the air.
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Unborn Blade
Gains a sword in which to slice enemies with.
Strikers Daisy
Element Fire (Hyrule Warriors)
Strikers Ball
Kicks a ball that can knock an opponent very far away.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Daisy Trap
Grows a giant daisy that sprouts under opponents and eats them like a venus fly trap.
Element Darkness (Hyrule Warriors)
Neglected Shadow
In her wereworlf form she can use her shadow as a weapon, which has strange effects.
Vector Sonic Jump
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Find the Computer Room
Punts computer monitors which hit opponents and make them explode.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Find the Computer Room
Summons Shadow the Hedgehog to find the computer room, in which Shadow shoots down anyone in his way.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Floats in air and then lands, creating a cosmic shockwave.
Element Light (Hyrule Warriors)
Interstellar Walk
Creates a patten of stars that follows him and creates a burning nova path that harms enemies attempting to come behind him.

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