The Vivillios is a multiverse that has characters from everywhere, they aren't the originals, though, all of them are clones of their true characters. The unique characters, however, are not clones.

Important Characters

  • Jareden - Jareden is the original god, and creator of Vivillios. He is the highest of the gods, and represents CryoticYoshi in a way.
  • Mickeso - The secondary God, and the one that guards the Dwellingrealms. Though, she sometimes lets a few things out.
  • Archeliate - The one that watches over the Clone Plains. Archeliate is often seperated from the other two gods, mostly doing things by herself.
  • Ambrosia Gunn - TBA

Minor Characters


Areas of Interest

  • Dwellingrealms - Essentially the Hell of Vivillios.
  • Clone Plains - The world where characters that are clones of originals, such as Mario and Bill Cipher, live.
  • Safe Haven - Jareden and Mickeso's home.

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