Location(s) Galloping Gardens Greenhouse
HP 160
Attack 15
Defense 0
Moves Vine Smack(15)

Poison Breath(10, poisons Celia) Vine-pire(Drains 10 HP, restores 10 HP) Root Drain(10, removes 3 Wonder Points)

Portrait Description This is Viroot. Once a kind plant, a vile virus infected him and turned him into a mindless beast. Celia defeated him and got the Whathing, and the redeemed Viroot freed the beasts of Galloping Gardens from the virus before dying.

An un-named large venus fly trap, nicknamed Viroot is a boss in Through the Rabbit Hole. Once a kind center of life in Galloping Gardens, a virus turned him into a mindless beast who poisoned the roots of all beasts in the Galloping Gardens. When defeated he gives the Whathing to Celia and apologizes for the deeds he did while controlled by the virus, as the poison is drained from him and he wilts. The boss battle can be quite difficult considering some annoying moves utilized by the plant. However, his HP isn't incredibly high and wailing down on Viroot while using moves like the Power Glove, which does 1.5 damage of regular swing attacks and raises the likelyhood of Wonderful Hits, will be able to defeat him before he can start using annoying recovery and poisonous moves.


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