Virility Melee is a fighting game made by Icy Cold Gaming Industries and many other companies, like Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Viacom, and even Stanley Steamers! It will be released on the Wii U, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo 3DS, and PS Vita on January 2nd, 2015. The game play similarly to Mortal Kombat, with mixed features from Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. The game will be rated Teen, and will have a full-fledged story mode to play through.


The game plays similar to the Street Fighter series, with some ideas from Super Smash Bros. For instance, Retro Mode is based on Super Smash Bro's, "Classic Mode", along with the inclusion of items. The story mode is based off of Street Fighter X Tekken's story mode. Like Mortal Kombat, you fight opponents until you or the opponent's bar of health gets down to zero. You can also use a special move called the Wham Bam Slam. For instance, Bee Mario's is summoning a Bee army and making them sting opponents.


Story: I'm Too Big, Am I?


Starting Characters


Image And Name Franchise Description


Bee Mario

Super Mario It's a generic and regular Mario!...Actually, no. Bee Mario allows Mario to have EXTREMLY good air recovery, and he can throw Star Bits and even sting opponents with his stinger. Don't worry, he won't die when he stings opponents!



Real Life

Jibo is the world's first family robot, and now, he's not just a family member! Jibo can shoot lazers out of his singular eye, while his air recovery isn't the best. However, if done right, Jibo can become a powerful humanoid-like Jibo, with LAZER CANNONS AND ROCKET FEET!!!

434px-OoT Twinrova


The Legend Of Zelda Twinrova is the form of Kotake and Koume merged together. For some of her attacks, she uses many attacks based on fire, while the other half of her attacks are ice-themed ones. She can also combine the two for some moves.



Target/Real Life Bullseye is the mascot of the popular store company, Target. In battle, he can throw boomerangs with Target logos on them, along with various store items like bread. He can also use shopping carts to ram into opponents.

Mayor mccheese mcdonalds character high resolution

Mayor McCheese

McDonalds "Well, hi there! Ronald is too busy finding a treasure chest in space, so I'm here! I can use my cane to whack people over the head with, and I can even take off my head and it as a wheel to run people over! Also, I'm the MAYOR!!"

150px-5196731 png


The Interwebz

DevilX90 thinks this game is fake. He thinks this entire roster is fake. His moves aren't fake, but he believes they are. Jokes are all meant to be taken seriously, because they are fake.


KC naked

Kid Cuisine Penguin

Real Life The Kid Cuisine mascot, which is a penguin. He can use macaroni boomerangs, gummy snack slingshots, and even use a chicken nugget as a shield to deflect some attacks! He also has make-shift dragon wings from one his recent commercials.

250px-Lanky Kong (Donkey Kong 64)

Lanky Kong

Donkey Kong He has no style! He has no grace! Yeah, this Kong has a funny face! He can handstand, when he needs to, and stretch his arms out! Just for you! Inflate himself! Just like a balloon! This crazy Kong just digs this tune!



Marvel Peter Quill. But you may know him as Star Lord. Or Chris Pratt. Or whatever. He can rocket boots for flight, but most of his moveset revolves around his "Awesome Mix Tape" recorder, making him dance-fight his opponents.



Marvel Gamora's parents were killed by Thanos, then she was made into a "living weapon", becoming extremly agile. She uses her agility as her main weapon, kicking her opponents around the battlefield.


Drax The Destroyer

Marvel Drax's family was killed by Ronan the Accuser, forcing him to hide his sadness behind anger and hatred. He can use a rocket launcher from the final battle scene from the movie, along with a knife.

Pollpubpolls634312295300255000- -screenshot20110121at85649pmpng

Starbucks Lady

Starbucks How can the person from the Starbucks logo fight? By using coffee! It's a very floaty character, and it can fly, so it can spill coffees and ice-cold waters on her opponents, giving them damage.



Swapnote The rightful queen of Swapnote. If Swapnote still existed. She can use a 3DS Xl to send out Swapnotes, as well as use them as boomerangs. She can also stab people with a No. 2 pencil as well.


Nikki Of etonpawS

etonpawS Nikki from the "Insanity Timeline". In it, she went into the magic Swapnote realm, and corrupted all of it with black magic. As such, she flies around on a pile of Swapnotes, who can bite and inject apestus into the opponents.


Green Knight

Castle Crashers The Green Knight is one of many Castle Crashers characters in the game. The Green Knight can use Poison Magic, poisoning every opponent around him, except himself. Like all knights, he has a sword, too.


Red Knight

Castle Crashers Oh, a Green Knight clone? Nope. While all knights still use the sword, they all have seperate abilities. The Red Knight can use Electric Magic, and can use his Splash Attack as his Wham Bam Slam!


Blue Knight

Castle Crashers The Blue Knight obviously represents one thing: ice. And his moveset reflects on that. The Blue Knight can freeze his enemies, leaving them in place and open for attacks. Also, Ice Bolt is one his moves.


Orange Knight

Castle Crashers The Orange Knight is based around FIRE!!! As such, The Orange Knight can heat up the fight with his moves, such as Battle Axe and his fire attacks, like Flame Burst, Fire Ball, and even Flame Encasement!

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King. Jack can take his head off and throw it at people, but most of his attacks are themed after the evil toys he makes for his Christmas, like a demented toy duck.

Unlockable Characters


Image And Name Franchise Description


Mr. Domino


Mr. Domino is the star of the obscure Playstation title, "No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!" He can throw inanimate dominos at you, and can use a parachute to fly over you and land on you. He can even turn into a giant, walking Godzilla-like domino.


Beat Retro Mode under the "No One Can Stop..." Rank, or meet him in Story Mode.


Rocket Raccoon and Groot


We've only seen these two as seperate fighters, but now, they're whole again! Rocket Raccoon shoots while standing on Groot's back, while Groot can stretch his limbs and even impale the fighters! They're inseperable.


Fight on The Milano 2014 times, or meet them in Story Mode.

Play doh mascots



What if Happy had a baby with a Play-Doh can? This is the answer. Doh-Doh can stretch his limbs, since he's Play-Doh. However, if stretched too far, they'll fall off, and it'll take a minute for them to grow back.


Win at the "What A Doh-Doh!" Event, or meet him/her in Story Mode.




Queen Elsa of Arandelle! Elsa's main method of attacks are obviously her ice powers. She can freeze enemies, and even create Olaf to hug her opponents, giving them damage! She can even summon Marshmallow!


Unlock the Freezie and Ice Flower items, or meet her in Story Mode.

Rundas rip



Hunter Rundas of Phrygis! Rundas, like Elsa, can use ice for his main attacks, except his causes more damage! He can also surf through the air on his ice, along with a supply of his freezing Ice Missles!


Play as Elsa 2007 times, or meet him in Story Mode.




Einshine may LOOK like a normal Minecraft crafter, but don't be mistaken! He's a LEGENDARY GRIEFER! He uses moves based off his "Legendary Griefer" music video, such as a machine gun and TNT.


Get the "Legendary Griefer" song on the Minecraft City stage, or meet him in Story Mode.

5 - Plague Rat of Doom

Plauge Rat Of Doom


It's a rat. It's diseased ridden. It gives you rabies.



Die by getting rabies once, or meet him in Story Mode.


Dusty Crophopper


Dusty Crophopper comes from a terrible movie that's a spin-off of a mediorce Pixar series. He's not that bad at fighting, as his propellor can be used as a decent weapon, but he's not really that useful.


Die 10 times, or meet him in Story Mode.

Planes - fire & rescue dusty crophopper

Dusty Crophopper (Firefighter)


Dusty Crophopper, this time as a fire-fighter. While he looks like a clone, he has many different attacks, such as using various firefighting tools. However, he's still a crappy joke character, plain and simple.


Die 50 times as Dusty, or meet him in Story Mode.

Monkey comp glasses 02c

Subway Monkey


The Subway Monkey may just possibly be the laziest food mascot ever. He's not a bad fighter, with some good melee moves, but most of his moveset revolves around sandwiches. Like Subway.


Eat a sandwich 15 times, or meet him in Story Mode.


Miya and Fay

Star Fox

Miya and Fay are characters from the cancelled Star Fox 2 on the SNES. Miya is a tall character while excellent speed and agility, while Fay, the dog, guards from behing Miya. Truly a one of a kind pair.


Fly an Arwing 16 times, or meet them in Story Mode.


Dipper and Mabel

Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel Pines, also known as the Mystery Twins, are a unique duo. Mabel can use Waddles and her grappling hook, while Dipper uses Book 3 and weak melee attacks! Overall, they're a good pair.


Get a Gravity Falls-themed sticker, or meet them in Story Mode.



Gravity Falls

Wendy Coudroy works at the Mystery Shack, and isn't really in any umbrellas, so why not put her here? Wendy can use silly string and carve jacko-melons to throw at people. Also, bags of ice.


Unlockable the Mystery Shack stage, or meet her in Story Mode.

Poscard creator gompers


Gravity Falls

Gompers can fight just as good as any other character, thank you very much! Gomper's key method of attacking is biting, much like a regular goat. He can also use some leftover pizza as a projectile.


Unlock the Mystery Shack, or meet him in Story Mode.



Gravity Falls

Giffany is the main villain of the Gravity Falls episode, "Soos and the Real Girl." The main character of Romance Academy 7, Giffany can use animatronics from Hoo-Ha's Jamboree for her attacks.


Play as Gompers or Wendy 30 times, or meet her in Story Mode.




It's Lepreluigi! Or Naluigi! Or Luigi as a leprechaun! Oh well. Leprenaluigi can use green fireballs (that look like four leaf clovers) and can throw a Goomba-shaped pot filled with gold coins and Gold Flowers!


Meet him in Story Mode, or meet him in Story Mode.



Castle Crashers

Necromancer is an evil knight, trusted highly by the Wizard. He can fly into the air, but his main move is the "Kamikaze Skeleton." He can also use the Dark Pillar. Also, he can summon Skeletons and a Cyclops.


Die as all the default Knights, or meet him in Story Mode.


Pink Knight

Castle Crashers

The Pink Knight is the only female in this game. But she isn't a pushover. Instead of a sword, she uses the NG Lollipop, and she can use Pink Weasels and Cute Grenade as some of her attacks.


Fight as all Castle Crashers characters, or meet her in Story Mode.

Loz spirit tracks conductor link by o0demonboy0o-d6ygy35

Spirit Tracks Link

The Legend Of Zelda

The Hero Of Trains. (Can't say that with a straight face.) Spirit Tracks Link uses the Master Sword, but he's kinda weak. If you count trains and Phantoms running into your freaking body weak.


Complete the "I Like Trains" Mission, or meet him in Story Mode.

TBA The Legend Of Zelda TBA
TBA The Legend Of Zelda TBA

Default Stages


Image And Name Franchise Description

Hypetrainsmash zps3d0fd4bd

Super Smash Bros. Hype Train

Super Smash Bros The infamous Smash Bros. Hype Train. If you play as Sakurai (who is unlockable) on this stage, the train conductor will be replaced with Ridley. Much like Big Blue from Smash Bros, the stage goes upwards and downwards.



Target/Real Life A regular store in the middle of Temecula, California.You fight inside, and can jump up onto the racks and throw items, such as toys, books, kitchen utenzils, and even king-sized master bedroom beds!


Honeyhive Galaxy

Super Mario This galaxy is home to Queen Bee and her royal servants. The stage randomly generates, so you can either be fighting in a part of the planet itself, of the Queen Bee's back, where you fight while defying gravity.


The Milano

Marvel The Milano, Peter Quill's spaceship! You fight on the outside of it, but then if you're lucky, you and the opponent(s) will fall inside of it for the rest of the fight!


Play-Doh Launch Game

Play-Doh Play-Doh Launch Game has been transformed into an amusment park ride! The launch pads are where you fight, but if you hit a lever, you get launched onto the giant Doh-Doh in the background!


Drawing Board

Virility Melee A blank drawing board. Sometimes a drawing will appear, making the stage more lively. These include a skyscraper, a few platforms, a giant alligator, a disco ball, and even a castle!


The Dimension Of Alfonzo

Virility Melee

This stage takes place on Giant Alfonzo's hands. In the background is Alfonzo's head, shooting trains out of his mouth and eyes. If Alfonzo is being played as, it'll be replaced with oznoflA.

258px-S2e5 hoo ha jamboree wideshot

Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree

Gravity Falls

Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree is located in the Gravity Falls Mall. But this stage is a hazard itself, as it's filled with rampaging animatronics, but the barrel rats are the most dangerous.

TBA Castle Crashers TBA
TBA Castle Crashers TBA



Image And Name Franchise What It Does



Super Mario Makes you grow in size. This won't work if your already giant from one.

AK47 Folding Black


Real Life Gives you the power to shoot your opponents to death.

MPDH09 1

Play-Doh Jar

Play-Doh Covers the stage in sticky rainbow-colored dough, making it hard to walk.

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