Vaporwave Z Dolphin

Vaporwave Z is a short, small baby waffle that Exotoro decided to make over the course of like... whenever she felt like it I guess. Gotta do something I guess.

As far as I know... it's not really a game that would take place in the Fighters of Lapis, Tangerine Avengers, or whatever else Exotoro has made. Jeez... I don't even know what this game's gonna be. Probably a fighting game cuz Exotoro is predictable like that. It's apparently got some "risque" content that would make it Adults Only.

There's a dolphin. There he is.



Characters have a damage total, represented by a percentage value, which rises as they take damage and can exceed 100%. As a character's percentage rises, the character can be knocked progressively farther by an opponent's attacks. To KO an opponent, the player must send that character flying off the edge of the stage, which is not an enclosed arena but rather an area with open boundaries, usually a set of suspended platforms. When a character is knocked off the stage, the character may use jumping moves to attempt to return; as some characters' jumps are longer-ranged, they may have an easier time "recovering" than others. Additionally, some characters are heavier than others, making it harder for an opponent to knock them off the edge but likewise harder to recover.


For the first time ever, sex is introduced in a fighting game. Now people might ask "yo, wtf?" but we at Toroko strive for innovation, no matter how stupid it is.

To initiate sex, you have to be partnered up with your romantic partner and press DOWN + A near them for seduction. A seduction attempt takes 15 seconds (shorter if a human player presses DOWN + A). After this, opponents can't hit them in a way that really matters; all it does is speed up the sex scene or if done enough, stops it causing both characters to be naked and more vulnerable. When two characters have sex, the one that initiated the sex sequence has to press buttons at the correct time in order to satisfy their partner. In doing so, both of their health meters go back down, healing them.

If a sex scene goes extremely well and reaches orgasm, both characters receive stat boots. If sex goes badly, their spirits are dampened and so are their stats. Additionally, seduction takes longer.

Welcome to video games!

Story Mode: Digital Religion

Vaporwave Z Eyeball
The story mode of this game is called Digital Religion. All the characters in this stupid game are inducted into a freaky cult that worships the old and hates the new. As characters become more familiar with the cult's inner workings, they are also exposed to the inner darkness that lurks inside.


All characters are 18 or older in this. I'm not a pedophile.


Image Info
Rob by emilykiwi-d855xh6

Art by Emilykiwi.


R.O.B is the boyfriend of Samus Aran (Yeah, what a fucking suprise) and a resident at the Smash Mansion. Although R.O.B. is a heavyweight character, he possesses great mobility courtesy of decent walking and dashing speeds, good traction, above average air speed and falling speed, low gravity and incredible jump force, but low air acceleration. R.O.B. is a zoning-oriented character with a very strong projectile game to keep his opponents at bay.

Robot Tentacles
R.O.B's body extends out a bunch of robot tentacles, slithering up Zero Suit Samus to take off her clothes as she nods yes.

  • Tentacle Drill - One tentacle bobs in and out of Samus's pussy.
  • Backdoor Drill - One tentacle bobs in and out of Samus's ass.
  • Double Team - Both tentacles go in and out of Samus's pussy and ass.
  • One Robot Orgy - Literally anywhere R.O.B can put a tentacle, he tries. One tentacle in her mouth, two in her pussy, one up in her ass, and two grappling her breasts.



SSB Metroid Series

Samus is the girlfriend of R.O.B (Typical Exotoro, shipping this fucking stupid shit. Knock it off, asshole!) and a resident of the Smash Mansion. The weapon she carries is a self-protection device known as a Paralyzer that stops enemies cold. Samus is a fast and strong, but lightweight and tall character. She starts the match with a huge advantage over most characters in that she has readily throw-able projectiles that are extremely powerful and combo well with her glide toss. She can dash quickly, crawl, wall jump, combined with one of the highest initial jump and second jump, allowing her to reach characters that are higher. Many of her attacks have the advantage of coming out fast, and can combo most heavy weights with her aerials very easily.

Try Me
Samus unzips her Zero Suit and leans onto R.O.B, who nods yes.

  • That's A Order - Samus, who is on top of R.O.B, orders R.O.B to insert a tentacle down in her pussy.
  • Make That Two - She orders another tentacle to go in her ass.
  • Crawl Fuck - Samus gets on all fours and tells R.O.B to penetrate both holes.
  • Zero Mission - Literally anywhere R.O.B can put a tentacle, he tries. One tentacle in her mouth, two in her pussy, one up in her ass, and two grappling her breasts. Samus tells him to keep going at it, eventually leading to a violent orgasm that leaves her pretty satisfied.

Shantaeblue paint sea-d8pmdhv

Art by Blue Paint Sea.

SBB Shantae

Shantae is the girlfriend of Risky Boots and a resident of the Smash Mansion. Shantae uses her different forms to fulfill certain requirements during the match. Her human form has decent tools to use in all situations, but she can become great at certain tasks by switching to her different forms. For example, her monkey form can be used to approach and start harassing an opponent, her elephant form can be used to punish predictable opponents, her spider form can be used to harass slow characters and heal herself, and her harpy form can be used for edgeguarding. All of her forms are most likely the best in the game at what they do, but they are all severely limited individually and most are scary to be off-stage with.

Genie Dance
Shantae dances while taking her clothes off as Risky watches before leaning into to her, with the two nodding yes.

  • Ret2Go! - Shantae slips her two fingers into Risky's pussy, licking her belly as she does.
  • Hair Whip - Shantae gets Risky on her hands and knees and whips her ass with her hair as Risky moans.
  • Dance of the Hips - Shantae gets on top of Risky and grinds her pussy, shaking her hips wildly as she does.
  • Succubus Shantae - Shantae turns into her Succubus form and summons a bunch of zombies to have a undead orgy with Risky's body, all of them fucking into a simultaneous climax.

Risky boots space princess vector pirates curse by steriotypicalwolf-d9c8ueu

Risky Boots

SBB Shantae

Risky Boots is the girlfriend of Shantae and a resident of the Smash Mansion. For whatever reason, she has to wear this outfit for Shantae. Risky Boots is a heavy weight character that uses a pistol to make weak shots from afar, her hat to float down from above, attacking with her scimitar, and using her boots to run faster and jump higher. She's pretty okay for a heavy weight, her strengths are in her special moves.

Space Princess Dance
Risky dances while taking her clothes off as Shantae watches before leaning into to her, with the two nodding yes.

  • Treasuring the Booty - Shantae gets into doggy style position as Risky licks her asshole.
  • Tinkerbat Team Up - Risky makes Shantae lick her pussy out as a Tinkerbat takes Shantae from behind, occasionally slapping her ass.
  • Tentacle Treasure - Risky opens a treasure chest that reveals itself to be a bunch of tentacles that penetrate both Shantae and Risky's holes.
  • The Machine - Risky operates a machine that has a seat that is two dildos, double penetrating herself as she pins Shantae to the ground and penetrates her with a swath of metal tentacles.


Art by unknown.


Palutena is the girlfriend of Lucina and a resident of the Smash Mansion. She isn't a very mobile character per say, most of her attacks are ranged and she floats instead of walking. She attacks with mostly light-based attacks and orbs. Ultimately, she's a light character without a ton of useful mobility options but heavy hitting power, and she can move where she can at a quick speed. She can also create a grind rail to recover, sketching her way back onto the stage.

Kneel Before Me!
Palutena gets Lucina on her knees as she strips off her clothes with magic as she spins around on her staff. The two nod their heads yes.

  • Heavenly Taste - Lucina licks Palutena's pussy as Palutena sits on her staff, the tip of it, moving in and out of her ass slowly.
  • Grind Rail - Lucina's pussy grinds against a grind rail that Palutena creates as Palutena masturbates with the staff thrusting in and out of her ass.
  • Super Speed - Palutena produces a futanari cock and fucks Lucina's pussy with increasing speed, with louder and louder moans.
  • Celestial Fireworks - Lucina's pussy gets grinded against a rail as her ass gets fucked with Palutena's futanari cock, while Palutena's ass is penetrated with her staff. The two climax all over each other, panting as Palutena kisses her hard.




Lucina is the girlfriend of Palutena and a resident of the Smash Mansion. She attacks with her sword, the Parallel Falchion. She has above average movement speed overall and a moveset full of disjointed hitboxes that tend to cover wide arcs with low startup, allowing her to fight a step away from danger most of the time while being able to react quickly. While her attacks have fast startup and good reach, they travel in predictable, low duration arcs, making her neutral poor as she must take large risks to win in a neutral position.

Tipping Her Scales

  • Storm Thrust - TBA
  • Hilt Between Her Legs - TBA
  • The Dragon's Table - TBA
  • Crescent Slashes - TBA


Art by unknown.

SSB Kanolle

This is a goddamn battleship. Like, I'm not even joking. It's a fucking battleship with anime girl titties and ass. She's got her battleship girlfriend too by the name of Tasuta, and they live at the sea docks. She attacks with a blade and a machine gun, allowing for good range and close melee attack options. She can also launch torpedoes that heat-seek, guess how well those works.


Art by unknown.

SSB Kanolle

I'm not even joking, look it up. These are fucking japanese battleships that you can presumably fuck if they weren't trapped in a two dimensional space. She's got her battleship girlfriend too by the name of Tenryuu, and they live at the sea docks. She uses a rapier to attack, which of course is more elegant and quicker than Tenryuu's blade. Generally she's quicker but if you attack her from below it gives off more damage. This is a reference to the fact that the real ship (she's a japanese battleship, remember) was sunken due to a submarine.

Ryuko by cam bio-d6wz4ri

Art by Cam-Bio

SSB KillLaKill



Art by unknown.

SSB KillLaKill




SSB FantendoSmashBros




SSB FantendoSmashBros

Rachel and Unten live together in Rachel's apartment and for the most part, Rachel's in charge. She makes use of shielding gauntlets, which work as a defense and attack mechanism in her moveset. She can set up holographic shields to protect her or throw those holographic shields at opponents. Her weakness is if that she is pretty weak to damage, so if you play as Rachel you definitely want to play defensively.

Rachel takes off her shirt and watches Unten slowly grow more and more aroused before asking him if he's down to fuck, which he shyly nods to.

  • Genesis - Rachel rides on top of Unten as he lays down.
  • Rachel Fucks Unten - Rachel presses against Unten as she takes all of his curved length inside of her, laying on top of him.
  • Spinal Tap - Unten gets behind Rachel and fucks her inside the ass.
  • G-Snap - Rachel gets fucked while wearing a g-string and Unten pulls it back and has it slap her ass while the two orgasm.


Mai Shiranui







Unlockable Characters

go away im a piece of shit

POP Figures

The items of this game I guess

Image Info


Harms anyone that is red, which heals the user of the POP figure.


Gives the user immeasurable power that wears off after a while.

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