I have made an apology blog before, however I made it with the wrong intentions. My last apology blog was made in hope of forgiveness, so that people would like me again. It's been a long enough time but I believe that I now see the right thing to do. Forgiveness would be nice, but it's not what I'm ultimately looking for with this blog.

I am genuinely very sorry for everything that happened in the past, whether on Fantendo, Lapis or elsewhere. I'm sorry for the way I handled the situation that happened around a year ago and I'm sorry for any other problems/arguments I caused on other occasions. I'm sorry about everything. I'm sorry about me.

I hope things are ok now.

This blog was not made to attempt to rejoin the Fantendo and/or Lapis communities as I do not wish to do so; I made this blog because I feel bad about the way I acted in the past. I'll be on chat for two hours (unless I'm told to leave by wiki admins) and then I'll leave.

Note: Comments are enabled on this blog but please do not use this to start/import/revive drama, whether in support or against me.

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