So it's Year Z, meaning that I'll be investing time into multiple different projects before I lead a more quiet time on Fantendo and Lapis alike next year. I'll be alternating between TimeStrike games, tribute games and AthenaVERSE stuff. But this direct focuses on none of them and is entirely focused around my sweet, precious Helena Harper, who is unquestionably the best person in the entire world and is pretty much the only answer to my happiness. Absolutely no one else outside of real-life matters has managed to leave such an incredible impact on my life! Just about everything Helena does is so awe-inspiring to me, some of it is real weird but weird stuff is extremely welcome to me.


You know Toroko Warriors right?? That one Helena-inspired game I've been working on since like late November? Today I somehow managed to finish the GOAT DAMN roster's movesets, now with the final character out of the way I'll be working on the arenas! There's going to be a hell of a lot of 'em! Ahh!!

Toroko Warriors ARENA SeattleToroko Warriors ARENA YellowstoneToroko Warriors ARENA Grand CanyonToroko Warriors ARENA Everglades

HERE WE ARE! Seattle, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Everglades. All locations in the United States of America! All the arenas in the game will be described in full detail hopefully; while not to the same extent as the characters, they'll be meaty and chock-full of information! Seattle is practically the hub world for Toroko Warriors; replacing what would normally be a main menu in games. Of course, it'll also be a stage taking place in the downtown side of it. Yellowstone features volcanic hazards and hot springs, the Everglades star dangerous alligators and sinking hazards associated with the low water levels, and the Grand Canyon stage takes place in the valley whereas the fighters battle the rifts and take shelter in mini-homes.

Toroko Warriors BOSS IsobelleToroko Warriors BOSS AlbertToroko Warriors BOSS The CountessToroko Warriors BOSS Spewage Beast

OH MY GOD more bosses?? Okay yeah the four existing bosses didn't really cut it for me. So I wanted to introduce more stage hazards and here are the ones I chose! I made sure to choose a varied selection of them from Torok's various projects. Isobelle, Albert, Countess and Spewage Beasts all come from different areas of Toroko's catalog, but they're all rather recent characters. They must be battled in where I happen to spawn them in. There, have fun! For those who didn't know, Albert came from the Adventures of White wiki where he was a character before he was imported over to Fantendo. He was...a pretty interesting dude for sure.





Well guess WHAT you chicken butts?

Toroko Clash Logo

OH MY GODDD anyway Toroko Clash is a spiritual successor to B.O.K.O -- within this project the community can use a simple template to implant their own favorite Toroko characters into this fighting game using a template that I set up. You design how the character plays; you can explain their statistics in detail and describe how they attack (and with what if necessary). You can add four special moves, which are activated by tapping or pressing down on the two mapped special attack buttons. Meanwhile as the roster is getting assembled, I'll be designing a few stages and then open up stages for customization. You'll, of course, need to list some of the general stats about the character (like their origin if available) so that it's just slightly professional.

If progress dies, I'll boot the game back up via making one of my own pages for the game. The game will be available on Fantendo, which sort of hampers what characters can be used (rip Eris) but a ton of progress can be done for it this way. After I feel that the roster is big enough, I'll close it and export it to Lapis so others can add the more uhh..."weird" characters. I'll be creating an icon for every single character who gets in.

Toroko Clash Icon Corrina

look at this sexy icon



Dimensions the 3rd is a crossover between Toroko and TimeStrike's properties. So what the hell happens in this? Instead of being like a super big fighting or racing game I'll never finish, it's instead a simple sports game where characters can either lounge and hang out with one another or participate in sports like tennis and golf. Very simple stuff, it's like to show my girlfriend's universe and mine just getting along for once and having competitive fun. Because I'm weird, you can also play as really screwed up characters or characters that shouldn't be able to do well in the games I present anyway. Imagine Wii Sports, but much bigger and better!

It'll be fun and it'll make up for the unfinished "dimensions" projects I laid out on this wiki slightly less than a year ago. Also because I'm weird, characters will be kinda skimpy for no reason.

So that was it. I love you babe. Happy anniversary~

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