Okay, so I'm going to be honest: It's really difficult to find a way to wrap up the Zaxinian Lifts.  I don't know how to really plan Fade to Black to be the end of the current timeline for the Lifts nor do I know how to make it so that it wouldn't alter Earth in its supposed "transformation".  So I decided two things: I'm rewriting Fade to Black's purpose and also keeping the Lifts running.  There won't be an end to it, I'll just work on them whenever I feel like it without having them die.  The AthenaVERSE will of course be the main project at some point, but for now the Lifts are a priority.  The Unforgiven, which I encourage reading, has so far been the favorite of all the fictions I've written.  The way I planned its ending I think will have it surpass Gone in complexity and themes, which sounds like an impossible goal to say the least.

Fade to Black will very likely just be between Syi, Hene, May, Mallory, and all of the Damage, Inc. members, and will be a story rather than a game, which I'm finding increasingly more difficult to implant.  I keep changing the path for the story and for what the project itself even is because it's...honestly beyond my writing level, you have to be able to make the audience gasp and actually enjoy what they're reading.  And I never accomplished that for Wooden Aftermath, its revisions, or this incarnation of it.  Some of Fade to Black's intended events will be explored later on, but I decided that its better to drop the idea of all these 80+ characters from meeting up and whatever.  The new story will basically be the end to Syi's lore and will take place after Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory for multiple reasons.

Will I write Fade to Black soon?  No.  There's a lot I want to finish before then because Syi is still slightly important.  It'll likely still be an end-year thing to coincide with the two years of the (awfully cringy) Frozen Up story -- I don't know Syi's role in Victory, so when I write the story is entirely dependent on what I know of that.  Most of what I already wrote for Fade to Black will still be the outline for the next story...just a year after Frozen Up, we explore this weird power-seeking villain with a twisted heart...maybe it'll just be a good Christmas gift to wrap it all up.  There's a lot of projects I need to work on in the meantime; I plan on ending all of my franchises with a decent ending within this year and the next.  That means that the AthenaVERSE may not be worked on in full until 2019, but I will still write parts of it this year and in the next.

Despite everything, the soundtrack albums to Fade to Black are still related to the Syi-Fi chronology, and they're still mostly what you should expect.  The antagonists all remain the same.  However, I'm going to delete the teasers I wrote and replace them with better ones over the course of time.  ...Why am I writing this blog?  Because for some reason people like Syi's lore and I want to say what's up with her because for the past year and a half I've been procrastinating on what I should do with her, and that I simply don't feel like writing that bit of fiction right now.  As Fade to Black is not in my showcase news, I wanted to say this here on Lapis as only certain people really uhh...give a crap about her I guess.  When I get around to writing Fade to Black, all I can say is prepare yourselves.  It's going to be a loooong journey for her and for all of you, even if the story will be short.

Fade to Black

So in short, the Syi lore hasn't been abandoned, I'm just at a loss as for what to do for it right now and that it's awfully tricky to get started on it. However, expect many good things down the line. That Crimson the Roserade game is going to be all the hype and so is everything else along the way. The Unforgiven, which is currently on hiatus, will resume work next month. It should be done by June or July. This means that as an apology for trying to push so much hype that never meets expectations, there's going to be a ton of Lifts stuff -- and people who love the Lifts (which I know none) will be pretty excited, granted that this has to be my strongest year yet in writing material.

★ not many if any can stand the heat!~ ★

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