Unversed Attack is a 2014 platform fighter developed by Unversed Entertainment for the Unversed Neon. The game is similar to the Smash Bros. series in a number ways, being a mascot fighter with large unique stages, although it takes many ideas from various other fighters, and can be described as a mix of Smash and Street Fighter. The game features characters from both Unversed Entertainment and Wario Inc, and has a number of oddball characters. The reception for the game was (placeholder).


The game is a platform fighter battle royale. The goal of the game is to hit foes as hard as possible to release a trail of Unversed, small blue orbs. Collecting these increases a vertical bar. When the vertical bar is filled all of the way, the player collects a point. If the player falls off the stage, they lose a point and getting hit makes them released Unversed. When a successful combo is pulled off, the player has a 50% chance of making them drop Reversed, small red orbs. Collecting a number of Reversed allows the player to use their Versed move, which is very powerful. Every stage also has interactive parts. Pulling off a minigame successfully gives the player some advantage. The timed and stock modes have this basic gameplay. It can be customized in a number of ways.

Unversed Adventure is the game's psuedo story mode. The evil Verser has spread a shadow virus across the universe, and the heroes and villains must team up to stop it. The player can visit a number of planets in the style of Kingdom Hearts in any order. When every world is completed, the player can battle against Verser. It's a very large mode full of branching paths and side quests and is a 2D platformer/beat em' up. It also has a number of beautiful 2D animated silent cutscenes.

Unversed Tasks is a mode where random objectives can be completed for prizes. There is also a shop where Trophies can be bought, and where players can win Trophies in a Pinball like mode called Trophyball.

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