Playable Characters


There are 10 default characters, all of which have a role in the game's story mode.

Image Name Series Description
LucasWWX Lucas EarthBound/Mother The twin brother of Claus, who was kidnapped by the Universal Conquerors and made into an evil cyborg. Lucas is a fairly well-rounded character with several powerful psychic attacks.

In-Game Bio

SkeletonMinecraft Skeleton Minecraft A bow wielding character with great range. Similarly to Lucas, his friend was captured by the Wither, a member of the Universal Conquerors, and made into the evil Wither Skeleton. He helps the heroes despite his role as an enemy in his own game.

In-Game Bio

100px-WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Super Mario An annoying cheater who only joined the heroes hoping he would get lots of riches after defeating the Universal Conquerors. His allies don't like him much because of these traits. He is a quick character with several strange attacks.

In-Game Bio

KnucklesFOL6 Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles is a hot-headed but powerful echidna. After a mysterious thief (who turns out to be Popple) steals the Master Emerald, Knuckles chases after him and eventually discovers the Conqueror's master plan which involves it.

In-Game Bio

MegaManSSB4 Mega Man Mega Man A robot who was captured by the Universal Conquerors and reprogrammed to help them, however he eventually revolted and joined the heroes. A well-rounded character with a variety of projectiles, Mega Man is a great ranged character.

In-Game Bio

Paper Mario (Sticker Star) Paper Mario Paper Mario Regular Mario was too generic to appear in the game, so Paper Mario will appear instead. Paper Mario joined the heroes after the Wither destroyed the Paper Mushroom Kingdom. Paper Mario fights nothing like his organic counterpart.

In-Game Bio

Ufpatrick Patrick Star SpongeBob SquarePants An extremely dumb sea star who hails from Bikini Bottom. He joined the heroes on their quest because he thought it was just a game. Patrick is a fairly powerful fighter, with a variety of melee attacks involving a net, belly flops, his head point, and more.

In-Game Bio

Grovyle Grovyle Pokémon A time-traveling thief from the future who wants to protect the Time Gears. When one of them goes missing, he tries to find the thief, and winds up encountering the Universal Conquerors. How will he fare in saving the world from paralysis?

In-Game Bio

120px-Link-MM Masked Link The Legend of Zelda Link's Majora's Mask incarnation. He uses his masks as his main form of attacking; having three different forms. After learning about the Skull Kid's new plan; joining the Wither, Dusknoir, and Porky Minch to destroy the world, he decides to join the heroes' quest.

In-Game Bio

Adeleine Adeleine Kirby A painter who can make anything she draws turn real. She joins the heroes after they rescue her from a Dark Matter they sent out to kidnap her. She is a balanced fighter who can summon various creatures using her paintbrush.

In-Game Bio


There are 10 unlockable characters, however none of them have a significant role in story mode, and can only be unlocked after it is completed.

Image Name Series Unlock Criteria Description
Samuswiiucropped Samus Metroid TBA A bulky fighter who uses mostly projectiles. Her heavy suit makes her fairly slow, but her defenses more than make up for that. Her melee skills are a little weak, though.

In-Game Bio

Emmet Emmet LEGO TBA A perfectly normal LEGO guy. Nothing is really special about him at all. Because of this, he is quite balanced and has no special attributes that make him really unique.

In-Game Bio

480px-Wario SSB4 Render Wario Wario TBA Wario from the superior Wario Land series. Despite Waluigi being his "brother", Wario is from a different series. Wario attacks using his various abilities and power-ups from the Wario Land series.

In-Game Bio

PBG PBG YouTube TBA A quirky YouTuber who reviews games. All of his attacks are based off of his reviews, such as him using a NES Zapper, summoning Medli or a Nintendog to help him in battle, and much more. Also, Poobs.

In-Game Bio

Lucina official art Lucina Fire Emblem TBA A swordfighter from the Fire Emblem series. idk what else to put because i know nothing about fire emblem and she only made it in because she is my smash 4 main

In-Game Bio

Shantae Stance Shantae Shantae TBA The main character in a series of fairly obscure games. She is a fairly balanced fighter with a variety of unique attacks. She can transform into various animals as well as use pirate equipment.

In-Game Bio

PalutenaBrawl Palutena Kid Icarus TBA A goddess from the Kid Icarus series. Despite being a goddess, she has been nerfed in terms of power to make her not ridiculously overpowered. She has several projectiles, making her a great ranged fighter, although she has very few good melee attacks.

In-Game Bio

250px-Pac-Man SSB4 Pac-Man Pac-Man TBA Pac-Man mostly uses moves based off of the Pac-Man World series, unlike his Super Smash Bros. counterpart that mainly uses moves based off of classic Namco.

In-Game Bio

180px-PerryPnFArt Agent P Phineas and Ferb TBA A platypus who is Phineas and Ferb's pet but is also secretly an agent working to stop Dr. Doofenschmirtz. He has several great melee attacks, but he has no projectiles.

In-Game Bio

180px-Minion Minion Despicable Me TBA A quirky character with several strange attacks, such as a fart gun, throwing bananas, and more. The Minion can also summon more minions to attack. If the Minion manages to create an army of Minions, that attack can be pretty devastating, so it is best to be careful around the Minion up-close.

In-Game Bio

Tier List

Tier Characters
S Lucina
A Lucas, PBG, Skeleton
B Grovyle, Minion, Shantae, Mega Man
C Patrick, Knuckles, Waluigi, Paper Mario
D Palutena, Agent P, Pac-Man
E Wario, Adeleine
F Samus, Masked Link






Image Name Series Description
250px-SSB4 WII U Final-Destination Final Destination Super Smash Bros. A flat and fairly generic stage, with no hazards or significant landscapes. It is good for playing competitively, though.


SMAS 1-1 World 1-1 Super Mario A scrolling stage based off of Super Mario Bros. 3. The level is a replica of the first level of that game, even having coins and the levels' enemies.
242px-Chemical Plant Chemical Plant Zone Sonic the Hedgehog An arena that takes place in well-a chemical plant. A fairly iconic stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 this average-sized stage has several gray platforms as the main platforms, as well as toxic purple acid. There are also blue platforms going above the stage that can also be fought on.
150px-SSB4 Pac-Maze Pac-Maze Pac-Man The Pac-Maze is a very large stage. It is structured exactly like the first maze from Pac-Man, unlike its SSB counterpart. Ghosts can also attack players as well.
280px-1 8 Biomes MixedForest Forest Biome Minecraft This stage is filled with trees, of which can be used as platforms. The stage occasionally switches from day to night; at night various hazards spawn. These are Zombies, Spiders, and Creepers.
Giant Chasm Crater Forest Winter BW Giant Chasm Pokémon A travelling stage with a variety of locations. The second is a cave-like area, and the third is Kyurem's lair. Kyurem will attack fighters by freezing them or shooting ice beams.
180px-Tetris-1 Tetris Tetris A flat stage with a special gimmick. Blocks will rain down from the sky. They can be used as platforms, but if someone is below them when they hit the ground, that fighter will take damage. Once a stack reaches the top of the stage, all of the Tetrominos disappear, restarting the process.
180px-Dig Dug stage Underground Dig Dug A basic stage that has a variety of tunnels. Occasionally, rocks may fall from the sky or Pookas and Flygars appear. Pookas explode when near fighters, blowing them away (they take no damage, though), and Flygars breathe fire at fighters.
180px-BikiniBottom Bikini Bottom SpongeBob SquarePants Despite being named Bikini Bottom, this stage only takes place on Conch Street. Fighters can jump around on SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward's houses. Occasionally they will come out of their homes and do things, but this is only asthetic.
180px-The kingdom in the cloudy skys! Pufftop Castle Starfy A castle from a series seemingly no one cares about. It is impossible to actually go into the castle, but this stage is fairly large, considering the entire top of the castle can be used as a platform as well as the clouds.


Image Name Series Description
250px-WiiU SM3DW 10 15 13 Scrn03 Spike Ruins Super Mario This somewhat-large stage has a variety of different platforms. There are-well, Spikes, which will throw spike bars that act as hazards. The Spikes can be killed, though.
Green Lego Baseplate LEGO Plate LEGO At first, this stage seems flat and generic, although eventually, hands will start moving around the stage and placing LEGOs that act as platforms. The layout of the LEGOS that they place is completely random.
242px-Tropical Resort From Above Tropical Resort Sonic the Hedgehog A large stage with a variety of locations based on the Tropical Resort levels of Sonic Colors. Egg Pawns will also occasionally appear to attack fighters.
300px-Ridgebiome Mesa Biome Minecraft A stage that is fairly similar to the Forest Biome in terms of gimmicks. It is the second-largest stage in the game (Pac-Maze is the largest) and contains tall mountains. The mobs that spawn here during the night are Endermen, Witches, and Slimes.
Temporal Tower Temporal Tower Pokémon This stage takes place on the top of Temporal Tower. For the most part it is a fairly flat, Final Destination-like stage, but occasionally Primal Dialga will appear and attack fighters.
200px-SaturnValleyEB Saturn Valley EarthBound A large stage filled with houses and Mr. Saturns. The Mr. Saturns can be picked up and thrown, referencing the Smash Bros. series, although they are fairly weak. Fighters can even enter the houses!
RaphaelTheRavensCastle2 The Moon Yoshi This stage is very small, although gravity is changed here, so the entire moon can be walked on. There are small poles in the ground that when hit, will hurt any fighter on the opposite side of it. Occasionally Raphael will appear and run around, attacking fighters by running into them.
Specter knight stage Specter Knight's Stage Shovel Knight The structure of this stage is almost identical to the image shown. The level's background will occasionally go all black (excluding some areas), making it harder to fight. Even Specter Knight himself appears sometimes and tries to attack fighters using his scythe.


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Green Shell NSMBU

Green Shell


Blue Shell

200px-Diceblock MP9

Dice Block

200px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

1-Up Mushroom

Soccer ball1

Soccer Ball

Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl

Diamond Sword

Diamond Sword


Water Bucket



Yoshi SSB4



Character Themes



Final Destination

Final Destination (SSB4)
Final Destination (SSBB)
Final Destination (SSBM)
Master Core (SSB4)

World 1-1

SMB3 Overworld Theme (8-Bit)
SMB3 Overworld Theme (16-Bit)
SMB3 Overworld Theme (32-Bit)
Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros.)

Chemical Plant Zone

Chemical Plant Zone (Modern) (Sonic Generations)
Chemical Plant Zone (Classic) (Sonic Generations)
Chemical Plant Zone (Original) (Sonic 2)
Metal Sonic Theme (Sonic Generations)


PAC-MAN (Club Mix) (SSB4)
Spooky Theme (Pac-Man World 2)

Forest Biome

Mice on Venus (Minecraft)
Subwoofer Lullaby (Minecraft)
Haggstrom (Minecraft)
Danny (Minecraft)

Giant Chasm

Giant Chasm (Pokémon B/W)
Ghetsis Battle (Pokémon B2/W2)
Team Plasma Grunt Battle Theme (Pokémon B/W)
Team Plasma Grunt Battle Theme (Pokémon B2/W2)

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