First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Under the Ocean is a new starting stage in the Mysterious Seven Project. It takes place underwater, so there are new physics there. All attacks and recovery work fine, but jumping mechanics are very different in that you can jump any time as much as you want; akin to swimming up. However, characters must grab bubbles that appear all over the stage to prevent themselves from drowning.

Background Info

In the year 19XX, a 'power-hungry rogue nation' invaded several nearby countries. A secret organisation known as the 'Steel Divers' was formed from various countries' navies to combat this threat. The Steel Divers travel through various areas including Arctic and jungle settings and are eventually tasked with destroying the enemy stronghold.

Stage Info


One of the submarines that appears in the level. These act as platforms.

The stage is very different from every other stage in that it takes place underwater, to reflect this change characters now "swim" in the water. Characters now have unlimited "jumps" and thus it is impossible to knock them off a platform and have it count as a K.O. It is still a walk-off stage though, and the stage moves to side slowly. Submarines act as the platforms.

Characters can drown if they do not get a bubble before they run out of air; air is calculated next the bar graph of every character. It appears as a small glass tube filled with blue; once it turns fully white the character will begin to drown.

Characters who summon bubbles as part of their attack cannot use the bubbles to prevent themselves from drowning.

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