Umbrella Universe is a 3D Platformer/Open World MMORPG developed by Unversed Entertainment. Revolving around an ideallic city in the center of all multiverses, known as Umbrella Collective, the story takes place as an evil sorcerer releases a virus onto the Collective which begins creating hoards of monsters. However, the greatest heroes of the multiverse create a serum to fight back that creates superheroes. Now, you must choose your path in a free-roaming platformer with RPG elements.



Average characters who attack up-close.


  • Platformers: Characters who excel in aerial combat and use boots and hammers to attack.
  • TBA


Speedy characters who use ranged attacks.


  • Blasters: Characters who utilize fast rapid-fire weapons and have high speed.
  • Cannon Masters: Characters use strong but slow weapons.
  • Exploders: Characters who use explosives and are fairly fast.
  • TBA


Characters with control over stats and status effects.


  • Jedi Knights: Unique characters who use Force moves and have a Force bar rather than a magic bar.
  • Dark Sorcerers: Characters who specialize in doing negative status effects to foes.
  • Priests: Characters who heal and ail friend's wounds.
  • TBA

Story Arcs




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