Umbrella Hearts is 2014 umbrella created by Sr.Wario based off of the cancelled Lapis Hearts and an alternate universe spin-off of the Kingdom Hearts series. The game follows Lucas and Helena, two Keyblade wielders sent by their master Keno to stop the Geurodo sorcerer Ganondorf and his army of Slayers, as well as stop the rising threat of a great Keyblade war as their Mark of Mastery exam. The game features similar gameplay to the Kingdom Hearts series, but takes nods from the Super Mario series as well.


The game blends the exploration aspect of Kingdom Hearts with the combat of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Players use a deck of cards to attack that must be reloaded, as well as Techniques, which can be used to pair up cards for an ultra powerful attack. However, if cards are used in Techniques, they are gone until the end of the battle, and special summon cards which can also only be used once. However, partner characters are present and have specail attacks that have to be reloaded, but have their own HP and attacks. Lucas is normally weaker and slower than Helena, but by defeating enemies he can earn Chaos Points. When he earns enough he will become Dark Lucas, stronger and faster than Helena. Helena is faster and stronger normally than Lucas, and can hold 3 extra cards more than Lucas, but has no super form.

On the field, the game is a 3D platformer that improves upon Kingdom Hearts' clunky platforming in a way similarly to Super Mario Galaxy. When traversing worlds, Lucas has to Universe Dive in a small 2D stage where he is falling down from the sky into the planet and must avoid obstacles and battle Slayers. Helena meanwhile, travels in her Starship. These levels are reminiscent to Star Fox 64's gameplay, where she must battle enemies and can find secrets and branching paths rail shooter style. Some worlds must be traveled to through other worlds.






There are 15 worlds.









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