Umbrella Dash is an umbrella/baby waffle created by Wario Inc. as a Lapis Wiki exclusive. The game is an infinite runner for the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and the Nintendo EShop. The game features the regular infinite runner style gameplay but with various modes that create a twist, as well as a roster of characters and stages to choose and complete. It takes place in the new Dash Universe and will feature various mainstays and new characters to the umbrella genre.


The Universal Race has begun! Heroes and villains from various worlds all gather together for the annual race, and begin a trek across the universe. However, Gruntilda is uninvited and creates a machine that will destroy the universe unless the characters reach and destroy it first! Now the Dashers and Gruntilda's Mooks brawl in a race against time!


Umbrella Dash features various modes. The main mode is The Universal Race, the game's story mode. Players race through a 2D stage where the player automatically runs while using the player's special ability, punches and kicks, jumps,  and their super move. Each stage is littered with enemies, puzzles, and at the end of stage, a boss. Characters has four hearts at the start of the game(heart containers can be bought or found) and when depleted they lose a life and must start at the last checkpoint. When they lose all 4 lives, they have to restart the level. Items can be found and used as well as coins for spending. This game also utilizes Capsules, which act like Assist Trophies. In Infinite Run, player must run infinitely and try to get a long distance.













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