UmbrellaCalibur is a 2014 Umbrella 3D fighting/party game developed by Unversed Entertainment. The game is a hybrid of Super Smash Bros. and Soul Calibur, and includes elements of both. Unlike most umbrellas it has a small roster of 12, with 8 starter and 4 unlockable. Customization is also a big focus. The story mode involves the Soul Trinity, a team of Miyamoto, Sakurai, and Reggie, important gods. When armies of forgotten game characters attack the trinity and steal the powerful Umbrella Edge, a team of champions are summoned to recover the power, and some villains join in to steal it as well.


The gameplay is similar to both Soul Calibur and Smash. It's a 3D fighting game with party and platformer elements. Each character has three weapons and a horizontal and vertical attack, as well as 3 special moves. Doing combos and guards increases the player's Umbrella Meter, and when it's full they can use their Umbrella Smash, a powerful attack. The goal is to knock your foe of the stage, or deplete their health bar. The envinorment can also be interacted with. The main mode Scuffle uses this gameplay, and players can either battle CPUs, against three others at home, or online.

Umbrella Edge mode is the story mode of the game, where players go across maps and go through various fights, minigames, beat em' up stages, and Dungeons, where the player must clear a series of challenges, and lastly Bosses, where the player must fight giant foes which require strategy. Boss Rush can be played when this is completed.

Classic is a series of single-player fights leading to an ultimate boss battle. Training Mode also makes an appearance, as well as Sumo Smash, where there is no health bar and the goal is to knock the foe off the stage. The mode Umbrella Run is a 3D version of Smash Run. Lastly, Minigames allows players to replay Minigames from Umbrella Edge.



Image Name Description Umbrella Smash
Dr Mario Dr. Mario One of Mario's many professions. Mario has excellent air game and is fairly balanced. His weapons and moves revolve around Megavitamins and other Medical Supplies primarily.
  • Connect: Dr. Mario traps two red Megavitamins around the foe, which causes an explosion that does major damage and launches the foe away.
124px-You SPin Me DOA Dancer Umm. So this happened. DOA Dancer attacks with dance moves and is a bit floaty with bad air game, but is overall one of the fastest characters and has decent power.
  • Watch Out, Here I Come!: DOA Dancer traps the foe as the stage darkens, and the screen becomes covered in static, and then goes into a dance room as DOA Dancer spins un-controllably around, doing massive damage to the foe and launching them away.
LokiFOl5 Loki The love of women and men alike everywhere, Loki, son of Odin and brother of Thor(with whom he shares a sibling rivalry) joins the battle. Loki is a fast powerhouse immune to magical attacks, but takes double damage from all attacks, leading him to be a risky character.
  • Kneel!: Loki slams down his staff, immobilizing all foes and making them constantly take damage.
Barda Big Barda A heavyweight gal, Barda is an obscure DC heroine. Her speed is low, but her attack power is incredibly high, so her power can be used to dangerous levels on some foes, but anyone with high speed is practically invincible to Barda.
  • Apokoliptan Battle Armor: Barda becomes invincible and her attack is doubled.
Scroogemcduck Scrooge McDuck The richest duck alive. Scrooge McDuck is fairly fast and has good power for his size. However, he is lightweight and can be launched forward very easily.
  • Troubling Trio: Scrooge launches the foe up with his cane, and Huey, Dewie, and Louie attack individually, launching the foe into the air.
Maleficient Maleficent An evil sorceress who casts a horrible spell on Aurora. Maleficent has excellent range and powerful attacks, but is slow and has awful air game due to her robe.
  • Dragon Terror: Maleficent transforms into a dragon and swallows the foe before chewing them up and spitting them off the stage.
Billnye Bill Nye The science guy. Despite his jokish appearance, Bill is a full-fledged character who utilizes various scientific devices in battle. Bill Nye has medium-low speed, medium-low attack, and medium-low jump. However, he has a range of attacks that can boost him up, making him a risky but powerful choice.
  • Science is Fun!: Bill Nye combines two potions, one red, and one blue, creating an explosion that is stage wide.


All stages can also be played in Boring mode, where Stage Hazards are non-existant and the layout is basic.


Image Name Description
Doctorsoffice Doctor's Office Dr. Mario's base of operations. Random Mario characters will enter, each with a sickness that will randomly effect players on the stage. Megavitamins occasionally drop down though, and using them can cure the illnesses before disaster strikes.
Asgard Asgard One of the nine realms. Ships fly around as the stage begins on the Rainbow Bridge, goes to the plaza where unique creatures and various super heroes and villains attack, and lastly goes to the palace, where the attack culminates in a battle between Dark Elves and Asgardians begins in the background.
Thevault The Vault Scrooge's vault. Various Disney Characters will pop out of the loot to changed up the fight, and you yourself can dive into the gold and then pop out. This creates a unique battle that requires strategy.
Nyelabs Nye Labs A labratory full of experiments galore! Explosions and various experiments go on in the background, spicing up the battle. However, the battle is timed, and if the fight does not conclude before one minute, Impending Dumé will destroy both players, sending them to Sudden Death.

Umbrella Edge






Tier List



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