Ultimate Umbrella Fortress IV is an umbrella shooter PVP game made by SuperSonicDarkness, Exotoro, .vectorDestiny, and Flip The Frog.


Starting Characters

Image Name Description Franchise
150px-DrMarioAdvance Dr. Mario It's a him, Mari...I mean, Dr. Mario! Dr. Mario uses pills instead of fireballs, and pretty brings backs his entire moveset from Super Smash Bros. Melee. A new move, however, is turning into Dr. Metal Mario. His default weapon shoots pills. Dr. Mario
Alpha Alpha Alpha is quite an all-around character, using various attacks based on Greek Gods. His default weapon shoots lightning. TOME
HunsonAbadeer Hunson Abadeer Hunson Abadeer (a.k.a. the Lord of Evil) is Marceline's father and ruler of the Nightosphere. He uses the Nightosphere Amulet to grab souls and then use them as projectiles. Adventure Time
PizzaPasta Pizza Pasta Also known as Kid Quick, Pizza Pasta is an Italian boxer from Punch-Out!! He can throw punches like Little Mac, but can also throw pizza and pasta as projectiles. Beware of Italy! Punch-Out!!
NursePeachNoPills Nurse Peach While she may seem like a clone of Dr. Mario, Nurse Peach can throw clipboards at you, along with injecting you with a medicine that makes you dizzy. Also, she can turn in Pink Gold Nurse Peach. Dr. Mario

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