Nintendo vs Shōnen Jump vs Bandai Namco vs Sega vs Disney vs Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network vs Capcom vs Warner Brothers vs Hasbro vs DreamWorks vs Square Enix vs Sony vs Nitrome vs Teletoon, often called Ultimate Company Smackdown, which is often abbreviated to UCS, is a fighting game that features LOTS of fictional characters from fifteen different companies.


UCS's gameplay is very similar to gameplay in the Super Smash Bros. series. Players or CPU's choose characters to fight with in several different stages. If you fall off the stage, it is a KO. In stock matches, you lose a stock, but in non-stock matches, you lose a point, and anyone who KO'd you gets a point. Each character can double jump, and has a variety of non-special attacks, that include grabbing/throwing. Shields are an available option, as well as items. Shielding and tilting the control stick will allow one to shift their shield, preventing the opponent from hitting them. Shielding right when hit by an attack is a perfect shield that takes no damage. Shielding and completely sliding the control stick left or right will allow one to roll, intangibly moving. Sliding the control stick down initiates a spot dodge. Shielding in the air initiates an air dodge, an intangible fall. If a shield is used for too long or takes too much damage, the shield will break, stunning the character and often leading to their defeat. Grabs can't ever be shielded. Characters have out of shield moves that can be used directly as they drop their shield.

Many characters have one or more abilities. Abilities are things they can do that aren't one of their moves. Some abilities are shared between multiple characters, while others are unique to one person. The categories of abilities are mobility abilities, harmful abilities, defensive abilities and miscellaneous abilities. Mobility abilities mostly involve the user being in a certain spot, letting them move in a way that others can't. The five common mobility abilities are wall jumping, crawling, gliding, multiple jumps, and platform boarding.

Wall jumping is usable when touching a wall. You can jump off of it by moving in the opposite direction. Before reaching a platform, the height decreases with each jump. Crawling allows the user to move left or right while ducking. Gliding is available to every character with wings, along with select few without them. If in the air, they can glide by moving up. Attacking while gliding leads to a glide attack. Multiple jumps are the least common mobility ability. Users have any number of jumps that is more than two. Platform boarding is a new ability. When on a platform that isn't classified as a main platform, ducking twice lets the character move the platform up to five times through the air, into predetermined slots. If they don't move the platform in two seconds, it can't be moved anymore for that session. If the platform is put into its last slot, it remains for five seconds. The character can walk and dash on a moved platform, but the platform returns to its original place when the boarder leaves it. Harmful abilities don't help the player, they do something to limit the character instead. Defensive abilities grant resistance or immunity to certain things the opponent can do, like categories of attacks. Miscellaneous abilities are every ability that don't fall into one of the previously mentioned categories.

UCS's gameplay also possesses several differences from the Super Smash Bros. series. Each character has a standard special move, side special move, up special that can always be used for recovery, and down special which is often not an attack. UCS introduces the new diagonal special move, an attack performed by pressing the special button along with up/down and left/right. This move will go in the diagonal direction used to perform the move. Ultimate Attacks are Ultimate Company Smackdown's equivalent of Final Smashes. In order to perform an Ultimate Attack, the character must have destroyed an Ultimate Card. Ultimate Cards are tiny, white cards with red arrow shapes on them that fly around wildly, and are a lot harder to catch than Smash Balls. The most common move in the game is easily Flight, an up special. The user recovers by flying wherever they want, granting them nearly infinite recovery. Their flight lasts for three seconds. However, being hit by anything cancels the knockback from that attack, and puts them into a helpless position. Some characters can also fly less limitedly in this way under certain conditions, such as Penguin with a green dragon, reindeer, or rainbow puffle.

Other differences are that instead of damage percentages, characters have health bars. Besides falling off the stage, another way to get a KO is to have all 500 of your health go down to 0. When this happens, the character will turn green and fade away. If one non-special attack is used five times, with no moves used in between, and with no more than one second in between each time, a character can use Boulder Ball. Boulder Ball is a large rock move that is identical to Ness/Lucas' PK Thunder move, but the boulder does more damage, is harder to control, and doesn't get away until hitting something. This includes items.


  • VS: The main mode. Players choose a character and fight on a selected stage, with items allowed or disallowed, with certain frequencies. The stock and/or time can be adjusted. Up to 4 players can play at once, 8 on big stages. Team battles are also an option.
    • Special: Random rules can be added, like making everyone large, or giving everyone permanent fire emission.
    • Swap: Players choose a determined amount of characters, and can swap between them using taunts. 10 is the maximum amount of characters.
    • Steal: Players have coins that drop when they get hit. The player with the most coins wins at the end of the round.
  • Online: The player goes online and connects with others.
    • For Glory: The players play competitively.
    • For Fun: The players play for fun.
  • Smack Run: The player has 5 minutes to defeat enemy references in a very large stage. Enemies give boosts to jump, attack, special, speed, defense, and arms when defeated. At the end of the minutes, 3 other characters are chosen to play a game that determines the ultimate winner.
  • Smack Tour: This is a board game where players race around the board, collecting fighters. When people cross, they begin a fight. At the end, a final fight will happen, where a new fighter of a player comes in once one of theirs is defeated.
  • Tournament: A tournament with up to 64 characters can be set up.
  • Classic Mode: The player races through a gauntlet of 10 sets of characters from different series. The final set is Crazy Hand and 20 Mii Fighters.
  • All-Star Mode: The player fights ALL the characters, with recovery in between each round. Each round is a year where everyone who debuted in that year is fought, making some rounds very easy and some very hard. See here for info.
  • Training: The player fights another character that does not move. They can test out their special moves, and make items appear at any time.
  • Stage Builder: The player can build up to 50 new stages in this mode.
  • Character Builder: The player can build up to 50 new characters in this mode, using parts from playable fighters. They can use moves from any other fighter, and can change the name, appearance, damage, knockback, and effects of each move. To prevent built characters from being overpowered, there is a certain amount of damage, knockback, and effects that can be distributed through each move.
  • Masterpiece: Here, the player can play demos of video games and watch clips of TV shows and movies.
  • The Most Ultimate Attack: The player fights a CPU. Ultimate Cards are the only item allowed, at a very high frequency. Ultimate Cards and Ultimate Attacks can be present with each other to no limit. The goal is to upgrade your Ultimate Attack nine times. To do this, you must break an Ulimate Card and use your Ultimate Attack while another Ultimate Attack of yours is still in play. The CPU will also try to do this, and if they do, you lose. There are no stocks or time limits.
  • Smackers United: The (undeniably long) story mode. See here for info.




Franchise Name Moveset
SSB Mario Series Mario
Wall Jump


Mario is undoubtedly the most iconic video game character of all time, and serves as Nintendo's mascot. He has a great combo game, and can use power-ups as his specials.

Weight: 50/100
Height: 39/100
Dash Speed: 50/100
Walk Speed: 50/100
Air Speed: 50/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 80/100

Standard Special: Fireball
Side Special: Cape
Up Special: Super Jump Punch
Diagonal Special: Raccoon Soar
Down Special: F.L.U.D.D.
Ultimate Attack: Mario Finale


Somewhat crazy, Fawful is a fiendish Beanish Mario RPG villain. He floats around on his hover platform, which is also used in most of his attacks. He can fire various energy projectiles.

Weight: 62/100
Height: 46/100
Dash Speed: 55/100
Walk Speed: 78/100
Air Speed: 90/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 22/100

Standard Special: Fawful Beam
Side Special: Fawful Bolt
Up Special: Vacuum Helmet
Diagonal Special: Laser Eye Beam
Down Special: Mechide
Ultimate Attack: Dark Fawful Power


No female video game character has more appearances under their dress than this princess. Peach possesses the ability to float, assisting her tremendously. As she floats, she can use easily her aerials, including her great forward air. Her moveset carries notable girly elements.

Weight: 30/100
Height: 64/100
Dash Speed: 33/100
Walk Speed: 66/100
Air Speed: 80/100
Fall Speed: 20/100
Jump Height: 56/100

Standard Special: Calm
Side Special: Peach Bomber
Up Special: Peach Parasol
Diagonal Special: Gloom
Down Special: Vegetable
Ultimate Attack: Peach Beam

Daisy MK7

Daisy is Sarasaland's princess. She enjoys sporting, as she is a tomboy. Daisy appears prominently in Mario spin-offs. She is powerful, throwing strong physical hits. Many of her hits coat her body parts with black crystal.

Weight: 60/100
Height: 64/100
Dash Speed: 75/100
Walk Speed: 100/100
Air Speed: 80/100
Fall Speed: 91/100
Jump Height: 70/100

Standard Special: Wonder Flower
Side Special: Flower Ball
Up Special: Flowerbed Return
Diagonal Special: Torpedo Strike
Down Special: Flower Shot
Ultimate Attack: Crystallized Daisy
Rosalina & Luma

Rosalina & Luma

Princess Rosalina of space has many roles. One of them is adoptive mother of the Lumas. Rosalina uses a strong Luma to fight alongside her. The Luma can be destroyed, but another one will appear after a set time. Rosalina and Luma utilize great teamwork. They carry different versions of the same move, used simultaneously.

Weight: 10/100
Height: 70/100
Dash Speed: 25/100
Walk Speed: 8/100
Air Speed: 60/100
Fall Speed: 10/100
Jump Height: 75/100

Standard Special: Luma Shot
Side Special: Star Bits
Up Special: Launch Star
Diagonal Special: Star Blast
Down Special: Gravitational Pull
Ultimate Attack: Grand Star
Wall Jump


Princess Peach can always rely on her loyal Toad servants, especially this specific Toad. Toad can use spores, mushrooms, and vegetables as defensive maneuvers. He can camp well. Most of his stats are 40.

Weight: 32/100
Height: 20/100
Dash Speed: 40/100
Walk Speed: 40/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 40/100
Jump Height: 40/100

Standard Special: Spore Spit
Side Special: Mushroom Barrier
Up Special: Power Squat Jump
Diagonal Special: Reflective Barrier
Down Special: Vegetable
Ultimate Attack: Super Toad
Blue Toad & Yellow Toad
Duo Mechanics

Blue Toad & Yellow Toad

Both of these Toads enjoy platforming, though they enjoy partying as well. Both were Mario Party hosts. Here, they can switch who takes the lead. They both specialize in three special moves, improving them if they're in the lead. Blue Toad focuses on minigames, and Yellow Toad focuses on the board.

Weight: 32/100
Height: 20/100
Dash Speed: 60/100
Walk Speed: 40/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 40/100
Jump Height: 60/100

Standard Special: Tackle Takedown
Side Special: Weird Wheels
Up Special: Upward Mobility
Diagonal Special: Dice Block
Down Special: Shuffle Space
Ultimate Attack: Jackpot+ Space
Wall Jump


Goombario was Paper Mario's first ever partner. Ironically, his species is one of Mario's main enemies. His head is strong enough to powerfully headbonk any foe.

Weight: 8/100
Height: 16/100
Dash Speed: 3/100
Walk Speed: 3/100
Air Speed: 5/100
Fall Speed: 23/100
Jump Height: 90/100

Standard Special: Multi-Bonk
Side Special: Charge
Up Special: Headbonk
Diagonal Special: Tattle
Down Special: Star Pieces
Ultimate Attack: Goomba Family
Roy Koopa

Roy Koopa NSMBU

Roy is the leader of the Koopalings, and one of the most powerful, hitting with physical punches. He also has strong projectiles that cause lots of damage. He always carries the Bill Blaster, making him extremely heavy.

Weight: 80/100
Height: 40/100
Dash Speed: 28/100
Walk Speed: 22/100
Air Speed: 30/100
Fall Speed: 68/100
Jump Height: 10/100

Standard Special: Bill Blaster
Side Special: KoopaBolt
Up Special: Shockwave Leap
Diagonal Special: KoopaBall
Down Special: Spiky Ball
Ultimate Attack: Time Bob-omb
Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton Koopa Jr. NSMBU

Morton is one of the Koopalings' strongest members, with lots of punches. His specials have him using random abilities, from screeching to spitting objects.

Weight: 50/100
Height: 40/100
Dash Speed: 38/100
Walk Speed: 32/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 68/100
Jump Height: 20/100

Standard Special: KoopaBreath
Side Special: Power Screecher
Up Special: Painful Paralysis Punch
Diagonal Special: Spit
Down Special: KoopaInflate
Ultimate Attack: Bowser Fist
Iggy Koopa

Iggy Koopa NSMBU

Iggy is both crazy and smart, unique from the other Koopalings. One of his inventions, the Synapse Switcher, can swap minds, a power which Iggy uses to recover.

Weight: 36/100
Height: 33/100
Dash Speed: 62/100
Walk Speed: 71/100
Air Speed: 89/100
Fall Speed: 73/100
Jump Height: 80/100

Standard Special: Topspin
Side Special: Lightning Strike
Up Special: Synapse Switcher
Diagonal Special: KoopaGreen
Down Special: Pickpocket
Ultimate Attack: Lava Floor
Ludwig von Koopa

Ludwig von Koopa NSMBU

Ludwig is another one of the Koopalings. His abilities include tremors, electric hands, teleportation, a piranha suit, and forcing taunts.

Weight: 50/100
Height: 40/100
Dash Speed: 38/100
Walk Speed: 32/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 68/100
Jump Height: 20/100

Standard Special: KoopaQuake
Side Special: Electric Hands
Up Special: KoopaPort
Diagonal Special: Piranha Suit
Down Special: Cackle
Ultimate Attack: Spike Floor
SSB Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong
Wall Jump

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the prime primate, and an extremely strong Kong. He boasts massive strength. He can throw a powerful charge punch, shoot coconuts, and create shockwaves by slapping the ground. His forward throw lets him carry his opponents.

Weight: 95/100
Height: 60/100
Dash Speed: 58/100
Walk Speed: 12/100
Air Speed: 50/100
Fall Speed: 78/100
Jump Height: 33/100

Standard Special: Giant Punch
Side Special: Coconut Shooter
Up Special: Giant Flower
Diagonal Special: Boomerang Banana Return
Down Special: Hand Slap
Ultimate Attack: Moon Puncher
Dixie Kong
Wall Jump

Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong is Diddy Kong's persistent girlfriend. Her blonde ponytail is not just for show; Dixie can control it. She can use it as a whip or helicopter, or to grab foes. It gives her a lot of range. Dixie Kong is also fast and agile.

Weight: 30/100
Height: 22/100
Dash Speed: 80/100
Walk Speed: 93/100
Air Speed: 76/100
Fall Speed: 78/100
Jump Height: 85/100

Standard Special: Bubblegum Popgun
Side Special: Album Attack
Up Special: Ponytail Whirl
Diagonal Special: Banana Bird
Down Special: Cannon Shot
Ultimate Attack: Ponytail Pound
Hanafuda symbol Daitōryō


Created somewhere around 1889, Daitōryō is the oldest Nintendo character to ever exist, appearing on the company's Hanafuda cards. He fights with random objects Nintendo produced before it started to create any video games.

Weight: 60/100
Height: 51/100
Dash Speed: 38/100
Walk Speed: 76/100
Air Speed: 20/100
Fall Speed: 68/100
Jump Height: 45/100

Standard Special: Hanafuda
Side Special: Light Gun
Up Special: Nintendo Noodle
Diagonal Special: Ultra Machine
Down Special: Taxi
Ultimate Attack: Ten Billion Barrel
SSB Yoshi Yoshi


Yoshi is one of Mario's most loyal allies. He has egg-based abilities. He can swallow people and turn them into eggs, and throw eggs. He also turns into vehicles.

Weight: 76/100
Height: 39/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 70/100
Air Speed: 43/100
Fall Speed: 58/100
Jump Height: 22/100

Standard Special: Egg Lay
Side Special: Egg Toss
Up Special: Flutter Jump
Diagonal Special: Helicopter
Down Special: Car
Ultimate Attack: Mega Eggdozer
Shy Guy

215px-Shyguy MP9

Shy Guy is an odd and unique fellow, wearing his mask and belt. Other Shy Guys have used a variety of weapons and powers that this Shy Guy relies on. He can equip a jetpack or propeller to fly, and throw fire. He has good mobility.

Weight: 36/100
Height: 18/100
Dash Speed: 80/100
Walk Speed: 75/100
Air Speed: 100/100
Fall Speed: 62/100
Jump Height: 35/100

Standard Special: Pyro
Side Special: Spear
Up Special: Propeller
Diagonal Special: Jetpack
Down Special: Fat
Ultimate Attack: Glum Reaper
SSB Wario Series Wario


Wario is overweight and greedy, doing whatever he can to get his hands on money. He overwhelms opponents using his strength. He can ride around on a motorcycle, or use special pots.

Weight: 79/100
Height: 28/100
Dash Speed: 35/100
Walk Speed: 56/100
Air Speed: 50/100
Fall Speed: 64/100
Jump Height: 39/100

Standard Special: Chomp
Side Special: Wario Bike
Up Special: Corkscrew
Diagonal Special: Helmut Smash
Down Special: Wario Pots
Ultimate Attack: Wario-Man
Wall Jump


Mona is versatile, able to do a variety of tasks, such as pizza delivery or singing. With Mona's versatility, she can use sludge as a trap or reflect projectiles, or summon a doctor who can grant anyone a slight recovery boost.

Weight: 40/100
Height: 43/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 65/100
Air Speed: 73/100
Fall Speed: 30/100
Jump Height: 84/100

Standard Special: Mona's Elephant
Side Special: Mona Scooter
Up Special: Monette Baton
Diagonal Special: Shutter
Down Special: Doctor Applause
Ultimate Attack: 4.1 and 4.2
Ashley and Red
Duo Mechanics


Ashley & Red are a duo of devious deeds. They truly give the creeps. Ashley is a witch with ranged attacks, and Red can shapeshift into weapons for her to use. The Head Pat move has a decent chance to turn Ashley invincible.

Weight: 40 (Ashley), 20 (Red)/100
Height: 30 (Ashley), 15 (Red)/100
Dash Speed: 26/100
Walk Speed: 57/100
Air Speed: 70/100
Fall Speed: 13/100
Jump Height: 42/100

Standard Special: Purple Magic Orb
Side Special: Skeleton Drawings
Up Special: Red Broom
Diagonal Special: Red Trident
Down Special: Head Pat
Ultimate Attack: Carnivorous Plant
SSB Kirby Series Kirby
Multiple Jumps

Kirby SSB4

Kirby's a puffball who can inhale people to copy their standard specials. His special moves are various Copy Abilities, and his normal moves are taken from the Suplex and Fighter abilities. Kirby can use insane combos in battle with kick attacks.

Weight: 9/100
Height: 10/100
Dash Speed: 67/100
Walk Speed: 82/100
Air Speed: 79/100
Fall Speed: 33/100
Jump Height: 14/100

Standard Special: Inhale
Side Special: Hammer Flip
Up Special: Final Cutter
Diagonal Special: Big Bubble
Down Special: Stone
Ultimate Attack: Hypernova
Meta Knight
Multiple Jumps

Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a mysterious character, wielding the sword Galaxia and cape Dimensional Cape. He uses these for a mixture of projectiles and physical attacks. He has received lots of buffs from Sm4sh, such as increased speed and weight.

Weight: 37/100
Height: 10/100
Dash Speed: 93/100
Walk Speed: 83/100
Air Speed: 36/100
Fall Speed: 75/100
Jump Height: 18/100

Standard Special: Sword Beam
Side Special: Drill Rush
Up Special: Shuttle Loop
Diagonal Special: Fire Galaxia
Down Special: Dimensional Cape
Ultimate Attack: Galaxia Darkness
Knuckle Joe
Wall Jump

Knuckle Joe

Knuckle Joe is a generic Kirby enemy who grants the Fighter ability upon swallow. His attacks barely have any starting or ending lag, although they barely have any range. He focuses on combos, and he can easily jump around and rack up damage, typically with rapid punches. He can leap into the background, or turn into a Togeira.

Weight: 18/100
Height: 12/100
Dash Speed: 82/100
Walk Speed: 82/100
Air Speed: 95/100
Fall Speed: 80/100
Jump Height: 95/100

Standard Special: Smash Punch
Side Special: Vulcan Jab
Up Special: Rising Break
Diagonal Special: Leap
Down Special: Togeira
Ultimate Attack: Knuckle Joe Army
Fire Enemies
Trio Mechanics

Fire Enemies

These generic enemies have in common that they give the Fire ability when swallowed, Kirby's main Copy Ability (if not Sword). The team consists of a Hot Head, an Acchi, and a Flamer.

Weight: 4 (Hot Head), 74 (Acchi), 2 (Flamer)/100
Height: 8 (Hot Head), 16 (Acchi), 7 (Flamer)/100
Dash Speed: 5 (Hot Head), 1 (Acchi), 74 (Flamer)/100
Walk Speed: 5 (Hot Head), 1 (Acchi), 80 (Flamer)/100
Air Speed: 3 (Hot Head), 1 (Acchi), 100 (Flamer)/100
Fall Speed: 5 (Hot Head), 10 (Acchi), 20 (Flamer)/100
Jump Height: 12 (Hot Head), 1 (Acchi), 80 (Flamer)/100

Standard Special: Hot Head Ball
Side Special: Acchi Sphere
Up Special: Flamer Hover
Diagonal Special: Minor Combo
Down Special: Batafire
Ultimate Attack: Bohboh
Mr. Dooter

Mr. Dooter

Mr. Dooter is a random whimsical genie boss from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. He is a skilled juggler, juggling skulls, bombs, and Gordos, also able to keep opponents in the air well.

Weight: 56/100
Height: 60/100
Dash Speed: 45/100
Walk Speed: 75/100
Air Speed: 78/100
Fall Speed: 28/100
Jump Height: 62/100

Standard Special: Skull Juggle
Side Special: Bomb Juggle
Up Special: Tornado Crash
Diagonal Special: Babuts
Down Special: Gordo Juggle
Ultimate Attack: Mr. Dooter EX


Adeleine is Kirby's painter partner, with the ability to paint things that come to life. She uses projectiles and other ranged attacks. She is a camper.

Weight: 30/100
Height: 20/100
Dash Speed: 75/100
Walk Speed: 10/100
Air Speed: 43/100
Fall Speed: 58/100
Jump Height: 56/100

Standard Special: Crystal Shards
Side Special: Paint Spider
Up Special: Paint Ice Dragon
Diagonal Special: Paint Dark Matter
Down Special: Paint Maxim Tomato
Ultimate Attack: Ribbon's Shard Gun


Bonkers is a Kirby miniboss, Kirby's primary source of the Hammer ability. He carries around a hammer that he is an expert with. He can even use it to fly. With his strength, he sends the competition flying.

Weight: 80/100
Height: 60/100
Dash Speed: 25/100
Walk Speed: 27/100
Air Speed: 12/100
Fall Speed: 79/100
Jump Height: 25/100

Standard Special: Hammer Smash
Side Special: Hammer Flip
Up Special: Hammer Twirl
Diagonal Special: Explosive Coconut
Down Special: Ground Pounder
Ultimate Attack: Super Bonkers EX
Fzeroiconnotrans Captain Falcon
Wall Jump

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon, real name of Douglas Jay Falcon, is a special man. He's a bounty hunter and racer who rides in the Blue Falcon. He has speed and power. Falcon can coat his body parts in flames for tough to beat physical strikes. His signature flaming Falcon Punch is easily recognizable.

Weight: 80/100
Height: 55/100
Dash Speed: 90/100
Walk Speed: 90/100
Air Speed: 80/100
Fall Speed: 95/100
Jump Height: 82/100

Standard Special: Falcon Punch
Side Special: Raptor Boost
Up Special: Falcon Dive
Diagonal Special: Velocity Clap
Down Special: Falcon Kick
Ultimate Attack: Blue Falcon
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Link
Hylian Shield


Link is the iconic protagonist of the Legend of Zelda, wielding his trusty Master Sword, along with a variety of other equipment. These include the Hylian Shield, his bow, and a boomerang. He uses these to master both mid and long range combat.

Weight: 74/100
Height: 64/100
Dash Speed: 20/100
Walk Speed: 21/100
Air Speed: 28/100
Fall Speed: 49/100
Jump Height: 27/100

Standard Special: Hero's Bow
Side Special: Gale Boomerang
Up Special: Spin Attack
Diagonal Special: Scattershot
Down Special: Bomb
Ultimate Attack: Triforce Slash


This princess is the titular character of the Legend of Zelda. She uses magical blasts that hit several times. She can break shields using a projectile, and cause damage when she does.

Weight: 61/100
Height: 64/100
Dash Speed: 20/100
Walk Speed: 78/100
Air Speed: 36/100
Fall Speed: 37/100
Jump Height: 36/100

Standard Special: Naryu's Love
Side Special: Din's Fire
Up Special: Farore's Wind
Diagonal Special: Barrier Removal
Down Special: Phantom Slash
Ultimate Attack: Light Arrow


Lana is a magical girl. She originates from Hyrule Warriors, where she attacks using a variety of barrier and element magic. Lana plays defensively. She even has a barrier move.

Weight: 46/100
Height: 54/100
Dash Speed: 15/100
Walk Speed: 15/100
Air Speed: 33/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 88/100

Standard Special: Barrier Push
Side Special: Page Power
Up Special: Deku Sprout
Diagonal Special: Slingshot
Down Special: Elemental
Ultimate Attack: Lana Army

Midna Small

Midna comes from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She can manipulate twilight energy, use teleportation, and control her hair. All of her attacks have a lot of range.

Weight: 30/100
Height: 22/100
Dash Speed: 75/100
Walk Speed: 75/100
Air Speed: 43/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 82/100

Standard Special: Twilight Sphere
Side Special: Rock Warp
Up Special: Hair
Diagonal Special: Bridge Warp
Down Special: Fishing Rod
Ultimate Attack: Twilight Banish


Wizzro is a ghostly darkness villain from Hyrule Warriors, capable of magic. He can teleport and do hand tricks, turning his arm into a snake, or turning into a hand to throw a punch. He can use Wizzrobes.

Weight: 76/100
Height: 39/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 70/100
Air Speed: 43/100
Fall Speed: 58/100
Jump Height: 22/100

Standard Special: Wizzro Beam
Side Special: Serpent Hand
Up Special: Teleport Attack
Diagonal Special: Hand Attack
Down Special: Wizzrobe
Ultimate Attack: Cia
SSB Metroid Series Samus


Underneath the Power Suit is actually a female character. The Power Suit is equipped with lots of weaponry, like various kinds of beams and missiles. There's also a standard chargeable energy ball.

Weight: 77/100
Height: 75/100
Dash Speed: 24/100
Walk Speed: 40/100
Air Speed: 60/100
Fall Speed: 12/100
Jump Height: 37/100

Standard Special: Charge Shot
Side Special: Missile
Up Special: Screw Attack
Diagonal Special: Beam
Down Special: Bomb
Ultimate Attack: Gunship
SSB Kid Icarus Series Pit
Multiple Jumps


Despite having wings, Pit is incapable of flight, although he can glide. He was adopted by Lady Palutena, and fights using the Palutena Bow. It shoots controllable arrows, and separates into twin swords.

Weight: 69/100
Height: 53/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 34/100
Air Speed: 76/100
Fall Speed: 79/100
Jump Height: 30/100

Standard Special: Palutena's Arrow
Side Special: Upperdash Arm
Up Special: Power of Flight
Diagonal Special: Sonic Cannon
Down Special: Guardian Orbitars
Ultimate Attack: Three Sacred Treasures


Palutena is best known for being the beautiful goddess of light, with long green hair. She wields a staff, which she spins, and shield, granting attacks that block other attacks. The special moves that she uses are typically granted to others.

Weight: 80/100
Height: 70/100
Dash Speed: 75/100
Walk Speed: 35/100
Air Speed: 83/100
Fall Speed: 58/100
Jump Height: 55/100

Standard Special: Glam Buster
Side Special: Reflect Barrier
Up Special: Warp
Diagonal Special: Celestial Firework
Down Special: Counter
Ultimate Attack: Instant Death Attack


Viridi may seem young, but she is the powerful goddess of nature, and commander of the Forces of Nature. She wields her staff to battle, with range comparable to Palutena's. She can use plant attacks, summon a guard, and create a temporary platform.

Weight: 76/100
Height: 39/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 70/100
Air Speed: 43/100
Fall Speed: 58/100
Jump Height: 22/100

Standard Special: Guard
Side Special: Thorny Forest
Up Special: Power of Flight
Diagonal Special: Platform
Down Special: Hot Spring
Ultimate Attack: Reset Bomb
SSB Fire Emblem Series Marth
Wall Jump

SSB4 Marth

Marth is a prince, and one of two Fire Emblem characters with dual protagonistic roles. He is a quick swordsman with the Falchion, which is much stronger at the tip than at the base.

Weight: 64/100
Height: 60/100
Dash Speed: 78/100
Walk Speed: 90/100
Air Speed: 60/100
Fall Speed: 62/100
Jump Height: 41/100

Standard Special: Rapier
Side Special: Dancer
Up Special: Warp
Diagonal Special: Pavise
Down Special: Counter
Ultimate Attack: Darksphere
Standard Special: Shove
Side Special: Adept
Up Special: Acrobat
Diagonal Special: Aggressor
Down Special: Underdog
Ultimate Attack: Light Brand
Standard Special: Swift Slasher
Side Special: Avoid +10
Up Special: Galeforce
Diagonal Special: Rally Magic
Down Special: Ignis
Ultimate Attack: Pair Up
Standard Special: Eruption
Side Special: Quick Draw
Up Special: Aether
Diagonal Special: Ettard
Down Special: Counter
Ultimate Attack: Yune
Standard Special: Micaiah's Pyre
Side Special: Light
Up Special: Flux
Diagonal Special: Magic +2
Down Special: Corona
Ultimate Attack: Queen of Daein
SSB Star Fox Series Fox
Fox McCloud, Star Fox Command
Standard Special: Blaster
Side Special: Grenade
Up Special: Booster Pack
Diagonal Special: Plasma Cannon
Down Special: Barrier Sphere
Ultimate Attack: Landmaster
Standard Special: Blaster
Side Special: Falco Phantasm
Up Special: Fire Bird
Diagonal Special: Power Bird
Down Special: Reflector
Ultimate Attack: Arwing
Standard Special: Blaster
Side Special: Ice Blaster
Up Special: Rocket Boost
Diagonal Special: Fire Blaster
Down Special: Super Telepathic Ground Quake
Ultimate Attack: Cloud Runner
Golden Sun Symbol Isaac


Of all the Golden Sun characters, Isaac has the most priority and significance. He is a Venus Adept, meaning he has control over earth. The Move move lets him use large hands to push opponents.

Weight: 61/100
Height: 50/100
Dash Speed: 37/100
Walk Speed: 27/100
Air Speed: 69/100
Fall Speed: 24/100
Jump Height: 56/100

Standard Special: Move
Side Special: Flint
Up Special: Retreat
Diagonal Special: Bane
Down Special: Ground
Ultimate Attack: Judgment
Standard Special: Fireball
Side Special: Impair
Up Special: Quick Strike
Diagonal Special: Mist
Down Special: Gaia
Ultimate Attack: Sol Blade
Standard Special: Spire
Side Special: Flint
Up Special: Retreat
Diagonal Special: Growth
Down Special: Quake
Ultimate Attack: Ragnarok
EarthboundSymbol Ninten


Ninten is a young psychic lad who uses various PSI abilities for special moves. Unfortunately, none of them do any damage. Instead, they get him out of grabs, put characters to sleep, lower their defenses, and make Ninten faster.

Weight: 18/100
Height: 17/100
Dash Speed: 68/100
Walk Speed: 68/100
Air Speed: 83/100
Fall Speed: 59/100
Jump Height: 60/100

Standard Special: 4th-D Slip
Side Special: Hypnosis
Up Special: Teleport
Diagonal Special: Defense Down
Down Special: QuickUp
Ultimate Attack: Lifeup
Standard Special: PK Flash
Side Special: Hypnosis
Up Special: Teleport
Diagonal Special: Shield
Down Special: Healing
Ultimate Attack: PK Rockin
Standard Special: PK Flash
Side Special: Refresh
Up Special: Offense Up
Diagonal Special: Shield
Down Special: Counter
Ultimate Attack: PK Love
Fossil Fighters symbol Dynal
Support Effects
Standard Special: Royal Bite
Side Special: Regal Combo
Up Special: Imperial Wrath
Diagonal Special: Tyrant's Claw
Down Special: Rex Roar
Ultimate Attack: Antimatter Beam
Support Effects
Vivosaur Team
Standard Special: Archaeo Fang/Orb Shot/Snapping Jaws
Side Special: Random Breath/Slithery Bite/Torpedo Attack
Up Special: Archaeo Kick/Creepy Lick/Whirlpool
Diagonal Special: Torpor Arrows/Watery Wave/Ocean Pulse
Down Special: Swap Out
Ultimate Attack: Mapo King
SSB The Legendary Starfy Series Starfy
90px-Starfy SSB4
Standard Special: Star Spin
Side Special: Underwater Dash
Up Special: Spin Jump
Diagonal Special: Bomb
Down Special: Shooting Star
Ultimate Attack: Snowball
Clu Clu Land symbol Bubbles
Continued Dash
Standard Special: Sound Wave
Side Special: Push
Up Special: Turning Post
Diagonal Special: Ingot
Down Special: Unira
Ultimate Attack: Black Hole
Excite symbol Excitebiker
Temperature Bar
Excitebike at sm
Standard Special: Wheelie
Side Special: Accelerate
Up Special: Ramp
Diagonal Special: Handlebar Turn
Down Special: Mud
Ultimate Attack: Excite Truck
Dillon's Rolling Western symbol Dillon
Standard Special: Charge Attack
Side Special: Freeze Crystal
Up Special: Glove
Diagonal Special: Bomb Crystal
Down Special: Tunnel Attack
Ultimate Attack: Arma-Mode


Franchise Name Moveset
SSB Mario Series Luigi
Wall Jump
Win 80 matches with Mario.
Luigi the Plumber
Standard Special: Iceball
Side Special: Thunderhand
Up Special: Super Jump Punch
Diagonal Special: Raccoon Soar
Down Special: Vanish
Ultimate Attack: Poltergust 5000
Complete Classic Mode with 10 different Mario characters.
Standard Special: Fire Roar
Side Special: Flying Slam
Up Special: Dark Jet
Diagonal Special: Bowser Bomb
Down Special: Whirling Fortress
Ultimate Attack: Giga Bowser
Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario
Complete Classic Mode with 20 different Mario characters.
Bowser Jr. & Shadow Mario
Standard Special: Homing Fire/Goop
Side Special: Clown Car Ram/Electric Graffiti
Up Special: Shy Guy Fire Barrier/Color Portal
Diagonal Special: Stoneify/Fire Graffiti
Down Special: Disguise/Unveil
Ultimate Attack: Sonic Roar!/Poisonous Water
Petey Piranha
Complete All-Star Mode with Fawful.Petey Piranha
Standard Special: Brown Goop
Side Special: Wooden Block
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Plant Summon
Down Special: Peteybur
Ultimate Attack: Wave Master
Win 90 matches with Blue Toad & Yellow Toad.
Standard Special: Scare
Side Special: Boo Bell
Up Special: Float
Diagonal Special: Power Transfer
Down Special: Slow Shroom
Ultimate Attack: Fright Bomb
Win 90 matches with Goombario.
Standard Special: Sky Dive
Side Special: Shell Shot
Up Special: Air Lift
Diagonal Special: Parakarry Mail Truck
Down Special: Mt. Rugged
Ultimate Attack: Air Raid
Larry Koopa
Win 80 matches with Roy Koopa.
Larry Koopa NSMBU
Standard Special: KoopaBowl
Side Special: KoopaPoison
Up Special: Water Geyser
Diagonal Special: Blazing Blue Burner
Down Special: KoopaRacket
Ultimate Attack: Ricocheting Rampage
Wendy O. Koopa
Win 80 matches with Morton Koopa Jr.
Wendy O. Koopa NSMBU
Standard Special: KoopaRings
Side Special: Fireball Breath
Up Special: Winged Anvil
Diagonal Special: KoopaSpin
Down Special: Red Pepper
Ultimate Attack: Tantrum
Lemmy Koopa
Win 80 matches with Iggy Koopa.
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU
Standard Special: Bouncy Ball
Side Special: Large Bomb
Up Special: Shell Spin
Diagonal Special: Copy Split
Down Special: Decoy
Ultimate Attack: Mech
SSB Wario Series Waluigi
Wall Jump
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with Wario.
Standard Special: Watwister
Side Special: Wall-Luigi!
Up Special: Midair Swim
Diagonal Special: Γ
Down Special: Drop Rocket
Ultimate Attack: Thorny Waluigi
Captain Syrup
Complete All-Star Mode with Wario.
Captain Syrup
Standard Special: Bomb
Side Special: Dash
Up Special: Denpū
Diagonal Special: Robot
Down Special: Original Design
Ultimate Attack: Destruct Castle
SSB Donkey Kong Series Diddy Kong
Play 15 matches with Donkey Kong.
Wall Jump
Diddy Kong
Standard Special: Peanut Popgun
Side Special: Chimpy Charge
Up Special: Rocketbarrel Boost
Diagonal Special: Giant Banana
Down Special: Banana Peel
Ultimate Attack: Rocketbarrel Barrage
King K. Rool
Play 15 matches.
King K. Rool
Standard Special: Shockwave Slam
Side Special: Boomerang Crown
Up Special: Kingly Krusher
Diagonal Special: Electric Remote
Down Special: Bouncy Body
Ultimate Attack: Kannonballs
SSB Yoshi Kamek
Complete Classic Mode with 3 different Yoshi characters.
Standard Special: Giant Hammer
Side Special: Sceptre Blast
Up Special: Magibroomstick
Diagonal Special: Feeling Sucker
Down Special: Kameklone
Ultimate Attack: Growth
SSB Kirby Series King Dedede
Multiple Jumps
Complete Classic Mode with 10 different Kirby characters.
Standard Special: Inhale
Side Special: Gordo Toss
Up Special: Super Dedede Jump
Diagonal Special: Puff Penguin
Down Special: Jet Hammer
Ultimate Attack: Masked Dedede
Bandana Waddle Dee
Complete Classic Mode with King Dedede.
Multiple Jumps
Bandana Dee
Standard Special: Spear Throw
Side Special: Waddle Dee Throw
Up Special: Spear Copter
Diagonal Special: Dumpling Shot
Down Special: Megaton Punch
Ultimate Attack: Waddle Dee Army
Prince Fluff
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack mode.
Prince Fluff
Standard Special: Fluffcar
Side Special: Fluffsleigh
Up Special: Fluffrocket
Diagonal Special: Flufftop
Down Special: Fluffweight
Ultimate Attack: Flufftrain
Complete All-Star Mode without using any recovery items.
Standard Special: Squeak Freeze
Side Special: Squeak Bomb
Up Special: Squeak Warp
Diagonal Special: Column Bomb
Down Special: Triple Star
Ultimate Attack: Squeak Squad
Ice Enemies
Trio Mechanics
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with the Fire Enemies.
Ice Enemies
Standard Special: Chilly Freeze
Side Special: Pengi Breath
Up Special: Snowl Fly
Diagonal Special: Minor Combo
Down Special: Mr. Frosty
Ultimate Attack: Goriath
Spark Enemies
Trio Mechanics
Defeat the Ice Enemies using the Fire Enemies.
Spark Enemies
Standard Special: Sparky Shock
Side Special: Plugg In
Up Special: Bobin Jump
Diagonal Special: Minor Combo
Down Special: Dubior
Ultimate Attack: Metal General
Galacta Knight
Win 30 matches with Meta Knight.
Standard Special: Ground Twister
Side Special: Galacta Burn
Up Special: Knight Spin
Diagonal Special: Yellow Whip
Down Special: Shield Blast
Ultimate Attack: Knight Beam
Win 100 matches with Bonkers.
Standard Special: Ensnare
Side Special: Flying Pincer
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Beetle Release
Down Special: Pinpoint Kick
Ultimate Attack: Major Head
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Ganondorf
Win 2000 matches.
Standard Special: Warlock Blade
Side Special: Fireballs of Darkness
Up Special: Teleport Attack
Diagonal Special: Trident
Down Special: Power Freeze
Ultimate Attack: Beast Ganon
Create 25 characters using the Character Builder.
Standard Special: Heavy Hammer
Side Special: Fire Geyser
Up Special: Lava Geyser
Diagonal Special: Flaming Boulder
Down Special: Stained Glass
Ultimate Attack: Enormous
Create 15 stages using the Stage Builder.
Princess Ruto
Standard Special: Fishy Missiles
Side Special: Sphere of Water
Up Special: Whirlpool
Diagonal Special: Big Octo
Down Special: Stained Glass
Ultimate Attack: Waves of Water
As Midna, use Twilight Sphere 10,000 times.
Standard Special: Twilight Sphere
Side Special: Zant's Hand
Up Special: Teleport Attack
Diagonal Special: Morpheel
Down Special: Twilight Pillar
Ultimate Attack: Enormous
As Zant, use Teleport Attack 10,000 times.
Standard Special: Diamond Blades
Side Special: Charge Blade
Up Special: Teleport Attack
Diagonal Special: Platform
Down Special: Counterattack
Ultimate Attack: Ghirahim Army
Dark Link
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with Link.
Dark Link
Standard Special: Backhop
Side Special: Pegasus Boots
Up Special: Hurricane Spin
Diagonal Special: Sword Beam
Down Special: Down Thrust
Ultimate Attack: Split Up
SSB Metroid Series Dark Samus
Complete All-Star Mode, Classic Mode, and The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with Samus.
Dark Samus
Standard Special: Phazon Burst
Side Special: Phazon Freeze
Up Special: Boost Ball
Diagonal Special: Large Pillar of Ice
Down Special: Dark Camo
Ultimate Attack: Echoes
SSB Fire Emblem Series Ephraim
Win 100 matches with Eirika.
Standard Special: Luna
Side Special: Discipline
Up Special: Deliverer
Diagonal Special: Sol
Down Special: Rally Strength
Ultimate Attack: Pair Up
Win 200 matches with Marth.
Standard Special: Caught in the Middle
Side Special: Bitter Cold
Up Special: Dawn of Destiny
Diagonal Special: Escape to Freedom
Down Special: The Trap
Ultimate Attack: Beyond the Darkness
Use a shield to block an attack that deals magic damage 75 times.
Tharja (FE13 Artwork)
Standard Special: Vengeance
Side Special: Anathema
Up Special: Tomebreaker
Diagonal Special: Hex
Down Special: Slow Burn
Ultimate Attack: Lifetaker
Win 200 matches with Micaiah.
Anna FE13 Artwork
Standard Special: Brave Lance
Side Special: Pass
Up Special: Movement +1
Diagonal Special: Spear
Down Special: Dragonskin
Ultimate Attack: Concoction Heal
SSB Kid Icarus Series Phosphora
Use a shield to block an attack that deals electric damage 75 times.
Standard Special: Shock Pelt
Side Special: Ground Volt
Up Special: Watt Warp
Diagonal Special: Bolt Stop
Down Special: Lightning Down
Ultimate Attack: Twisters and Storms
Dragon King: The Fighting Game Dragon King
Wall Jump
Win 500 matches with Nintendo characters.
Dragon King
Standard Special: Meteor Fist
Side Special: Animals
Up Special: Dragon Wing
Diagonal Special: Shining Ray
Down Special: Dodge Kick
Ultimate Attack: Final Dragon
Golden Sun Symbol Jenna
Wall Jump
Win 50 matches with Isaac.
Standard Special: Fire Bomb
Side Special: Punji Strike
Up Special: Death Plunge
Diagonal Special: Shuriken
Down Special: Annihilation
Ultimate Attack: Thunderhead
Win 50 matches with Felix.
Mia Golden Sun
Standard Special: Ice Missile
Side Special: Stun Voltage
Up Special: Frost Bite
Diagonal Special: Prism
Down Special: Wish
Ultimate Attack: Glacier
Win 50 matches with Matthew.
Standard Special: Bolt
Side Special: Weaken
Up Special: Blitz
Diagonal Special: Whorl
Down Special: Sleep
Ultimate Attack: Masamune
Win 25 matches with Isaac.
Standard Special: Ray
Side Special: Gale
Up Special: Whirlwind
Diagonal Special: Reverse Star
Down Special: Stun Cloud
Ultimate Attack: Masamune
Sveta/Wild Animal
Wall Jump
Win 25 matches with Felix.
Standard Special: Plasma/Speed Punch
Side Special: Volcano/Boon
Up Special: Astral Blast/Psynergy Slam
Diagonal Special: Blunt/Psynergy Surge
Down Special: Beastform/Reclassings
Ultimate Attack: Froth Spiral/Savage Fiend
Win 25 matches with Matthew.
Standard Special: Wind Slash
Side Special: Flare
Up Special: Cutting Edge
Diagonal Special: Drench
Down Special: Guard
Ultimate Attack: Pyroclasm
Play 250 matches.
Standard Special: Spark Shuriken
Side Special: Punish
Up Special: Firecracker
Diagonal Special: Psy Grenade
Down Special: Shadow Shield
Ultimate Attack: Chaos Hound
EarthboundSymbol Ana
Wall Jump
Win 50 matches with Ninten.
Standard Special: PK Beam
Side Special: PK Fire
Up Special: Teleport
Diagonal Special: Darkness
Down Special: PowerShield
Ultimate Attack: LifeUp
Standard Special: Pray
Side Special: PK Fire
Up Special: PK Thunder
Diagonal Special: Defense Down
Down Special: PSI Shield
Ultimate Attack: Contact the Player
Win 50 matches with Lucas.
Standard Special: PK Freeze
Side Special: PK Fire
Up Special: PK Thunder
Diagonal Special: Brainshock
Down Special: PSI Magnet
Ultimate Attack: PK Starstorm
Win 25 matches with Ninten.
Standard Special: Stun Gun
Side Special: Air Gun
Up Special: Rope
Diagonal Special: Bottle Rocket
Down Special: Flea Bag
Ultimate Attack: Super Bomb
Win 25 matches with Ness.
Standard Special: Pop Gun
Side Special: Double Beam
Up Special: Snake
Diagonal Special: Bottle Rocket
Down Special: Shield Killer
Ultimate Attack: Super Bomb
Win 25 matches with Lucas.
Standard Special: Wall Staples
Side Special: Smoke Bomb
Up Special: Rope Snake
Diagonal Special: Scary Mask
Down Special: Tickle Stick
Ultimate Attack: Boney
Masked Man
Use the Franklin Badge 5 times.
Standard Special: Lightning
Side Special: Missile
Up Special: Jetpack
Diagonal Special: Lightsaber
Down Special: Paint
Ultimate Attack: PK Love
Fossil Fighters symbol Aopteryx
Win 50 matches with Dynal.
Standard Special: Ancient Beak
Side Special: Life Drain
Up Special: Thieving Talons
Diagonal Special: Feathers of the Pteryx
Down Special: Ancient Power
Ultimate Attack: Elder Wrath
Win 50 matches with Rupert.
Standard Special: Dimeteor
Side Special: Dimetro Fang
Up Special: Dimetro Whirl
Diagonal Special: Charge!
Down Special: Dimetro Flare
Ultimate Attack: Lugmos
Parting Blow
Use the Squiro Dino Medal.
Standard Special: Zero Cloud
Side Special: Flaming Torpedo
Up Special: Burning Wave
Diagonal Special: Scorch Wing
Down Special: Karmic Aura
Ultimate Attack: Blazing Ruin
Win 25 matches with Rupert.
Standard Special: Pendem Bite
Side Special: Ancient Soil
Up Special: Spin Attack
Diagonal Special: Tantrum
Down Special: Ancient Dust
Ultimate Attack: Ancient Boulder
Win 350 matches.
Standard Special: Zombie Swirl
Side Special: Zombie Skewer
Up Special: Super Quicken
Diagonal Special: Undead Wing
Down Special: Z-Spin
Ultimate Attack: Zombie Cyclone
Balloon Fight symbol Balloon Fighter
Win 60 matches as Bubbles.Balloon Fighter
Standard Special: Balloon Trip
Side Special: Lightning
Up Special: Bubble
Diagonal Special: Piranha
Down Special: Water
Ultimate Attack: Bonus
Urban Champion symbol

Urban Champion
Wall Jump
Win 60 matches with Excitebiker.

Urban Champion

Standard Special: Light Punch
Side Special: Heavy Punch
Up Special: Police Car
Diagonal Special: Flower Pot
Down Special: Manhole
Ultimate Attack: Arrest

Shōnen Jump


Franchise Name Moveset
Dragon Ball symbol Goku


Previously known as Kakarot, Goku serves as Shōnen Jump's mascot, and the face of anime and manga. He has access to his martial arts techniques. This includes energy projectiles, such as his signature Kamehameha.

Weight: 75/100
Height: 57/100
Dash Speed: 80/100
Walk Speed: 25/100
Air Speed: 79/100
Fall Speed: 60/100
Jump Height: 34/100

Standard Special: Kamehameha
Side Special: Ki Blast
Up Special: Instant Transmission
Diagonal Special: Tornado!
Down Special: Kaio-ken
Ultimate Attack: Super Saiyan
Standard Special: Eye Laser
Side Special: Whirlwind Blow
Up Special: Nova Strike
Diagonal Special: HAIL Frieza
Down Special: Imprisonment Ball
Ultimate Attack: Death Beam
Standard Special: Masenko
Side Special: Super Assault Combo
Up Special: Quiet Rage
Diagonal Special: Ultimate Knuckle
Down Special: Explosive Combination
Ultimate Attack: Chou Maretsugeki
Master Roshi
Wall Jump
Master Roshi
Standard Special: Pressure Point Attack
Side Special: Happy Cow Technique
Up Special: Hikou
Diagonal Special: Kiai
Down Special: Telepathy
Ultimate Attack: Thunder Shock Surprise
Android 18
Android 18
Standard Special: Destructo Disk
Side Special: Android Barrier
Up Special: Rolling Bullet
Diagonal Special: Power Regen Kiss
Down Special: Infinity Hold
Ultimate Attack: Energy Mine


Krillin uses a variety of techniques, like the Senkouken or Double Tsuihikidan. His specials have lots of range, and are useful because of it.

Weight: 42/100
Height: 15/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 78/100
Air Speed: 89/100
Fall Speed: 37/100
Jump Height: 49/100

Standard Special: Double Tsuihikidan
Side Special: Senkouken
Up Special: Balloon Technique
Diagonal Special: Shockwave Kick
Down Special: Tri-Form
Ultimate Attack: Unlock Potential


Goku's wife wears a helmet with a sharp blade. It can be used for cutting. The blade can be used for cutting beams.

Weight: 34/100
Height: 52/100
Dash Speed: 43/100
Walk Speed: 44/100
Air Speed: 33/100
Fall Speed: 15/100
Jump Height: 37/100

Standard Special: Power Slugger
Side Special: That Won't Work
Up Special: Bansho Fan
Diagonal Special: Broom Brustle
Down Special: Blazing Aura
Ultimate Attack: No Forgiveness!
SSB OnePiece Luffy
Electric Resistance
Water Paralyzation


Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, giving him lots of range and complete immunity to all electric attacks. The downside is, any water can and will paralyze him.

Weight: 43/100
Height: 52/100
Dash Speed: 36/100
Walk Speed: 36/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 62/100

Standard Special: Gum-Gum Pistol
Side Special: Gum-Gum Red Hawk
Up Special: Gum-Gum Rocket
Diagonal Special: Gum-Gum Giant Jet Shell
Down Special: Gum-Gum Jet Mace
Ultimate Attack: Gum-Gum Gatling
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Collier to Mouton Shot
Side Special: Bien Cuit Grill Shoot
Up Special: Sky Walk
Diagonal Special: Concassé
Down Special: Brochette
Ultimate Attack: Hell Memories
Standard Special: Tatsu Maki
Side Special: 36 Caliber Phoenix
Up Special: Tohroh
Diagonal Special: Leopard Spinning Shot
Down Special: Ultra Tiger Hunt
Ultimate Attack: Kyutoryu
Water Paralyzation
Standard Special: Desert Spada
Side Special: Crescent Cutlass
Up Special: Desert Encierro
Diagonal Special: Sables: Pesado
Down Special: Ground Secco
Ultimate Attack: Sables
Rob Lucci
Wall Jump
Water Paralyzation
Rob Lucci
Standard Special: Finger Pistol
Side Special: Tempest Kick
Up Special: Shave
Diagonal Special: Paper Art
Down Special: Cat-Cat Fruit Leopard Model
Ultimate Attack: Six King Gun
Naruto symbol Naruto
Wall Jump

Shippuden Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular anime characters there is, and a determined ninja. In battle, he shows great agility. He can use his Rasengan, and create Shadow Clones for several attacks.

Weight: 46/100
Height: 49/100
Dash Speed: 85/100
Walk Speed: 70/100
Air Speed: 95/100
Fall Speed: 79/100
Jump Height: 87/100

Standard Special: Rasengan
Side Special: One Thousand Years of Death
Up Special: Clone Spinning Heel Drop
Diagonal Special: Fūma Shuriken
Down Special: Ink Creation
Ultimate Attack: Kyūbi Naruto
Standard Special: Chidori
Side Special: Manipulated Shuriken Technique
Up Special: Binding Snake Glare Spell
Diagonal Special: Iaidō
Down Special: Instant
Ultimate Attack: Genjutsu: Sharingan
Standard Special: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Side Special: Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu
Up Special: Lightning Transmission
Diagonal Special: Peregrine Falcon Drop
Down Special: Earth Style: Hidden Mole Jutsu
Ultimate Attack: Kamui
Standard Special: Clone Great Explosion
Side Special: Crow Clone Technique
Up Special: Itachi's Crow
Diagonal Special: Early Sacrifice
Down Special: Water Style: Water Fang Bullet
Ultimate Attack: Tsukuyomi
Standard Special: Deva Path
Side Special: Asura Path
Up Special: Animal Path
Diagonal Special: Preta Path
Down Special: Naraka Path
Ultimate Attack: Outer Path
SSB Bleach Ichigo
Ichigo Kurosaki
Standard Special: Getsuga Jūjishō
Side Special: Reiatsu Defense
Up Special: Ichigo Shunpo
Diagonal Special: Ichigo Bankai
Down Special: Blut Vene
Ultimate Attack: Getsuga Tenshō
Renji Abarai
Standard Special: Baboon Fang Bite
Side Special: Baboon King
Up Special: Renji Shunpo
Diagonal Special: Red Flame Cannon
Down Special: Great Snake King
Ultimate Attack: Snake Fang Iron Gun
Wall Jump
Byakuka Kuchiki
Standard Special: Thrust
Side Special: Pale Lightning
Up Special: Senka
Diagonal Special: Scatter
Down Special: Mawscape
Ultimate Attack: Last Flight: White Emperor Sword
Ulquiorra Cifer
Standard Special: Hollow Flash
Side Special: Hollow Bullet
Up Special: Sonido
Diagonal Special: Light of the Moon
Down Special: Black Hollow Flash
Ultimate Attack: Resurrection: Second Stage
Standard Special: Soul Distribution Power
Side Special: Concussive Force
Up Special: Consumption
Diagonal Special: Sankt Altar
Down Special: Heilig Pfeil
Ultimate Attack: Reishi Broadsword
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure symbol Joseph
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Rebuff Overdrive
Side Special: Zoom Punch
Up Special: Clacker Volley
Diagonal Special: Clacker Boomerang
Down Special: Ripple Overdrive
Ultimate Attack: Hermit Purple
Standard Special: Scarlet Overdrive
Side Special: Overdrive Barrage
Up Special: Life Magnetism Overdrive
Down Special: Healing
Ultimate Attack: Sendo Ripple Overdrive
Yu-Gi-Oh! symbol Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi
Duel Disk

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi is a spirit who aids Yugi Muto through the Millennium Puzzle. They use it to switch off. Yami can summon monsters, and Yugi can use Spell and Trap Cards.

Weight: 30 (Yugi), 40 (Yami)/100
Height: 46 (Yugi), 50 (Yami)/100
Dash Speed: 32 (Yugi), 4 (Yami)/100
Walk Speed: 45 (Yugi), 8 (Yami)/100
Air Speed: 35 (Yugi), 12 (Yami)/100
Fall Speed: 70 (Yugi), 43 (Yami)/100
Jump Height: 27 (Yugi), 17 (Yami)/100

Standard Special: Dark Magician/Swords of Revealing Light
Side Special: Celtic Guardian/Spellbinding Circle
Up Special: Curse of Dragon/Magical Hats
Diagonal Special: Beaver Warrior/Mystic Box
Down Special: Millennium Puzzle
Ultimate Attack: Three Egyptian Gods/Ragnarok

Duel Disk
Standard Special: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Side Special: Judge Man
Up Special: Enemy Controller
Diagonal Special: Cave Dragon
Down Special: Negate Attack
Ultimate Attack: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
YuYu Hakusho symbol Yusuke
Yusuke Urameshi
Standard Special: Spirit-Gun
Side Special: Spirit Punch
Up Special: Spirit Kick
Diagonal Special: Spirit Wave
Down Special: Yōgan
Ultimate Attack: Raizen Form
Standard Special: Yoko Kurama Transformation
Side Special: Seed of the Death Plant
Up Special: Leaf of a Plant
Diagonal Special: Ojigi Plant
Down Special: Akaru Weed
Ultimate Attack: Death Tree
Dr. Slump symbol Arale
Standard Special: Pumpkin Cannon
Side Special: Woohoo!
Up Special: Kiiin!
Diagonal Special: N'cha Cannon
Down Special: Earth-Splitter
Ultimate Attack: Ultra-Man
Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo Bobobo-bo
Standard Special: Gondola Tour
Side Special: Box Wearing Fist
Up Special: Nose Hair Spider Web Hold
Diagonal Special: Keristian Dior
Down Special: Nosehair Alley
Ultimate Attack: Fish Manipulation Dance 2
Reborn! Tsuna
Sawada Tsunayoshi
Standard Special: X-Burner
Side Special: Big Bang Axle
Up Special: Airbike
Diagonal Special: X Cannon
Down Special: Hyper Intuition
Ultimate Attack: X-Stream


Gokudera is an Italian bomb master. His explosives all use various kinds of Flames, with or without dynamite. Many of his explosions can lead into combos.

Weight: 36/100
Height: 50/100
Dash Speed: 19/100
Walk Speed: 8/100
Air Speed: 27/100
Fall Speed: 46/100
Jump Height: 75/100

Standard Special: Double Bombs
Side Special: Flame Thunder
Up Special: Air Bomb
Diagonal Special: Bomb Blitz
Down Special: Tornado Flame Arrow
Ultimate Attack: Rocket Bomb Version X
Medaka Box Ajimu
Najimi Ajimu
Standard Special: Head Edge
Side Special: Wall Poster
Up Special: Alibi Block
Diagonal Special: Meteor Neck
Down Special: Accountability
Ultimate Attack: Strike Beast
Medaka Kurokami
Standard Special: Let's Bomber
Side Special: One Two Three
Up Special: Double Take-Off
Diagonal Special: Revised Echolocation Cannon Echo Counter Cannon
Down Special: Slide Slice
Ultimate Attack: War God Mode
Saint Seiya Pegasus Seiya
Pegasus Seiya
Standard Special: Pegasus Meteor Fist
Side Special: Pegasus God Cloth
Up Special: Pegasus Rolling Crush
Diagonal Special: Pegasus Comet Fist
Down Special: Eighth Sense
Ultimate Attack: Big Bang
Purple-haired Athena
Standard Special: Nike
Side Special: Aegis
Up Special: Teleport
Diagonal Special: Snowstorm
Down Special: Healing Aura
Ultimate Attack: Ninth Sense
Gintama Gintoki
Standard Special: Jerk
Side Special: Iron Girl
Up Special: Smiling Cabaret Club
Diagonal Special: Magiklin
Down Special: Sharm Green
Ultimate Attack: Kamikaze
Shaman King Yoh
Yoh Asakura
Standard Special: Ko-Oni Strike
Side Special: Okei
Up Special: Spirit Unity
Diagonal Special: Spirit of Earth/Amida-Style: Celestial Slash
Down Special: Matamune/Amida-Style: Halo Blade
Ultimate Attack: Oversoul Amidamaru
Toriko Toriko
Standard Special: Fork Gauntlet Twin Kugi Punch
Side Special: Twin Nail Gun
Up Special: Kugi Kick
Diagonal Special: Leg Boomerang
Down Special: Homing Fork and Knife
Ultimate Attack: Life Erase


Zebra has lots of muscle, and a voice so large, it can be used to attack. Zebra can fire off his voice with immense range, or infuse it with his body to make strong attacks even stronger.

Weight: 82/100
Height: 68/100
Dash Speed: 15/100
Walk Speed: 2/100
Air Speed: 24/100
Fall Speed: 86/100
Jump Height: 28/100

Standard Special: Sound Bazooka
Side Special: Sound Knuckle
Up Special: Jet Voice
Diagonal Special: Single Slash Voice Cutter
Down Special: Voice Eruption
Ultimate Attack: Death Sound
To Love-Ru Rito

Rito Yuuki

Rito Yuuki is one of the clumsiest, weakest, most pathetic characters out there--and it shows. Rito's stats are considerably low. His tripping can even make others trip. He uses lots of kick attacks, which can juggle well.

Weight: 33/100
Height: 41/100
Dash Speed: 60/100
Walk Speed: 30/100
Air Speed: 12/100
Fall Speed: 31/100
Jump Height: 10/100

Standard Special: Trip
Side Special: Outrun
Up Special: Self-Swing
Diagonal Special: Wolf Neo Eraser First Sweet Super High Moon the Mechanical Multi-Form Hammerhead Possession Proximity Heli-Pack Darkness
Down Special: Tiny Rito
Ultimate Attack: Manga Illustration


Lala is the first daughter of a king, and is thus a princess. Interestingly, she has invented many machines. Her main is Peke, a sentient robotic costume. She uses a few inventions, along with a few Devilukean abilities and powerful strength, in combat.

Weight: 73/100
Height: 46/100
Dash Speed: 63/100
Walk Speed: 46/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 57/100
Jump Height: 34/100

Standard Special: Crater Punch
Side Special: Laser Tail
Up Special: Peke
Diagonal Special: Deru-Deru Vision-Kun
Down Special: Sticky-Gooey Launcher-Kun
Ultimate Attack: Kon-Kon Snow-Kun
Golden Darkness


Golden Darkness has blonde hair usable as a weapon. It can stretch to extreme lengths, and transform into several different weapons, like a mace or a dragon head. Golden Darkness can really turn any part of her body into a weapon, just mainly the hair.

Weight: 42/100
Height: 44/100
Dash Speed: 36/100
Walk Speed: 36/100
Air Speed: 67/100
Fall Speed: 12/100
Jump Height: 52/100

Standard Special: Dragon Head Hair
Side Special: Mechanical Gauntlet
Up Special: Angel Wings
Diagonal Special: Spiked Mace Hair
Down Special: Claw
Ultimate Attack: Darkness

Oshizu murasame

400 years ago, Shizu Murasame died in an old, abandoned school. She is now a psychic ghost. To attack, she can use ghostly energy. She can possess opponents and make them perform an action of her choice.

Weight: 12/100
Height: 36/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 30/100
Air Speed: 79/100
Fall Speed: 8/100
Jump Height: 81/100

Standard Special: Possess
Side Special: Psycho-Pyro
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Poltergeist
Down Special: Mental Stress
Ultimate Attack: Force of Shockwave
D.Gray-man Allen

Allen Walker

Allen Walker is an exorcist. He wields the Crown Clown claw and Sword of Exorcism. They grant long-ranged slashes, with lots of duration and power respectively.

Weight: 74/100
Height: 56/100
Dash Speed: 40/100
Walk Speed: 22/100
Air Speed: 11/100
Fall Speed: 43/100
Jump Height: 44/100

Standard Special: Cross Grave
Side Special: Clown Belt
Up Special: Edge End
Diagonal Special: Crown Edge
Down Special: Death Orbs
Ultimate Attack: Nea Walker
Black Cat Train
Wall Jump

Train Heartnet

Train's guns can fire special kinds of bullets for different effects. The bullets can tranquilize and paralyze. Train can camp well, stopping opponents from approaching.

Weight: 39/100
Height: 40/100
Dash Speed: 59/100
Walk Speed: 63/100
Air Speed: 66/100
Fall Speed: 70/100
Jump Height: 79/100

Standard Special: Black Cross
Side Special: Burst Bullet
Up Special: Black Claw
Diagonal Special: Reflect Shot
Down Special: Tranquilizing Bullet
Ultimate Attack: Burst Railgun


Eve's hair, along with her entire body, is completely weaponized. It transforms to help her fight. Her arms can become hammers or shields.

Weight: 42/100
Height: 44/100
Dash Speed: 36/100
Walk Speed: 36/100
Air Speed: 67/100
Fall Speed: 12/100
Jump Height: 52/100

Standard Special: Feather Bullet
Side Special: Hammer Arm
Up Special: Fist Hair
Diagonal Special: Shield Arm
Down Special: Steel Skin
Ultimate Attack: Adam
Rosario + Vampire Tsukune

Tsukune Aono

Tsukune possesses a strong belief that humans can coexist with monsters, which he proves through the use of ghoul abilities. These include creating armor and explosions. He can also move super fast.

Weight: 62/100
Height: 48/100
Dash Speed: 79/100
Walk Speed: 80/100
Air Speed: 70/100
Fall Speed: 85/100
Jump Height: 51/100

Standard Special: Jet Black Armor
Side Special: Explosion
Up Special: Growing Wings
Diagonal Special: Throw
Down Special: Shadowless Sword Darkness Cut
Ultimate Attack: Speed Smash

Moka Akashiya

Moka's abilities come from vampirism. She does all her fighting in vampire form. Her various abilities include growing wings and blood transfusion. These moves let her keep great control over the opponents.

Weight: 63/100
Height: 46/100
Dash Speed: 72/100
Walk Speed: 78/100
Air Speed: 80/100
Fall Speed: 87/100
Jump Height: 64/100

Standard Special: Charm
Side Special: Transfusion
Up Special: Growing Wings
Diagonal Special: Omote/Ura
Down Special: Know Your Place
Ultimate Attack: Shinso Blood
Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin

Kenshin Himura

Kenshin Himura is a wandering, masterless samurai who keeps peace. Fast, he has mastered tons of sword techniques, such as his signature Dragon Flash slashes. His swordfighting completes itself with lots of efficient combos.

Weight: 50/100
Height: 52/100
Dash Speed: 80/100
Walk Speed: 74/100
Air Speed: 83/100
Fall Speed: 84/100
Jump Height: 64/100

Standard Special: Dragon Hammer Flash: Disaster
Side Special: Dragon Coiling Flash: Wintry Wind
Up Special: Dragon Soaring Flash
Diagonal Special: Flying Dragon Flash
Down Special: Dragon Howl Flash
Ultimate Attack: Flash of the Heavenly Soaring Dragon
Black Clover Yuno


Yuno is a master wind manipulator. All of his moves are wind-based. He can use windboxes to push away opponents, and create entities out of air.

Weight: 35/100
Height: 46/100
Dash Speed: 50/100
Walk Speed: 44/100
Air Speed: 76/100
Fall Speed: 23/100
Jump Height: 70/100

Standard Special: Tornado
Side Special: Kamaitachi
Up Special: Breath
Diagonal Special: Wind Ark
Down Special: White Hawk
Ultimate Attack: Blades Shower


Franchise Name Moveset
Dragon Ball symbol Vegeta
Beat Goku in The Most Ultimate Attack Mode.
Standard Special: Galick Gun
Side Special: Amazing Impact
Up Special: Handspring Attack
Diagonal Special: Meteor Burst
Down Special: Afterimage
Ultimate Attack: Great Ape
Win 300 matches with Vegeta.
Cell perfect cell by maffo1989-d41e9aj
Standard Special: Tail Trap
Side Special: Bear Hug
Up Special: Cybernetic Radar
Diagonal Special: Baked Sphere
Down Special: Solar Flare
Ultimate Attack: Ultimate Attack
Majin Buu
Win 1200 matches.
Majin Buu
Standard Special: Chocolate Beam
Side Special: Potbelly Attack
Up Special: Mimicry
Diagonal Special: Super Breath
Down Special: Wizard Barrier
Ultimate Attack: Vaporize!
Win 50 matches with Cell.


Janemba's moves can alter reality itself. He has dimensional combat, which lets him throw surprise attacks. He also creates clones that copy attacks.

Weight: 72/100
Height: 52/100
Dash Speed: 73/100
Walk Speed: 84/100
Air Speed: 73/100
Fall Speed: 95/100
Jump Height: 47/100

Standard Special: Cloning
Side Special: Rapid Energy Cannon
Up Special: Dimension Sword Attack
Diagonal Special: Reconstruct
Down Special: Illusion Smash
Ultimate Attack: Lightning Shower Rain
SSB OnePiece Nami
Wall Jump
Win 50 matches with Luffy.
Standard Special: Gust Sword
Side Special: Thunder Trap
Up Special: Storm Cloud Rod
Diagonal Special: Heat Egg
Down Special: Mirage Tempo
Ultimate Attack: Thunderbolt Tempo
Nico Robin
Water Paralyzation
Win 50 matches with Sanji.
Nico Robin
Standard Special: Dos Fleur: Clutch
Side Special: Ocho Fleur Attack
Up Special: Cien Fleur: Wing
Diagonal Special: Mille Fleur: Gigantesco Mano: Stomp
Down Special: Veinte Fleur: Calendula
Ultimate Attack: Cuatro Mano: Spank
Win 1 match.
Standard Special: Green Star: Venus Flytrap
Side Special: Green Star: Skull Bombgrass
Up Special: Green Star: Trampolia
Diagonal Special: Green Star: Platanus Shuriken
Down Special: Green Star: Humandrake
Ultimate Attack: Sky Dragon Star
Win 35 matches with Nico Robin.
Standard Special: Strong Right
Side Special: Franky Rocket Launcher
Up Special: Franky Cannon
Diagonal Special: Franky Fireball
Down Special: Soda
Ultimate Attack: Franky Radical Beam
Tony Tony Chopper
Water Paralyzation
Win 50 matches with Zoro.
Tony Tony Chopper
Standard Special: Scope/Limb Boost/Heavy Gong/Sendback Kick/Cloven Roseo/Guard Bounce/Hi-Ya!/Horn Suplex
Side Special: Brain Shockwave/Sprint Boost/Heavy Slap/Evade/Cloven Cross/Guard Roll/Kick Wave/Horn Smack
Up Special: Tsunaida/Tail Wind/Heavy Cannonball/Jumping Boost/Kokutei Diamond/Guard Boost/Drill Chop/Horn Up
Diagonal Special: Brain Slam/Reindeer Flip/Intangibility Punch/Tibia Cyclone/Arm Barrage/Guard Fluff/Reindeer Shuriken/Horn Switch
Down Special: Human Reindeer
Ultimate Attack: Monster Point
Water Paralyzation
Win 50 matches with Crocodile.
Standard Special: Volt Vari
Side Special: Kari
Up Special: Hino Bird Zap
Diagonal Special: Lightning Beast Kiten
Down Special: Deathpeia
Ultimate Attack: El Thor
Naruto symbol Sakura
Use Genjutsu: Sharingan 5 times.
Standard Special: Chakra Punch
Side Special: Chakra Scalpel
Up Special: Delicate Illness Extraction Technique
Diagonal Special: Puppet: Spring Punishing Strike
Down Special: Slug
Ultimate Attack: Cherry Blossom Impact
Use Kyūbi Naruto 10 times.
Hinata Hyuga
Standard Special: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
Side Special: Water Needle
Up Special: Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists
Diagonal Special: Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm
Down Special: Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
Ultimate Attack: Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm
Use Kamui 15 times.
Standard Special: Chakra Punch
Side Special: Chakra Scalpel
Up Special: Heavenly Foot of Pain
Diagonal Special: Body Pathway Derangement
Down Special: Slug
Ultimate Attack: Mechanical Eight Trigrams Formation
Win 555 matches.
Standard Special: Sand Binding Coffin
Side Special: Sand Bullet
Up Special: Desert Suspension
Diagonal Special: Desert: Hand
Down Special: Sand Drizzle
Ultimate Attack: Quicksand Waterfall Flow
Rock Lee
Wall Jump
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode using Sakura.
Rock Lee
Standard Special: Strong Fist
Side Special: Youth Full Power
Up Special: Leaf Rising Wind
Diagonal Special: Reverse Lotus
Down Special: Dynamic Entry
Ultimate Attack: Seasick Fist
Win 50 matches with Itachi.
Standard Special: Sage Art: Storm Style Fang of Light
Side Special: Gunbai Barrier Technique
Up Special: Wood Style: Wood Dragon Technique
Diagonal Special: Yasaka Beads
Down Special: Catastrophic Planetary Construction
Ultimate Attack: Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame
SSB Bleach Rukia
Complete All-Star Mode with Ichigo.
Standard Special: First Dance, White Moon
Side Special: Next Dance, White Ripple
Up Special: Ice-Rope Connection
Diagonal Special: Third Dance, White Sword
Down Special: White Tree
Ultimate Attack: Censure of the White Haze
Complete Classic Mode with Ichigo.
Kenpachi Zaraki
Standard Special: Shock Wave
Side Special: Reiatsu Defense
Up Special: Bisection
Diagonal Special: Reiatsu Disruption
Down Special: Energy Wave
Ultimate Attack: Drink
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with Ichigo.
Orihime Inoue
Standard Special: Twin Sacred Return Shield
Side Special: Three Sacred Links Shield
Up Special: Quadruple Sacred Floating Shield
Diagonal Special: Shield of Four Heavens' Resistance
Down Special: Bidirectional Edge Attack
Ultimate Attack: Solitary Sacred Cutting Shield
Wall Jump
Complete Smack Run with Ichigo.
Standard Special: Speed Clones
Side Special: Tireless Flash Work Cry
Up Special: Windmill
Diagonal Special: Hornet Thunder Whip
Down Special: Waterfall Carp
Ultimate Attack: Death in Two Steps
Win 25 matches with Byakuya.
Ichibe Hyosube
Standard Special: Known Brush Straight Line
Side Special: Seal
Up Special: Heavenly Passing Palm of the Thousand Ri
Diagonal Special: Sever
Down Special: Reconstitution
Ultimate Attack: Slaughterous Mausoleum of Non-Reincarnation
Win 50 matches with Ulquiorra.
Aizen Sosuke
Standard Special: Perfect Hypnosis
Side Special: Black Coffin
Up Special: Butterfly Aizen
Diagonal Special: Second Aizen
Down Special: Splitting Void
Ultimate Attack: Monster Aizen
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure symbol Dio Brando
Complete Classic Mode with 750 different characters.
Dio Brando
Standard Special: THE WORLD
Side Special: Vaporization Freezing Technique
Up Special: Evil Implant
Diagonal Special: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
Down Special: Joestar Brando Stand
Ultimate Attack: Steamroller Drop
Complete Classic Mode with Jonathan.


Giorno Giovanna's Stand is the Gold Experience. It lets him control life. This includes giving life to inanimate objects. He also can use large plants to attack below himself.

Weight: 48/100
Height: 63/100
Dash Speed: 42/100
Walk Speed: 87/100
Air Speed: 9/100
Fall Speed: 56/100
Jump Height: 25/100

Standard Special: Life Giver
Side Special: Life Shot
Up Special: Floral Acceleration
Diagonal Special: Tangle Growth
Down Special: Life Transformation
Ultimate Attack: Life Ambush
Yu-Gi-Oh! symbol Joey
Duel Disk
Win 25 matches with Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi.
Standard Special: Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Side Special: Scapegoat
Up Special: Giant Trunade
Diagonal Special: Flame Swordsman
Down Special: Fairy Box
Ultimate Attack: Kunai with Chain
Yami Bakura
Duel Disk
Win 50 matches with Kaiba.
Yami Bakura
Standard Special: Diabound Kernel
Side Special: Grief Tablet
Up Special: Chain Energy
Diagonal Special: Dark Necrofear
Down Special: Spell Absorption
Ultimate Attack: Destiny Board
Duel Disk
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi.


Marik Ishtar is the original owner of Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra. He is a part of the Ishtar family, which is heavily associated with ancient Egypt. The monsters he attacks with are particularly slimy. He can create a cage that negates attacks of everyone in it.

Weight: 37/100
Height: 45/100
Dash Speed: 20/100
Walk Speed: 33/100
Air Speed: 12/100
Fall Speed: 49/100
Jump Height: 54/100

Standard Special: Revival Jam
Side Special: Worm Drake
Up Special: Infinite Cards
Diagonal Special: Humanoid Slime
Down Special: Nightmare's Steelcage
Ultimate Attack: Humanoid Worm Drake
Medaka Box Kumagawa
Complete Classic Mode with Ajimu.
Standard Special: Special Screw
Side Special: April Fiction
Up Special: Reverse Death
Diagonal Special: Book Maker
Down Special: Non Fiction
Ultimate Attack: Leg Eating Forest
Saint Seiya Wolf Haruto
Wall Jump
Complete Classic Mode with Pegasus Seiya.
Wolf Haruto
Standard Special: Katon no Jutsu
Side Special: Hiden Hoko Tenro Kuzushi
Up Special: Nozuchi Kizuchi
Diagonal Special: Suiton Zettai Redo
Down Special: Bunshin no Jutsu
Ultimate Attack: Hakuroken Toga Shissho
Beat Pegasus Seiya 25 times.


Kronos is the youngest of the Titans. He's also the leader of them all, and the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. His powers are time-based. He attacks with long-lasting time rifts and unblockable specials.

Weight: 56/100
Height: 47/100
Dash Speed: 87/100
Walk Speed: 80/100
Air Speed: 30/100
Fall Speed: 89/100
Jump Height: 27/100

Standard Special: Teleos Oracle
Side Special: Darkness Roar
Up Special: Psammos Adamas
Diagonal Special: Beast of Amber: Electron Teru
Down Special: Pragma Spathe
Ultimate Attack: Guardian Star
Shaman King Hao
Beat Yoh in The Most Ultimate Attack Mode.
Hao Asakura
Standard Special: Magma Upper
Side Special: Fumon Tonkou
Up Special: Furyoku Nullification
Diagonal Special: The Absence of Ignorance
Down Special: Onibi
Ultimate Attack: Oversoul Great Spirit
Toriko Gentleman
Complete Classic Mode with Toriko.
Standard Special: Poison Sword
Side Special: Poison Rifle
Up Special: Aqua Regia
Diagonal Special: Heat Poison
Down Special: Poison Armor
Ultimate Attack: Double Scatter Shot
Complete Classic Mode with Zebra.


Sunny has a lot of colorful hair he controls, so he is a long range fighter. The hair reflects projectiles, cuts, and even becomes a tornado. His stats are rather average.

Weight: 46/100
Height: 50/100
Dash Speed: 40/100
Walk Speed: 41/100
Air Speed: 36/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 60/100

Standard Special: Super Spatula
Side Special: Hair Cutter
Up Special: Hair Lock
Diagonal Special: Hair Spit
Down Special: Hair Tornado
Ultimate Attack: Hair Punch
To Love-Ru Master Nemesis
Complete The Most Ultimate Attack Mode with 675 different characters.

Master Nemesis

Master Nemesis is a being of darkness, and enjoys letting darkness is out. She is similar to Golden Darkness in terms of abilities, yet she has some unique ones of her own. This includes the power to fuse herself with another character. Doing this is essential for her, so she can replace her severely low stats.

Weight: 42/100
Height: 40/100
Dash Speed: 25/100
Walk Speed: 15/100
Air Speed: 16/100
Fall Speed: 24/100
Jump Height: 18/100

Standard Special: Trans-Fusion
Side Special: Cat
Up Special: Crow
Diagonal Special: Key Hair
Down Special: Partial Materialization
Ultimate Attack: Body Jack

Bandai Namco


Franchise Name Moveset
PacmanIcon Pac-Man
Standard Special: Bonus Fruit
Side Special: Pac-Dot
Up Special: Pac-Up
Diagonal Special: Steel Body
Down Special: Power Punch
Ultimate Attack: Super Pac-Man
Dig Dug Dig Dug
Dig Dug
Standard Special: Pump
Side Special: Fygar
Up Special: Motion
Diagonal Special: Pooka
Down Special: Jackhammer
Ultimate Attack: Island
Tekken Jin Kazama
Wall Jump
Jin Kazama
Standard Special: Flash Punch Combo
Side Special: Stonehead
Up Special: Dragon Uppercut
Diagonal Special: Corpse Thrust
Down Special: Over the Shoulder Reverse
Ultimate Attack: Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo
Tales Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving
Standard Special: Sonic Thrust
Side Special: Sword Rain
Up Special: Tempest Strike
Diagonal Special: EX Attack
Down Special: Grave Blade
Ultimate Attack: Kusanagi Blade
Cress Albane
Standard Special: Beast
Side Special: Lightning Tiger Blade
Up Special: Coil
Diagonal Special: Distortion Blade
Down Special: Void Tempest
Ultimate Attack: Chaos Lunge
Soul Siegfried
Standard Special: Legacy Testament
Side Special: Ashen Blitz
Up Special: Geist Destroyer
Diagonal Special: Piercing Strike
Down Special: Mail Vortex
Ultimate Attack: Soul Conviction
Ivy Valentine
Ivy Valentine
Standard Special: Acasual Paradox
Side Special: Crucifixion
Up Special: Chaotic Symphony
Diagonal Special: Released Souls
Down Special: Apocalypse Crush
Ultimate Attack: Grand Alchemy
Digimon Agumon


Agumon is the face of Digimon, serving as Tai's partner in the anime. It is a dinosaur Digimon. Agumon has access to its signature Pepper Breath, and short claw attacks. It fights best at close range.

Weight: 15/100
Height: 8/100
Dash Speed: 76/100
Walk Speed: 30/100
Air Speed: 50/100
Fall Speed: 34/100
Jump Height: 80/100

Standard Special: Pepper Breath
Side Special: Cross Fire
Up Special: Claw Uppercut
Diagonal Special: Spitfire
Down Special: Razor Claws
Ultimate Attack: War Greymon
Wall Jump


Renamon is a Beast Man Digimon, and it greatly resembles a golden fox. It moves swiftly. To attack, it uses paws. Its signature move, Kohenkyo, makes it take the appearance of an opponent.

Weight: 25/100
Height: 30/100
Dash Speed: 82/100
Walk Speed: 92/100
Air Speed: 60/100
Fall Speed: 73/100
Jump Height: 90/100

Standard Special: Kohenkyo
Side Special: Diamond Storm
Up Special: Super Chop
Diagonal Special: Spin Kick
Down Special: Power Paw
Ultimate Attack: Orcamon
Omega Shoutmon
Platform Boarding

Omega Shoutmon

Omega Shoutmon is a tall and metallic Dragon Man. It truly boasts the power of music, using loudly damaging sound attacks. Its attacks are generally fast, difficult to punish.

Weight: 70/100
Height: 79/100
Dash Speed: 42/100
Walk Speed: 22/100
Air Speed: 12/100
Fall Speed: 63/100
Jump Height: 40/100

Standard Special: Heavy Metal Vulcan
Side Special: Victorize Banking
Up Special: Beat Slash
Diagonal Special: Omega the Fusion
Down Special: Hard Rock Damashī
Ultimate Attack: Shoutmon EX6


Angewomon takes the form of a female angel. Angewomon's moveset is filled with holy attacks, such as arrows and physical strikes. It is graceful and floaty, possessing great recovery thanks to gliding and Super Jump.

Weight: 27/100
Height: 74/100
Dash Speed: 44/100
Walk Speed: 31/100
Air Speed: 89/100
Fall Speed: 1/100
Jump Height: 50/100

Standard Special: Holy Arrow
Side Special: Heaven's Charm
Up Special: Super Jump
Diagonal Special: Divine Kick
Down Special: Holy Slap
Ultimate Attack: Venusmon


Franchise Name Moveset
PacmanIcon Pac-Man Ghosts
Quartet Mechanics
Create 50 stages using the Stage Builder.
Pac-Man Ghosts
Standard Special: Snow-O-Matic
Side Special: Clyde in the Caldera
Up Special: Ghost Teamwork
Diagonal Special: Bearserk
Down Special: Blade-O-Matic
Ultimate Attack: Whale on a Sub
Soul Nightmare
Wall Jump
Create 50 characters using the Character Builder.
Standard Special: Dark Reconquista
Side Special: Soul Wave
Up Special: Chrome Blade
Diagonal Special: Grim Stride
Down Special: Nightmare Pauldron
Ultimate Attack: Evil Seed
Win 25 matches with Siegfried.
Standard Special: Cursed Roman Fire
Side Special: Marine Curse
Up Special: Final Geo Da Ray
Diagonal Special: Fata Morgana
Down Special: Invisible
Ultimate Attack: Tartarus Griet



Franchise Name Moveset
Sonicseries Sonic

Wreck it ralph sonic render edit by phrozen123-d5i7gml

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the fastest characters in the game. He serves as Sega's mascot. Most of his attacks have him curling into a ball, kicking, or using a Color Wisp.

Weight: 45/100
Height: 28/100
Dash Speed: 97/100
Walk Speed: 89/100
Air Speed: 79/100
Fall Speed: 73/100
Jump Height: 76/100

Standard Special: Homing Attack
Side Special: Spin Dash
Up Special: Spin Jump
Diagonal Special: Ivory Lightning
Down Special: Bounce Attack
Ultimate Attack: Super Sonic
Amy Rose
Amy rose 3d by fentonxd-d4pgcxh
Standard Special: Hammer Attack
Side Special: Storming Heart
Up Special: Propeller Hammer
Diagonal Special: Tornado Hammer
Down Special: Tarot Draw
Ultimate Attack: Rose Typhoon
Standard Special: Homing Attack
Side Special: Spin Dash
Up Special: Spin Jump
Diagonal Special: Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack
Down Special: Ground Shaker
Ultimate Attack: Meteor Crush
Wall Jump
Shadow the hedgehog by fentonxd-d5u0edu
Standard Special: Chaos Control
Side Special: Shadow Eagle
Up Special: Chaos Blast
Diagonal Special: Chaos Lance
Down Special: Black Tornado
Ultimate Attack: Hero Shadow
Cream & Cheese
Cream the rabbit and cheese the chao by crispurplehearts-d6b79y4
Standard Special: Chao Attack
Side Special: Thunder Shoot
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Tough
Down Special: Hip Drop
Ultimate Attack: Bunny Chao Smackdown
Wall Jump
Blaze by mike9711-d55b9je
Standard Special: Flames of Kilekion
Side Special: Fire Claw
Up Special: Fire Boost
Diagonal Special: Burst Dash
Down Special: Spinning Claw
Ultimate Attack: Burning Blaze
Puyo Puyo Arle Nadja
Wall Jump

Arle Nadja

Arle Nadja is Puyo Puyo's extremely young protagonist. She uses unspecific magical power.

Weight: 70/100
Height: 23/100
Dash Speed: 70/100
Walk Speed: 40/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 56/100
Jump Height: 20/100

Standard Special: Bayoen
Side Special: Brain Dumbed
Up Special: Fire
Diagonal Special: Heaven's Ray
Down Special: Diacute
Ultimate Attack: Jugem
Phantasy Star Chaz
Standard Special: Earth
Side Special: Ray Blade
Up Special: Tsu
Diagonal Special: Grand Cross
Down Special: Silent Wave
Ultimate Attack: Destruct
Bayonettasymbol Bayonetta
Standard Special: Witch Time
Side Special: Headbutt
Up Special: Portal
Diagonal Special: Wicked Weave
Down Special: Scarborough Fair
Ultimate Attack: Queen Sheba


Franchise Name Moveset
Sonicseries Tails
Win 80 matches with Sonic.
Miles tails prower colours pose by mintenndo-d6jnvdj
Standard Special: Homing Attack
Side Special: Spin Dash
Up Special: Spin Jump
Diagonal Special: Quick Ascent
Down Special: Tornado Attack
Ultimate Attack: Tornado Planes
Dr. Eggman
Beat Sonic 15 times.
Eggmobile Eggman
Standard Special: Hammer Ball
Side Special: Fireball Spitter
Up Special: Jet Mobile
Diagonal Special: Spike Drill
Down Special: Mine Dropper
Ultimate Attack: Death Egg Robot
E-123 Omega
Win 80 matches with Dr. Eggman.
E-123 Omega
Standard Special: Omega Arm
Side Special: Beam Cannon
Up Special: Omega Launcher
Diagonal Special: Flamethrower
Down Special: Lock-On Shot
Ultimate Attack: Temporal Field
Win 80 matches with Shadow.
Standard Special: Psycho Shock
Side Special: Psychic Knife
Up Special: Levitate
Diagonal Special: Teleport Dash
Down Special: ESP
Ultimate Attack: Meteor Smash



Franchise Name Moveset
DisneyIcon Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is the most popular and influential cartoon character ever, though he can also be found in video games like Kingdom Hearts. He is Disney's mascot. He can use the Kingdom Key D Keyblade for quick combos, on the ground or the air.

Weight: 36/100
Height: 37/100
Dash Speed: 65/100
Walk Speed: 71/100
Air Speed: 81/100
Fall Speed: 27/100
Jump Height: 41/100

Standard Special: Magic Burst
Side Special: Paintbrush
Up Special: Up Slide
Diagonal Special: Magic Blast
Down Special: Second Chance
Ultimate Attack: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Phineas and Ferb Phineas
Standard Special: Bowl-R-Ama
Side Special: Rainbow-inator
Up Special: Jumping Machine
Diagonal Special: Spinning Top of Doom
Down Special: Storm Generator
Ultimate Attack: Rollercoaster
Standard Special: Bicycle
Side Special: Grilled Cheese Ice Cream
Up Special: Spider Spin
Diagonal Special: Camera Flash
Down Special: Skiddley Whiffers
Ultimate Attack: Phone
Gravity Falls Icon Dipper
Standard Special: Dipper Combo
Side Special: Gnome
Up Special: Pterodactyl
Diagonal Special: Stick
Down Special: Giant Flashlight
Ultimate Attack: Zombie Army
Giffany fullbody (except feet)
Standard Special: Download Whip
Side Special: Skeebo
Up Special: Flash Blitz
Diagonal Special: Animatronic Attack
Down Special: Orange Robo-Download
Ultimate Attack: Giffy Train
Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly
Standard Special: Narwhal Blast
Side Special: Raspberry Panzerfaust
Up Special: Rainbow Fist Punch
Diagonal Special: Emerald Snake Strike
Down Special: Honeybee Tornado Storm
Ultimate Attack: Turbo Nuclear Butterfly Blast
Marvel Iron Man
Iron Man
Standard Special: Repulsor Ray
Side Special: Missile
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Unibeam
Down Special: Pulse Barrage
Ultimate Attack: Omnibeam
Magic Immunity
Standard Special: Mjolnir Throw
Side Special: Mjolnir Lightning
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Mjolnir Tornado
Down Special: Mjolnir Thunder
Ultimate Attack: Omnidirectional Blast
Magic Immunity


Thanks to his extreme muscle, Hulk is the most powerful character in the game. Hulk can KO early if he lands his attacks. He lacks in general speed, however.

Weight: 86/100
Height: 76/100
Dash Speed: 5/100
Walk Speed: 2/100
Air Speed: 7/100
Fall Speed: 84/100
Jump Height: 80/100

Standard Special: Hulk Smash
Side Special: Thunderclap
Up Special: Green Punch
Diagonal Special: Gamma
Down Special: Tremor Stomp
Ultimate Attack: Worldbreaker
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Sonic Arrow
Side Special: Flare Arrow
Up Special: Rocket Arrow
Diagonal Special: Cable Arrow
Down Special: Freeze Arrow
Ultimate Attack: Power Blast Arrow
Standard Special: Sand Golem
Side Special: Sentry Rip
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Light Platform
Down Special: Pulse of Light
Ultimate Attack: Void
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom Portrait Art
Standard Special: Arc Lightning
Side Special: Doomblast
Up Special: Doomport
Diagonal Special: Mauser
Down Special: Ensnare
Ultimate Attack: Doombot Army
SSB Xmen Storm
Standard Special: Twister of No Breath
Side Special: Super Wind
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Super Chill
Down Special: Lightning Shield
Ultimate Attack: Flash Flood
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Vibration Punch
Side Special: Cyclone-like Gust
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Vibration Explosion
Down Special: Quickclash
Ultimate Attack: Molecular Destabilization
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch
Standard Special: Hex Blast
Side Special: Deflection Hex
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Alteration Hex
Down Special: Amplification Hex
Ultimate Attack: Chaos Wave
SSB FantasticFour Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic
Standard Special: Ricochet
Side Special: Net
Up Special: Slingshot
Diagonal Special: Super Breath
Down Special: Inflater
Ultimate Attack: Ultimate Nullifier
Human Torch
Human Torch
Standard Special: Supernova
Side Special: Flame Beam
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Flame Cage
Down Special: Flame Clone
Ultimate Attack: Annihilation Wave
Silver Surfer
Standard Special: Silver Beam
Side Special: Gasify
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Silver Punch
Down Special: Silver Vortex
Ultimate Attack: Silver Black Hole
The Muppets Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy2

Miss Piggy, a Muppet, girlfriend of Kermit, has always been bossy, yet glamorous. She is not afraid of battle; she won't back down. Her strikes hit hard.

Weight: 12/100
Height: 9/100
Dash Speed: 72/100
Walk Speed: 80/100
Air Speed: 50/100
Fall Speed: 63/100
Jump Height: 60/100

Standard Special: Piggy Chop
Side Special: Foo-Foo
Up Special: Trumpet
Diagonal Special: Bar Bender
Down Special: Model
Ultimate Attack: Drive a Truck
SSB StarWarsNew Luke Skywalker
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Fold Space
Side Special: Force Illusion
Up Special: Shatterpoints
Diagonal Special: Force Shield
Down Special: Force Immersion
Ultimate Attack: Light Side
Darth Vader
Standard Special: Force Choke
Side Special: Force Barrier
Up Special: Djem So
Diagonal Special: Lightsaber Boomerang
Down Special: Force Healing
Ultimate Attack: Force Scream
SSB Aladdin Aladdin
Standard Special: Abu
Side Special: Theft
Up Special: Ultimate Evasion
Diagonal Special: Knock Out
Down Special: Dig Out
Ultimate Attack: A Whole New World
SSB Frozen Elsa
Standard Special: Winter Ball
Side Special: Cold Front
Up Special: Ice Pillar
Diagonal Special: Chill Power
Down Special: Frosty Shots
Ultimate Attack: To Build a Snowman
KH Logo Sora
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Firaga
Side Special: Sparkga
Up Special: Balloonga
Diagonal Special: Aeroga
Down Special: Magnega
Ultimate Attack: Triple Plasma
Club Penguin Penguin


Penguin is the player's customizable character in the virtual world, Club Penguin. He is considered the best character, due to Snowball and Green Bobsled being great moves, and many of his puffles granting him broken abilities. All of his moves are items from Club Penguin.

Weight: 32/100
Height: 25/100
Dash Speed: 36/100
Walk Speed: 23/100
Air Speed: 83/100
Fall Speed: 50/100
Jump Height: 33/100

Standard Special: Snowball
Side Special: Green Bobsled
Up Special: Blue Propeller Cap
Diagonal Special: Antique Mirror
Down Special: Puffle
Ultimate Attack: Stamp Book
Standard Special: Snow Cannon 3000
Side Special: Cream Soda
Up Special: Growing Plant
Diagonal Special: Bambadee
Down Special: Treasure Hunt
Ultimate Attack: Merry Walrus
American Dragon: Jake Long Jake Long
Wall Jump
Jake Long
Standard Special: Long Claw
Side Special: Jake Breath
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Solar Sand
Down Special: Doppelgänger
Ultimate Attack: Freeze Tail


Franchise Name Moveset
Phineas and Ferb Ferb
Play 75 matches.
Standard Special: Molecular Separator
Side Special: Fast Track Speed Run
Up Special: Bubble Boy
Diagonal Special: Paper Pelican
Down Special: Anti-Gravity Fun Launcher
Ultimate Attack: Super Saver Slide Kick
Gravity Falls Icon Mabel
Win 45 matches with Dipper.MabelGFArt
Standard Special: Yarn Whip
Side Special: Waddles Ride
Up Special: Grappling Hook
Diagonal Special: Bedazzler
Down Special: Love Door
Ultimate Attack: Octavia the Eight-Legged Cow
Marvel Captain America
Wall Jump
Win 50 matches with Iron Man.Captain America 2
Standard Special: Ricocheting Shield
Side Special: Shield Smash
Up Special: Shield Strap
Diagonal Special: Coming Shield
Down Special: Shield Bash
Ultimate Attack: Shield Test
Beat Thor 40 times.
Standard Special: Concussion Beam
Side Special: Bee Sting
Up Special: Wings of the Eagle
Diagonal Special: Hypnosis
Down Special: Speed Act
Ultimate Attack: Frost Giant
SSB Xmen Jean Grey
Win 80 matches with Storm.
Jean Grey
Standard Special: Psychic Blast
Side Special: Mental Paralysis
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Personality Alteration
Down Special: Telepathic Cloak
Ultimate Attack: White Phoenix of the Crown
Emma Frost
Win 80 matches with Jean Grey.
Emma Frost
Standard Special: Psychic Surgery
Side Special: Pain Inducement
Up Special: Light Spear
Diagonal Special: Psionic Blast
Down Special: Mental Sedation
Ultimate Attack: X-Men Blackbird
Beat Quicksilver 80 times.
Standard Special: Magnetic Rays
Side Special: Gravity Reduction
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Metallic Bonding
Down Special: Electromagnetic Sight
Ultimate Attack: Magnetic Forcefield
SSB FantasticFour Invisible Woman
Use a shield 1000 times.
Invisible Woman
Standard Special: Reflector Field
Side Special: Field Disk
Up Special: Bubble Rise
Diagonal Special: Field Spear
Down Special: Woman Invisible
Ultimate Attack: Bubble Boom
Use a (non-command) grab 1000 times.
The Thing
Standard Special: Clobberin' Time
Side Special: Fantasti-Flare
Up Special: Jetcraft
Diagonal Special: Bus Throw
Down Special: Oil Trap
Ultimate Attack: Piledriver
Inhumans Black Bolt
Win 1050 matches.
Black Bolt
Standard Special: Master Blow
Side Special: Particle Field
Up Special: Anti-Graviton
Diagonal Special: Freeze Shower
Down Special: Metal Ball
Ultimate Attack: Quasi-Sonic Scream
SSB StarWarsNew Darth Sidious
Complete Classic Mode with Darth Vader.
Darth Sidious
Standard Special: Force Lightning
Side Special: Mind Control
Up Special: Shroud of Darkness
Diagonal Special: Soul Possession
Down Special: Force Drain
Ultimate Attack: Force Storm
SSB Aladdin Jafar
Beat Aladdin 80 times.
Standard Special: Hypnotism
Side Special: Snake Jafar
Up Special: Levitating
Diagonal Special: Hourglass Trap
Down Special: Beam Finger
Ultimate Attack: Genie Jafar



Franchise Name Moveset
Spongebob symbol Spongebob
Spongebob SquarePants
Standard Special: Spongebob Tornado
Side Special: Patty
Up Special: Jellyfish
Diagonal Special: Bubble Elephant
Down Special: Laugh
Ultimate Attack: Boulder
Wall Jump
Sandy Cheeks
Standard Special: Karate Kicker
Side Special: Tongue Attack
Up Special: Lasso
Diagonal Special: Guitar Wave
Down Special: Robot Catch
Ultimate Attack: Hibernation
The Fairly OddParents Timmy Turner
Standard Special: Laser Vision
Side Special: Time Cycle
Up Special: Rocket Boy
Diagonal Special: Guitar Power
Down Special: Skylark Voice
Ultimate Attack: Fairy-versary Gifts
Standard Special: Mega Hug
Side Special: Blonda
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Book Passage
Down Special: Ice Drop
Ultimate Attack: Wanda Woman
Hey Arnold! Arnold


Arnold is a quiet, ordinary kid who lives with his grandparents and his pet pig. He can hit with random objects, like a baseball, paint, or a yo-yo.

Weight: 32/100
Height: 27/100
Dash Speed: 40/100
Walk Speed: 80/100
Air Speed: 19/100
Fall Speed: 53/100
Jump Height: 30/100

Standard Special: Homing Ball
Side Special: Paint Pour
Up Special: Abner
Diagonal Special: Yo-yo
Down Special: Gerald
Ultimate Attack: Giant Pizza
Avatar symbol Aang
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Air Swirl
Side Special: Earth Rock
Up Special: Fireflight
Diagonal Special: Water Smack
Down Special: Airbender Staff
Ultimate Attack: Avatar State
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Water Whip
Side Special: Droplets
Up Special: Hydro Flip
Diagonal Special: Water Shuriken
Down Special: Heal
Ultimate Attack: Bloodbending
The Legend of Korra Korra
Standard Special: Intense Flame
Side Special: Ice Wall
Up Special: Short Bursts
Diagonal Special: Air Blasts
Down Special: Metal Cable
Ultimate Attack: Avatar State
Danny Phantom Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom
Standard Special: Ghost Ray
Side Special: Ghostly Ice
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Duplicate Whip
Down Special: Overshadowing
Ultimate Attack: Ghostly Wail
Dora the Explorer Dora
Standard Special: Backpack
Side Special: Map
Up Special: Boots
Diagonal Special: Magico Star
Down Special: Gusty Star
Ultimate Attack: Clean Up Song


Franchise Name Moveset
Spongebob symbol Patrick
Complete All-Star Mode with Spongebob.
Standard Special: Mega Chop
Side Special: Projectile Starfish
Up Special: Ice Cream Wave
Diagonal Special: Cookie
Down Special: Multi-Arm Spin
Ultimate Attack: Gift of Gum
Mr. Krabs
Complete All-Star Mode with 500 different characters.
Mr. Krabs
Standard Special: Krabs Claw
Side Special: Krabs Shovel
Up Special: Copy Machine
Diagonal Special: Handsomeness Slam
Down Special: $1.00 per Step
Ultimate Attack: Wreck of the Mauna Loa
The Fairly OddParents Cosmo
Play 85 matches.
Standard Special: Jelly Shots
Side Special: Rolling Head
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Donkey
Down Special: Buff-Up
Ultimate Attack: Coszilla
Danny Phantom Ember McLain
Chanting Empowerment
Play 685 matches.
Ember McLain
Standard Special: Ecto-Bubble/Hypnotic Music
Side Special: Flame Ponytail/Skull Beam
Up Special: Spectral Body/Board Ride
Diagonal Special: Cloud Warp/Flare Attack
Down Special: Equip Guitar/Unequip Guitar
Ultimate Attack: Ecto-Tornado Cage/Wave

Cartoon Network


Franchise Name Moveset
Ed, Edd n Eddy Eddy
Standard Special: Eddy's Summer BBQ
Side Special: Sniff Sniff
Up Special: Popcorn King
Diagonal Special: Thingamajig
Down Special: Hypno
Ultimate Attack: Eds' Sea Ranch
RegularShowIcon Mordecai
Mordecai character
Standard Special: Rap
Side Special: Laserdisc
Up Special: Double Hoverboard
Diagonal Special: Basketball Power
Down Special: Death Block
Ultimate Attack: Mint Blizzard
Muscle Man & Hi-Five Ghost
Muscle Man & Fives
Standard Special: Shed Throw
Side Special: Gravy Pouch
Up Special: Dance Dance Knuckles
Diagonal Special: Fake Death
Down Special: Bro Shield
Ultimate Attack: Grease Monster
Standard Special: Hammer Power
Side Special: Skips Strike
Up Special: Speed Donut
Diagonal Special: Shattered Power
Down Special: Harpsichord
Ultimate Attack: Fists of Justice
273px-Benson character
Standard Special: Drummer
Side Special: Cart
Up Special: Gumball
Diagonal Special: Bow and Arrow
Down Special: Blindfold
Ultimate Attack: Anger Storm
Snaillogo Finn
Wall Jump
Standard Special: Finn Sword
Side Special: Ice Shuriken
Up Special: Ultimate Magical Hand
Diagonal Special: Gauntlet Fire
Down Special: Cyclops Tear
Ultimate Attack: Black Hole Bubble
Ice King
Standard Special: Kingly Ice
Side Special: Gunter
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Kingly Snowman
Down Special: Sandwich Exosketon
Ultimate Attack: Beard Flakes
Princess Bubblegum
Standard Special: Peppermint Butler
Side Special: Candy Zombie
Up Special: Lady Rainicorn
Diagonal Special: Princess' Key
Down Special: Ricardio
Ultimate Attack: Goliad
Magic Man
Magic Man
Standard Special: Foot Throw
Side Special: Magic Portal
Up Special: Magic Teleportation
Diagonal Special: Magic Fireworks
Down Special: Rock Sentience
Ultimate Attack: Inside Out
StevenSeries Steven Universe
Bubble Shield
Platform Boarding

Steven Universe - With Weapon3

Steven Universe was granted a gem that gave him access to great power. However, Steven's personality causes him to use it for things such as Cat Fingers or healing saliva. His shield is special in that it is indestructible and can't be grabbed through. This comes with the major downside that prevents Steven from doing anything out of it, including rolling and spot dodging.

Weight: 70/100
Height: 23/100
Dash Speed: 70/100
Walk Speed: 40/100
Air Speed: 40/100
Fall Speed: 56/100
Jump Height: 20/100

Standard Special: Rose's Shield
Side Special: Cat Fingers
Up Special: Variable Age
Diagonal Special: Healing Saliva
Down Special: Shatter Punch
Ultimate Attack: Watermelon Steven
Powerpuff Girls Blossom


Blossom is the lead Powerpuff Girl, the most powerful out of the three. She can fire out pink energy and use her ice breath to freeze. Her physical attacks are also quite strong.

Weight: 20/100
Height: 15/100
Dash Speed: 60/100
Walk Speed: 62/100
Air Speed: 76/100
Fall Speed: 68/100
Jump Height: 70/100

Standard Special: Ice Breath
Side Special: Pink Lightning
Up Special: Flight
Diagonal Special: Pink Eye
Down Special: Danger Sense
Ultimate Attack: Bow Bomb/Ice Breath Z
Samurai Jack Samurai Jack
Wall Jump
Samurai Jack
Standard Special: Cyber Punch
Side Special: Warrior's Shield
Up Special: Jump Good
Diagonal Special: Ancestral Power
Down Special: Light Ninja
Ultimate Attack: Super Slice
Ben 10symbol Ben
Wall Jump
Ben 10
Standard Special: Possess/Eat/Swamp Fire/Rath Attack/Bioelectricity/Fan/Cutting Twister/Electric Charge/Nuclear Punch/Freeze Breath
Side Special: Tentacle Whip/Slime/Vine Twirl/Sonic Roar/Nano-Ram/Spinning Power/Speed Punch/Electroblast/Fissile Whistle/