First appearance: World War X

Twilight Sparkle the Anti-God is a anti-being similar to God Waluigi. Born at the end of time itself, when Morgan Freeman abandoned the Lapisverse, the Lapisverse became godless and gave birth to the Devourer of the Multiverse. Her power exceeds that of the "King of Gods" Kathy as well as God Waluigi.

Foretold in the game World War X as well as being an optional boss fight in that game, Twilight Sparkle uses abilities such as blood energy beams, reverse sonic sounds, Mirror of Truth Shield, Red Matter Bomb, and Xenomonolith speed powers. She is even more powerful than the near-impossible to beat Morgan Freeman and God Waluigi, with 400 Health Bars. She appears with an army of Horsemen, each matching Morgan Freeman in power.

In Tower of Ungodliness, she is the final boss who must be defeated twice; the first time will have her utterly defeat you, requiring Kathy to revive you to be much stronger. When she is defeated, she disperses Red Mushrooms all around the Exoverse.

Twilight is rumored to appear in the Mysterious Nine Project, although this was later to be found to be untrue.


  • Blood Energy - Can use the blood on the battlefield as well as inside of her to charge powerful energy beams.
  • Reverse Sonic Sounds - Sounds that are physically impossible to hear and will make the victim go insane.
  • Mirror of Truth Shield - Reflects any attack and turns into a dark form. Just looking at it will also create a dark clone.
  • Red Matter Bomb - Can spew out Red Matter that when it touches anything, turns into a giant black hole.
  • Xenomonolith Speed - Incredibly fast to the point where it is nearly impossible to see her.
  • Devourer of the Multiverse - Can regain health and energy just from devouring the universe with her presence.

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