Tuhuko, a Pokecubus
Full Name Tuhuko
Current Age Immortal (physical age 21)
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class Trainer
Family and Relations
Leifa (friendly rival)
Main Weapon(s) Poke Ball Pasties

Tuhuko is a Fire/Flight Type Pokecubus that resided in Forest Route 22 before moving to Lynnhaven. She likes to battle with other fellow trainers. Like most Pokecubuses, she is an overly sexual character. She appears in Fighters Club Extraordinaire as a minor character.


Tuhuko is a brown haired Pokecubus. Like all Pokecubuses, she does not wear a top, but rather Poke Ball Pasties that she can rub to summon her Pokemon. She wears cutoff jeans similar to Hilda (Touko) as well as similar boots. She has Charizard-like wings and tail, although not exact.

She has size C breasts and appears to trim often. During sex, she mostly clothed, only taking off clothes if asked or if it blocks access.


Tuhuko is a very flirtatious and sexual character, often hitting on her opponents when battling, which is actually irritating to some of her opponents that just wanna battle. She is also self-confident to the extreme; the sheer strength of her obtuse mindset often prevents her from recognizing imminent dangers until they're pointed out to her. She also seems to have uncanny potential to survive apparently everything practically unscathed.

Tuhuko wears a different outfit when she comes across trainers that are underage. She has to have some morals, after all.


Image Held Item Ability Moves
091Cloyster Dream
Nothing Shell Armor
  • Spike Cannon
  • Withdraw
  • Aurora Beam
  • Supersonic
095Onix Dream
Nothing Weak Armor
  • Rock Throw
  • Rock Tomb
  • Smack Down
  • Dig



  • Tuhuko has had sex with some more human-like Pokemon, such as Lucario, Sceptile, and Gardevoir. These were all consensual.

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