''Token Sentõ'' (translated title Token Battle) is a fighting arcade umbrella game. The game was first released in Japanese arcades in December 2013 and then later released worldwide in June 2014. The main concept of Token Sentõ is the token system, players can buy Character Tokens to summon characters in game, players who buy the tokens can keep with them. The tokens can be used in all versions of the game, each Token also stores player data, such as player's movements and strategy. Before matches players can use characater tokens as an assist but the player can't use the same character in battle, requiring the player to buy another token.

Tokens comes in three per package and costs $5 each package, players can buy one token separted from the package to buy a specific token. The game is going to be ported to console systems with the Tokens being available to usage as well in the game.


The game puts in a third-person view, the player is always locked-on on the opponent and if there is more than one opponent, the player can choose to focus on the other fighters or have free control of the camera to a full view. Each character can wield a weapon, unless they already have one, if they do, they cannot change. Each character has three health bars, but the heart points between characters vary.

Characters cannot be used in all the stages, the character can be used in certain terrains as shown in their token. The character has different playstyles, such as Melee Fighter, Swordsman, Gun Fighter, Magic User and etcetera.


Wave 1

Those characters are still available for purchase. They begun being sold on June 12, 2014.

Character Description
Mii Brawler
Mii is the representation of the player in an avatar format. Mii Brawlers are melee experts relying on strength and speed. Mii Brawlers despite being melee experts, they have a projectile known as Shot Put, which travels in an arc. They don't go far and they are slow and easy to dodge but if timed correctly it gives a powerful blow that can defeat the enemies easily.
Mii Brawlers can fight in any terrain.
Mii Swordfighter
Mii is the representation of the player in an avatar form. Mii Swordfighters are experienced swordsmen, who relies on heavy blows and quick attacks. Mii Swordfighters can also counterattacks opponents with good timing, they also have weak but fast projectiles that can be used to build up combos.
Mii Swordfighters can only fight in the ground.
Mii Gunner
Mii is the representation of the player in an avatar form. Mii Gunner relies on their weapon, which can shoot different projectiles. Those projectiles have different proprieties and are good for a player that camps or prefer air battles, since it is very useful in the air.
Mii Gunners can only fight in the ground and in the air.
Shantae is a dancer that can turn into another animals using her power of dancing. Turning into another animals give her new abilities and new attacks, though, transforming takes sometime and can leave her open. She can fight using her Pirate Sword as well to use as melee attacks.
Shantae can fight in any terrain

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