I do what Nintendon't and Segan't.
This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
TimeStrike Logo
Founder(s) snicks
Founded at/in November 04, 2015 in NYC
Defunct at/in N/A
Headquarters New York City, NY
Area(s) Served Worldwide
Owner(s) snicks
No. of Employee(s) 2
Predecessor Fandraxonian Enterprises

TimeStrike is the result of old company Fandraxonian Enterprises being reformed under a new name.  It has heavily changed from the original, and all the franchises from the former company have been revamped.  The company was reformed on November 4, 2015.  TimeStrike does not have its own console, but develops mainly for other consoles, hence being a third party developer.  It almost always develops for Nintendo or Toroko's consoles.


If you want to join you don't need to ask just place your name down here.  These are hardly even employees anyway.

  • Snicks: The founder of the company and the one who directs things I guess.
  • Drebs:


Put your company's name down here if you consider TimeStrike an affiliate.  If Fandraxonian Enterprises is one of your affiliates, change it to TimeStrike. Please.

  • Toroko
  • Zeta Labs


  • TimeStrike wasn't really going to be a thing but Fandraxonian Enterprises did a lot of broken things and now we're gonna fix them.  We're going to mend the time that we wasted.

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