"The Users: The Quest For The Moldy Bagel" is a role-playing game made by Icy Cold Gaming Industries. The game plays similarly to the Nintendo game, Earthbound, except like most RPGs, you can switch between partners. The main gameplay mechanic is much like Paper Mario: Sticker Star, in which you find an item, use it, then have to go around getting more of the same item, whether it be sticks, swords, rocks, bombs, or even lampshades and guns.




One day, what appears to be a meteor lands in the middle of Greenland. However, it turns out to be a magical moldy bagel. The bagel summons zombies, Nazis, orges, ghosts, evil flying hobos, and more. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a young 17 year old named Edwin (who goes by Exo) finds this out first hand, as his neighborhood is attacked by mutant catfish with bacon tounges. And lamp monsters. After beating them, he goes out to find other heroes who can stop the moldy bagel.

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