The Ultimate Ed-vengers is a fan game developed by Fantendo's Phazonworks and platformed for the RiiVolution Ultima.




Name Real Name How to Unlock Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Edzilla Ed Basic Haymaker Chunky Puff Splatter Chicken Swarm
Masked Mumbler Double D Basic Plunger Shot Water Gun Toilet Rocket
Professor Scam Eddy Basic Ray of Riches Heads Or Tails Napalm Strike
Elemental/Ultra-mental Triple  D

Elemental: Basic.

Ultra-Mental: Beat Level 10.

Summon: Tidal Wave/Tesla Wave Summon: Stonewall/Permafrost Summon: Tornado Storm/Firenado
Ultra-Stump Plank Basic Cacti Fists Mushroom Ring Coconut Fury
Captain Melonhead Jonny 2x4 Basic Wonderwood Whiplash Gourd Breaker Mega Melon
Double Teamers Sarah & Jimmy Beat Level 5 Shield Bash Bulldozer Rush Spinning Smash
Valhallan Rolf Beat Level 5 Hammer Pummel Bolt Hammer Stormfront Flight
Bruiser Kevin Beat Level 5 Master Macer Fiery Response Eruption
Miss Freeze Nazz Beat Level 5 Icicle Spear Frost Shards Blizzard Blind
Split Personality Edna DLC Duplicate Punches Fling a Friend Circle of Clones
Targeter Edwin DLC

Bulls-eye Sniper

Flash Grenade Glider Flight
Splicer Edy DLC Data Jack Terrorizing the Tubes Stasis Field
The Iron Scammer E1XD DLC Repeater Cannon Thing-a-ma-Shot Hypno-tizing Wheel
Splinter the Wonderwood 

Splinter, Plank's "son." 

Special Pre-order Bonus Thornbark Hammer Meganut Shot

Sprout Bomb

Timber the Dark Shard  Timber, Plank's "son." Special Pre-order Bonus Rotting Branch Poison Ivy Living Swamp


Name Type What they do
Alien Marauder Grunt Shoots a bubble gun, temporarily trapping you.
Jack O' Lanterns Grunt Spits purple fireballs.
Gnome Santa Grunt Hit you with their little sacs.
"Bro-Bots" Grunt They just punch all willy-nilly.
Alien Commando Elite Shields self momentarily; shoots an occasional plasma grenade.


Name Level Data How to Beat
Mecha-Edzilla Level 1: Alien Invasion
The Halloween Pumpking Level 2: Boo-Haw-Haw This gourdheaded scarecrow plans to take over the world by turning people into slaves with mind-controlling pumpkins. Can you bake this pumpkin? When he lets his guard down, nail him with a bomb attack.
The Present Thief Level 3: Jingle Jingle Jangle
Whale Ho! Level 4: Mondo-A-Go-Go That's one odd trailer! It even has a whale-themed robot form! Plug up the blowhole with corks dropped from the nearby crane.
Why they shut down the Factory Level 6: Lemonbrook Gag Factory
Fire Kankerator (Lee) Level 7: Retreat to Mango Moat
Bolt Kankerator (May) Level 8: The Walk Home
Ice Kankerator (Marie) Level 9: Trailer Trashed
The Crushastator Level 10: Peach Creek Main Street
Tao Kankerator (Bebe) Level 11: Taking Back the Town
Alien Commander Level 12: Spaceship Infiltration
Mole Mutants Level 13: Abandoned Memory Remember these cannibal diggers? Ed does. Unleash Edzilla!
Eddy's Brother Level 14: Big Bro Rising
Collosanoid Level 15: The Heroes of Peach Creek

Story Levels

Peach Creek & Lemonbrook (Hub World):
Main Levels:
Name Number Entrance Description Boss
Alien Invasion 1 Rolf's Backyard (Spotlight) Fend off those crazed extraterrestrials; they want your neighborhood and your brain! Mecha-Edzilla
Boo-Haw-Haw 2 The Abandoned Hearse A rotten pumpkin wants to rule the world with a seeded fist; scare this wannabe scarecrow out of town! The Halloween Pumpking
Jingle Jingle Jangle 3 Eddy's Roof Santa Claus came to town with presents but a mysterious thief made off with his sack; chase him down and distribute the presents. The Present Thief
Mondo-a-Go-Go 4 The Cornfield The Eds had no choice but to go on the run from the aftermath of their last scam; reach Eddy's bro's trailer before the kids catch you! Whale Ho!
The Retreat 5 Edd's Basement All the villains have decided to work together for some good-old revenge; quickly gather the kids from the burning wreckage and leave town. None
Lemonbrook Gag Factory 6 The Road out of Town The abandoned gag factory has become the temporary hideout for the kids; unfortunately, there are a few complications surrounding the factory's shutdown, and they're not friendly! Why they shut down the Factory
Retreat to Mango Moat 7 Fire Kankerator
The Walk Home 8 Bolt Kankerator
Trailer Trashed 9 Ice Kankerator
Peach Creek Main Street 10 The Crushastator
Taking back the Town 11 Tao Kankerator
Spaceship Infiltration 12 The Alien Commander
Abandoned Memory 13 Mole Mutants
Big Bro Rising 14 Eddy's Brother
The Heroes of Peach Creek 15 Colossanoid
Challenge Levels:
Bonus Levels:





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