The Prize is a 2014 Horror video game developed by Unversed Entertainment. The story revolves around a silent un-named protagonist given the challenge of reaching the top floor of a mansion known as Castle Exti for the prize of 1000 dollars. However, not all is right in the mansion, and the player must delve deeper into the sick and twisted mansion to get their prize. The reception for the game was positive, praising it's gross out horror and very morbid traps, which were stated to be "ripped out of SAW".


An un-known man is hired by a mysterious man to reach the top floor of an abandoned mansion known as Castle Exti, if the man wants to get a prize of 1000 dollars. However, not is all as it seems, and the man finds that he is being pursued by a mysterious demonic entity. He also finds different torture devices in the mansion. Now, he has to attempt to make it out alive.

After making it through a number of gruesome traps and reaching the final floor, our main character meets his client. His client reveals himself to be the demonic entity who owns Exti, and that the entire job was all a psychotic game for him. The sickened main character begins a final battle for freedom and to stop the serial killer demon. Before dying, the entity remarks that he has already won, confusing the protagonist.

However, the hero soon realizes what the entity meant as he realizes that he is not the same man who entered, and that he had mentally snapped. He purchases Castle Exti using the 1000 dollars and through his constant sobbing hires someone to get to the top of Exti as a hideous grin comes to his face, starting the cycle all over again.


The game is a third-person 3D horror game where the goal is to complete Traps to advance through floors, until they reach the top floor where their prize is. In the main halls the player can walk, sprint, and jump, but a demonic entity is always following him. Throughout the game, the demonic entity can be temporarily stunned by shooting at the entity with a pistol. However, the pistol can only fire five bullets across the entire game, with 3 hidden bullets that can be collected. Failing traps or being hunted down by the entity result in death, and the game must be played from the beginning, besides a single save that allows the character to start back where they were. Completing the game unlocks Torture mode, where it is timed and there is no saves, and only 1 bullet. Completing Torture mode unlocks Trap Rush and Trap Select. Trap Select allows the player to play any trap at will, and Trap Rush allows the player to play all the traps in a row. Completing Trap Rush unlocks Exti Exploration, where the player can travel throughout the mansion while invincible and look for secrets and such.


  • The Main Character: A caucasian male. Little is known about him.
  • The Demonic Entity: A mysterious demonic entity who traps people with the promise of 1000 dollars and then torments them using various traps.


Castle Exti Foyer



This trap locks the character into a room with a slowly collapsing roof. The key to the door is inside a rotting corpse, and you only have a makeshift shiv, so don't waste time or you'll be crushed.


In this trap, the room is slowly being filled with poisonous gas. The key is inside a bottle that will only open when enough blood is poured in a jar connected to it. The player must use a knife to fill the jar up with enough blood without bleeding to death by choosing good places to cut yourself.


Here, a helmet has been shoved onto the character, that can at any time drill into his skull. The hero has one knife, and must throw it to hit one of three targets. Hitting the middle one will release the helmet, but missing or hitting the left and right ones result in a drill to the skull.


Here, the player is riding a carousel full of protruding machetes and weapons. The player must duck at the right time to avoid these, or the player will be decapitated.


In this trap, the player is on a conveyor belt leading to a spiked spinning wheel. The wheel will only stop when it grinds a body. Thankfully, the corpse of a little girl is locked inside a coffin. The player must take out the body and throw it into the wheel in time, or be shredded in a gory mess.

Castle Exti Interior



In this trap, the player is armed with a home-made shotgun that has 3 bullets and could backfire and explode at any time. The player needs to use the three shots wisely to survive against a hoard of zombie-like little girls armed with shivs.


Here, our character is chained to a pool of a combo of mucus and blood. The chain is slowly pulling the player into the pool, and to break the chain, the player needs to cut through it using a saw. You need to hack through it as fast as possible if you want to survive.


The player has been armored with a very tight suit and helmet that's slowly filling up with toxic gas. The only way to take off the helmet is to find a screwdriver. Unfortunately, the screwdriver is literally inside a haystack, and the player must find it in time before they are killed.


Here, the character has to escape from a narrow trap above a pit of spikes. To make things worse, they have to carry a bucket of blood that is very full. At the end, if the bucket is not full enough, the trap will fall apart and the player will fall into the spikes. The player also has to worry about spilling blood making it more slippery.


This trap has the player locked to a chair in a room slowly filling up with vomit. The player needs to get the key to the chair by eating through a pie made of various human body parts in time, while not getting too sickened.

Castle Exti Inner Sanctum



In this trap, the player has to make a machine that will open the door work, before the ceiling comes down on the player. The final gear necessary is a rib. The player is supplied with the body of a dead clown with his eyes open. The player must use a stick to get out the rib without hitting various bombs inside the body of the clown.


Here, the character is locked in a room located over a pool of acid, and the only way to get out of the room before the room crumbles is to unlock a chest with the key inside. The chest can only be opened with a tooth, so the player has to pull out a tooth manually and open the chest in time.


This trap has the player locked in a bathroom with an overflowing toilet full of blood and feces. The only way to get out is through the mirror, which will only open if you cut a smiley face into your chest using a sharp stick. Don't die and don't drown in the crap and blood.


Here, the player is locked inside a small pit of rancid garbage, where a worm-like creature is slowly coming to get the player. The player must hold up a White Flag whenever the worm gets too close. It will cause the worm to flee temporarily. The player must keep the worm at bay for 3 minutes to get out of this trap.


This trap is the player battling against the villainous entity plauging Castle Exti. He is fought in a pool of flammable jelly with a single candle. The player must carefully wade through it and light a rope on fire which will break the fragile platform the foe is standing on. Then, the player must chase the foe in pursuit before the floor crumbles and collect a single bullet for your pistol. Then, you have one chance to shoot the demon in the head and kill him.


  • Scavenger Slaughter is a reference to the SAW franchise.

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