A typical example of a Nuile.

The Nuile is a species of warrior humanoids who only identify under the single gender of female. This species thrives out in the wild.


The typical description of a Nuile usually notes their blue, sleek and shiny skin. They have four eyes, which can all be separate colors and these colors can be changed by will. These eyes can also have a hypnotic effect. They usually have long, mangy white hair that goes down past their shoulders. They also have a white fur tail not unlike a cats. Down their spines they have protrusions that extend outwards like spikes, yet are smooth nubs at the end. Typically they wear grey, often torn loincloths to hide their private parts. The Nuile usually have a ovipositor which they can inject eggs out from into other species. They also lactate a blue color milk.


The Nuile have the power to produce very thick neon white white webbing from a hole located at the bottom of their spine and can use it to construct webs, tie up prey, or create hammocks to rest in.