First appearance: Fighters of Lapis

Latest appearance: Fighters of Lapis 6

As he appears in Fighters of Lapis 6.

The Nostalgia Critic is a character played by Doug Walker, a.k.a. ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. The character first appeared in his own title show on YouTube. After his controversial "booting" from YouTube, the character carried on to He first appeared in the original Fighters of Lapis.


Depending on the setting, the Critic is given to over-the-top reactions, screaming at the top of his voice at movie plots that do not make sense or do not leave any explanation, or reacting with sarcasm. He goes berserk at the mere mention of the "Bat Credit Card". The Critic becomes a power-hungry despot when given positions of authority, as seen blatantly in Kickassia.

Occasionally, the Critic has shown a more compassionate side to him when he criticizes a work for acting insensitive about real life events, such as The Legend of the Titanic animated movie, which turned the disaster into a cliched message against whaling and established that all the passengers onboard survived the sinking.

Appearances in the Fighters of Lapis series


  • Standard Special: Fire Rounds - Fires a couple of bullets from his gun.
  • Side Special: Elephant - The Critic says the word "Elephant" and the The Burger King appears and goes in the direction of the side used for the attack. When it hits an enemy, it causes Negative Zone-like attacks, enemies in mid-air stangely falls while their footstool animation plays, it breaks shields in one hit, and causes Flower.
  • Down Special: Plot Hole Pull - Goes into plot hole mode, where he can become various object like a stapler or a muppet.
  • Up Special: Mako Miracle - The Critic makes a head of Mako Iwatsu appear, making the critic float. While mosly used for ledge recovery, an opponent can get damaged by touching the head.
  • Super Move: To Boldy Flee - Nostalgia Critic's house fires at the stage, shooting out blue shells and lasers.

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