The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving is an umbrella fighting game loosely connected to the Crystallion Multiverse (which as of now consists of the Crystal Warriors games, Magical Mystery Murder Quest, and somewhat The Mysterious Seven Project.) It follows an oddball group of characters meeting for a Thanksgiving party, but then going to stop a world-threatening catastrophe. 



The story structure is similar to that of Mortal Kombat 9's, where a character goes through a chapter, fighting enemies that are linked together through cutscenes in the story. In some cases, you will be able to choose one of multiple characters to play as in the story.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Playable Character(s): Webmaster


Playable Characters

Character Description Franchise
A skilled programmer who uses the powers of Heavenly Light for his attacks, Webmaster is Netking Number 5, and is the leader of the Netkings.  Fighty Umbre - TOME
Rubirules is Netking Number 2, and the snark of the group. He can transform into other players and use their moves, but can't do much on his own aside from weak melee attacks and generating a crystal shield around himself, which he also uses to transform.  Fighty Umbre - TOME
Maizono Sayaka
Sayaka Maizono
Maizono is a cheery pop star and childhood friend of Makoto Naegi. She was one of the 15 students present at the School Life of Mutual Killing, and attacks with singing and quick melee attacks.  Fighty Umbre - Danganronpa
BlackStar & Tsubaki
An egotistical assassin in training, BlackStar uses his weapon partner Tsubaki, who can transform into a giant ninja star, a sword, a smokebomb, and her main form, a dual hook weapon connected by a chain.   SSB Soul Eater Series
Minecraft-steve 12
A mysterious lone miner, Steve uses his gear such as his swords, pickaxe, and redstone contraptions. Over time his sword upgrades from wood, to stone, to iron, and finally to diamond, as does his armour.  Minecraft symbol
Dark Palutena
The angsty clone of Lady Palutena. Dark Palutena uses her staff and shield, as well as powers of darkness, as opposed to Palutena's powers of light.  SSB Kid Icarus Series
Waddles is Mabel's pet pig, who can attack by ramming into people and can also use random dance parties. On the off chance that he gets struck by lightning, he will turn into Zombie Pigman Waddles.  Gravity Falls Icon
Isabelle is the secretary from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and can attack by throwing apples at opponents or dropping stacks of papers on them. #BestSecretary.  SSB Animal Crossing Series
Boy & his Blob
A Boy & his Blob
A boy who befriends an alien blob. He gives the blob jelly beans, which causes him to transform into many different weapons and other tools.  SSB Unavaliable

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