Binary Time is the 1st story mode (as well as the main one) for The Mysterious Seven Project. It focuses on coins made of Anti-Space energy, and their affects on the many universes involved in The Mysterious X Project series, as well as introducing some new universes. It is said to tie in to the story mode of Crystal Warriors 2: Trinity.  

Episode 1: Birth of the Binary World

Prologue: Casino Snoreale

A small figure and a red jet in the form of a hawk are shown soaring through the skies, chasing a white and yellow helicopter with a light blue "D" on its side. Standing on the hawk jet are Chuck D. Head, Inori Aizawa, and Emmet, with Dexter piloting the jet and Iron Man flying beside it. Iron Man and the jet go through a stage similar to Sky Chase Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, dodging the villain's troops.

After landing in the casino known as the Mysterious Casino, the Mysterious Five organization decides to split into groups, with Chuck, Dexter, and Emmet going left and Inori and Iron Man going right. As the two groups go around defeating the villain's minions, they use their different abilities and skills to help each other solve puzzles. Dee Dee acts as the guide for Chuck's group, and Hawkeye does the same for Inori's.

Soon, the two groups reunite at a poker table, where they encounter the villain, Mr. D. A poker minigame begins; after finishing it, Mr. D. reveals a bomb that will blow up the casino in 5 minutes. Then, the Mysterious Five fight in a timed boss battle against him, defeating him easily. They disarm the bomb and head back to the Helicarrier, with a job well done.

Intermission 1: Helicarrier

The Mysterious Five organization is called to a meeting by Nick Fury. He explains that giant coins have been falling through large rectangular holes. Dexter scoffs that such a thing cannot happen, but Tony Stark reminds him of Irregular and how it tore universes apart and reconstructed them in its own image. Dexter then remembers Irregular, and accepts the information received from Fury. The S.H.I.E.L.D. director mentions that the holes have been found in New York, as well as the Internet, Huber, Skeleton Island, and Bricksburg. Emmet, angry that his world is in danger again, quickly yells out that they should do something about it. Chuck warns him not to jump to conclusions, and explains how they should keep calm and not have the story go by too fast, thus breaking the Fourth Wall. Inori breaks it even further by telling him to stop doing so every time a serious discussion comes up. After a long debate, the Mysterious Five accept their new mission.

Mission 1: New York

Tony Stark travels to Manhattan to check on Stark Tower, only to discover one of the holes hovering in space-time above it. He dons his Stealth Armor to easily avoid getting hit by coins. As he climbs up the tower, he watches the hole and notices some tiny pieces of binary code around it. Suddenly, a large coin is pushed through it from the outside, falling through the sky down to the plaza. It glitches out for a split-second, and Stark, having recorded the footage, decides to tell Nick Fury about his findings.

Mission 2: The Internet

Inori Aizawa gets into Nick Fury's computer and begins searching for coins. She battles some Virus Drones along the way, and eventually encounters Uirusu, who has come here for a rematch. After her battle, Uirusu flees, and Inori finds a pixellated sprite of Pac-Man, who is roaming the internet looking for ghosts to eat. She tries to speak to him, but Pac-Man can't hear her and munches on some more Pac-Dots. Inori shrugs and walks away.

Mission 3: Huber

Dexter comes out of a portal to his hometown, Huber. He finds Dee Dee strolling down the sidewalk, playing with a couple of her stuffed animals. Dexter warns her of the holes that giant coins may fall out of, and Dee Dee, though not believing his statement, joins him to find some. They arrive at their school, Huber Elementary, and find another hole. They watch it for a while, and it disappears. However, the binary field remains in the same area. Dee Dee wonders why the field remained; Dexter, thoughtful and prepared, smiles and says it's "a fine day for science"; thus, he decides to repair his lab (which was destroyed back in Irregular Show) and research these holes.

Mission 4: Skeleton Island

As Chuck D. Head inspects a coin hole hovering over the Armington region, he fights off groups of monsters. Soon, he finds a wierd large slot at the side of a large tower. Its "door" opens up, and a bright light glows in Chuck's eyes as a mysterious cloaked figure rushes past him. Chuck, perplexed by this figure's appearance, chases after it, but it shoots a stun bullet at him, freezing him in place. The figure somehow turns invisible and manages to escape before Chuck can regain his senses.

Mission 5: Bricksburg

Emmet and Wyldstyle walk around Bricksburg surveying citizens and asking if they have seen any wierd coins falling out of the sky. None of them seem to have had such problems.

The last person Emmet questions is President Business. The president explains how he had been watching the minifigure citizens marvel at a coin that fell out of something similar to a coin slot. The coin laid in the town square for a few months, and it started releasing more and more binary code. The code somehow made citizens a little less intelligent than usual, a little less aware... a little less creative. "Wasn't that exactly what you wanted back when I first got the Piece of Resistance strapped to my back?" Emmet asks wittingly. "For people to stop being creative?" President Business says that it doesn't matter, since the citizens of Bricksburg are in danger. Thus, Emmet agrees to help him, under one condition: if he finds out that the president is turning evil again, he will never trust him again for the rest of his life. He turns to leave President Business's tower, pondering his own words as well as the president's.

Mission 6: Motel California

On the side of the road, Pepsiman sits down, with only a hat full of change to his name. As he tries to hitchhike with any vehicles coming down the road, he finds himself tossed into the back of an armored vehicle, hitting his head on the floor. The driver expresses worry over this, but then proceeds to speed up, causing Pepsiman's unconscious body to slam into the walls several times.

Pepsiman awakens in an old-timey motel, seemingly alone. As he opens his door, Reggie Fils-Aime awaits him, telling him to get back to the 'van'. Reggie explains that Nintendo of America's headquarters was smashed by a massive coin, and that his coworkers are all trapped in the binary-infested remains of the building. As the duo reaches the lobby, a yellow square bursts out of the loudspeaker systems and begins to morph in shape, before settling as Pac-Man. Reggie manages to fend him off and shove him back into the internet through an old computer. Starting their road trip to Nintendo of America's headquarters, the two high-five while a tiny little pixel lingers on their truck...

Mission 7: Binary Battle

After getting some intel about the coins, Inori, Chuck, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Iron Man, Dexter, and Mario all meet at a strange garage, where they find one of the coins. Suddenly, a strange binary creature bursts up from the floor. It is a binary code version of Ronan the Accuser, who was thought to be killed during the events of Guardians of the Galaxy. The Ronan double is defeated and the team regroups at the Helicarrier, with the exception of Mario, who tries to clean up the mess but ends up being transformed into NES Mario once coming into the contact with the coin. Glitching sprites from popular NES games suddenly begin to attack him. NES Mario defeats the sprites and sees if he can find out what exactly happened to him.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy with spiky hair and a small flying blue cat are watching over what happened. More glitch creatures come, and the boy leaves in a burst of fire. 

Intermission 2: Binary Realm

A cutscene shows Mario's body in limbo, along with the bodies of several other civillians that got encased in the coding. We then get a glimpse of eight figures: One with long blue hair, one with red hair and a goatee, an obese man with glasses, a black haired girl who slightly resembles a maid, one with strangely shaped orange hair and a black jacket, one in a white suit with spikey black hair, and one with light brown hair wearing a green shirt. Then they all get incased in an aura that resembles a yellow eye. 

Mission 8: Pseudo-Peter Parker Polices People's Pixel Parcel

Pepsiman and Reggie arrive at a gas station in the middle of a desert, preparing to stock up on chips and fuel. Reggie stays behind to guard the truck, while Pepsiman enters the gas station. Whilst absorbing the entire store's supply of Pepsi into his inner core, Pepsiman is hit by a stunning web from Spider-Man 2099, who dashes to the car carrying his new prisoner. Reggie enters battle with him, reflecting back a toxin web shot and tossing the two in the truck.

Spider-Man 2099 awakens, quickly busting his way out of the truck and onto its roof. Pepsiman checks on him, and witnesses the crusader attempting to contain a group of yellow pixels stuck to the top of the vehicle, As Pepsiman attempts to toss a motivational Pepsi at him, Spider-Man's focus is broken, allowing the pixels to reform into Pac-Man. Explaining that he came from the future to contain the mysterious entities unleashed through binary, Spider-Man 2099 grapples with Pac-Man, defeating him and containing him within a mysterious canister. Placing the canister in the trunk, Spider-Man climbs back into the truck, drinking his motivational Pepsi.

Mission 9: The Nintendo Factory

[Note: It is suggested you listen to this while reading.]

Iwata and Reggie are overseeing the production of Mario Kart 9 discs when suddenly Vince McMahon barges in with Superiority Complex, consisting of Rei, Malva, Gilgamesh, and Lilthmon. Iwata and Reggie take the team on, but they are unable to take them. Vince McMahon places his hand on a Mario statue made of Metal and brings it to life, and forces it to try and kill Iwata and Reggie. Just then, Sakurai comes and and blasts them with a shot from his cyborg arm. Metal Mario recoils back and takes the three of them, but gives up after sustaining enough damage. Reggie tips his sunglasses as Metal Mario runs away, saying he's "bent out of shape".

Vince grabs what he came for: the Nintendo Magic. He and the Superiority Complex blast off, with Iwata, Reggie, and Sakurai unable to use any of the things they built and thus unable to chase them down. They call up the Mysterious Five Organization.


Yuji Naka, now at Prope Studios, is working on his new game, Rodea the Sky Soldier, having left Sonic Team behind. He is irritated because even after three whole years, the game has still not been released yet. However, since he has completed the Wii version of the game, he still has data files in his computer.

But just then, Mandy busts the door open and tells him to give up the data. She explains she has an entire team with her -- the Uncanny Five, consisting of Wolverine, Blinky, Death the Kid, Jack Skellington, and Mandy herself, so Naka cannot say no. When Yuji still refuses, he is forced to battle the Uncanny Five. Mandy manages to trap the Rodea data in her small thumb drive, and walks off with her allies.

Yuji Naka realizes that a similar problem occured at Nintendo, with its magic being stolen by the Superiority Complex. He heads off to the Nintendo HQ to find Iwata, Reggie, and Sakurai.

Mission 11: Hope and Despair

Makoto Naegi wakes up in a mysterious place, which seems to be an area filled with code. Bright yellow clones of what appears to be his deceased friends from the School Life of Mutual Killing attack him, but Makoto defeats him. Makoto is then greeted by a voice, saying that he has to help get rid of an old enemy, and that the Mysterious Five isn't enough. Makoto isn't sure of what the voice is talking about, but reluctantly agrees. 

He then finds himself being taken prisoner by Claude Frollo's royal guards, alongside Ika and Sora. The three escape and decide to try and find out what exactly is going on. The three journey to Frollo's throne room, where they fight Frollo. However, Frollo turns into a strange monochrome creature midway through the battle. Makoto is confused by this transformation, while Ika and Sora seem unphased, as if the transformation never actually happened. The voice comes back to Naegi, saying it's "just the past coming back to him." 

Mission 12: Hellfire

The trio has defeated Frollo in his mutated form, but he isn't done yet. Frollo's minions knock Sora unconscious, with Frollo confiscating his Keyblade and stealing it for himself. Ika and Makoto try to escape, but their attempts are futile. The voice in Makoto's head tells Makoto to stay calm, and Makoto does so, despite feeling uneasy. The two blast through minions before coming across Maka Albarn and Link, who are fighting more of the minions. The minions mutate into flaming creatures, before forming together into Lavalantula. As the battle rages on, the massive coins rain from above, enveloping Lavalantula in code. Soon, a coin lands dangerously near the team, enveloping them in the code as well. Makoto and the others are trapped in the binary essence while 8-Bit Sprite-like forms of them wander the real world.  

Mission 13: The Vast Known

Nearing the Nintendo of America HQ, Reggie quickly checks in on his "associates", noticing that his 3DS has Streetpassed several of them. Checking in on Pepsiman, Spider-Man 2099 witnesses him in an unspeakably horrible form of liquid metal, Pepsi, and the fear of the innocents, before quickly backing away to check in on his captured binary creatures. As he holds up Pac-Man's canister, the van quickly slams into something, cracking the container and freeing Pac-Man. Reggie enters the back of the van, telling the group that they've hit an obstacle.

Stepping out of the van, Spider-Man 2099 looks up what Reggie refers to as the Vast Known - a massive plain of Nintendium with constantly shifting walls and several guardians of the Nintendo HQ. Entering the maze, Pac-Man attempts to communicate with the group to avoid capture, only managing to display vague sprites of him passing through some kind of portal. Allowing him to tag along, Reggie leads the group through the maze to the first Guardian - the massive Mecha Cell, a creation of Mecha Sakurai's own design. Fiercely fighting the massive beast, Pac-Man manages to locate a weak point - the nucleus on Cell's head - and promptly strikes him down.

Mission 14: The Scattered Disk

Vince McMahon heads back to the Superiority Complex headquarters and grabs the stolen Nintendo Magic and a glass container with a shattered DVD in it. Vince grabs some Nintendo magic and sprinkles it on the disc, where it comes back together. Labeled on the disc is "Source Code".

Vince McMahon, BBQ Girll, Rei, Malva, Gilgamesh, and Lilthmon board a giant ship and blast off into space. They come across a giant coin with George Washington's face on it. They land inside the maze and make their way to the center, where they come across Bill Cipher. Bill Cipher tells Vince he would like to make a deal. Just then Inori, Chuck, Emmet, Dexter, and Iron Man run in. Bill Cipher blasts a blue flame at them and Vince shakes Bill's hand and then inserts the disc. The maze proceeds to flatten and then the maze's outline glows and shoots out lasers, rotating in space to create a giant portal.

Bill Cipher then tells them that he and Vince have "just opened up a path for limitless worlds" by freeing the trapped Irregular Energy inside the coins. By opening up these massive portals, Vince and Bill intend to find this universe's source code and... mess with it a little. Inori and Chuck attempt to stop Bill and Vince from going inside the multiverse portal, but Vince merely shoves Inori and Chuck D. Head away, with Chuck D. Head falling off the maze. Inori and the Mysterious Five organization yell as Chuck D. Head falls into the vast unknown reaches of space, hoping to get him with the ship as they leave, but Chuck D. Head is grabbed by a mysterious ship.

Mission 15: Hostage Ship

Chuck D. Head wakes up on a ship where he finds that the ship is heading towards the Multiverse Portal. He finds that the ship's crew consists of Haruko, Silver Samurai, and Shelly. When asked on what they want from him, they do not respond.

The ship enters the Multiverse Portal and lands in a grassy plain. The ship opens and Chuck D. Head is tossed out and the ship leaves without him. Chuck D. Head comes across Anime Fuzzy Lumpkins who attacks him for being on his property. After defeating Anime Fuzzy Lumpkins, Chuck notices a giant black pyramid in the distance.

Mission 16: Elmore

Gumball Watterson heads downstairs from his bedroom, looking for Darwin. He hasn't seen him since he fell asleep the previous night. After walking outside, he sees Penny Fitzgerald staring off into the distance. Gumball taps her shoulder, and she turns to him -- but there is something weird about her eyes. They're... blue.

Penny launches herself towards Gumball, who is forced to fight her for a while. After she is seemingly knocked out, Gumball runs off to find help. But Penny begins to crawl towards him slowly, warning him that the Uncanny Five will find him, before dozing off.

Intermission 3: The End

The Uncanny Five, now having stolen Sega's magic, proceeds to drizzle it over a broken DVD. A portal begins to open, and Mandy explains to her allies that it will allow them to travel through dimensions. Jack Skellington asks why they would need to do so, and Mandy tells him that ever since Nergal Jr. betrayed her in Silver Spurs: Dimensional Duos, she has been attempting to open up more universes and searching for new minions. As she was walking through the Flow of Reality, she found large coins with Abraham Lincoln's face on them, and thus found a way to do this. Mandy states that this was why she hired Jack, along with Wolverine, Blinky, and Death the Kid -- to assist her. Wolverine, being so reluctant to assist her, mumbles something under his breath.

Mandy states that they must find one member of the Mysterious Five and make them explain how they manage to travel throughout universes. At this point, she tells them to get ready, for the portal will be closing soon. She stares into said portal and whispers, "I will find you, mysterious ones..."

Episode 2: The Hole in the Sky

Mission 1: Burial Scene

Inori and Emmet, Dexter, and Iron Man hold a quick funeral service for their fallen friend. Inori places a bunch of dead plants on his "grave", and then joins the others into the Multiverse Portal. The ship goes underwater and heads to some kind of sunken temple.

A hologram of a fish-like Pit is shown, warning the Mysterious Five Organization to keep out. Inori presses on, looking for Bill and Vince. Suddenly, a knight slams into the ship, severely damaging it before swimming away. Inori and the others have to exit the ship via a Double Decker Couch.

As they float onto the surface, they find a volcano temple, where they see Bill opening up a portal with Vince. Inori angrily swims towards them. As they reach the volcano temple, they come across Hades and battle him. Suddenly, 06 Eggman appears and shouts at them, saying that his latest creation Egg Cerberus will destroy them. Just then, Master Elise kicks 06 Eggman in the face and runs with the Mysterious Five Organization into the portal that Bill opened up, saying that Bill took something important.

Intermission 1: Somewhere in North Korea...

Kim Jung Un looks at some of his advisors as they hack Sony's Headquarters for their magic. They pump the magic into their outdated technology, especially their military. Kim Jung Un figures if he attacks the US, every country will go up against them, so he instead focuses his efforts into getting into the giant alternate universe holes that have started popping up and taking those over instead.

Mission 2: Surgery

Reggie, Pepsi-Man, Pac-Man Spider-Man 2099 press forward into the maze, where they meet another Reggie, this time wearing sunglasses. After the other Reggie has been defeated, it turns out he was actually Reggie-Fils-A-Mech, a robot planted by the Superiority Complex to make sure their plan succeeded. Sakurai and Iwata are freed and join up with the group.

They then come across the second guardian: Calculator. After defeating him, they press forward into the maze.

Mission 3: Into the Pyramid

Chuck D. Head quietly steps into the dark pyramid, hoping to encounter the mysterious hooded figure again. Gumball jumps through a portal, prompting a battle. After Gumball joins Chuck, they begin searching for the figure, as well as Darwin in the process.

They soon run into Mandy, who tells them that she has been searching for a way to conquer every multiverse, and Chuck "just handed it to her". She sends out the Demon Cat to eliminate Gumball -- whom she believes she has seen before -- and Chuck. They seemingly get rid of Demon Cat, but Mandy has more than him at her command; she uses an energy scythe to capture Chuck. She then tells Gumball that he is "lucky", because she has decided to wait until the right time to eliminate him. "So long, Cosmic Child," she says as she walks through an End Portal with Chuck in the cage.

Gumball, confused, rushes out of the pyramid. But he comes across Rosalina, who tells him that he is only one of three Gumballs who look normal, but have a lot of potential. Of the Spursverse, Grandtheftaverse, and Mysteriousverse versions, Mysteriousverse Gumball is "the most special of them all", and that is all Rosalina says before she teleports away. Gumball sees a grey lighting bolt and an M16, and walks up to grab him. Images of events of Silver Spurs 1-4 and Grand Theft Gumball flash through his mind before he falls unconscious.

Intermission 2: Uncannily Mysterious

Mandy brings Chuck D. Head into a room with the Uncanny Five and several Endermen. Perfect. Now we can begin. Start interrogating." Blinky and Jack Skellington tie Chuck into a Nether Brick chair, and Death the Kid holds a gun to his head... er, stomach-head. Mandy goes on about the usual "easy way or hard way" stuff, and asks him how he and the rest of the Mysterious Five go from multiverse to multiverse. When Chuck refuses to tell her, she responds, "I suppose the invasion of Skeleton Island will solve this problem, don't you think, boys?" Chuck yells out as a screen shows End Stone spreading all over the island, but he still gives no answer to Mandy's question.

Death the Kid pulls the trigger, but a blast causes the gun to fall out of his hand. The cloaked figure Chuck saw earlier runs in and begins destroying Mandy's castle. Mandy and the Uncanny Five retreat with the Endermen. The figure unties Chuck, but then jumps out the window onto a Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle. Chuck finds a portal device and jumps inside.

Mission 4: Rantaloupe

Inori and the Mysterious Five Organization learn that the dimension they were just in was called "Rantaloupe". As they enter Bill's Dimension, they find no sign of Bill. They find themselves under attack by a green triangle with a halo named Peter Cipher, who they defeat. As Peter vanishes back into the many eyes in the background, Master Elise discovers this was a ruse and that Bill has trapped them in this dimension.

Master Elise tells them about the awful rumors of the place, saying that if they do not get out of this dimension, they will become a Cipher and forced to work for Bill. Dexter manages to find a way out using the Anti Space Portal he and Tony build into a collapsible portal. They say if they can get into Anti-Space and return, they will return to the area with the most Irregular Presence. It so happens that Rantaloupe is it.

After re-arriving in Rantaloupe, they come across an apartment with lights on, but in bad condition. They knock on the door, revealing Johnny and Future!Johnny, who were transported here during the events of Irregular Show. The two Johnnies join forces with the Mysterious Five Organization.

Mission 5: Coffee Break

Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo are enjoying a coffee break in a Colorado Town during the winter when suddenly they notice two animals attacking each other. Known as Season's Greetings, the two attempt to stop the fighting, but they are still attached to each other. Armored Mewtwo simply tazes both and puts them in the Police Vehicle.

They hear about the Multiverse Portal in the sky thanks to Hawkeye. They begin their search for the portal and for Chuck, hitting the road. They come across Crazy Bus, which attempts to stop them, so Agent Venom must attack it from on top of the police vehicle. After defeating Crazy Bus, the two head towards Vegas.

Mission 6: The Announcement

As Inori and the Mysterious Five Organization (and the two Johnnies) head off to find someone to help them find Bill and Vince, Dexter tells Inori that Emmet has been acting... strange. They watch as Emmet disassembles a lego tree and builds a giant sword to terrorize bunnies with.

Tony Stark interrogates Emmet, who begins to spaz out and attack Iron Man and start talking gibberish. They find he is not talking gibberish though, as Inori's decoding detects that he is talking in a Caesar Cipher. Master Elise indicates that some sort of virus of sorts has infected Emmet and that he will become a Cipher within a week, and that Bill now has control over his mind. They trap Emmet in a Iron Man suit that cannot move, and tell Emmet that they will find a cure.

Inori and the Mysterious Five Organization then come across the mysterious knight that attacked their ship. The knight introduces themselves as First Knight of the Chozo Order and proceeds to attack them, stating that nobody is permitted in Seaworld without Palutena's permission. As the knight and the Mysterious Five fight (and loose), Palutena appears as a hologram, telling the Knight to knock it off, as she has learned that they come from another dimension similar to theirs, and that they have saved many multiverses from Symbiote Galactus and Dr. Doom. The knight lifts up their helmet, revealing that she is a woman named Samus. Dame Samus introduces herself and apologizes for beating the fucking shit out of them.

They learn that in this dimension, Palutena is Goddess of Water, and her "Skyworld" is underwater and is named "Seaworld", and that Dame Samus is the leader of her army. They learn about Bill and Vince, and vow to stop the two with the Mysterious Five Organization.

Mission 7: Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo's Christmas Vacation

Season's Greetings wakes up and joins Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo on their drive through Vegas, as the two gamble and have fun. They come across Neo-Arc Chaos, who tells them about the hole in the sky and tell them he knows where it is. After following his directions for a couple of hours, they find that he was misdirecting them so they would bring him to Russia, where he plans to break out Spooky Goopy. The two beat up the three heroes and steal their ride.

Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo find a girl named Peni Parker, who offers to help the three out if they can assist her with hanging up Christmas Ornaments in the town. They find out she is doing this in memory of her dad. Just then, Massive Ridley appears, saying that he wants to ruin Christmas because he's so bad. Armored Mewtwo tells him that it's a super flimsy motivation, in which Massive Ridley states that he doesn't care and begins to attack the three, as Peni Parker runs off. The three are beat up, but Peni Parker appears in her mecha and stops Massive Ridley, flinging him to space.

The four enjoy a Christmas dinner together at a Mariott Hotel, and then Armored Mewtwo and Agent Venom exchange gifts, which are guns and ammo. Both love their gifts and they hug. Peni Parker states that they need to be going if they want to get to the hole in the sky, which everyone seems to know about now.

Mission 8: Kim Jung Un Takes Seaworld

Kim Jung Un discusses his plans to take over the universe in the hole in the sky with Shao Kahn and Lelouch vi Britannia. The two tell them that they will assist him in that battle, but they cross their fingers as they turn to their more pressing matters; taking over Wakanda.

Kim Jung Un arrives in Rantaloupe, near Seaworld. As a couple of merman soliders attempt to take out Kim Jung Un's army, they find that they are no match for his powerful army. Kim Jung Un storms the Seaworld Palace and captures Sea Goddess Palutena after a short battle. Kim Jung Un takes the throne and tells his North Korean servants to start routing this new dimension.

Mission 9: Back to the Mysteriousverse

Inori and the others head out of the hole in the ocean and land outside of the hole in the sky, where they find Nick Fury waiting for them. He tells them he knows about Emmet and Chuck D. Head, and tells the group that Master Chief has something to say about the coins.

Master Chief explains that the coins are from Anti Space. Binary is formed as a result of the coins - think of it as the raw skeleton of the universe. If you took away all laws of reality, all matter, all that was, you'd get a hole in the Mysteriousverse composed of binary. Binary is quick to spread, and acts not only as a hole, but as a powerful mutagen. Any being exposed to binary will devolve into a pixel-esque form, allowing them to see another property of binary more clearly - the slips.

Slips are binary hallways between universes, formed when any two universes corrupted by binary connect. while this allows binary to spread faster, it also acts as a safe and easy passageway between universes. any being passing through a slip is automatically devolved due to the massive amount of binary.

The hole in the sky is a infection and it is spreading. Hawkguy keeps reverting to his old classic form, and Nick Fury is beginning to look a little white himself. Nick Fury tells the Mysterious Five Organization that they need to find Bill and Vince and put a stop to their plans, and fast before both universes become nothing but binary.

Inori prepares to head back into Rantaloupe with Nick Fury and Master Chief, determined as ever to find Bill and Vince. And when she does, she's going to pulverize the ever-loving shit out of both of them. As she does this, a ship comes out with Chuck visible. Inori can't believe it and calls to Chuck, but the ship suddenly explodes, pushing Inori into the portal with her screaming.

Intermission 3: Broken Ship Ruse

Chuck jumps out of the portal and lands in a hangar bay with a bunch of ships. Chuck enters one and heads to get out of Rantaloupe. He passes through Seaworld and heads through the portal. Kim Jung Un sounds the alarms and sends some of his ships to take down the rogue ship.

Chuck notices Inori as he leaves the hole, but the ship suddenly explodes. As Chuck rockets out of the explosion, he finds his savior: Ibuki. Ibuki explains that a mysterious person told her to hide out in the ship and protect Chuck. Ibuki and Chuck team up and head back into Rantaloupe to find the Mysterious Five Organization.

Mission 10: That Good Ol' Nintendo Magic

Reggie and the others reach the end of the maze, where they come across the final guardian: Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario states that his research on reversing the effects of Binary are nearly complete, but he needs to get some Nintendo Magic. Reggie and the other Nintendo characters state they are out. Dr. Mario then states that the Nintendo in Rantaloupe isn't.

Reggie and the others join with Dr. Mario and head off to find the hole in the sky. Pepsiman fuels everyone with Pepsi and they hit the road in an armored truck.

Mission 11: Chess

Bill and Vince are playing chess in the Jedi Temple. Yoda lays defeated, but he slowly begins to moves Vince's pieces, making Bill believe Vince is cheating. Bill believes that due to this, Vince is planning to backstab him. If he can't trust him in chess, why anywhere else? Bill shoves Vince and the rest of the Superiority Complex into Bill's Dimension.

Bill proceeds to then go into the locked doors of the Jedi Temple, where the location of the Source Code is revealed to him. He proceeds to go off, with only Yoda knowing that he knows. He calls up President Superman, telling him to keep watch on the Source Code.

Mission 12: H-A-P-P-Y

Bill heads to the center of the Earth, where he gives Gieuge strength to become Giygas and tells him to begin his corrupting influences. Using these corrupting influences, Bill can easily take over minds without resorting to tricking people into his dimension to catch the madness.

Agent Venom, Armored Mewtwo, Peni Parker, and Season's Greetings arrive at the location of the hole in the sky and take a Quinjet to get in. Soon after, Reggie's armored truck arrives, with Reggie, Dr. Mario, Sakurai, Iwata, Pacman, Pepsiman, and Spiderman 2099 taking a crowded airwing to get in. As they enter Rantaloupe, they are countered by Kim Jung Un's army, who takes them all hostage. As Dr. Mario attempts to explain to Kim Jung Un that they need to to get out of Seaworld and cure the infection, Kim Jung Un merely unhinges his jaw and swallows a entire cake whole.

They land in a prison with Sea Goddess Palutena. Sea Goddess Palutena tells the group that she can still contact Dame Samus, who is with the Mysterious Five Organization. Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo tell Palutena to put them on the line, and she does. Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo tell Inori that they are trapped in Seaworld. Inori tells them that they need to stop Bill first before they can rescue them. Just then, the communication is cut off and Palutena can't get it back online.

Bill appears in front of Inori and prepares to open up a portal, but suddenly out of nowhere Chuck and Ibuki appear and slam another ship into Bill. As Chuck and Inori unite, Bill gets up and becomes red, sending them into his dimension's deepest layers. He then proceeds to head to the White House, where President Superman is waiting. He easily knocks President Superman far away and finds the source code of the universe. Suddenly, the screen goes black.

Mission 13: Bricksburg II

President Business learns that Emmet has turned evil, and kind of laughs about it before realizing the reality of the situation. He orders his robots to get the glue so he can protect Bricksburg from any threats. They learn that Bakinman has taken hostage of the glue. President Business and Mechawhale, one of his newest members of the robot army team up to take out Bakinma. As they take back the glue, they notice a black cloud coming towards Bricksburg.

Mission 14: The Infection Spreads

The hole begins to form dark clouds, which Quote and ATV begin to notice. They go near the hole in the sky and notice that the clouds are eroding the sky, revealing 1s and 0s.

Just then, from the infection oozes out Cyber Posion Miku. They fight her and proceed to try and find the Mysterious Five Organization building, but only Hawkeye is there and he keeps warping between classic comic counterpart and Hawkguy.

Mission 15: Spider Showdown

Spider-Gwen is following a set of coordinates on her computer. When she gets their she findsScarlet Spider and Spider-Ham there, with the same co-ordinates. The three face off, but they are broken up by the person who brought them there: Spider-Man, locked in some sort of vortex cell. He says that an insane organization known as "Ultimate Despair" had locked him there, and he had been trying to gather a group of people similar to him in hopes of taking his place.

A bunch of Monokuma clones corner the trio and turn them into crystal statues. One monokuma sinisterly sets up the "trophy" of Spider-Gwen right in front of her boyfriend's eyes.

Intermission 4: The Mysterious 7

Naegi stands in a dimension of code. He is only able to watch the binary of the universe swirl and split and come together again. Until a blue light surrounds him and his incapacitated friends.

Naegi, Ika, Link, and Maka wake up in the real world. The voice in Naegi's head tells him that they need to recover Sora, and she's bringing help. 

A group of minions approach the team, but they are stopped by a blast of lightning and a dash of rose petals. 

Mission 16: The Construction Temple

This is the first stage where you can play as Mandy. Mandy enters a portal and arrives at a large palace in Rantaloupe, constructed with large LEGO bricks and Minecraft blocks. As she steps inside, a LEGO version of the Wither attacks her. Mandy fights LEGO Wither, and rushes up the stairs into the throne room. She thinks she sees Dexter confronting a girl with blonde, curled-up hair and a hot pink ballet dress...

Construction Queen Dee Dee creates a large, Xenoblade Chronicles-ish sword, and yells out, "YOU THINK YOU'RE SO COOL, DON'T YOU?!", slashing Dexter with it. Dexter blocks the blow with his wrench, but Dee Dee breaks it in half. She opens up a portal and shoves Dexter into it. "Oh, yeah," Mandy says as she steps in. "This is Rantaloupe, isn't it? You're the Spursverse Dee Dee, who has become a construction goddess or something." C.Q. Dee Dee, confused and irritated, fights Mandy. After the battle, she tells her guards that she will return soon, and steps through a dimensional door, into a binary realm known as The Grid. Mandy shrugs, and creates a portal with her scythe to return to the Uncanny Five.

Mission 17: The Grid

Construction Queen Dee Dee enters the Grid so she can focus. She constructs a fleet of Star Fox-esque ships, and sends them off flying. But a huge Star Destroyer approaches her -- and it is covered with Tron-esque neon. CLU Vader drops out of it, fights C.Q. Dee Dee, and tries to convince her to follow his lead. "I sense your strengths, young lady," he explains. "I want you to help me gather binary code and use it to take control of the Omegaverse before Bill Cipher does. I will let you build ANYTHING you want. ANYTHING!" Construction Queen Dee Dee accepts the offer, hoping to teach Spursverse Dexter a lesson or two.

Mission 18: Thunder Storm Rolling

More thunder clouds appear coming from the hole in the sky and the hole in the ocean. President Business and Mechawhale attempt to touch it but they get shocked.

The clouds begin forming under the ocean. If Bill isn't stopped soon, the two universes will be nothing but mere numbers.

Episode 3: Encrypted and Infected

Mission 1: Vision One

We cut back to Emmet, who suddenly moves in the Iron Man armor and thousands of Bills with red eyes appear. Emmet must defeat them all, which you can use chain attacks for. After defeating all of them, it is revealed that Emmet is still immobile, but the thousands of Bills are real. More dark clouds form in the sky as they head to the ocean.

Mission 2: Marshy Swamps

An 8-bit dog sniffs around for binary slips. A duck lands on his shoulder, telling him (in her language) to speed up.

Duck Hunt enters a marsh, where he fights glitches before a free-for-all match against Sparkster, Alex Kidd, Simon Belmont, and Dig Dug. After the battle, they begin to wonder if they are working for the right cause. Sparkster tells them (in 8-bit text) that he's heard about a team of heroes calling themselves the Mysterious Five, and they are in some deep crap right now. They're the only ones who can put an end to this binary mess, so the sprites team up to find them.

Mission 3: Dee Dee See...

Dee Dee Prime is bored. Just bored. She hasn't seen Dexter since he left with the rest of the Mysterious Five; she's looked everywhere, but still no sign of him. That can only mean one thing: Dexter is in danger.

Dee Dee rushes to Dexter's teleportation device and pushes a lot of buttons, kind of knowing what to do, kind of not. She ends up in Highland View, which is under attack by a large, Tron-like ship. She soon runs into her Construction Queen self, who is now working with CLU Vader. Dee Dee Prime says that she would never do such a thing as this, and fights Construction Queen Dee Dee. C.Q. Dee Dee pushes her back, walking to Sheriff James Fillenson's office.

As she is preparing to slice Fillenson into a million freakin' pieces, Nergal Jr. steps behind her and shocks her with his tentacles. He tells Dee Dee Prime to follow him.

They join Metal Sonic 3.0 and Batman 66, and escape from the collapsing Highland View via Nergalized Batmobile 3.5. Nergal Jr. explains to Dee Dee that he and his two allies come from an alternate universe -- the Maliverse -- and that the reason they came looking for her is to save her from the corruption of the Mysteriousverse due to large coins from another dimension. Dee Dee asks him if Dexter is working with the Mysterious Five to stop this disaster, and Nergal Jr. says maybe. The Nergalized Batmobile 3.5 fires a portal beam, and Junior says he doesn't know where they're going. Dee Dee responds, that's what she enjoys about life: taking chances.

Mission 4: Lost Boys

Inori, Chuck D. Head, Dame Samus, Dexter, Iron Man wake up in Bill's Dimension, where they bump into Peter Cipher again. Peter Cipher attempts to attack them again, but he learns that Bill is planning to take over the Mysteriousverse and Rantaloupe, which makes him convinced to join up with the group, saying that Bill should never have more reign than he already has, as he looks at his halo. Peter Cipher joins the group.

They come across the Superiority Complex, who are under attack by Robin Cipher. After teaming up to defeat him, they decide to join up. Vince McMahon, Rei, Malva, Gilgamesh, and Lilthmon all join the team.

Dexter attempts to exit the dimension through the antispace portal, but he finds it has no reception. They must move further into the dimension to where it will work. As they move, the eyes watch them.

Mission 5: Look and Despair!

All the sudden, a giant pirate ship breaks into Bill's Dimension. Junko Enoshima and a bunch of Monokuma clones are joined with her, with Scarlet Spider and Spider-Ham encased in "despair crystals". She says that thanks to large amount of despair present in this dimension, she can just through it like butter, and if the binary eroding of the dimensions continues, she can do the same with Rantaloupe and the Mysteriousverse. The Monokuma clones jump off the ship and begin chasing the group.

Dexter attempts to get a signal, but the reception isn't good enough. As they keep fighting off the Monokuma clones, they seem to double in numbers. They then notice that Peter Cipher is on the verge of crying. Inori attempts to calm him down, but they have to keep running. Iron Man gets a crazy idea and decides to deattach his armor, reverting to Tony Stark, which trips the crowd of Monokuma clones. Just then, Dexter gets a signal and they fall into the portal and land back in Rantaloupe and close the portal before the Monokuma clones can catch up. Junko grabs the armor and has a wicked smile on her face.

Mission 6: The Girl with the Master Sword

Linkaris notices the Mysterious Five Organization/Superiority Complex jump out of the portal. Dexter closes it to prevent the Monokumas from following them, and notices that there are dark clouds everywhere. Master Chief tells that this is the corruption the holes are causing. Linkaris tells them that she wants to close the portals, so they allow her to tag along.

They suddenly are swarmed with thousands of Bills as Billie makes her way to the front. The group draw their weapons and begin to fight. The Bills begin to retreat back.

Mission 7: Team Fuckin' America, Fuck Yeah

Just then, in the Mysteriousverse, Team Fuckin' America gets a call, leading Starninger, Girl, Kaneda, Abraham Lincoln, and MDCCLXXVI to head to the hole in the sky and fight off the North Korean troops. They make their way to the throne room and fight Kim Jun Un, who attempts to infect himself with the Sony Magic. After shooting his head head off, they send him to the bottom the ocean where he is eaten by a hungry Water Dragon who attacks Team Fuckin' America. After defeating the Water Dragon, they free the hostages and head off to find more places to enact motherfuckin' justice.

Intermission 1: Serene Graveyard

Serena is reading a book as a Bill opens up Solomon Grundy's grave. He takes out Solomon Grundy's soul and places himself inside. Solomon Grundy roars to life and begins to attack Serena inside her house. As Serena attempts to run away from Solomon Grundy, she calls up the Mysterious Five Organization but nobody is on the line. Serena runs into a schoolyard.

Mission 8: The Great Schoolyard Rumble!!

The Group makes their way to a schoolyard, where they decide to rest since they are utterly exhausted. Dexter and Tony Stark look at the data from the Bill Dimension, and the only way to get Emmet out of his insanity is dumping him into the ocean, which will force him to awaken out of his disease. Dexter also figures out some co-ordinates for some other dimensions, but none of them are much help as they verge on the edge of Anti-Space and Positive Space.

Just then, Ironkuma runs towards Tony Stark and forces him into the suit. As the group runs from the Monokuma controlled suit, Ironkuma begins to attack. As they attempt to fight back without harming Tony, suddenly Serena and Solomon Grundy run in. Ironkuma accidentally hits Solomon Grundy and the two battle, with Ironkuma accidentally knocking the Bill out. Solomon Grundy regains his senses as he shakes Ironkuma and shortens the suit out, allowing Tony to escape. Junko expresses disappointment from afar and orders her Monokuma army to attack. Serena asks Solomon Grundy if he wants to return to his grave, but Solomon Grundy says he's had long enough of a nap and begins to pummel the shit out of the Monokuma army, which Junko expresses shock about and runs back to the Pirate Ship of Despair. As she does, Inori catches her and says that she can prove to be help to them if she helps them to take out Bill, who destroyed her Ironkuma creature. Junko hesitatingly agrees.

Solomon Grundy and Serena join the group and the group heads off on the Pirate Ship of Despair to the White House, where Master Chief states is where the source code is located.

Mission 9: Return to Elmore

Gumball, finding no luck for finding Darwin in Rantaloupe, heads back to Elmore to look one more time. But he realizes that the Uncanny Five are taking it for themselves. He confronts Mandy, who has stolen the mayor's chair, and fights her. After beating the rest of the Uncanny Five, he sees Darwin in an energy cage and breaks him out with thunder. Darwin Watterson joins him, and asks what about Penny. Gumball says they'll have to find a way to get her back to normal. They rush to the city hall's top floor, with the Uncanny Five chasing after them.

Mission 10: Vision Two

Emmet sees himself back in Bricksburg, and goes on about his usual business between M5O missions, working on buildings and hanging out with Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny, LEGO Batman, etc. But a giant figure similar to Dee Dee stomps towards the city and takes apart the skyscrapers, building a large laser cannon. Emmet must destroy the LEGO cannon, which explodes, knocking the giant Dee Dee(?) back. But she creates a hole in the ground, and Emmet falls through it before waking up. Once again, he is immobile.

Mission 11: Source Your Stuff

Inori grabs Emmet and dumps the suit into the ocean, where Emmet wakes up. They use a anchor to get him up, and Emmet rejoins the team. They head to the White House and come across a weak President Superman who agrees to help them.

As they barge into the White House, Bill sends out Puppet Pearl to battle them. After Puppet Pearl has been defeated, Bill traps them in Binary that will begin to infest on them, however Inori manages to figure out that she can freeze the Binary program by opening too many tabs, which later hit Bill. Bill looses his grip of the source code, but then proceeds to regain it and executes a virus into it, which causes the infection to speed up.

Bill and Inori battle each other over the source code and manage to take the battle outside the White House, where the two battle over a cliff. Inori manages to knock Bill off, but Bill reminds Inori he can float and then shoves her off, where Chuck D. Head watches. Chuck D. Head throws his head with enough force to knock out Bill and send him over the cliff. Chuck D. Head then heads over to the edge of the cliff and realizes that Inori is probably dead.

Mission 12: It's-a Me, Mario?

NES Mario is seen roaming through the universes when he finds the Despair Crystals containing Spider-Ham and Scarlet. He frees them and some of the other Spider characters soon join up. They try to free Spider-Man but the cosmic inprisonment sapped at his life force. Now they set out to find out how to restore Mario back to normal. 

Misson 13: Spider Infestation

The Spider crew and NES Mario find an upgraded version of Binary Ronan, who knows the way to bring NES Mario back to normal. They defeat him and Mario is restored, but at a terrible cost. Spider-Man got heavily injured, and dies. Mario and the others burry him and hold a brief funeral session before entering a portal into Rantaloupe. 

Intermission 2: The Cosmic Child

Mission 14: Shattered Crystal

Naegi's crew, now joined by Alpha and Ruby Rose goes to save Sora and fight Frollo one last time. After defeating Keyblade Frollo, Sora regains his keyblade and reunites with the rest of the newly formed Mysterious Seven. At this point Naegi notices that the voice in his head has remained silent since Alpha and Ruby Rose showed up. He asks the voice to reveal herself, in which she does...

Out from a portal comes Homura, the voice who was guiding Naegi. She reveals that her homeworld, The Crystalverse, is shattered into pieces and she is trying to salvage as much as she can, and she was using The Mysterious Seven as pawns so that nobody would be able to stop her from achieving her goal. Homura reveals that she was trying to add on the broken fragments of her universe onto Rantaloupe, which is the world the Mysterious 7 currently in. Naegi knows that this will throw off the balance of the universes, but Homura is also aware of this and seems to not care. Naegi and the rest know it's a tough decision, but in the end Naegi concludes that the Crystalverse is unsalvageable and trying to trick herself into thinking otherwise just makes things worse. Naegi and the seven rebel against Homura and in the end Homura admits defeat, and goes through a time portal, not to be seen again. 

Team Spider meets up with The Mysterious 7 in Rantaloupe. Ruby remarks that this has been "one crazy day," in which Scarlet Spider nods in agreement.

Now they just need to find out a way to help those Mysterious Five guys. 

Mission 15: Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo's Rantaloupe Vacation

Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo escape Seaworld via bubbles from Sea Goddess Palutena, who then meet up with Season’s Greetings and Peni Parker. The four go to look for the Mysterious Five Organization. Suddenly, a car skids in front of them, revealing Neo-Arc Chaos and Spooky Goopy. Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo chase after them and eventually trap them on top of the Nintendo Building. Suddenly, the two zip down a wire that gets shortly cut and Neo-Arc Chaos and Spooky Goopy escape. “There Goes My Hero” begins to play as Armored Mewtwo and Agent Venom decide to “aim for the bushes”. As they fall, it’s apparent there are no bushes, but in the last second Peni Parker catches them, wondering why the hell they would jump off. Which Agent Venom and Armored Metwo reply “saw it in a movie once.”

As Peni Parker and the other refocus their efforts to find the Mysterious Five Organization, they bump into Reggie and his group, who plan to go inside and steal the Rantaloupe Nintendo’s magic. They decide to help them out, as Dr. Mario says it’s important.

Mission 17: Dr. Mario's Compiling Pills

Dr. Mario and the group head inside and come across Dr. Sakurai and Dark Sakurai. The two attack the group but are defeated. Dr. Mario grabs the Nintendo Magic and heads out to the armored car, where he demonstrates “compiling pills” that will stop and reverse the binary infection and demonstrates by using it on a binary cloud. Suddenly, Bills grab it and take it to their dimension so Bill can destroy the two dimensions and build a new one that will be a massive universe in his image.

Shao Kahn and Lelouch attack Wadaka, prompting Black Panther to attack back with Noisy Boy and Atom at his side. They take out Shao Kahn and Lelouch’s army fairly easily, prompting the two leaders to attack head on. They are quickly defeated and Black Panther suddenly gets a mysterious message to head to a “Hole in the Sky”.

Inori catches her fall with the rocket boots and watches as Bill proceeds to open up a new dimension and shuts the dimensional door. Inori blasts up to the cliff edge, which surprises Chuck D. Head. Inori notices that the Binary Clouds are getting way too big and are going to engulf the two universes. The only things left are the White House and the coins and a couple of sparse spots. An armored truck with Agent Venom and Reggie’s group appears, saying that they want to help the Mysterious Five Organization stop the mess. Nick Fury urges everyone onto a giant Helicarrier and Iron Man manages to build a small dimensional transporter. Inori jumps into the White House and says that she is going to attempt to fix the source code. The group is suddenly met with Duck Hunt, Sparkster, Alex Kidd, Simon Belmont, Dig Dug, Black Panther, Atom, and Noisy Boy who all have come for the same reason; someone told them to help them. When asked who, a hologram of Natsu appears, stating that he is the one who sent them, and that he will tell them more later.

Mission 18: Merry Christmas

The group heads into the Skerries, where they find Bill. Bill sends thousands of clones of himself, led by Phil and Chris Cipher. Peter Cipher fights the two and tells them that they don’t need to listen to Bill any more, as the Mysterious Seven team will save the day, in which Bill just rolls his eyes and heads into The Space In Between. As they follow Bill in, he sends out Robin Cipher but Peter Cipher manages to convince him that he no longer has to listen to Bill either. Bill begins to look a little weak, but then he reveals he has the source code and that he will tamper with it. They just then realize that Inori has been duped and is likely about to be eaten by the Binary clouds. Suddenly, thousands of bikini girls start to appear and get on Bill, which he attempts to shake off, dropping the source code. Chuck catches it and Bill is suddenly met with Unknown Deity, which flings him away as she attacks the pirate ship of despair. The Mysterious Five Organization and crew defeat her, and Bill gets up and heads into another dimension, this time the Lapisverse and then opens more and more portals, which the Mysterious Five Organization and co follow him through. They land just outside the Mysteriousverse, where Bill enacts a final attack, but it’s blocked off by Master Chief’s forcefield, reflecting it and knocking Bill out. They realize that the Mysteriousverse is on it’s last breathes and Dr. Mario says if he only had his pills they could save it.

Chris Cipher gives Dr. Mario the pills and they proceed to slingshot them in space. Just then, Black Marceline attacks, and Chuck must take her out with his head while Dr. Mario is slingshotting the pills onto the Mysteriousverse. Although the mission is a success and the Mysteriousverse and by extension, Rantaloupe are safe, Junko is hit in the head by a piece of space debris and is knocked out cold. They return to Rantaloupe and Tony attempts to hit on Dame Samus, but she says she already has a girlfriend before jumping back in Seaworld. Inori joins up with the group again.

Natsu tells them to go to a set of coordinates, which is where all the binaried people went. As they recover them, Natsu tells them that he knew only that Tony and Dexter could actually manage to create something to reach them and he heads off, leaving the group to wonder if he’ll ever appear again.

Everyone in the group comes down to the Mysteriousverse, and Inori just realizes that they just missed Christmas. Suddenly, Jesus Christ descends from the heavens and gives everyone presents and Tony decides to hold a Christmas party. At the party, he bumps into the Mysteriousverse Samus Aran and asks her out, which she complies. The Mysterious Five Organization gets a call from Nick Fury stating that Junko appears to have lost her memory from the hit and that she will be undergoing therapy and surveillance. Serena asks Solomon Grundy if he wants his soul back, and he replies that when he is tired, he will ask for it, but he’s had his rest and the universes need his help.

In a post credit scene, Bill is sent to Anti-Space to prevent any further accidents and Neo-Arc Chaos and Spooky Goopy are eventually caught by Agent Venom and Armored Mewtwo. The game closes as the Mysterious Five Organization gathers together, joined now with Junko and Samus, who is wearing her own armor suit. It cuts down to a dimension of boxes, and a sword pokes out of the boxes.

Mission Bonus: Party Time


Head canons, theories, and interpretations of the plot of Binary Time. Since the plot is not typically shared between authors, the interpretations vary wildy, and thus there is no canon explanation.


The story takes place after Christmas, which would explain why there's so many new characters suddenly; they're the toys that the kids in the Irregular Show storyline got. The Kim Jung Plotline is them misunderstanding the Sony Hacks that happened before Christmas. Additionally, one kid is feeling depressed and believes that money is the root of corruption; Dr. Mario is one of the kids telling him otherwise.


The coin slots and coins represent the transistion from toys to video games as primary entertainment forms, taking on the form of an arcade machine setup to reflect this. Master Chief's sudden appearance via thumb drive represents him being a 3D printed toy - he appears as if out of thin air and uses file storage as his entry point into the Mysteriousverse.

MeGa eXal

The story takes place during Silver Spurs 5: Cosmic Destinies, in which Dee Dee gains creation powers from a gem known as the Mystical Ore. She is able to use LEGO bricks, Minecraft blocks, and the like. Also in Cosmic Destinies, the Spursverse Gumball was put into a coma by Dr. Eggman; he was placed inside a cryogenic chamber to grow stronger, so he can fulfill his destiny as the Cosmic Child. When Rosalina noticed the binary spreading all over the Omegaverse, she summoned Mysteriousverse Gumball since his Spursverse counterpart was knocked out cold.

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