A Fray in the Life is the 3rd story mode of The Mysterious Seven Project, written by SuperSonicDarkness. It is inspired by One Day Outside Earth, the 2nd story mode of the original Mysterious Five Project, and it focuses on interaction between characters, as well as having a similar level of nonsensicalness as One Day Outside Earth had. 

Act One: Old Habits Die Hard

Soccer Stadium

Mario and Sonic are hanging out at the Mushroom Soccer Stadium, where little sweaty toads trample each other and kick soccer balls around during occasional Soccer games. The two begin a rather questionable conversation...

Sonic: I'm gonna be honest, the Olympics are freaking boring. It was a lot more fun back when we hated each other.
Mario: Oh-a, so you wanna go-a, bro?
Sonic: Yeah I wanna go, bro! I wanna go to Starbucks so we can discuss this matter in a mature fashion, bro!
Mario: But-a why can't we just discuss it-a here?

So the two headed to Starbucks, but they found out that the only Starbucks in town got robbed so many times that it set up a Super Mario Bros esque platforming level as the only entrance to the building. The duo completes the level, with a small bit of dialogue after the level. 

Mario: I-a told you that we should have-a just had this conversation at the-a stadium.
Sonic: Well whatever. Anyways, what are you gonna get? A scone or something?
Mario: Um, I dunno, they don't seem to have any mushrooms or flowers on the-a menu.....
Sonic:...This is why I don't like hanging out with you.
Mario: Let's just go inside already.


Mario and Sonic sit at a table in a surprisingly empty Starbucks, talking about their plan... 

Mario: So-a, what are we-a gonna do?
Sonic: I know! We should gather teams, meet at the Soccer Field in 1 week, and FIGHT TO THE DEATH, BRO!
Mario: Yep. Sounds very civilized, if you ask-a me.

Suddenly, a civilian walks into the room and drinks some of the coffee after ordering it. Immediately after taking the first sip, he explodes. The duo discover that all the coffee has been replaced with ALIEN COFFEE BEAN MONSTERS FROM MARS, Lead by Marvin the Martian. After defeating Marvin and his Coffee Bean Alien Army, the remains of the coffee aliens fuse to form the SUPER HYPER MEGA ALIEN COFFEE BEAN. Mario and Sonic are failing to defeat the SUPER HYPER MEGA ALIEN COFFEE BEAN, when suddenly help comes to save them. 

Mario: Look up in-a the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!
Sonic: No, it's the main protagonists.

Inori Aizawa and Chuck D. Head just so happen to enter that same Starbucks (because plot needs to happen) and realize that Mario and Sonic are in trouble. The four manage to defeat the SUPER HYPER MEGA ALIEN COFFEE BEAN, and Chuck and Inori soon get involved in the battle between Mario and Sonic.  

Sonic: Alright, now that the freaking coffee aliens are dead, I need you two to join my team in the big battle between me and Mario that will take place on week from now!
Chuck D. Head: I don't see why not.
Inori Aizawa: Meh, I'll go with Mario. Sonic's ego is too big.
Sonic: *gives Inori a death glare.*

And so they went their seperate ways. Sonic and Chuck began rallying up their team, as did Mario and Inori, and all four of them anticipated the battle that would come in seven days...or one week, if you just like to use simpler terms. 

Da Kewl Kidz Klubb

Mario and Inori enter a building called Da Kewl Kidz Klubb, where they see that they sell a new brand of soda called Swagolicous JuiceEmmet drinks some of the Swagolicous Juice and mutates into Eldritch Emmet.

Inori: I don't remember THAT happening in The Lego Movie.

After defeating Eldritch Emmet, Eldritch Emmet de-mutates back into Emmet, and talks to the duo.

Emmet: What the brick just happened?
Inori: You got mutated by that weird soda.
Mario: Anyways, do you want to join our team to fight against Sonic at the Mushroom Kingdom Soccer Stadium?
Inori: Mario, now isn't the time-
Emmet: Sure!

The team is on their way back when they hear the voice of the greatest soda warrior of all time..... PEPSIMAN.

Pepsiman: I'll help too, just to teach those numbskulls that nobody can compete with THE POWER OF PEPSI.
Mario: OK......

The City of Linkville

Sonic and Chuck enter Hyrule, only to find out that it is now ruled by Link, who lives in a high-tech city with neon lights everywhere called Linkville. Sonic and Chuck ask Link to join them and he says yes, but on one condition.....

Link: Alright, I'll join your team if you beat me in a fight.
Sonic: Sounds fair to me.

Sonic and Chuck fight against Link, but the battle is fairly challenging as Link is equipped with more high-tech gear, such as a robotic sword and a missle launcher. However, Sonic and Chuck manage to defeat Link, and Link agrees to join Sonic's team. 

Soccerfield Battle Part 1

Time passes by, as it shows Mario's team asking Ruby Rose, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, and Ryuko Matoi to join their team. Meanwhile, Sonic's group recruits LuigiAlpha, Eren Jeager, Captain Toad, and Spidergirl to join his team.

In the battle, you can choose to play as Mario's Team (which consists of Mario, Inori, Emmet, Pepsiman, Ruby Rose, Natsu, Gray, and Ryuko) against Sonic's Team, or as Sonic's Team (which consists of Sonic, Chuck D. Head, Link, Luigi, Alpha, Eren Jeager, Captain Toad, and Spidergirl.) 

Link gets into a sword fight with Ryuko while Ruby attacks Captain Toad. 

Captain Toad: Don't mess with me! I'll mine you to death!
*Awkward Silence*
Ruby Rose: *Blasts Captain Toad away with her Gun*

Alpha knocks out Natsu, but Gray freezes Alpha, reducing him to a human-sized ice block. 

Gray: *pushes Easy Button*
Easy Button: That was Easy.

Meanwhile, Mario is fighting Luigi, who is angry at Mario for leaving him in his shadow. Luigi punches Mario, knocking into Pepsiman, who gets knocked into a tree. But it isn't just any tree.....

The Treevoid

Soccerfield Battle Part 2

Act Two: Rise of the Planet of the Coffee Beans

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