Binary is actually very important to the Omegaverse. Think of it as its raw skeleton.
Master Chief, Binary Time

The Mysterious Seven Project is the eagerly awaited sequel to the Mysterious Five Project. This time around the team consists of Exotoro (Talk), PabloDePablo (Talk), MeGa eXal (Talk), SuperSonicDarkness (Talk), .vectorDestiny (Talk), GamingDylan (Talk), and Sr.Wario (Talk). They have been all hand-selected by Exotoro, the first confirmed member of the project and the creator of the "Mysterious X Project" series.

It is unknown what the game has in store. It is rumored that it will involve even more universe colliding and that Bill Cipher will be the main villain, but we all thought Degen was the main villain of the last one...

In June 10, 2014, on Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive, Exotoro confirmed the seven team members, they are: Exotoro, MeGa eXal, PabloDePablo, .vectorDestiny, SuperSonicDarkness, TimeSoul and Sr. Wario.

Around June 12-13th, Timesoul announced a departure from the project. The replacement is still being decided on.

On June 18th, it has been confirmed that GamingDylan will replace TimeSoul as the 7th member.

The game has five songs played at the main menu: Maroon 5 - "Animals" (8-Bit Remix), (Exo, select second song), [Rin & Len - Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!], Anamanaguch - Blackout CityGreen Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams(Christmas Version), (Locky, select sixth song), and (Dylan, select seventh song).




Mysterious Seven Project features a wide variety of modes.

Single Player

  • Binary Time (Story Mode) - The main story mode. It is a sequel to Irregular Show.
  • Mysterious Lore Project (Story Mode II) - The secondary, unlockable story mode. Fills in some gaps.
  • A Fray in the Life (Story Mode III) - The third story mode, which revolves around character interactions. Unlike the past two story modes, which are dark and serious a la The Avengers, this one is more goofy and lighthearted, like One Day Outside of Earth from the previous game.
  • The Mysterious Noir Project (Story Mode IV) - The fourth story mode taking place in an alternate universe called the Noirverse, where a new character yet to be introducedis a detective who looks to solve a series of mysterious crimes that are happening in the world.
  • The Dead Kingdom - A giant dungeon filled to the brim with zombies and undead creepy crawlies. Get some loot and unlock some new characters!
  • Adventure Mode - A mode that pits you off against random challengers with random effects. There are also a few minigames. The final match pits you off against the Elf King, Landshark, or Mandy Soul.
  • Classic Mode - A mode that pits you off against challengers without random effects or minigames. The final match pits you off against The Fusionist, Master Hand, or the Enderdragon.
  • Regular Mode - A brand new mode. This takes place on one big stage, with you able to take on any opponents that you come across. Half-way through the mode you will encounter a huge change-up (reverse gravity, bad weather, nuclear attack...) that you must adapt to.
  • Blast to the Past - This mode is similar to Adventure Mode, but there are Time Gates on your paths that represent different time eras, such as the 70's or the 90's. This mode can be played to unlock trophies and possibly a new character. You go up against the Time Eater in the end.
  • Robot Rampage - A mode based off of the Super Duel Mode in Mario Party 5. Here, you face off in 3D battlefields unique to the mode, using mechas. You can customize your mecha using several parts from different franchises, which you unlock in other modes.
  • The Great Umbrella Caper - A mode that takes place in an alternate noir universe called the Caperverse and plays like a point and click adventure game. Players must stop Count Doom from bombing the subway of a city called Canolli.
  • Battle Theater - This mode features gameplay similar to the Battle Theater games.
  • Like A Boss - Play as any boss from the game that you've battled and defeat all of the enemies.
  • Scripts - Choose a character and battle every other character, each match with their own conditions.
  • Slime Pit - Your character is trapped in a slime pit! Luckily the slime seems to be radiating power, filling up the super bar faster than usual. Take out armies of enemies with your super move!
  • Hotel California - Choose your character to check in for 122 straight battles in the increasingly reality-warped Hotel California, from the lobby help to a rooftop battle with Satan herself! As you progress, characters are more warped and more difficult to defeat.
  • Rhythmic - Go through your choice of Classic, Regular, or Hotel California with an added feature - all attacks are nerfed, and the only way to get back up to regular damage is to string combos to the beat of the music!
  • Quest Time - Go on quests for various NPCs in a huge big levels and explore various dungeons and towns to get glory, gold, and even new playable characters!


  • Brawl - The standard mode. Up to eight people can play at once, using any of the following controllers: a Wii U GamePad, a Wii Remote (plus Nunchuck or Classic Controller), Wii U Pro Controller, GameCube Controller (requires adapter), Nintendo 64 Controller (requires adapter), or any system of the Nintendo 3DS family. Note that only a handful of stages can are comptaible with 5-8 player gameplay.
  • Robot War - A multi-player version of Robot Rampage.
  • Skyscrapers and Scorpions - A mode where one player plays as all stage hazards and enemies and the other players must beat him.
  • Slime Battle - Mysterious slime radiates powers, causing Super Moves to fill up over time faster than usual. Unleash the carnage.
  • Rhythmic - See who can complete Classic, Adventure Time, Regular, Blast to the Past, or Hotel California first with one rule - all attacks are nerfed, and the only way to get back up to regular damage is to string combos to the beat of the music!
  • Play Online - Title says all. Take yourself and/or your friends online to compete with fighters all over the world. See who is the best of the best!
  • Master Builder Fight - One player uses the Wii U Gamepad to mess around with the structure of the stage while players try to stay on while knocking the other players off.
  • Broadway - Scripts in Multiplayer Mode. Self explanatory.
  • Tag Team Mode - Fight with 16 characters, two for each player. You can switch to the other character at any time during the fight.
  • Umbrella Party - Similar to Brawl, but includes dice which when rolled increase the player's attack. The game also has random minigames. Players who collect the most stars from minigames at the end of the time limit win, but watch out, getting KO'd resets the star meter to zero.
  • WBAO 2K14 - Enter the ring in the Worldwide Brawling Alliance Organization Grand Melee Championship! You and your friends form a tag-team alliance, taking turns facing enemies in a Brawl match and climbing the ladder of wrestling success.
  • Let the Speed Mend It - A mode involving the gimmick of not being able to stand still; you must keep moving or rack up damage. Going extremely fast will heal your fighter.
  • Reverse Battle - This is the same as the normal Brawl mode, but with a twist, the winner is the first one that loses and the loser is the one that wins. Self destruct won't count as a win and simply will respawn you back to the stage, with the punishment of having more knockback resistant.
  • Free Fall Fight - This mode drops percentages, and instead hits slow them down. Players are falling the entire time and must evade hazards and pick up upgrades. Whoever falls to the ground first wins.
  • Battle Theater - This mode features gameplay similar to the Battle Theater games.
  • Riot - In this mode, you and fellow players must team up to start a Riot by using attacks on property and taunts. This will summon more people to riot and increase the "Progressiveness" meter. However, as things heat up, Police and Riot Police attack, taking out people and decreasing the "Progressiveness" meter. The mode ends when the Riot reaches full Progressiveness, and whoever got the most Progressive points wins.
  • Cosmic Crals - A game that works very similar to games like Galaga and Space Invaders. Up to seven players use Wii Remotes to take control of spaceships, shooting down aliens. Another player uses the Wii U GamePad to spawn power-ups, but can only do so three times every five minutes.


Binary code creates a seven, which rapidly zooms in before the screen goes white.

Iron Man, Dexter, Chuck D. Head, Inori Aizawa, and Emmet are shown teaming up to fight monsters and robots. After a while, several newcomers appear, one at a time:

  • Gumball Watterson
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • James Bond
  • Godzilla
  • Alpha
  • Jesus Christ
  • Starwhal

After fighting the newcomers, the Uncanny Five -- Mandy, Death the Kid, Wolverine, Blinky, and Jack Skellington -- show up. The Mysterious Five fight them, with each Mysterious member matching an Uncanny member in media-type origination (i.e. Iron Man vs. Wolverine, Dexter vs. Mandy, Emmet vs. Jack Skellington, Inori vs. Kid, and Chuck vs. Blinky). Just then, Bill Cipher appears to attack them. The Mysterious Five charge at him, possibly knowing what to do, as the game's logo appears.

After the logo fades out, a man in a green helmet is shown. He pulls out a gun and basically shoots the camera, prompting the title screen to open up.


Story I: Binary Time

Binary Time Logo

The main story mode of the game, written by the team as a whole. The Mysterious Five organization -- consisting of Inori Aizawa, Chuck D. Head, Iron Man, Dexter, and Emmet -- is sent to investigate wierd giant coins that seem to be corrupting space. But meanwhile, so is Master Chief, who believes that there is something up with these coins besides their odd reactions to Positive Space. It can be found here.

Story II: The Mysterious Lore Project

Coollogo com-292363

This story has various parts to it, unlocked as the player completes parts of the main story and characters. The story is made to fill in plot holes and focus on how the new universes ended up in the Mysteriousverse, and it's gods. This story was written by Sr.Wario with assistance from the other team members.

Story III: A Fray in the Life

The third story, written by SuperSonicDarkness, this story focuses more on character interaction, and has a bit of a lighter tone then the previous stories. It is unlocked after beating the previous two stories. It can be found here.

There is a secret part of it called Crystal Gears, chronicalling what exactly happened between Trinity and Binary Time, as well as explaining some of the unanswered questions of the Crystal Warriors series. It is unlocked through a cheatcode, and is more serious than the main part of the story. Homura, Shovel Knight, Raymond, and Madoka are featured as the main protagonists, with many other characters from CW 2 making an appearance. 

Story IV: The Infinite War

This fourth story, unlocked after unlocking all the "Lapis Renegades" tells of the Mysteriousvere's role in the "Infinite War" that occurs in Fighters of Lapis 6.

Story V: The Mysterious Noir Project

Read the story here.

Taking place in an alternate universe called the Noirverse, where Jesus Christ is a detective who looks to solve a series of mysterious crimes that are happening in the world.

Story VI: Misleading

The sixth story takes place between the events ofSuper Mario Silver Spurs 4: The War of All Universes and Silver Spurs 5: Cosmic Destinies, and during the events Binary Time. It is mostly written by MeGa eXal.

Gumball Watterson has perished at the hands of Dr. Eggman. Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man have all left the Guardian Agency. The multiverse is in total chaos due to a war that has raged on for more than two years.

Mario, Kirby, Dipper, Finn, Rayman, and Steve are all sent out by General Abraham Towers of G.U.N. to search for the mystical Morning and Evening Emeralds, two new Chaos Emeralds that can help their user alter the Flow of Reality, but Tatanga is determined to stop them by all means available.

Starting Characters


Image Name Description Franchise
Mario The koopa-stomping hero returns for another battle! Mario uses fireballs, koopa shells, the cat suit, and clones to fight.  SSB Mario Series
Inori M7P Inori Aizawa One of the main heroes of the last game, it's no surprise that Inori is back in action! She uses her shield and multiple tabs to attack multiple enemies at once.  IElogo
Chuck D Head Chuck D. Head Another main protagonist of the previous game, Chuck is a headless mummy who, at least in the Mysterious X Project series, is a faithful ally of Inori. He can throw skulls at opponents, and is able to stretch the face on his chest out forward. SSB DecapAttack
Dexterrender Dexter A young scientist who constructs several devices to use for his own good. But with his sister Dee Dee continuously asking, "Oooooh! What does THIS button do?" and destroying these machines, he struggles to avoid such disasters. (Also, he apparently seems to idolize the Roman god Neptune.) Anyway, Dexter uses most of his abilities from the previous game, such as lasers and a mecha; but this time, he can transform into Dexstar. Dexterlogo
Iron Man Mark VI Iron Man Tony Stark is a multimillionaire business owner who turns out to have an extremely powerful robot suit. He has battled several villains in the past, such as the Mandarin, Whiplash, Dr. Doom, and Loki; however, back in M5P, he had to team up with Dexter to uncover the cause of the weird things happening in the multiverse. Iron Man can fly for short bursts of time, and can also shoot repulsor blasts and fire rockets. IronManLogo
M7PEmmet Emmet Emmet is an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average Lego minifigure, who is misinterpreted to be a Master Builder and the one who can save his world. After following a girl named Wyldstyle down a pit, he gets the Piece of Resistance attached to his back, and is thus sent plumetting into a wild journey. Emmet can build many objects using Lego bricks. SSB Lego
Spider-Girl Spidergirl In an alternate timeline, the daughter of Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman, inherited her father's amazing powers and took up the title of Spidergirl! May 'Mayday' Parker is a fairly average teenager, aside from the whole 'daughter of a superhero' thing. Her skills are very much like her father's, although she's a lot more nimble with more knockback. SpidermanLogo
Natsu Anime S2 Natsu Dragneel A member of the Fairy Tail guild, Natsu is quite the balanced fighter, who uses his powers to absorb and breathe fire. He also can get help from his flying cat friend, Happy. However, he can't fight well on moving stages. SSB FairyTail
Gray Fullbuster Gray Fullbuster Natsu's rival who has the strange habit of spontaneously taking off his clothes. He is a strong fighter who uses ice attacks in battle.  SSB FairyTail
X Y Serena Serena Serena is the newest Pokemon trainer who originates from the Kalos region. She uses Froakie, Meowstic, and Pyroar to attack. SSB Pokémon Series
Splatoon Ika Ika A paint-ball blasting squid. She can shoot paintballs at opponents as well as the ground, giving her space to become a squid and swim through the paint! She can easily hide and dodge opponents in the paint, but can't attack, so you'll eventually have to become human again. SSB Splatoon
Starwhal Starwhal A narwhal who hails from the depths of space. While rather slow, he is able to fly around the stage, and gain speed as he travels. He has no attacks other than stabbing with his horn, in which attacking with the tip deals a crap ton of damage whilst meteor smashing. He suffers no knockback from attacks. Because of his overpowered nature, attacking his heart instantly kills him, allowing him to respawn. SSB Starwhal
Eva Zimmer Eva Zimmer A psychic who is trained in martial arts. She uses a variety of energy pulses and telekinetic attacks, as well as kung-fu jabs and kicks. She can summon her cat, 13, to help her should she need to. SSB Zimmer Twins
Alpha Alpha's life on TOME was quite normal until he stumbled upon a little thing called The Forbidden Power. He uses the Forbidden Power to attack, as well as lightning bolts and a discus shield.  TOME
Eren EB3
Eren Jeager Eren is out for revenge on the whole Titan race, and uses his swords and his 3D Maneuver Gear in battle. He also can turn into a Titan himself, dubbed "The Rogue Titan."  Attack on Titan
ReggieEnjoyingDat3DS Reggie Fills-Aime Reggie has been upgraded and now he is a serious fighter. Now, after being buffed after E3 2014, Reggie is a melee based fighter with lots and lots of fast movements. He can also summon Miis of other Nintendo employeers by using AR Cards, which can also summon other characters such as the Dragon and etc. He can still turn into the Purple Pikmin tho. Nintendo
PacmanLAPIS4 Pac-Man waka waka motherfuckers. Pac-Man rises from his 8-bit grave to kick ass once again. He uses two different kinds of movesets, one being his classic 8-bit moveset and other being his modern one. On the classic moveset, he can use the powers from the original Pac-Man along with other moves based on other Namco games, on his modern moveset, he can use basic melee attacks plus attacks from Pac-Man World. Pac-Man
StickBattleTheather Stick Stick was a mere drawing that came to life mysteriously one day. Stick uses a variety of weapons, such as: guns, bats, hammers, missiles, and more. He is a balanced character. Battle Theater
Pepsiman1 Pepsiman A mysterious fighter with clouded origins and only one goal - to deliver Pepsi to people all over the world. While he's rather floaty, Pepsiman has strong attacks and is extremely agile, and has access to his full arsenal of Pepsi-based weaponry. SSB Pepsi logo
AgentVenomM5 Agent Venom Once bully to Peter Parker, Flash Thompson was recruited by the government for Project Rebirth 2.0, where he was bonded with the infamous Venom symbiote (which was tamed via sedatives) to become Agent Venom. Has low knockback and fair speed. His moves include using his pistol, turning his hands into swords, and turning into Savage Venom for a brief time. SpidermanLogo
ProjectMMewtwo Armored Mewtwo Has most of Mewtwo's moves but is slower and stronger. In addition, his attacks can also have an electricity base behind it, meaning that all of his attacks have a shock effect. SSB Pokémon Series
Render kitana2opia
Princess Kitana The adoptive daughter of Shao Kahn, (who isn't really a candidate for Father of the Year,) Kitana uses her fans to fight, and has very strong melee attacks. However, she doesn't have that good recovery.... Mortal kombat logo2
Pizza Ninja
Pizza Ninja A pizza who is a ninja. He attacks using many ninja attacks combined with pizza toppings. These include pepperoni shurikens, a bacon sword and cheese teleportation. SSB Unavaliable
M7PCalculator Calculator Just your average calculator, but upgraded into a fighting machine. It can add or subtract its attack or damage rate, thus balancing them; multiply itself; or even divide by zero to self-destruct, dealing tons of damage to opponents. SSB Reality
Sonic SB
Sonic the Hedgehog Returning from the previous game with a RaDiCaL new design, Sonic can use his iconic Spin Dash move as well as use his wisps for help.  Sonicseries
OptimusPrimeFOL5 Optimus Prime The valiant leader of the Autobots returns with a new look and moveset. Though he's a bit more vicious, Optimus still fights for good, and he can now use Energon blades and hooks along with his truck form. SSB Transfomers
JonTronTrans JonTron Jon Jafari is JonTron, a wacky game reviewer accompanied by his green cheek conure Jacques. Jon attacks with awful games, Lego cars, and use Jacques. Normal Boots
Edward Elric M7P Edward Elric An alchemist who sacrificed his limbs to save his mother and his brother, replacing them with metal ones, Edward Elric uses alchemy, which gives him a bit of strategy as he can choose which advantage he has over the battle, but must sacrifice his previous advantage due to the laws of Equivalent Exchange. For example, Edward can get great recovery at the cost of some of his strength in battle. FullMetal Alchemist
Mortemmp7 Mortem The unwilling grim reaper of the Mysteriousverse, Mortem has been sent to reap the souls and kill every fighter at the fight by a mysterious force! Mortem, being basically Death, uses dark magic such as fireballs, lightning, and poison as well as use a scythe that can turn into different weapons. M7PLogo
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Gilgamesh's role has varied greatly from ally, to enemy, to summon, but for most of his appearances he is a traveling sword collector who battles with a variety of rare and powerful weapons. He is hunting for the rare sword Excalibur. Gilgamesh can fight from nearly any direction at any time. He can pull out up to eight arms, allowing him to attack or grab multiple items. FinalFantasySymbol
MaxMii Mii Islander A resident of Tomodachi Island. This character can be customized using a Mii from your Mii Maker collection. They can use dreams, dance numbers, and minigames to attack. They're a very odd-ball bunch for sure! SSB Tomodachi
RubyRender Ruby Rose Trained by her uncle to use the most dangerous weapon ever designed, Ruby has a strong sense of justice and follows her dream of becoming a huntress at Beacon Academy. After hearing of her skills, she is accepted into Beacon by the headmaster, Ozpin, despite being two years younger than regular students. Ruby is nervous to leave her sister Yang and make new friends at first, though after a run-in with Weiss Schnee, soon befriends Jaune Arc and several others, then becoming partnered with Weiss and assigned as leader of team RWBY. Ruby uses her scythe, Creasant Rose, in combat, which is also capable of turning into a high-powered sniper rifle, she is also able to move at speeds almost too fast to see, leaving rose petals in her wake using her Semblance. RWBYicon
WhiteRender Weiss Schnee Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company and student at Beacon Academy, Weiss can act rather hostile to others at first, but is in reality a kind-hearted person, shown after her initial encounter with Ruby where she continued to antagonize her, ignored the rules in the Emerald Forest when finding that Ruby would be her partner (though settling for Ruby when the second person she found was Jaune stuck in a tree). She then was assigned to team RWBY, outraged at not being the leader, though later coming to terms with things and apologizing to Ruby for her behavior. Weiss makes use of a Multi-Action Dust Rapier, named Myrtenaster, along with her Semblace that allows her create Glyphs. RWBYicon
BlakeRender Blake Belladonna A Faunus, and former member of terrorist organization the White Fang, Blake is a well-meaning and quiet person who joined the White Fang to seek equality for the Faunus, but left after seeing their brutal ways of achieving it. She then joined Beacon Academy to continue fighting for justice, while concealing her cat ears with a bow to avoid prejudice, and hiding her past, she is partnered with Yang Xiao Long, and assigned to team RWBY. Blake later reveals her past to her teammates by accident after encountering Sun Wukong and snapping at a prejudice comment by Weiss. She uses Gambol Shroud, a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe, along with her Semblance which allows her to create weak shadow-y clones of herself. RWBYicon
YangRender Yang Xiao Long "It doesn't have to be this way / let's kiss and make up then you'll learn / that you can fight your life away, I get what I want so don't bother and just watch me burn" describes Yang Xiao Long perfectly, she is a confident and energetic person, with a good sense of humor and a laid-back personality, Yang is also Ruby's older sister, being highly supportive and caring for her. Yang is partnered up with Blake Belladonna in the Emerald Forest, and assigned as a member of team RWBY. Despite her personality, she can be somewhat vain and will fly into a rage at anyone who touches her hair. In combat, she makes use of the Dual Range Shot Gauntlets on her arms, named Ember Celica, along with her Semblance which allows her to emit flames and gives her red eyes. RWBYicon
Hercules Hercules From Hero to Zero comes Hercules! The first of many actually... Hercules possesses virtually limitless superstrength. This was his sole remaining godly power and appears to be higher than most other gods or titans. He can also handle spears and use pots to attack. Let's not forget he can also summon his pegasus to help out. DisneyIcon
Lelouch Vi Britannia LC
Lelouch vi Britannia Lelouch is the leader of a rebellion trying to free the world during a war, and he possesses the power of Geass. With this power, Lelouch can control one opposing player for a short amount of time, (this ability can't be used in 1v1 matches,) and he also uses a pistol and a mech. Code Geass
Pippidonidle5 Don-Chan The Dimensional Pied Piper. He uses drum beats as his main way of attacking and can also summon other characters from other dimensions to help him out. SSB Taiko
Jamesbond James Bond Also known as 007, James Bond works for MI6 under M. Bond is a balanced character who attacks with a Walther PPK, Beretta, and Walther P99, as well as many other explosives and guns. 007
GoanimateGovermentAgent Go!Animate Bodyguard A heavy character that moves rather slowly but can lay the hurt pretty well. He can change a character's symbol, which stuns a character. he can also "ground" characters for just about anything, locking characters into a "grounded" mode, in which they only can complain. SSB GoAnimate
WW Artwork Wario 3 Wario A heavy character that moves rather slowly but is actually shorter then Mario. Wario attacks with brute strength and various transformations from his games like Zombie, Bat, and Wario Man. He can also use a coin magnet. SSB Wario Series
RenderRyuko1 Ryuko Ryuko transferred to Honnōji Academy searching for the twin of her red Scissor Blade and the person who used it to murder her father. Ryuko is armed with one half of a giant scissor and has a living suit on her body that can transform into a powerful suit that enhances her speed and strength. SSB KillLaKill
ShrekRender Shrek Shrek is a large, green, physically intimidating ogre. He is a rather heavy character who can use onion grenades, a knight suit, and mud to fight. SSB Shrek
PowerPuffGirlsM7P The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls are a trio of cute superhuman kindergarten girls created by Professor Utonium. They can dash through the air, use heat vision, and generate tornadoes. They attack as a trio. SSB PowerpuffGirls
Bernice Bernice A tough-as-nails Overtown native, Bernice loves tackle football and money. After a disastrous one-day introduction to Tremont early on, Bernice redeemed herself by selling out the crooked crew from a rival tow company – and has been part of the family ever since. Bernice is a heavy character but she hits disastrously hard. You better pray you don't get tossed into a dumpster or something... SSB SouthBeachTow
Frollo Frollo Frollo is a deeply religious man who tries to convince the people of Paris that his evil deeds are justified because they are God's will, though he is in reality a prejudiced, sinister, vicious, and cold government official who uses his place in power to meet his own extreme ends. He uses mostly holy fire attacks. DisneyIcon
Cgumball Gumball Watterson Well... THAT was unexpected. Gumball is a pre-teenage humanoid blue cat (huh?) who tends to cause trouble. Lots and LOTS of trouble. He scratches enemies, and can use abilities from Super Mario Silver Spurs and Grand Theft Gumball, such as the Lighting Leap (which works like Classic Sonic's Thunder Shield) and "Candy Vision", in which Gumball sees opponents as candy and eats them. SSB Gumball
669px-Link Artwork 1 (Skyward Sword) Link The badass hero of Hyrule, Link has a fairy large set of moves to use, such as his sword, bombs, boomerangs, his bow, and he uses his shield to block projectiles.  SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Kirby Wii Kirby Kirby is a peaceful resident of Dream Land on the planet of Pop Star. Despite his small, cute appearance, his moveset is very large, being able to inhale his opponents and steal their powers. Even without an ability in hand, Kirby can use a number of weapons that he can use in his own series, such as a cutter, a beetle hat, and a whip. SSB Kirby Series
Jareth Jareth Jareth is the wicked goblin king and a symbol of Sarah's childhood, and is also infatuated with her. Jareth can create magical illusions, use dance magic, and summon a goblin army to assist him. Labyrinth
GodzillaM7P Godzilla The one and only King of Monsters, Godzilla is one of the largest characters in the game, as he should be. He's extremely bulky, but his moves are amazingly strong and his scaly hide makes him a resilient fighter who can keep going even as the fight wears on. SSB Godzilla
Gaburin Gaburin A devilish looking but still cute looking Kaiju. He is able to slam his fists into the ground and have them come out the other side, being half ghost. He can also breathe fire. SSB CallofPlasticKaiju
273px-Gaston Gaston The most beautiful man in Gaston, nobody fights like Gaston! He eats FOUR DOZEN EGGS every single day. He uses his manly strength, his manly bow, his manly blunderbuss, and his manly stealth tactics. DisneyIcon
Samuswiiucropped Samus Samus is a bounty hunter with a powered suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. She uses the arm cannon on her suit to attack and can drop bombs. She can switch to a nimbler suit called the Zero Suit. SSB Metroid Series
SamusZSSAsemble Zero Suit Samus Samus is a bounty hunter, now with a sleeker suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. Her plasma whip now has a better grip, and she is a lot more athletic compared to her power suit. SSB Metroid Series
FusionSuit Samus Fusion Suit Samus Samus is still a bounty hunter, and now uses the Fusion Suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating the space station called B.S.L. Research Station. She can use her arm cannon once more and now has Ice Missiles. SSB Metroid Series
Hawkguy Hawkguy It's Hawkeye, bro. Hawkeye can use his bow and arrows and Pizza Dog to attack. He has a multi-tude of arrows with different effects, so he is very versatile. He can also take tons of damage. SSB Hawkeye
FlintLockwood Flint Lockwood Flint Lockwood is an inventor who dreams of creating amazing things that can change everyone's life, despite his career having been sort of a hit and miss. He can use "Rat-Birds", "Remote Control Television" and Spray on Shoes to attack, although the main part of his moveset is the FLDSMDFR, which attacks using food-themed weather. SSB CloudyWithAChanceofMeatballs
SoraKH3 Sora A keyblade warrior out to defeat Xenahort. He's upbeat and immature sometimes but has a good heart and fights for his friends. Sora can attack with his Kingdom Key and magic, as well as with the help of his friends, Donald and Goofy. He's a balanced character. Kingdom Hearts
Jouster Jouster An warrior from the golden days of video games. A very floaty character who can barely stop when they get moving. Despite being a tough character to control, Jouster can be a rather tricky character to be hit. In addition to using jousting moves, the Jouster can also summon other Atari golden age characters. SSB JOUST
Lagann Lagann The Lagann is Simon's personal Gunmen. It attacks using drills which can be generated from anywhere on it's frame. It can also fly using a battery based jetpack. It's pretty small, meaning enemies bigger than it can tackle it easily. SSB GurrenLagann
Gurren Gurren Gurren was previously the "Gunzar", a custom-class Gunmen piloted by a Beastmen commander before being revamped after its harsh day with the Jiha brother duo, the then, "Team Gurren". It can't fly and it's much bigger than Lagann, so it attacks mostly with physical attacks and the massive sunglasses which can be used as a boomerang. SSB GurrenLagann
LegoExoSuit Lego Exo Suit Found somewhere on the moon, this Lego Exo Suit is similar in size to Metalbeard, but it uses mostly physical based attacks and classic space-themed weaponry. SSB Lego
Gengar Gengar A Ghost/Poison type Pokémon, Gengar is a deadly fighter, using both abilities of the undead and of the acid and poison. He can use a variety of other moves as well, such as ThunderPunch and some HM moes. He also can use his Mega Evolution. SSB Pokémon Series
Pom Gets Wifi Pom Pom A Pomeranian with an unhealthy obsession for Wi-Fi, also known as the Dog of Doggy Heaven. Her main forms of attacks are taunts and "yo mama" jokes, but she can also ignite herself in fire to incinerate foes. Pom Gets Wi-Fi
Aladdin Aladdin A young thief living in Agrabah. Aladdin is an acrobatic character. Not very strong, but can jump a lot and run fairly well. Aladdin attacks with his Scimitar in addition to his magic carpet, Abu, and he can summon Genie three times in the battle, to do a powerful attack each time. DisneyIcon
Samuel L Jackson 5 Samuel L. Jackson A famous actor, Samuel uses tactics from his movies, such as quoting The Bible or wielding a purple Lightsaber. Real Life
Bomberman SSB4 White Bomberman One of the many "Bombermen", White Bomberman was a slave on a bomb factory, who decided to escape from it. White Bomberman also became the hero of the galaxy that he lived in, after saving it from many dangerous threats. He uses many variations of bombs on his attacks. SSB Bomberman
Th-1 Yoda A great Jedi Master, he is. Force powers and a green lightsaber, he uses. Push back projectiles, he can. Fight, Yoda will. SSB StarWarsNew
Th-2 Hiccup Hiccup was the first Viking who refused to kill a dragon. But when he proved that dragons could be useful by training a Night Fury named Toothless and having him fight the Red Death, his fellow Vikings considered him a hero and revolutionist. He uses his battleaxe to attack, and can summon Toothless. How to Train Your Dragon
MakotoNaegiTransparent Makoto Naegi The physical embodiment of Hope, Makoto was summoned to the Mysteriousverse by an unkown being to stop his old enemy, Enoshima Junko. Makoto can use hope as a means of fighting. Don't ask me how that works.  Dangan Ronpa
Ryu UMVC3 Ryu Ryu was an orphaned child, not knowing anything about his parents, including whether they were still alive. Gouken raised him in his dojo and taught him martial arts skills. As such, he can use such skills like the Hadoken and the Shoryuken. Streetfightersymbol
Mavis Mavis Mavis is totally pampered by her father; however, she is headstrong and smart, and in many ways, a typical 118-year-old teenage girl. She is grown slightly bored with the domain of her childhood — she has lived within her father’s hotel and its grounds all her life. She can turn into a bat, hypnotize characters, and cast bluish mist. SSB HotelTransylvania
JulietAlt3 Juliet Starling Juliet Starling is the cheerleader of a school that got infested with zombies and also her boyfriend died... in a way, his head still talks somehow. She is a fast character and use her chainsaw as a deadly weapon. Lollypopchainsawlogo
HNVert Vert Vert is the human form of the Green Heart, being the oldest and also being smart, calm and polite compared to the others. Vert uses the Gungnir spear as her main weapon. NeptuniaSymbol
HNNoire Noire Noire is the human form of the Black Heart, Noire is a tsundere and thinking she is the ideal goddess. She uses the Durandal blade which can cut anything. NeptuniaSymbol
HNBlanc Blanc Blanc is the human form of the White heart, Blanc is a shy girl, but actually her true form reveals that she is a girl with short temper when things goes dangerous. She uses the CPU Crusher, a legendary weapon that can even crush a CPU. NeptuniaSymbol
John-stewart-the-green-lantern-corps-6971546-400-411 Green Lantern Green Lantern is a superhero and an intergalactic police officer in the DC Universe. The weapon he wields is a power ring that translates his ideas into green energy using the strength of his willpower. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an organization created by the Guardians of the Universe that has established thousands of members distributed throughout each space sector. He uses attacks from his ring to attack. He's a pretty powerful character, but has a weakness to the color yellow. DCLogo
Power-girl-psd71019 Power Girl Power Girl is the Earth-Two counterpart of the Kryptonian Supergirl and first cousin to Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-Two. Possessing her cousin's superhuman strength and ability to fly, she took his place in the Justice Society of America after he entered into semi-retirement to focus on his personal life. She can fly and shoot beams out of her eyes similar to that of Superman. DCLogo
Jack Skellington Jack Skellington Jack Skellington is the patron spirit of Halloween, portrayed as being on par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny within his own holiday. As a living skeleton, he is immortal and can remove parts of his body without harm, as is often demonstrated for comic relief. He is the most important of many Halloween spirits, with the implication that their job is to scare people in the real world on Halloween night. he can throwing flaming Pumpkins as well as send out a sonic scare blast. NightmareSBB
B&M Mandy Mandy Remmber when Mandy fought with Billy and Grim in M5P? Well, she's all by her lonesome now. (Actually, not really.) Mandy has become much stronger over time, and can now use an energy scythe, the Apple of Discord, and sorcery to attack. But she can still throw bombs and eggs. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
SilverSurferM5P Silver Surfer One of the noblest and most tormented cosmic entities in the universe, the Silver Surfer treasures freedom above all else, but has often sacrificed his liberty for the greater good. He soon confronted the invader, Galactus, who intended to consume Zenn-La. He offered to become his herald and seek out new worlds for him in exchange for Galactus sparing Zenn-La. He rides on his board, being able to speed into enemies and can use the Power Cosmic. SSB FantasticFour
YujiNaka Yuji Naka The creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, former Sonic Team leader, and currently the CEO of Prope. He can summon sprites from the classic Sonic trilogy, as well as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Rodea the Sky Soldier. Sega
NecoArcM7P Neco-Arc Neco-Arc is a member of the NEKO Spirit race, originating from the Great Cat's Village. Neco-Arc is known as the biggest small-fry in the Cat Kingdom. Her movement, size, range and aesthetic are vastly different to other characters, which makes her irritating to fight against and for this reason she is generally disliked. Although many of her moves can be seen as useless, she's tough to fight against so use it to your advantage. SSB MeltyBlood
Chell2 Chell Chell is a lab rat of the Aperture Sciences Laboratory, trapped by the evil A.I. GLaDOS, Chell is forced to go into the test chambers and test the Portal Gun in many puzzles. She uses the Portal Gun, which can create portals and get items to use it as a projectiles. Portallogo
Deadpool 005 Deadpool Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back! I can see my name in front of me, as well as my description. So anyway, I can use these "moves" given to me by teens on the internet, such as text bubbles, katanas, pistols, and... hey, there's my logo! (I get my own logo?! What an awesome game!!) SSB Deadpool
PeniParker Peni Parker/SP///dr When Peni Parker was nine, her father died piloting the SP//dr suit. She was informed by her Uncle Ben and Aunt May that she was the only person able to carry on the project, and accepted the responsibly, allowing the radioactive spider that formed the other half of SP//dr's CPU to bite her. She uses webs, but she also utilizes the suit's power and size to her advantage. SpidermanLogo
SpidermanFOL7 Spiderman Wait, WHAT!?!?!? fucking finally already SpidermanLogo
Jesus2better JESUS CHRIST Jesus ain't having none of your shit as he came back to Earth to kick you for your sins and for the fact that you didn't went to the sunday school. Jesus Christ is now a vampire hunter (portrayed by Phil Caracas) that has the help of mexican wrestler EL SANTO to kick people's ass. Heaven
RealSteelAtom Atom Found in a dumpster, Atom was originally a training robot for the once champion of the WRB Gamma. Found later by ex-boxer Charlie Kenton and his son Max Kenton, Atom became a powerful fighting machine and even almost won a match against his biggest rival, the current champion Zeus. Atom is controlled by three ways, his controller, voice commands and his own unique skill, the Shadowplay, in which he can learn from someone's else movements. Atom is a pretty fast melee-based fighter, he can dodge enemy attacks easily and has a gigantic large moveset full of boxing skills. Real Steel
80px-Marceline2 Marceline A vampire princess and a good friend of Princess Bubblegum's. She can turn into a huge bat and bite opponents. Snaillogo
CammyM5 Cammy White Cammy is a quick, close range fighter. She lacks any projectile or long-reaching attacks, and therefore hurls herself at the enemy relying on speed and priority. Priority such as this makes her one of the easiest characters to use in The Mysterious Five Project. Streetfightersymbol
SSBBRZS Quote Quote A mysterious boy who got into an adventure on a land where bunny-like creatures needs his help. Quote can use a jetpack and a variety of weapons. Cave Story
ATV ATV ATV, the legendary Dragonslayer. Captured by Red (under the control of the uncontrollable mob) in the Safari Zone, ATV became one of the best Pokémon on the team. He can use Stun Spore, Leech Life, Disable and Poison Powder, plus can fly and it is pretty fast on the ground. SSB TwitchPlaysPokemon
Mordecai Lapis 5 Mordecai Mordecai's a regular blue jay. NOT. He works at The Park, where he and his good friend Rigby constantly end up in the middle of wierd misadventures. He uses an electric guitar, a golf cart, and Death Kwon Do skills to fight, and his final smash features the spectacular electronic keyboard known as The Power. RegularShowIcon
Rigby Lapis 5 Rigby Rigby is a raccoon who works with Mordecai. He's slightly weaker than his friend, but also faster and can use his sharp claws and a time machine. RegularShowIcon
TonyStark Tony Stark While Iron Man has always been in Fighters of Lapis, the man behind the suit has never really shown himself until now. He is able to build devices from boxes of scraps and use a simple repulsor beam attached on his arm. He is a lot nimbler than Iron Man, but at the cost of power. IronManLogo
Starninjer Starninger The leader of Team Fuckin' America, a group of liberty and freedom! He's a Power Ranger based off a fuckin' cowboy and transforms into a goddamn burger. He sounds like the perfect candidate to lead this great country, but unfortunately Obama is in office right now. SSB PowerRangers
Girl TeamAmerica Girl The token girl of the team. She doesn't really do anything. I think she just poses for the calendar or something. But I guess she's part of the group! In the Mysterious Seven Project, she is actually a fairly decent character, apparently knowing boxing and how to shoot a rifle. Right to bear arms, son! But I guess she's more comfortable being... this. SSB Unavaliable
Kayneda Kaneda Kaneda Washington Sawyer Finn Bush Cheney Pamela Anderson Lee was born ready to fight for freedom and liberty. That, and the prom's tomorrow. Shit son, you better get going! He attacks using his bike and his friends. SSB Unavaliable
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln The King of Mars, but also the former president of the United Goddamn states. He uses his lucky pennies to fight. Snaillogo
Statue of Liberty as a fighter MDCCLXXVI Liberty herself has come to dish out judgement. The 1776th model of the Liberty Protection Android fights with her torch, her tablet, and corrosion. M5logo
Maka Albarn Maka Albarn One of the Mysterious Seven, Maka is an aspiring student at the DWMA school, and uses Soul, her partner who turns into a scythe, to attack, as well as using a book to Maka Chop opponents. SSB Soul Eater Series

Hidden Characters


Image Name Description Franchise How to Unlock
HIM HIM HIM is a demon so evil that his real name can not even be said lest you cause chaos. He uses a variety of dark powered moves, and is able to teleport and grow to gigantic sizes. SSB PowerpuffGirls Lose 10,000 versus matches
Animation baikinman Bakinman Baikinman fell to Earth in a mysterious egg, born knowing that he had two important purposes: to destroy Anpanman, and to blanket the world in pestilence. He attacks using toothbrushes that cause cavities, his tongue, and germs. Ssb anpanman Lose 1,000 versus matches
Captain Toad Captain Toad NOTE: Read this description while you hear to the Indiana Jones theme or otherwise a giant rock will start rolling towards you.
The Indiana Jones-wannabe of the Mushroom Kingdom, Captain Toad was in space and now is in... somewhere. He can use a pickaxe and throw a lot of gems that he got from his adventures. Including that one idol that he stole and then a giant rock started chasing h- oh wait that's someone else not him.
Mario TBA
M7PMasterChief Master Chief Also known as John-117, Master Chief is a SPARTAN-II soldier who has saved humanity from the Covenant, the Flood, and eventually their ancestors. He can use a wide range of weapons, such as his shotgun or a Gravity Hammer, along with access to Armor Abilities such as a jetpack or a Drop Shield. SSB Halo Find him in the Story Mode, Binary Time.
ScribbleNew Scribble Meant to be a clone of Stick, Scribble accidentally went wrong from a slip of the hand. Overall, Scribble plays like Stick(using all of his moves), but is slower, weaker, and floaty with jumps. However, all of his moves come with a strange effect on the enemy. Battle Theater Lose as Stick 100 times.
Mcgamer mcgamer mcgamer is a guy who plays Minecraft on Youtube. Aside from his love of the Legend of Zelda, nothing really should make him stand out, right? Well, he has an unhealthy obsession for the Lapis Lazuli ore found in the game, so he obviously needs a place in the Lapisverse in one way or another. He attacks with a diamond sword enchanted with Bane of Arthropods, and can use his Bucket of Caving (really just a bucket of water) to push away opponents. He is also able to throw grenades shaped like the Minecraft Lapis Lazuli sprite, or place Lapis Lazuli blocks for shielding. SSB Mindcrack Win 1000 versus matches as Nintendo characters
MetalStick Metal Stick Another lazy clone of Stick made by the developers. He has all of Stick's moves but rather then be balanced he is slow but powerful, has high defense, and can walk on lava. Battle Theater Win as Stick 100 times.
KissPlayersOptimusM7P Optimus Prime (Kiss Players) In an alternate timeline, Optimus awoke from death in a new form due to the kiss of a young girl. Yeaaaaaaaah. He can use the Surfblade to slash at enemies and turns into a smaller truck than his counterpart, but he cannot fight for more than a minute or so without receiving a kiss from his Kiss Player partner, and he's smaller and less weighted than the original Optimus. SSB Transfomers Fight as Optimus Prime 20 times.
NewspaperSpiderman Newspaper Spiderman Peter Parker finally arrives to the Mysterious X Project... hang on a second! Who's this loser? Newspaper is not only extremely slow, but also abnormally stupid and weak. While he can still put up a fight, it would be difficult to actually win on a 1-1 fight with anyone! SpidermanLogo Fight as Spidergirl 365 times.
BillCipherNew Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a dream demon. He's not a fast character, opting for illusions and the like to disguise this. He can cast blue fire, grab deer teeth towards him (damaging anyone in their path), and stopping time around him. Gravity Falls Icon Finish Adventure Mode as 12 characters.
BestHercules Best Hercules There would be a description here, but it... really doesn't have the time right now. This character is an odd version of Hercules from a "so bad, it's good" animated Hercules film. Another joke character whose attacks take forever to pull off, but unlike Newspaper Spiderman, they have no real pay-off. SSB BestHercules Finish Adventure Mode as Hercules.
NewHercules New Hercules New Hercules, while not the best, is still the strongest. He was appropriately portrayed by Hollywoods favorite Austrian bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger. New Hercules (otherwise known as Arnold Strong) has the strength and build of a god, yet he easily grows bored of living on Mt. Olympus, looking for some excitement in New York. And, of course, he's all brawn and NO brain. He uses some movie making techniques into his moveset, although not well... SSB NewHercules Finish Classic Mode as Hercules.
Iwata Iwata Satoru Iwata is the current president of Nintendo. He attacks "directly" at characters, making him a close-ranged character. He is also able to calm himself down at any point, cancelling any moves or effects. He can also use moves from games like Earthbound. NintendoSymbol Finish Regular Mode as Reggie.
SakuraiRender Sakurai Sakurai is a game director that works for Nintendo, known for his Super Smash Bros series, Kirby, and Kid Icarus games. He has replaced his left hand with a bionic hand that morphs into an arm cannon (a refrence to when he hurt his hand during development of SSB4) and uses a baseball bat, a laser gun, and a bumper to attack. NintendoSymbol Finish Adventure Mode as Reggie.
DarkSakuraiRender Dark Sakurai The dark version of Sakurai. He has replaced his hand with a buzzsaw, able to saw through enemies. Otherwise, that's the only thing that's really changed for his attacks, as he uses just variants of Sakurai's attacks. NintendoSymbol Finish Adventure Mode as Sakurai.
Dr. Sakurai Render Dr. Sakurai The doctor? version of Sakurai. He has replaced his hand with a giant needle, able to poison enemies. Otherwise, that's the only thing that's really changed for his attacks, as he uses just variants of Sakurai's attacks. NintendoSymbol Finish Classic Mode as Sakurai.
ToonSakurai Toon Sakurai The toon version of Sakurai. He has replaced his hand with a Mega Buster, able to charge up shots. Otherwise, he's really only a faster version of Sakurai while overall being weaker. NintendoSymbol Finish Regular Mode as Sakurai.
Shao Kahn the Conqueror
Shao Kahn The conqueror of worlds rises once again! He is a very powerful fighter, using his hammer and energy spears to fight. 
Mortal kombat logo2
Win 200 Brawls as Kitana or beat him in story mode.
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Luigi Mario's younger brother, poor old Luigi always seems to be in Mario's shadow. He uses similar moves to Mario, but can also use the Poltergust 5000, use negative shadow energy, and turn into Mr. L, who can use a super jump and summon Brobot in battle. SSB Mario Series Win 100 brawls as Mario.
Dr Mario Dr. Mario Dr. Mario is simply Mario in a doctor's uniform, equipped with his powerful "Megavitamins" to fight against viruses (Blue, Red and Yellow Viruses). He originated in the 1990 NES/Game Boy game Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario retains the old Melee-style moveset that Mario once had in the Super Smash Bros series. SSB Mario Series Win 140 brawls as Mario.
BabyDuck A Bunch of Baby Ducks A bunch of baby ducks, what more can be said? These ducks initially start in a group of four and can do pretty heavy kung-fu attacks, but they're rather small and can't withstand hits well. Once the four fuse, you have a very powerful ground character that is useless in air. RegularShowIcon Complete Regular Mode once.
BBQ Girll BBQ Girll Fresh off the grill is... BBQ Girll. She is of the mascots for She can toss hamburger meat as projectiles, use a spatula to either attack or toss opponents in the air, and trap her enemies in her cover to burn them. SSB Bogleech Complete 606 matches.
180px-AshleyRedGameWario Ashley and Red Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion? It's Ashley! The other fighters should watch out for this little witch. She's assisted by her demon friend Red. Ashley casts spells on the foe like Pantalones Giganticus and turning the foe into a spoon, while Red attacks rapidly. SSB Wario Series Play as Wario 100 times.
GeorgeCarlin George Carlin George Carlin is a comedian. While his comedy isn't exactly clean, it's still very effective and is the basis for his moveset. He can use napalm and silly putty to attack and use the seven dirty words. SSB Reality Play 1000 matches.
LouisCK Louis C.K Louis C.K is a Mexican and American comedian, editor, writer, producer, director, and actor. Like Carlin, his comedy isn't very clean. He has a variety of moves that are based off his comedy as well as his show Louie. SSB Louie Finish Adventure Mode as George Carlin.
Mechawhale Mechawhale Part of the Human-Whale Alliance's armed forces against alien invaders, Mechawhale is a valiant warrior with psychic powers and a powered mechsuit filled to the brim with weaponry. He's massive and clunky, but his power is through the roof. SSB Mechawhale Win 100 matches of Robot Rampage.
TheDevil Satan The current owner of hell, although she used to work at a business firm. While she doesn't exactly control hell, she uses both of her jobs to attack such as using hot cocoa and sending out a demon assistance to attack with pie charts. SSB Gunshow Win 45 matches on the stage "Hell".
CoolSpot Cool Spot The red dot in the 7-Up logo. He always keeps his cool. He attacks using soda bubbles and throwing sparks. SSB 7Up Win 777 matches as Pepsiman.
Sonic-Free-Riders-Metal-Sonic-artwork Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is an evil robotic duplicate of Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Dr. Eggman. As well as resembling Sonic, he can perform many of Sonic's moves, including his Homing Attack. But he can also perform some of his own special moves such Ring Spark Field, where he unleashes an electrical field that can burn through thick metal, though the attack drains so much of his energy that his mobility decreases. To defend himself, Metal Sonic can perform the Black Shield, an energy field that protects him from any harm. Sonicseries Play 150 matches.
ShowazillaM7P Godzilla (Showa) An earlier Godzilla with several different traits compared to his modern self. Though lighter and less damage-resistant than the other Godzilla, this Godzilla is much more mobile, and can use a variety of skills such as a tail slide, summoning fellow monsters, and of course, the ever-constant atomic breath. SSB Godzilla Win 1952 matches as Godzilla.
BrawlPeach Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is back at the fray! Though this time as an unlockable character due a demonic possesion. Even though now she is back at her original form, she has gain some power boost due leftovers from her demonic form. Super Mario Defeat Demonic Peach.
Kiruko Otonashi Kiruko Otonashi A former mercenary with considerable experience on the battlefield, she later became a policewoman and got assigned to the Nagashima police station (which officers not wanted by other stations are often sent). Kiruko wields two Tonfa Blades, which she carries with her all the time, and is capable of inflicting great damage with them. She is a fast character who doesn't have much knockback, but she can be extremely predictable. SSB Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san Complete 500 Matches.
M7PBlackout Blackout Blackout is a Decepticon who confidently hunts down any given target. He is skeptical of the actions of his boss, Starscream, because he believes that he would prefer Megatron, the lord of Decepticons, to stay lost. Blackout uses his "wings" as blades, and can summon his symbiotic companion Scorponok to assist him. He can also transform into a helicopter and shoot down enemies with missiles. SSB Transfomers Complete Regular Mode as Optimus Prime.
Happytransparent Happy The character, basically a Happy Meal come to life, with bug eyes, wiry arms and legs, and human-like teeth and tongue, was deemed to be the stuff of nightmares. It attacks using dark hamburger magic and devouring victims. SSB MCDONALDS Complete Slime Pit once.
Spiderman2099 Spider-man 2099 Miguel O'Hara is a highly skilled geneticist and gifted with genius-level intelligence. Though he did not take combat training, he quickly develops an effective fighting style that maximizes the use of his superhuman agility, strength, senses, and intellect. Unlike the normal Spider-man, he unleashes deadly toxins by biting his foes, paralyzing them. He can also glide in the air. SpidermanLogo Complete Blast to the Past as Spidergirl.
VinceMechMahon Vince MechMahon The CEO of WWE. He attacks from inside a mecha suit, giving him the abilities of famous pro wrestlers. SSB WWE Fight in the WWE Wrestling Arena 55 times.
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Flannery Flannery Flannery is the Gym Leader of the Lavaridge Gym. She specializes in Fire-type Pokémon and gives out the Heat Badge to Trainers who defeat her. She uses Blaziken, Houndoom, and Magmotar to attack. SSB Pokémon Series Unlock the Heat Badge.
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Shelly Shelly Shelly is one of the Admins of Team Aqua. She uses Sharpedo and Mightyena to attack, in addition to using Team Aqua grunts to send out Pokemon of their own. SSB Pokémon Series Collect 50 Emeralds.
SilverSamurai Silver Samurai The Silver Samurai armor was made out of adamantium on the orders of Ichirō Yashida, in an effort to prolong his life, until he could gain Logan's healing factor. He attacks using swords which he can channel energy through, as well as the brute strength of the machine. SSB Xmen Complete Adventure as Wolverine.
70807-metalbeard-2 MetalBeard He is a pirate obsessed with revenge on Lord Business for taking his body parts. He is a super strong as well as a huge character; even bigger than the Titans. As such, it is cautioned to be careful while playing as him. He can use his cannon and grappling hook to attack. SSB Lego Complete 60 matches as any of the Lego Series characters.
MiniBeard MiniBeard A smaller version of MetalBeard. While not as powerful, he is a lot more manageable to use. He attacks using weaker versions of MetalBeard's attacks. SSB Lego Complete 30 Matches as MetalBeard.
GurrenLagann Gurren Lagann The combined form of Gurren and Lagann. It attacks using all of Gurren and Lagann's powers, with boosts. SSB GurrenLagann Use Gurren and Lagann's bro move 15 times.
ExonauntMarceline Exonaut Marceline One of the faster characters, but comes at the cost having less tolerance to attacks. Attacks with a gun called Wildfire. SSB Exonaut Play as Marceline 555 times.
Ryouga Ryouga Ryouga comes to the little known Pokémon ReBURST manga. In that manga, he is a Burst Warrior, which allows him to fuse with Pokémon to create one being combining the powers of both. Before the battle, he fuses with a random Pokémon that gives him powers, giving him a lot of movesets and playstyles. Pokémon Play as a Pokémon character 2011 times.
BatteryBatman Battery Operated Batman A clunky toy that operates on a battery. He is quite a joke character due to the fact all of his attacks drain his battery and it will leave him completely still. He explodes when he is destroyed, that being his real saving grace. Batmansymbol Play as Batman 160 times.
Phantom R Phantom R Raphael, also known under the guise of the elusive thief Phantom R, is a young boy who's father mysteriously disappeared many years ago. He attacks with his rapier and his dog, Fondue. True to his origins from a rhythm game, his attacks get stronger when in combos. Rhythm Thief Complete Rhythmic once.
Anna FE13 Artwork Anna A traveling merchant, Anna is normally seen as a proprietor of the mysterious Secret Shops. As a trickster, she can use many different moves with unordinary effects. Her attacks include throwing money bags, summoning a Pegasus to assist in combat, and different magic spells. FESymbol Play 1300 matches.
CyberPosionMiku Cyber Poison Miku Cyber Posion Miku is a version of Miku that has been made completely deadly with the use of poison barbs all over her body. Every attack she has has a poisonous side effect. Additionally, she can use cyber attacks as well, allowing her to send attacks to the cloud to be used later. VocaloidIcon Play 1666 matches.
Flippy Doggenbottom Flippy President of the Toon Council. Flippy Doggenbottom is a dog toon who governs Toontown. Flippy is a fast character with little air game. He attacks with various gags like Cupcakes, Squirting Flowers, and Flower Pots, as well as many more. DisneyIcon Play as Disney characters 100 times.
Harkinian The King Mah boi. This moveset is what all true warriors strive for! Attacks with a goblet, lamp oil, rope, bombs. You want it? CDITriforceSYM Play as any joke character 40 times.
M7P MechaCell Mecha Cell A mysterious entity created by Mecha Sakurai as a galactic enforcer and a living monument to the Goku-shaped hole in all Smash games. He is a rather large fighter, but he can use techniques like the Kamehameha and is extremely agile for a warrior of his stature. M7PLogo Win 700 matches of Robot Rampage.
Spooky Goopy Spooky Goopy A ghoulish minion with weird metal pincer hands and a lock on his chest. He attacks of course mainly using these hands, but his attack can also bite as well. SSB CreepyCrawlers Defeat 100 enemies in Slime Pit.
Solmon Grunty Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy is an immortal zombie super-villain from the 19th Century with several origins. Originally murdered in the mysterious Slaughter Swamp, he resurrects and regenerates there every time he is killed again in his zombie form. He can use zombie hands, super strength and has great knockback. DCLogo Play on the Halloween Town stage 66 times.
AidenWatch DogsPS1NeoGaf Aiden (PS1 Demaster) What if Watch_Dogs had been made during Ubisoft's PS1 era? This NeoGAF thread answers that. Aiden can use plants to jump around, use a device that allows him to control parts of the stage or other people's moves, and guns. SSB neoGAF Find the Last of Us Demastered game hidden in the Dead Kingdom.
CalvinEllisPresidentSuperman President Superman From another reach of the Multiverse, Calvin Ellis is Superman. He is the president in his universe, but has another job as Superman. He attacks like Superman normally would, but can also use assistance from Brainiac. SSB Superman Complete Adventure as Superman.
Conchords M7P Flight of the Conchords New Zealand's former fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. From Jemaine's dance moves to the motherflippin' Rhymenoceros, the band has many powerful attacks, though they suffer from a lack of mobility and generally disappointing melee capabilities. SSB Reality Win 50 games in Rhythmic mode.
ReverseReverseBillie Billie From Universe RP-999 (Reverse Reverse Pines), Billie exists in a universe where Bill is a human and Dipper and Mabel are demons similar to the Prime Universe Bill. She is a bit more grounded than the normal Bill character, who is very floaty and uses dream magic in his attacks, while Billie uses a magic book and a cane. Gravity Falls Icon Play through Hotel California once.
Puppetpearl Puppet Pearl From Universe SU-334 (Pearl Puppetverse), Pearl has been possessed by Bill and is being used as a puppet for him. She uses a lot of of Pearl's attacks in addition to Bill's. Gravity Falls IconStevenSeries Play through Hotel California twice.
GiygasNessfreehim N...E...S...S... From Universe GY-864 (H...a...p...p...y... Nessverse), Ness has been transformed into a vessel for Giygas. He can summon evil in addition to having most of Ness's moves that are slightly stronger. Since Ness is trying to internally fight back, he's a bit slow... SSB LapisEarthbound Play through Hotel California three times.
Toa Tahu Tahu A valiant Toa defender of Mata Nui with control over fire, Tahu is the leader of his team and has amazing strength and courage. His moveset revolves around switching between his six Kanohi Masks, giving him new properties and attacks, along with his control of fire. SSB Bionicle Play through Regular Mode 25 times
Enoshima Enoshima Junko ??? Dangan Ronpa Win 5000 Brawls
ShikiM5PFOL5 Shiki She is a woman who was tailored to be Yuga's servant before her birth. A sad woman in her heart, she never understood what it is like to be a normal woman. During her time with Yuga, she would give her body and soul to her master's wishes. Her fighting style is focused in her twin katanas. She can also poison enemies, teleport, and drain life from opponents. KingOfFighterIcon Play through Adventure as Mai Shiranui.
Ibuki Ibuki Ibuki is a young girl from Japan who is raised in a ninja village that is hidden from society's watchful eyes, where she trains in the deadly art of ninjutsu. Ibuki's fighting style is characterized by her speed and agility. Several of her special moves are useful in both closing distance and evading her foe and/or their attacks. Streetfightersymbol Play through Adventure as Cammy.
IbukiM Ibuki Mioda Ultimate Light Music Club Member Ibuki joins Mysterious Five Project! She uses fourth wall breaking attacks and musical based attacks. Dangan Ronpa Play through Adventure as Makoto Naegi.
RidleyTransparent Massive Ridley Ridley is a ginormous dragon from space and the ruler of the Space Pirates. He holds a personal grudge with Samus Aran and always manages to fight her. He is absolutely the largest character in the game by far and can barely fight due to his large size making him slow and clumsy. SSB Metroid Series Play as Ridley 200 times.
MetalNaka Metal Naka A robotic version of Yuji Naka created by the Uncanny Five to stop him from getting his Rodea the Sky Soldier files back. Metal Naka uses sprites from ChuChu Rocket! and Phantasy Star; other than that, he uses slower but stronger versions of normal Yuji Naka's. Sega Complete Adventure Mode as Yuji Naka.
Mania Mania This symbiote is a clone born of a piece of the original Venom that regenerated. It was being studied in a laboratory at a remote outpost in northern Canada called Christmastown, just above the Arctic Circle, but it escaped. Some time later, with Venom bonded to a new host, one of Flash's students, Andi, was caught in Jack's path, then Flash sent a part of the symbiote to protect her, which ended up bonding with Andrea rather than only protecting her from her imminent death. She has similar abilities to the original Venom including stong brutish attacks, but can also summon demons thanks to the devil's mark. Extremely weak to fire. SpidermanLogo Complete Regular Mode as Agent Venom.
Spider-Ham Spider-Ham An anthropomorphic funny animal parody of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man. Peter Porker was born a spider (simply named Peter). He resided in the basement lab of May Porker, a slightly goofy animal scientist who had created "the world's first atomic powered hairdryer," hoping that "the introduction of nuclear fusion into America's beauty salons" would "revolutionize the hair care industry". After dousing her head with water and activating the dryer, May Porker accidentally irradiated herself, and in a fit of delusion, bit Peter, who then found himself transformed into an anthropomorphic swine much like May Porker herself. Running from the Porker homestead disoriented, Peter soon came to realize that he still retained a spider's abilities! He has similar abilities to Spider-Girl, but is smaller and has slightly weaker attacks with better defense. SpidermanLogo Complete Regular Mode as Spidergirl.
Neco-Arc Chaos Neco-Arc Chaos Neco-Arc Chaos is a member of the NEKO Spirit race, originating from the Great Cat's Village. He is even more enigmatic than Neco-Arc, and his connection to her is unknown. Much like Neco-Arc, he is mostly nonsensical, spouting off non sequitur statements and breaking the fourth wall. When not manic, he acts suave and smokes a cigarette. Kohaku fears him as a "Monster Cat", and he antagonizes others much like Neco-Arc. Neco-Arc Chaos is a being exceeding Neco-Arcs who spontaneously mutates. He fights similarly to Neco-Arc using pokes and brief kicks as melee attacks, but is unique in his ability to use Nrvnqsr Chaos' various familiars and even copies of Nrvnqsr while fighting. He can turn his arms and legs into beasts, emit them from his back, and use them in other ways similar to Nrvnqsr. He has a "Space Shot Mode" that turns his dress into a rocket booster. While problematic, it is capable of of propelling through the atmosphere into space, and while he can survive in a vacuum, he cannot return on his own. SSB MeltyBlood Complete Regular Mode as Neco-Arc.
TheJollyBeasts Season's Greetings Season's Greetings are two characters that are stuck together not because they are friends, but rather enemies. The monkey has his claws digging inside the white coated beast. The monkey beast attacks with his claws and is able to dig deep into a character's body with his claws, and the white beast moves and can bite in a hard way. M7PLogo Find the holiday card in Binary Time.
FinnDungeonMaster Dungeon Master Finn This version of Finn has been in the Dungeon Train for a while now and has a bunch of sweet loot like a Battle Moon, which shoots any opponents nearby and a flame coat that makes him resistant to fire attacks. Dungeon Master Finn has the same physics and movement as Finn, but has a variety of loot to use in battle. Snaillogo Go through the Dead Kingdom as Finn.
M7PNinjaTurtles Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half-shell. Like the Powerpuff Girls, these mutants fight as a team. They use martial arts skills and have several bro moves. The downside is that they don't fight very well alone, so you must practice balance, speed, and agility when using these guys. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Find the four mutagen containers hidden throughout part one of Binary Time.

DO NOT RUN. CrazyBus is a test game created for the Sega Genesis. It's minimal, glitchy nature of going 65535 meters instantly only when backwards, makes CrazyBus a strange opponent that doesn't follow the rules of the game.

Glitch symbol Find the CrazyBus code.
EmmetConstructOMecha Emmet (Construction Mecha) The biggest character in the game, beating even the titans and Brickbeard in height. He is able to attack using various construction equipment and master builder powers. SSB Lego Complete Regular Mode with Emmet.
Mandark Mandark As Dexter's most devastating rival, Mandark seeks to eliminate him at all costs. He uses a laser gun with quicker beams that shock an opponent, as well as a less clunky mecha. This time, however, he can summon his future selves as seen in Ego Trip. Dexterlogo Finish Classic Mode as Dexter.
KnucklesFOL6 Knuckles the Echidna He's crazy to come back, we know. Just DON'T. SAY IT. OUT. LOUD.

Knuckles can climb walls and glide, making him a recovery-based character.

Sonicseries Complete Classic Mode as Sonic.
StarLord Star-Lord Once the galaxy's most wanted, Peter Jason Quill joined other criminals to put a stop to Ronan the Accuser's plan to take control of the government. Star-Lord uses the Element Gun to shoot air, earth, fire, and water. He wears armor that makes him stronger and more knockback resistant (making him not a good choice for Reverse Battle), and can summon his sentient spacecraft, Ship. Guardians of the Galaxy Play as 10 other Marvel characters in Adventure Mode, then use Emmet in Scripts.
Booster Booster Booster is a useless piece of shit. Can't attack, can't defend, and he's a glorified punchbag. NOBODY LIKES YOU, BOOSTER. SSB JingleAllTheWay Attempt to unlock Turboman once.
ArnoldS Arnold Schwarzenegger One of the biggest action hero stars. He has a kill count of 509. He attacks using a gun and oneliners, with his guns upgrading every time he gets a KO. SSB Reality Complete Regular Mode as New Herdules on Hard.
SenseiElise Master Elise An alternate universe version of Elise that uses karate mixed with fire elements into her attacks. She can still summon the Ilbris Trigger with her tears, but in a much more badass way. Not only that, but she's fucking pissed at Sonic for something her universe's Sonic did. Sonicseries Go into Training Mode as all Sonic Characters.
CLUVader CLU Vader An alternate universe version of Darth Vader that is a program into a system. He attacks using a light saber and discs. SSB TronSSB StarWarsNew Complete Regular Mode as Darth Vader on Hard.
NaziPeach Nazi Peach A alternate reality version of Peach that comes from a timeline where the Nazis won. She uses Nazi Toads, gas bombs, and altered versions of her prime version's attacks. M7PLogo Find her character token in Binary Time.
Palutena Mermaid Palutena (Sea Goddess) An alternate version of Palutena that rules the seas instead of the sky. She attacks with water-based variations of Palutena's moves. M7PLogo Find her character token in Binary Time.
HadesPlayableRobot Lil' Hades A smaller version of Hades. He has the same attacks as his boss version did, such as lasers and boulders. His arms can also fly, but they can be destroyed too. He can also create lava pits to sink in. SSB Bomberman Find his character token in Binary Time.
Inquisitor Samus Inquisitor Samus A heavier and stonger version of the Samus Armor. Hulking huge, this armor lacks a lot of the mobility features that the normal armor has, such as morph-ball and screwattack. Can shift into an giant cube, as well as let Samus out without getting rid of the armor. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
Dark Suit Samus Dark Suit Samus A slighty more weighty version of the suit that hits just a bit harder. All of Samus' attacks are dark-based and can use seeking missiles. It resists poison pretty well, but not entirely. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
Light Suit Samus Light Suit Samus A lighter weight suit that allows for better mobility and resistance to poison. Samus also has light-based attacks here. When switching to the Zero Suit, she keeps a thinner version of the helmet and still resists poison. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
HybridSamusM7P Hybrid Samus A mixture between the Zero Suit and the Varia Suit. Features the arm cannon and missiles, but with the mobility of the Zero Suit. Loss of the laser whip, though. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
GravitySuitSamus Gravity Suit Samus With this suit, Samus is able to move around normally in any environment because she is able to simulate the gravitational conditions she is used to. Gravity Suit Samus can walk underwater, and her damage taken from magma is reduced. The suit also negates low or extreme gravity effects. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
BruteSuitSamus Brute Suit Samus With this suit, Samus is able to dish out way more damage and attack way more violently. While the suit is fraile, it also hurts to take it apart. This however negates most of her mobility options, as the suit isn't made to be turned into a ball. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
ChibiSamus Chibi Suit Samus Samus gets exaggerated versions of her attacks that are bigger in size, and becomes a bit smaller. Her weakpoint is her giant head though, so be careful. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus and activating the Armor Switch.
Dame Samus First Knight of the Chozo Order, Dame Samus Aran A version of Samus from a alternate universe. She attacks using a sword that has various forms, such as a blast form and ice form.

Art by Robaato

SSB Metroid Series Find her character token in Binary Time.
Kim Jong Un Kim Jong Un The Great and Glorious leader of North Korea. In Binary Time, he is planning to steal Sony's data in order to stop the Interview from coming out, but little does he know that Sony's data is more powerful than anything he could imagine. He attacks using bombs, his people, and dogs that hunger for human flesh. SSB Reality Find his character token in Binary Time.
PeterCipherPlayable Peter Cipher A demon from Bill's Dimension that decides to help the Mysterious Five Organization stop Bill. He looks similar to Bill, but he appears light green and has a halo. He attacks using green fire, which will poison you. He also creates demonic angels to attack as well. M7PLogo Find her character token in Binary Time.
Dee Dee-1 Dee Dee Dexter's older sister is usually found messing with Dexter's creations or hanging out with her friends. Every time she walks, you can hear a "squishy" noise from her ballet slippers.

Dee Dee has great agility, but mediocre strength. She uses ballet techniques and her imaginary friends in combat. In the Mysterious Seven Project, she can summon Mee Mee and Lee Lee as well.

Dexterlogo Complete Adventure Mode as Dexter.
LalavavaRenderM7P Lalavava A lesser-known Dexter's Lab character who only appeared in a single episode as Dee Dee's rival. She is basically her opposite, preferring evil things over happy things. This could make her a "prototype" of Mandy.

Lalavava uses stronger and quicker versions of Dee Dee's ballet moves, and she can also use time-based abilities from Destination Timewarp, such as the ability to teleport throughout the battlefield and slow opponents down.

Dexterlogo Complete Classic Mode as Dee Dee, or finish Adventure Mode as Mandark.
HiroRenderM7P Hiro Hiro is a boy who lived well, until his brother Tadashi died in an explosion. He later makes friends with Tadashi's robot, Baymax, and forms a superhero team called the Big Hero 6 with him and four others.

Hiro uses Microbots to move around the battlefield and attack, and can summon Baymax to launch his fist at foes.

Big Hero 6 Have ten matches between Iron Man and Wreck-It Ralph.
WreckItRalphFOL5 Wreck-It Ralph Yeah, we know he's gonna wreck it. Just stay out of the way.

Ralph, of course, wrecks things. But he can also throw cherry bombs, as well as use a Sugar Rush kart and Hero's Duty weapons.

Wreckitralphcherry Finish Blast to the Past as Hercules.
Elsa Infinity Elsa Elsa is the Snow Queen of Arendelle. As a child, she accidentally hurt her younger sister Anna with an ice blast. She seeks to be alone, hiding out in the mountains and forming her own palace of ice.

Being the Snow Queen, Elsa uses ice powers to freeze enemies, and can also create structures with ice.

SSB Frozen Complete Classic Mode as any other Disney character.
B&M Nergal Jr Nergal Jr. He said he's cold. Now let him in.

Nergal Jr. is a human-monster hybrid who uses his tentacles to fight. Plus, he can change his shape and use another character's attacks, kind of like Kirby's inhaling ability.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Complete Classic Mode as Mandy.
440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario (Spursverse) This Mario comes from Super Mario Silver Spurs, a series of crossover films. He leads a group of characters who prevent the Spursverse from getting into the wrong hands. He uses Flame Fist powers, such as the Burning Barrier and the Pyro Burst, in combat. He can also summon Super Toads and transform into Inferno Mario (thanks to Supermarioorigins). SSB Super Mario Silver Spurs Unlock the Spursverse stages.
ConstructionQueenMisplacedInSpaceDeeDee Construction Queen Dee Dee After the energy from the Mystical Ore becomes fused with Dee Dee, she basically becomes a construction goddess. Now, she can build anything, with anything. This makes her one of the strongest characters in-game, which contrasts this Dee Dee from her normal self. SSB Super Mario Silver Spurs Complete "The Construction Temple".
LinkGirl Linkaris


The female version of Link found in Rantaloupe. She has no different moves or very many differences; she uses the tip of her sword instead and her bombs are slower to explode. But other than that, she is pretty much the same. (just like Lucina!) M7PLogo Complete Classic as Link.
MarcelineBlackLantern Black Lantern Marceline

By shwigityshwonshwei(?)

The Black Lanterns are corpses reanimated by black power rings, which are fueled by the power of death. Corpses reanimated by black power rings are reconstructed if damaged, keeping the body in working order at all times. A Black Lantern version of Marceline exists in Rantaloupe, with black lantern abilities and attacking with the Axe Bass. M7PLogo Complete Classic as Marceline.
SparksterRenderM7P Sparkster While most opossums play dead when threatened, this one goes ballistic. Sparkster uses a sword that can shoot energy beams for a short distance, and can soar into the sky with his jetpack. Rocket Knight Adventures Find him in Binary Time.
RealSteelNoisyBoy Noisy Boy One of the greatest robots of its time, Noisy Boy is a robot that went through many places of the world only to be destroyed in America. But, now he is back as a fighter of the Lapisverse. Noisy Boy is the only fighter that cannot be controlled utilizing a controller, instead the player have to use the microphone to command him. He has his own AI in battle. Real Steel Play as Atom 100 times.
Ironkuma Ironkuma A Monokuma clone inside Tony's suit that he used to help the group get away with in Bill's Dimension. He has all of Tony's moves, but with Monokuma's mannerisms. He also has a despair ray, which allows him to pick nasty executions to preform. M7PLogo Collect his character token in "The Great Schoolyard Rumble!!"

New Starting Stages

Image Name Description Franchise
HellGunshow Hell The place where the damned go. The stage takes place on a bridge over lava, with ghosts sometimes grabbing players for sins. SSB Gunshow
Joustarcadegame Jousting Arena A jousting arena that takes place over lava. It features five platforms that gradually disappear over the course of the match. It also features enemy Jousters which require you to be higher than they are to take them out. SSB JOUST
SteelDiverStage Under the Ocean This stage takes place underwater, so normal jumping mechanics don't apply, as you can swim where ever you need to be. However the stage does require your fighters to grab bubbles so they can breathe and not drown. Lagging behind on the submarine platforms may also kill you. SSB SteelDiver
250px-SolaceBeam Solace An ancient Forerunner structure designed to extract plasma energy from stars. The battle takes place in the structure's basement and upper levels, with a gravity beam to take you between areas. Forerunners will constantly attack you and the other fighters. SSB Halo
TankGraveyard Tank Graveyard A desert where the remains of a bunch of tanks remain. The place is still considered dangerous due to uncleared landmines, so watch your step... M7PLogo
The Surface The Surface A mountainous desert-like area that encompasses Earth. Hundreds of "gunmen" roam the surface in search of Humans. If they identify one, they'll attack. SSB GurrenLagann
GameLand Game Land Where games are created, the Game Land. Not the Captain N one, this one is a new one. Here you fight on the main plaza of the Game Land, then sometimes you go inside of the buildings to fight inside. M7PLogo
SpaceBetween The Space Between The rules no longer make sense in this stage. Items do the opposite of their intended purpose, time flows backwards, and you start off with no stocks. The first character to get 5 stocks wins, but it's extremely difficult to actually die. M7PLogo
FantendoMinecraft-Tower2 The Exoskeleton MK I A gigantic tower with several rooms. The avatars of Exotoro, Dylan, and Jake all appear here, building the tower as the fight goes on. M7PLogo
Th-4 Rooftop Run A downtown area in Spagonia, where Sonic ventures during the events of Sonic Unleashed. The stage auto-scrolls quickly, and the fighters will dodge Aero Chasers, giant barrels, and climb up the clock tower before freefalling onto the Flying Battery blimp, which soon crash lands and takes you right back to the beginning. Sonicseries
M7PChristmasTown Christmas Town WHAT'S THIS?

This is a town that Jack Skellington ends up in as he searches for a new holiday. Elves may ride down hills on sleds, pushing over any fighters in the way. Santa Claus comes down on his sleigh when the bell rings, so the players must watch their step.


New Unlockable Stages

Image Name Description Franchise
Exotower2 Exoskeleton MK II The newer, bigger, better, not ruined Exoskeleton located on Exorthica Islands. The stage is similar to before, but there are now hanging pigs off the side of the building that can rescue you from a fall. On rare occasions, the Luigi pixel art just west of the tower will become sentient and attack  some of the players. (If Luigi is playing on the stage, the pixel art is replaced with an Alfonzo pixel art.)----

Unlocked after playing on the Exoskeleton 20 times.

TheVoidM79 The Void The Void is a dimension where everything and everyone from Elmore which was erased from the world as a mistake was sent. The Void has TV static as its background or outer space, and the laws of physics are warped in the Void so that there is less gravity and the direction of gravity's pull twists and varies all around the place. The mistakes sent to the Void are left hovering or floating all around it. The stage features mistakes frozen in time, which if touched will begin moving again.----

Unlocked after playing as Gumball 40 times.

SSB Gumball

Returning Stages

Image Name Description Franchise
Halloween Town Halloween Town Halloween Town is a town that focuses solely on Halloween. It features a acid fountain and Halloween Town residents as Stage Hazards. NightmareSBB


Image Name Description Franchise
Mr. D Mr. D Mr. D, former Battle Theater host and manager, now acts as a small time criminal obsessed with attention. D uses the powers of darkness to attack, using a dark baseball bat, laser, and grenade. However, he's slow and easily predictable. Attack him when he charges his special dark beam and is still. Battle Theater
DemonCat Demon Cat The Demon Cat is a large, teal, cat-like creature, with razor sharp teeth and retractable claws. The Demon Cat seems to take great pride in his "approximate knowledge of many things," meaning that he "kind of knows things." He uses this knowledge in his fight, where the player must avoid his attacks that may or may not miss. Snaillogo
Fuzzy Lumpkins Fuzzy Lumpkins Fuzzy is a large, husky, furry, pink, bear-like hillbilly monster who fights the Powerpuff Girls. Fuzzy Lumpkins has an oversized shotgun which he calls a "Boomstick" that he uses to shoot things and can also use his Banjo as a weapon. Half-way through the fight, he will go into his rage mode. SSB PowerpuffGirls
Anime Fuzzy Lumpkins Anime Fuzzy Lumpkins Fuzzy is a large, husky, furry, pink, bear-like hillbilly monster who fights the Powerpuff Girls. Fuzzy Lumpkins has an oversized shotgun which he calls a "Boomstick" that he uses to shoot things and can also use his Banjo as a weapon. Half-way through the fight, he will go into his rage mode. Unlike the Prime Universe version of Fuzzy Lumpkins, he's slower than normal. SSB PowerpuffGirls
HadesBossRobot Hades Originally a machine for mining, but Orion remodeled it into a fighting machine, which he drives and controls in battle. You fight Hades on a platform surrounded by lava. Hades will try to stun you by punching you, and then attack with eye lasers. He may also spin around with the intent of knocking you into the lava. To avoid this, you must stay as close to Hades as possible, rather than far, as his arms will not harm him. The main part of his body is his weak spot. SSB Bomberman
Egg cerberus Egg Cerberus The Egg Cerberus is one of Dr. Eggman’s most terrible creations a hulking metal monster capable of trampling Sonic the Hedgehog beneath its thunderous gallop. In reality, all you have to do for this boss is get on him and ride his horn into a wall. Sonicseries
DemonicPeach Demonic Peach Possesed by a demon, Peach now has grown black wings and is codenamed Fallen Angel by the other demons. She can use the same powers as the normal Peach with additional flight and demonic attacks, such as a giant shout that can stun the player for a short time. ???
WaterDragon Water Dragon A dragon made out of water. Characters can swim in him, but his weak point are his eyes, filled with blue dragon blood. He attacks by creating waves in his body and pulling fish from a lake. M7PLogo
FireDragon Fire Dragon A dragon made out of fire. He's hot to the touch, so stay away from him. Use the water cannons to take him down a notch, and then attack him when he's soaked. M7PLogo
Bbq2 BBQ Girll (True Form) Prophane and vulgar rsults from a slightest touch, its BBQ GIRLL it can see you inside. COOK COOK COOK the hot flame it licks you on your most fulnerable giblet!!!

strong danger stroking death and horrible BURNNNNNNN!!!!

SSB Bogleech
UnknownDeity Unknown Deity An unknown deity from another dimension. She summons swarms of girls to eat you and dismember you. SSB Me!Me!Me!
PeterCipher Peter Cipher A demon from Bill's Dimension. He attacks using green fire, which will poison you. He also creates demonic angels to attack you as well. M7PLogo
PhilCipher Phil Cipher A demon from Bill's Dimension. He attacks using dark blue fire, which will cause a freezing effect on your character. He also creates shadows of dancing people while tap dancing. M7PLogo
ChisCipher Chris Cipher A demon from Bill's Dimension. He attacks using red fire, which will make your character burn. He also sends out giant fiery hands from the bottom of the stage. M7PLogo
RobinCipher Robin Cipher A demon from Bill's Dimension. He attacks using giant blue eyeballs that swarm towards your character. He also can blind your character, making them rely on sound instead. M7PLogo
Ster Sabr Ster Sabr A knock-off transformers toy? What is this guy? Either way, he attacks using his sword, which he swings like a hammer. He talks in garbled chinese too. He is a secret boss that can be fought after beating "Binary Time". ???


Enemies that appear in Story Modes, the Dead Kingdom, Slime Pit, and others.

Image Name Description Franchise
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Goomba One of the weakest enemies in the game. He can be simply stopped just by jumping on his head or even a few attacks. SSB Mario Series
Koopa Koopa Similar to the Goomba except when he's defeated he hides into his shell, which you can use as a weapon. SSB Mario Series
SneakySpirit Sneaky Spirit They attack by popping out of the ground and going back into it, all while moving forward at the same time. They are from the Rhythm Heaven mini-game White Apparition. Rhythm Heaven
Metroid Metroid Metroids are artificial organisms created by the Chozo . Discovered on the planet SR388 years after they were created by the Chozo, they were promptly used as a bioweapon by the Space Pirates. Metroids feed on the "life energy" of their prey in a manner similar to the way a leech drains a host organism's blood. SSB Metroid Series
TimeBandit Time Bandit People from ruined timelines that originated in the Lapisverse. They attack using pistols. SSB Lapis6
Joust - Characters Enemies Buzzard Jousters Jousters flying on Buzzards similar to Jouster. They must be attacked from up high. SSB JOUST
Blaze Blaze Blazes are mobs with a yellow skin and black eyes found in The Nether. They primarily spawn from Monster Spawners found inside Nether Fortresses. Their bodies are made up of a head atop a central column of smoke, and three rotating sections. Each rotating section contains four floating yellow rods. Blazes can fly and shoot Fire Charges. They make metallic breathing sounds. Minecraft symbol
Ganmen Ganmen Ganmen are large imposing enemies. They'll need several hits to the mouth where the cockpit will open and the beastman piloting it will run out. You can grab the Ganmen for yourself and pilot it, but it will be destroyed after 10 or so hits. SSB GurrenLagann
CRIMSONVERMIFORM Crimson Vermiform CRIMSON VERMIFORMS are DISGUSTING CREATURES with a RED HAZE that smells like MUSHROOMS and DEAD BUGS. They will cover you in RED FUNGUS. SSB Bogleech
DeadTiredMUMMY Dead Tired Mummy Man, this MUMMY is just DEAD TIRED. He's not going to even bother ATTACKING you. SSB Bogleech
SCARYRAKE The Rake THE RAKE is one of the most UNSPEAKABLY EVIL and SPOOKIEST of all known monsters. It is whispering UNSPEAKABLY EVIL THINGS to you as we speak! SSB Bogleech
SCARYUZUMAKI UZUMAKI This GRISLY NIGHTMARE is like, the general concept of SPIRALS or something. It's SPOOK AS HELL, TRUST ME. Read some JUNJI ITO sometime, that shit is HARDCORE CREEPSVILLE! He attacks using SPIRALS! SSB Bogleech
SCARYXENOGOG XENOGOG The XENOGOG stabs one of its PHANTASMAL NEEDLES into your body. It leaves no hole and causes no pain. You may never know what it has done. SSB Bogleech
SCARYCATSCAPE CATSCAPE This GRISLY ABOMINATION is an EVER-GROWING FELINE LANDSCAPE, fused bodies writhing in a sanity-rending vision of some UNSPEAKABLE BIOLOGICAL HELL. It ABSORBS you, taking away your HEALTH in the PROCESS. SSB Bogleech
SCARYPINKISH PINKISH Your very soul feels the EMPTY CHILL of a BILLION DEAD WORLDS when it STARES at you. Watch OUT! SSB Bogleech
SCARYMUMMYMAN1 MUMMY MAN BROTHER It runs away from NOWHERE, startling your character making them open to ATTACKS! SSB Bogleech
Meaty-bacon Meaty Bacon It lie flat and then spring up and attack. Crispee bacon. SSB Bogleech
Meaty-flinchfries Meaty Flinchfries Fires off some of it's children inside like bullets. Greasy, crispee bullets. SSB Bogleech
Meaty-leg Meaty Leg Hobble toward you and attack by swinging it body. SSB Bogleech
Meaty-octodog Meaty Octodog Attack using it meaty tentacles. Woof SSB Bogleech
Meaty-pinkslime Meaty Pinkslime Attacks by spewing pinkslime everywhere. Is toxic but tastee right! SSB Bogleech
Meaty-sausages Meaty Sausages Slithers like a snake and attack like one too. it hurts it hurts SSB Bogleech
Wraith Wraith Giant flying creature. It slams down, creating fire rings that stay around for five seconds. M5logo
Eggpawn Egg Pawn Dr. Eggman's basic troops. They charge towards you on sight. Sonicseries
Stormtrooper Stormtrooper Darth Vader's troops. They shoot you with a blaster gun. StarWarsIcon
Drone Drone Used to take down the remaining scavenger and whatever they find to be a threat. They scan the area and then proceed to fire if they find something to terminate. They are extremely durable and are capable of flight. Oblivon Logo
VirusDrone Virus Drone Drones of Uirusu. They resemble cats and use laser cannons. They attack in numbers. IElogo
Mass-Produced Evangelion (Group) Mass-Production Evangelion The Mass Production Evangelions are the final Eva units to be produced. They were manufactured in secrecy under SEELE's mandate at seven different facilities around the world, including ones in Germany and China. They fly and attack and must be destroyed through their cores. EvaliegonLogo
NeoWraith Neo Wraith A new version of the Wraith. It orbits around the stage, firing when it sees a enemy. M5logo
Ff9-epitaph Epitaph This strange, apparently living (haunted? Cursed?) tombstone doesn't battle directly, but opens up to release evil doppelgangers of anyone in the roster. If it releases a doppelganger of your character, your character will be automatically destroyed. FinalFantasySymbol
Ff9-sandgolem Sand Golem The Sand Golem is a strong creature that can counter your moves. When it is defeated, it will eventually regenerate, so you must destroy the core on it's chest. FinalFantasySymbol
Ff9-grimlock Grimlock Grimlock has different strengths and weaknesses based on which colored head is on the top. The Red head is a high physical damage dealer but has low Magic Defense; while the Blue head casts adverse, status-inducing spells and has low physical Defense. FinalFantasySymbol
Mads-bugorefigure Bugore A creation of Dr. Sy. Flies then drops when it comes across a target. SSB MadScientist
Mads-ogorefigure Ogore A creation of Dr. Sy. It slides around, and then speeds towards it's target and RAMS into them! SSB MadScientist
Mads-slugorefigure Slugore A creation of Dr. Sy. It walks around slowly and then pursues a target, trying to smash it with it's hands. SSB MadScientist
Mads-istompfigure I-Stomp A creation of Dr. Sy. It walks around slowly and then when it sees a target, attempts to stomp on it. SSB MadScientist
Mads-ichompfigure I-Chomp A creation of Dr. Sy. It chases it's target with the speed of it's six legs, and when it dies it flails around for a bit without it's head before dying. SSB MadScientist
Mads-ismashfigure I-Smash A creation of Dr. Sy. It walks around slowly and then when it sees a target, attempts to smash it with their club-like hand. SSB MadScientist
Imdead Dead Thing Sorry, he's dead. SSB MonsterParty
Summoner Summoner Able to fire off three different types of guns for different shooting speeds and damage. SSB Mechwarrior
Timberwolf Timber Wolf Has two different types of guns but double the fire power. SSB Mechwarrior
Stormcrow Storm Crow Three guns, with two for hands while the third is located above the cockpit. The cockpit has rocket launchers while the hands disperse faster rockets. SSB Mechwarrior
Nova Nova A bulky machine. It can go into hand to hand combat and then disperse it's guns directly into it's opponents. SSB Mechwarrior
Rifleman Rifleman Host to two very long rifles that make up it's arms, allowing to shoot from a distance. Short range is where it will have trouble... SSB Mechwarrior
Mad Dog Mad Dog Has quite the arsenal, with two missile launchers on the side of it's cockpit with two guns for hands. Quite a powerful foe. SSB Mechwarrior
Police Officer American Police Officer Will shoot you for existing. If they do that, they get a paid leave. They feature in the Riot mode. SSB Reality
RIOT GEAR Police American Police Officer (Riot Gear) Appears when a mob forms, spraying tear gas everywhere and protecting themselves with a shield. They feature in the Riot mode. SSB Reality
RuseUVW UVW A tank with tons and tons of defense. It shoots out of it's cannon in the front, and moves pretty slowly but if you don't get out of the way it'll crush you. SSB RUSE
Stalfos (Ocarina of Time) Stalfos Stalfos are skeletal warriors who attack with swords, shields, maces, and even their own bones. SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Armos Artwork (Ocarina of Time) Armos Armos typically pose as statues or suits of armor that activate or awaken, then attack when touched or approached. SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
TofuBoy Tofu Boy Get this weak-ass shit out of here. SSB MeatBoy
Gurema Gurema Small slime that attaches to you and drains your life. SSB Unavaliable
Djachi Djachi Small slime that deattaches all the pathogens inside and then sucks them back in. Poison to be around, like a couple people I know. You know exactly what you did, Fred. SSB Unavaliable
Romuon Romoun A holographic skeleton that flickers in and out of reality. What a chump. SSB Unavaliable
Zotobaha Zotobaha This monster attacks by twirling it's limbs around. This is to cover the fact it's weak. SSB Unavaliable
Sanadamu Sanadamu The horrified looks in their faces, the vivid primary colors, their "dissolving" all contributes to a remarkably haunting image, and you have to wonder if this is actually several entities or just one. Maybe Sanadamu represents a human who was accidentally pulled across multiple dimensions, slowly unraveling on a molecular level? Whatever it is, it's kind of weak, only attacking with it's screams. SSB Unavaliable
Superfast Jeelyfish Superfast Jellyfish They look harmless just floating around, but they're actually looking for friends. Once they get five, they'll circle you and shock you to death. Once they die, you can feast upon them. SSB Gorillaz
CrystalAnt Crystal Ant The crystal ants come in at least three different colors: blue, red, and yellow. The blue ants have turquoise gems for eyes, the red ants have yellow ones, and the yellow ants have green ones. Most carry some type of weapon, such as a dagger, club, or sword. Like real ants, they have mandibles. Unlike real ants, they have only four legs. Snaillogo
HairApe Hair Ape After rubbing their hands together, they can shoot blue bolts of electricity out of their hands and direct it toward their target. Their shocks are not of a high enough voltage to kill. When struck, they disappear, leaving behind only hair. They communicate by hooting, a language which Jake can apparently understand. Snaillogo


Image Name Description Franchise
Blocktumblr Tumblr Cube An item that sprouts out meaningless terms and phrases and then gets a bunch of knights dressed in white armor to attack you. SSB Tumblr
Pig Saddle Bungee Pig A pig around a rope that can be put on a edge of a stage so when you get knock off, you can use the pig as a secondary platform. Use it too many times and the rope will snap. Minecraft symbol
TransparenLS07 Lockseed The mysterious fruit of Helheim used to transform into a Kamen Rider. Upon using it in battle, a large Arms fruit drops on a random enemy, flattening them for a few moments. SSB Kroig
BlueShellMK8(flying) Blue Shell Hits whoever is currently winning the match. A real game changer! SSB Mario Series
Meeseeks Box Meeseeks Box Summons a Mr. Meeseeks to attack a opponent. SSB RickandMorty
Light Speed Shoes Speed Shoes Makes the player run faster. Sonicseries
Homemade Ridley Juice Homemade Ridley Juice A jar of Mama Ridley's Homemade Ridley Juice! It might taste of space dragon blood, but it'll make you big and strong like Ridley for a few seconds! Sometimes a bit too big... M5logo SSB Metroid Series
Robotic arm Robotic Arm Allows you to grab an opponent and slam him/her back and forth across the freakin' room. Dexterlogo
Goombashoediy Kuribo's Shoe Stomp on your opponents and leave them in the dust! SSB Mario Series
Rainbowstartrans Super Star Turns you invincible to all damage except falling into the abyss or walking off. SSB Mario Series
Ringing clock MKWC Groundhog Clock Creates a temporal anomaly that creates a area where time keeps repeating in a five second loop. Characters inside the loop are forced to replay whatever they were doing in the past five seconds, while players outside of the anomaly can affect it from the outside. M5logo
Dragoon Dragoon Three pieces are lost and must be found. When joined together, a targeting reticule will appear on screen and will hit an opponent who is in the path of the Dragoon. SSB Kirby Series
Hydra Hydra Boosts up on the side of the stage and anyone in the way of the Hydra will be slammed into it. SSB Kirby Series
Game-Boy-Color-Purple Game Boy Color Summons pixelated creatures to attack. NintendoSymbol
200px-Diceblock MP9 Dice Block Boosts up stats of the character using it based off three dice rolls. SSB Mario Series
DKCRbanana Banana Heals a small bit of health. SSB Donkey Kong Series
BanhammerM5P Banhammer "Bans" a character for a certain amount of time. They will be KO'd and will not respawn for a long period of time. A very rare item. M5logo
MonsterSpawner Monster Spawner Spawns a enemy from the enemy list. They'll attack everyone. Minecraft symbol
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl Teleports the user where the pearl landed. Not so handy for small stages, but hugely useful for large stages. Minecraft symbol
Volleyball Volleyball Can be spiked to hit a person in the upper platforms, causing tons of damage. M5logo
Soccer ball1 Soccerball Can only be kicked. When kicked, it will go to the direction kicked at a high speed. Anyone in the way of the soccerball will get majorly hurt. M5logo
ETank E-Tank Once the player uses the E-Tank, it will put their damage back down to zero. Almost as if nothing had even happened! Megaman Series Logo
BeeHive Bee Hive Hoo boy! Coming across this item will send a swarm of bees after you, which will chase you unless you manage to get into water in time. Otherwise, they'll leave a big sting mark and a lot of damage. SSB Animal Crossing Series
Transmorph Gun Transmogrifier Allows the user to transform his opponents into different animals and creatures. Each animal has a weaker moveset and lower in just about everything. For some joke characters though, this is practically their salvation. Calvinhobbessymbol
GriefSeed Grief Seed These can heal a fighter but if they stay out too long they will spawn a Witch. SSB Madoka
Nightmare Fuel Nightmare Fuel Literal nightmares in liquid form. When picked up, nightmares will haunt the player that picked it, but if the player touches other player, then the nightmares are passed to them. After a short time, the nightmares will consume the player and it will make them slower and weaker for a short time. 100px


Image Name Description Franchise
DragonAtari Dragon From the game Adventure on the Atari, the Dragon merely appears on the screen and floats around to attack opponents. He can be taken down in five hits, but merely touching him will net you a ton of damage. SSB Adventure
AbgailBACK Abigail A mysterious person who crawled out from her grave. Comes out from the ground and shoots characters with a revolver. SSB Back
FullBars Full Bars Soos' fan character. He attacks using cell phone signals. Gravity Falls Icon
Jaws Bruce A great white shark lurking in Amity. His famous theme begins to play as suspense builds up until he pops up on a random platform, doing heavy damage to characters JAWS
Dostoyevsky Dostoyevsky Mabel's pet, according to Alex Hirsh. A mass of human fingers and teeth, he's rather creepy and unsettling, with that vibe being sent over as characters fight, as they become increasingly paranoid. Gravity Falls Icon
Peppy Hare Skippy Hare Sends Airwings to fly in that do a bunch of barrel rolls, that damage opponents every time they spin. SSB Star Fox Series


Quest Givers

Name Quests
MorshuMorshu *Enough Rupees



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