In the Air Tonight is the second story mode of The Mysterious Nine Project, unlocked after completing (name TBA).

Episode I: The Grandpa Menace


Dexter and Dee Dee leave their house and start walking to school. They have a little talk along the way.

Speech Log
Dexter: (sighs) Dee Dee, don't you think we should be a TINY bit more prominent on Cartoon Network?
Dee Dee: You know our show ended YEARS ago, right?
Dexter: Yes, but... it's just that their newer shows suck dodgeballs.
Dee Dee: Speaking of which... where's that dodgeball launcher of yours?
Dee Dee: OK! Geez, Dorkster. You're so literal!

The two siblings come across a Tetris-esque area where they must avoid the falling blocks. After passing the area, they arrive at school and head to their classes. --- Dexter sees two people in yellow-and-blue armor talking to each other.

Speech Log
Dexter: Um... guys? Could you mind telling me what's going on?

But the two men grab him by the arms and throw him into a small spacecraft.

Speech Log
Man #1: You're coming with us to the queen. I think she wants to see you...

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