"The Legend Of Link: A Link Between Realities" is a Legend Of Zelda game released on the Wii U. It was made by both Nintendo and Square Enix, and was released on February 21st 2016, just in time for the original Legend Of Zelda's 30th anniversary. An enhanced port for the Nintendo 3DS was released a month later, adding new quests and a new character to play as.


  • Story: Realm-Walker: The story mode of the game. Link finds an alternate reality where everyone, even Ganondorf, are completly different from their counterparts in Link's regular realm.
  • Time Trail: Play with 5 different Links (green, red, blue, yellow, purple) and see who can beat the most enemies and get through a dungeon the fastest.
  • Boss Rush: Fight all bosses you fought so far in Story Mode.


Like most Zelda games, you can run around an open overworld, along with various houses, dungeons, caves, and more. But the newest gameplay element is allowing you to get an overhead view of the world your in. Much like the original Zelda, you can see all that's around you when you move around. You can switch between free-roam and overhead by pressing the L button on the Wii U version, and pressing the X button on the 3DS version.


The story takes place in a whole part of the Zelda timeline, connected to the part of Majora's Mask.

Link is a young Hylian peasant, who is friends with the Prince Of Hyrule, Prince Zackary. He and Zackary have been training to become Hylian Knights, although the rules of the kingdom say that Zackary has to remain a prince. Secretly, Link and Zelda, the princess have been crossbow training, which was banned in the kingdom after a great accident occured before Link was even born.

10 years pass by, and Zackary caught an extremly terrible disease, which cost him his life. An evil Gerudo named Ganondorf has taken over half of Hyrule, including the Kokiri Forest, Death Mountain, and an old castle, naming it The Tower Of Ganon. Link has become a Hylian knight, while Zelda has been forced to remain a princess after the death of her father.

One day, the knights are patrolling the kingdom when three Dodongos appear in the village, terrorizing the citizens. Link heads out on his horse, Epona, and Zelda puts on a robe to disguise herself and go fight them with Link. Two of the Dodongos are taken down, with one remaining. Zelda fires arrows at it, and Link uses this advantage to slash at the Dodongo, making it weaker. Suddenly, a sword goes through Link's body, covered by a dark purple aura. Link faints, Zelda's screams could be heard, and a cruel and manical laugh echoed before the screen went black.


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