The LEGO Umbrella is a 3D-platformer fighting game based of LEGO franchises, also including new LEGO figures exclusive to the game. Players will be able to use their custom LEGO figures into the game using the Wii U's NFC ability. Figures of the other game characters are also available to purchase and they can be customized (such as Batman using Iron Man's body, thus giving Batman's ability to stealth along Iron Man's flgiht and lasers), the customization of the other characters can be done in-game as well.

The LEGO Umbrella is based on The LEGO Movie but they don't take place on the same setting. Like LEGO The Hobbit, all the characters will have voices. The LEGO Umbrella can be connected to other Locked Gaming's umbrella games in order to unlock new figures and sets. Having other games save files on the Wii U will also grant you new sets, figures and even new songs.


Episode I - The Adventure Begins. Touché.


The LEGO Umbrella plays like other LEGO games, being a 3D platformer with the main focus being collectables. The new elements of the game includes being able to upgrade the characters stats, customizable them to give them new abilities, but those new abilities comes with downsides (the aforementioned Batman + Iron Man mix's disavantage is that makes Batman more heavy and losses invisibility when he is on the dark). The LEGO Umbrella lets players creates their own LEGO sets and post them online to other people play, ala LittleBigPlanet.

The game also has a fighting game mode called Super Smash Bricks, which works like Super Smash Bros. but in a 3D setting and having the same gameplay as the normal mode.


This list all available characters in The LEGO Umbrella, with the exception of the player's character, that is customizable thus is not the same in each playthrough.

Characters are unlocked by completing a certain mission in the area where they are. Those ones have a ! on it. Characters that are a variation of another character has a light blue background on it.

CharacterWeapons - AbilitiesMeeting AreaTheme
Adam Acid ADU Gun Riverside Raid Ultra Agents
Agent Max Burns Stud-shotter gun Riverside Raid Ultra Agents
Batman Stealth
Batcave DC Comics
Bizarro! Same as Superman's. N/A DC Comics
Green Lantern Able to lift heavy objects and enemies. Sector 2814 DC Comics
Lex Luthor Power Armor Luthor Corps DC Comics
Mechanic Repairing objects LEGO City City
Person Coffee cup
LEGO City Various
(City - Creator - LEGOLAND)
Police Officer Handcuffs
LEGO City Various
(City - Spider-Man - Batman - Town)
Princess Carrot White Castle Bricks & More

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