First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

The King or King Harkinian is a character that appeared in the Zelda CDI games as a supporting character. He didn't really do anything but he had a ton of memetic phrases that made him popular on the internet. Although he appears to be prime candidate for a joke character, he has a decent moveset. He has moves based off his appearance in the CDI games and Youtube Poop.


  • Standard Special: Triforce of Courage - Throws a yellow triangle that tracks targets down.
  • Side Special: Dinner Throw - The King throws 3 types of Food items (namely and in order, a Hamburger, a Sushi Platter, and Fried Rice) There is a ⅓ chance that the item will land on the ground and heal it's respective amount of damage.
  • Up Special: Squadala - Hops on Gwonam's carpet that heads straight up and then glides down.
  • Down Special: Slippery Spill - The King spills the drink from it's goblet (possibly red wine or fruit punch). It can be used as a projectile in mid-air. When it's spilled on the ground, an enemy can trip in it. Pressing A near the spill will clean it up.
  • Super Move: Dinner Blaster - We get a close up on King Harkinian's face. He laughs evilly, takes out his Dinner Blaster and starts shooting barage of hamburgers rapidly. It can cause damage and push opponents off the stage. The barrage goes on until a giant hamburger comes out, ending the attack. The blaster can be aimed by moving the control stick up or down.

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