The Johnny Dog Identidy is a 2016 run n' gun 2D platformer released as a downloadable title for the V2, created by Inora. The game follows Johnny Dog, who is released from limbo to defeat 8 creations.

The game is inspired by classic Mega Man like the originals were inspired by Banjo-Kazooie. Reception has been (TBA).


"Ahem, today I will tell you the story of one man's epic journey. And by man, I mean anthromorphic dog. And by epic journey, I mean unnecessary shenanigans...."

Johnny Dog wakes up in a large, bright white sanctuary where he sees a large hand reaching down.

Johnny Dog: Wow, that was a great cat nap. Or dog nap, I suppose. Ha! Get it! Dog nap! I'm a dog!
The Creator: Now I remember why I sealed you away.
Johnny Dog: So you're God? Y'know, God backwards is-
The Creator: Please be quiet. In a way, yes, I am god. I'm also known as The Creator. In the world you inhabit, I was the one who made it all happen. You, unfortunately, are my greatest creation. It's been four years since I sealed you away.
Johnny Dog: If you hate me so much, why wake me up?
The Creator: I'm a bit of a joke among the other deities. No one takes me very seriously. And my reputation would be ruined if my creations revolted against me and caused some trouble.
Johnny Dog: So if I beat up your mischevious creations, what do I get?
The Creator: Well, I suppose I could release you from Limbo.
Johnny Dog: So I'm on a new adventure after all this time. If I had a quarter for every adventure I'd been on, I'd be a r-
The Creator: Just go.

And so, Johnny Dog set out on an adventure to defeat 8 creations of this joke of a god and seal them away to earn his freedom.

In any order, Johnny Dog visits and battles the 8 creations in their home lands. After defeating two of them, The Creator frees Lady Kit from Limbo to assist him.

Johnny Dog: ~Oh jeez, hey Lady Kit~
Lady Kit: Are the tildes really necessary? Let's go.
Johnny Dog: ~~Okay...~~

The two take down 4 more, and The Creator releases Johnny's cousin Ronny from Limbo as one last gift to help him out.

Ronny Dog: HI, CUZ!!!!!!
The Creator: You have an interesting family there.
Johnny Dog: Didn't you create them?
The Creator: That's not relevant. Go complete your quest!

The trio defeat the remaining creations, and learn from the final one that they escaped from Limbo to live their own lives, and were only trying to protect themselves. The three are inspired by the rebels, and head back to The Creator to instruct him to leave them alone.

Johnny Dog: We took care of their mischief. But I think you owe them freedom. They're creations like me and my friends, and we deserve better.
The Creator: I made you a long time ago. What is dead should stay dead. I have better things to do.
Johnny Dog: You can't forget your past.
The Creator: But I can destroy it.

The Creator then turns on them and begins attacking them in his sanctuary. He is rather powerful compared to them, but they are assisted by his other rebel creations. Together, they overpower him and trap him there forever, fleeing. All together, the rebel creations look forward to a blank future that they can decide.


The game is a 2D run n' gun platformer in the style of Mega Man. From a stage select screen, players pick 8 different levels in any order. They must platform and battle through the stage to fight a boss, and once all 8 are defeated, the final stage will be opened. In the menu, players can also buy items using money from the levels, and change your character.

Each character has their own way of doing things, and some secrets can only be acessed with that character's ability. A major part of the game is how weapons can be changed. Every character has a melee attack, but they can also equip a single weapon they stole from an enemy or found in a crate and use them in different ways. There are a large amount of collectable weapons, and each has a unique effect and ammo/durability requirement.



Character Description
JohnnyDog shattered

An obnoxious outdated platformer mascot who speaks in one-liners. Despite his bad qualities, he isn't a bad guy and just wants freedom, even rebelling to help others.

In game, he's the default character and is balanced, stat-wise. He can use a weak punch on the opponent or use weapons. His ability is to use his ears as helicopter blades.


Johnny Dog's....friend? She doesn't mess around and is a lot more focused on the task at hand, being annoyed by her teammates.

In game, she's a glass cannon who can use fast claws but not use weapons. Her ability is to climb walls.


Johnny's cousin. He's nice and gets along with everybody, but he's not very smart. He doesn't enjoy violence but will use it if needed.

In game, he's a slow bruiser who can use powerful punches but no weapons. His ability is to ground pound.


Character Description

A deity who created Johnny Dog among others. He's the main antagonist, but works with the heroes out of obligation. He hates his creations are ashamed of them, trying to erase the past.

He's the final boss but also acts as the characters' guide.


A giant, terrifying bag of money that's ALIVE. He speaks in a stereotypical irish accent and speaks only about money.

He acts as the shopkeeper in the menu.


Character Description
Doctor Warner Meanstein

A diminutive scientist and long-time enemy of Johnny Dog. He spouts villainous puns in a thick german accent, and is just as hammy as his arch-nemesis.

In his boss battle, he flies around in a robotic pod to dodge attacks and then blast homing missiles to attack. Johnny Dog is a good choice for this battle due to his ranged attacks. He's a pretty good boss to start with.

war!Johnny Dog

An alternate Johnny Dog who is way cooler than the one we know. He wears red shades and a green beanie, as well as never smiling. He doesn't talk, he's too cool for words.

In his boss battle, he is a slow but powerful fighter who uses large sunglasses lasers to attack. You must use the enviorment to dodge the lasers and then attack him. He's a pretty good boss to start with.

Shade Dog

A black furred relative of Johnny who is jealous of his popularity, always commenting on how tragic and miserable his life is. He never really moved past the edgy phase of his teenage years.

In his boss battle, this lazy poser mimics everything Johnny does, being very hard to beat. However, if you play as another character, he gets confused and is an easy opponent.


An old creation who comes from a place that is basically a rip-off of Monsters Inc. He looks like Yoda and Sulley had an ugly, grumpy child. He speaks in annoyed grunts.

In his boss battle, he's a powerful and fast character who will run across the stage, attacking with pure strength. A good choice for this battle is Ronny Dog, who has a stunning ground pound that opens George up for attack.


A "superhero" human with split personality disorder. He can be a valiant hero who is reluctant to battle or an absolute rage-filled scumbag, depending on the moment.

In his boss battle, he has two modes that both attack with electricity. As a hero, he's fast but weak and hard to catch, and as a villain, he's slow and powerful. He's a good boss to fight after you have some experience.


A pathetic Sora-esque character who has amnesia, believing Johnny to be his arch-nemesis. He speaks in ridiculously cheesy anime one-liners.

In his boss battle, he's a fast bruiser who doesn't have that much health, using various swords to attack. Lady Kit is a good pick for the battle, as she has enough speed to track him down.


You'll never guess what this is a parody of. Don't sue us, Sega! Rosnotnik tries to do evil one-liners, but is busy sneezing and coughing.

In his boss battle, he uses a battle pod that's similar to Meanstein's. He can use giant claws, fire homing missiles, and throw grenades. He's a good choice for master players.

Lord Beedo

An alien invader from some generic warmongering planet. He seems to know our heroes, but they don't know him. He believes everyone else to be pathetic and inferior, and is constantly voicing that belief.

In his boss battle, he teleports around, using a weak blaster to attack. He's weak, but not easy to catch, and can be quite annoying. He's a good choice for master players.

The Creator

This guy hates you. A lot. He's also God, so he's one hell of a final boss.

The Creator, being a disembodied hand, is fast and powerful, using melee attacks and firing lasers from his fingers. Totally not inspired by Master Hand...

His only weakness is being large, and any character can work on him.


  • Johnny Dogs: Failed AU Johnny Dogs. They're basically punching bags that are used by The Creator to teach combat.
  • Cannonfaces: A cannon with a face. They appear in Underground Lab and Digital Cruise, being fairly easy enemies that are fast but take a while to attack, blasting large powerful cannonballs. Destroy them while they charge up.
  • Asgradian Warriors: Warriors that appear in Asgard and Digital Cruise. They are annoying enemies who charge forward, spear-first, and use their shields to block ranged attacks. Attack them aerially or use Ronny Dog to catch them off guard.
  • Crocodiles: These creatures appear in Slimey Swamp and Digital Cruise. They only have one health, but are very fast and pop up and out of the swamp, attacking by swallowing the character whole to KO them.
  • Laser Eyes: These creatures appear in Monster City and Digital Cruise. They float around avoiding Johnny Dog and blast lasers that are fast but weak. Use aerial attacks to take them down.
  • Bleghs: These creatures appear in Monster City and Digital Cruise. They're gigantic George-esque monsters that smash down, creating shockwaves that will trip the character and do big damage. Ronny is a good choice for these tough opponents.
  • Thugs: These creatures appear in Power Plant. They are not resilient, but very tough and fast, using a giant range of weapons.
  • Mutants: These creatures appear in Lost World. They're jumbled corruptions of Inora characters that use randomized attack patterns stolen from other enemies.
  • Alien Soldier: These aliens appear in Space Station and Digital Cruise. They aren't very strong or resilient, but teleport around annoyingly and attack the character with a blaster from afar.



  • Hot Dog: Get's a dog. These are common items that restore a decent amount of health for Johnny and a small amount for everyone else.
  • Cat Nip: Lady Kit's signature food. It'll heal her a large amount of health and do nothing for the others. They appear after she's unlocked.
  • Turkey Leg: Ronny's favorite food. It'll heal him a large amount of health, a small amount for Johnny, and nothing for Lady Kit. They appear after he's unlocked.
  • Cake: A rare item that heals everyone a lot. Everybody likes cake.
  • Happy Tokens: Collectible items that will permanently increase your health.
  • Ammo: Load up your empty weapons.
  • Wrench: Fix up your melee weapons.
  • Magnet: Pull in coins.
  • Hot Sauce: After drinking this stuff, your character will temporarily be twice as fast and invulnerable, setting any enemies who touch it to burn.


  • Pistol: A common weapon that has a few ammo. It's not very strong but it's pretty fast and has unlimited range.
  • Shotgun: A weapon for up-close battles. It's slow but very powerful and has low ammo.
  • Machine Gun: This weapon is weak but fast and has tons of ammo.
  • Rocket Launcher: Attained from Dr. Meanstein and Rosnotnik. It has a single ammo but has giant radius and is fast.
  • Hammer: A slow melee weapon that lasts forever but has low range. If it lands, it'll do massive damage.
  • Baseball Bat: A fast melee weapon that lasts for a while. It's not very strong but has good range.
  • Freeze Ray: This weapon will do no damage, but lasts forever and will freeze the opponent for a while.
  • Flamethrower: This weapon has low range but lasts forever and will set the opponent on fire.
  • Boomerang: A ranged weapon that lasts forever, but is slow and weak.
  • Sword: A weapon attained from Rain. It's fast and powerful but doesn't last very long and has low range.
  • Sunglasses: Attained from Shade Dog and war!Johnny Dog. It has one ammo, but will clear the screen with a giant laser.


Stage Description
The Creator's Sanctuary The first and last stage. It teaches the basics to Johnny Dog, and acts as the final boss arena. It's a small easy stage with no gimmicks.
Underground Lab Dr. Meanstein's stage. It's a dim dark lab that has medium power enemies, isn't very long, and lacks gimmicks. This makes it a good stage for beginners.

war!Johnny Dog's stage. Everybody knows what Asgard is.

It's a sky based stage that mainly focuses around platforming rather than combat, with plenty of pitfalls and moving platforms.

Slimey Swamp

Shade Dog's stage, a murky swamp where little light goes through.

It doesn't have much platforming, but has a lot of powerful enemies and hazards, including slime that will sink the character and various plants that are secretly alive.

Monster City

George's stage, a bustling city occupied by sentient monsters.

It's not very difficult but features a lot of platforming and enemies, being fairly long. It spans the busy streets as well as skyscrapers.

Power Plant

Tony's stage. It's a gigantic technological fortress that has a mind of it's own.

It's a pretty difficult stage that tests your fighting and platforming prowess. The gimmick of the stage is the Morality system which changes based on how many enemies you defeat. When good(not fighting enemies), the stage will be mellow, but when being bad, the stage will become chaotic and even harder.

Lost World

Rain's stage. It's a mishmash of various worlds, featuring a handful of references and cameos from other properties of Inora.

It's a stage that's not extremely difficult but relies on patient platforming, featuring various time based puzzles.

Digital Cruise

Rosnotnik's stage. Everything here is 8-bit, featuring references to many classic games.

The stage has no platforming, instead being a gauntlet of tough enemies that will test your combat skills.

Space Station

Beedo's stage, a gigantic sprawling space station.

This stage is made for experts, having tough enemies, hazards, and platforming. The gimmick is the various branching paths and exploration that must be used to reach the end,



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