The Gods Of The Mooniverse are the ultimate entites of the Moon-Lords series. Consisting of the Omega Gods and the Alpha Gods, these guys are what keep the Mooniverse in balance. Next to the Shiny Ninetails, the Gods are the most clever and cunning of the Moon-Lords characters. Each faction consists of 6 gods.

Omega Gods

These gods, while having a plethera of power at their disposal, are wiser and more kind than the Alpha Gods.

Image And Name Franchise Description


The Great Fairy

The Legend Of Zelda The Great Fairy leds the Omega Gods, and is the most powerful of the bunch. She's also basicaly the fucking leader of them. On the Alpha God's side, her rival is Bill Cipher.


Billy Mays

Real Life Without him dying, Billy Mays would have never made it into the Omega Gods. He can use waves of Oxi-Clean and stuff. On the Alpha God's side, his rival is Melting Kool-Aid Man.



Kid Icarus Palutena is recovering from her sad performance in the new Smash Bros. Due to her being a goddess, she has good ways of attacking. On the Alpha God's side, her rival is Medusa.

Croco In Super Smash Bros. Racing


Super Mario RPG Croco found a mysterious item, which turned him into a god. Despite that, he still uses his regular tricks to attack his foes. On the Alpha God's side, his rival is Killer Croc.


Super Mecha Death Christ

The Angry Videogame Nerd He was technically already a god, but whatever. He can use all of his heavy artilery to attack his foes...yeah, whoever made him was clearly high. On the Alpha God's side, his rival is The Devil.

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