before you read the article theres some swearing,you have been warned

The Game of Games is a 3D HackNslash adventure game inspired by the Tails gets trolled webcomic series


the gameplay is similar to other third person games like no more heroes and grand theft auto,you are able to pick up weapons such as firearms and swords,but each character has a default weapon(tails has a SMG,Knuckles has his high shovel etc)


For palette swaps, see here(TBA)


Character Description
Tails The titular Protagonist of the series,after he got beat up by the doctor and never got trolled,thus changing the timeline he became shadow's apprentice and one of the greatest troll killers,after the high shovel incident he got a nasty scar over his mouth which just made him look even more badass
Shadow Shadow became a cyborg after the high shovel incident,he trained tails on how to slay trolls and is the leader of the anti-troll rebellion
Knuckles Knuckles,Like shadow also became a cyborg in the high shovel incident,he along with hulk are the brawn of the rebelliong and he is also the supplyer of weed
Hulk TBA
Homestar Runner TBA.

Bugs Bunny





Character Description
The Ghost of Silver Silver died in the high shovel incident,but now hes back as a ghost

RT Shadow

this is the shadow from the normal tails gets trolled timeline

Embreaded Donkey

Its a donkey fused with bread,it can sure fuck your mom hard

Story Mode

See here(TBA)


  • This game was inspired by a deleted comic known as what if tails wasn't trolled,the beginning of both the game and the comic are identical

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